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  1. The Girl With All the Gifts This probably garnered a lot more attention on it's release than I might be aware of, but I'm surprised this film doesn't get mentioned more often - I really enjoyed this (though after the disappointment of It Follows I was ready to enjoy watching paint dry tbh). It's always nice to see a zombie movie based in the UK as it always feels more horrible with a familiar setting that you can relate to (although it did fall into one big advertising sponsorship deal in the final third of the film with 'spot the high street brand'.) Good acting, well executed and an ending which didn't go the way I though it would. A solid 4/5
  2. Good thing about Tamiya is you can use it to melt bits of left over sprue and then use that to fill seems. It dries / reforms to it's original plastic's consistency and so can be sanded back if needed. I'm sure other products will do the same thing but I know the Tamiya has worked for me in the past.
  3. It Follows First time watching a film which got a lot of hype on release and even recently was being recommended to me as a brilliant watch. Can't agree with any of it at all - good premise, terribly executed, albeit it with a strong style and ambience. For me the film falls apart in the final third (probably not long after the boat house), like they had no idea how to script their way out of the rather nifty scenario they'd created. Any impending sense of foreboding or terror dissipated quite quickly and only one cheap (and rather pointless) jump-scare in the film caught me off guard. Massive props to Disasterpiece for the soundtrack though as that's brilliant. 2/5
  4. Add 1 Doom for starting to realise how expensive the Arkham rabbit hole goes. Thankfully I joined this thread long after starting collecting AH, so I try not to think about how much I've spent on everything that's been release to date. And how much I'll keep spending, as I love the game to bits.
  5. "Saturday 8th: We're pleased to be able to reveal a brand new, never before seen game called Blursed Dity..."
  6. For anyone tempted by those cheap airbrush kits on Amazon etc - don't bother. I was tempted for speeding up basecoats and zenithal highlights, so my thinking was even if it was cheap and a bit naff, it would do me. Lots of mixed reviews and some pretty good demo's with reasonable results from `reviews` on Youtube. So I thought seeing as I'm not going to win any Golden Demons in this life, it'll be fine for what I need right? As it turn out, no it's definitely not. It started out okay. I based all the Cursed City models in black and after a bit of trial and error got in down just fine (expected a bit of a learning curve so that was fine). But the more I've used it, the worse it's gotten. It now clogs if you even dare to look at it, no matter how much you thin or what you thin with. Get a mix that works fine and then try it again a day later? Nope, not having it today. The thing spits randomly for no reason (I suspect it's not maintaining an even air pressure) and I've had to strip back two models. The final straw today was when, as a last resort, I tried to change the nozzle from 0.3 to 0.5 to see if it would stop the clogging. The thing is so cheaply made the nozzle thread sheered off inside the airbrush rendering it utterly unusable. Took me over a week to try and get Cursed City primed. Back to the rattle cans this morning and they were all done in 2 hours of taking it slow. It's a shame really because the smoothness with the airbrush (when it bloody worked) was nice. But I'll take that slight rattle-can grit and the stink of propellants over the complete hassle of battling with a cheapo device.
  7. That's Modok - he's about to get his own TV series Love the green on She-Hulk and the lovely blend of Yellow Orange with Dr Strange's effects @Cocky - there's a lovely comic styling to them without it being over done. Like a fool I've gone all in on Marvel United and the upcoming X-Men United which is running right now on Kickstarter. Not quite Crisis Protocol with the mini detail since they're Chibi style, but I'll have enough Marvel stuff to paint till the day I kick the bucket at this rate.
  8. I'm genuinely gutted about our poor Kobold friend. What a way to go.
  9. It is very weird - I can't see GW deliberately doing this as such a limited run. With the costs involved in developing it, it just wouldn't make sense. Utimately they're a company that has to satisfy their share holders with profits and I'd be suprised if they recouped development costs for this on one messy run all on its own. Someone on Reddit suggested there'd been a screw up with wherever was producing it and now they won't, or can't, produce any more. But even if that's the case, GW should eventually be able to switch production to somewhere else, even if it might need to be reworked and given a separate SKU or something. Ultimately it's turned into a case study for how not to do customer communications. All they need to do is release some kind of cohesive statement over it. They don't have to spill their guts over whatever internal issues they have, but some clarity outside of limited social media responses and then deleting previous tweets would go a long way. The bigger damage here as I see it is to the Warhammer Quest line itself. After this, a lot of people might ask why they'd bother with future WQ releases if they might be a dead product before it hits the ground. But then GW might have already decided to put the nails through the coffin lid of the line anyway, so that might never be an issue!
  10. Some people have been toying with colour schemes that replicate the black, white and red stylised artwork (these obviously aren't the actual figures, this guy just used these as a test) I'm really tempted as it should be quite easy to replicate and get them on the table ASAP. But the other part of me looks at the models, and all their delicious detail, and can't help but feel it's crying out for a range of colours. Just finished my Ulfenkarn Skelly boys so still have plenty to assemble and make my mind up what I'm going to do.
  11. Thanks - I can see why they've given options (options are good) but they could have given us two additional D23's rather than ending up with spare parts.
  12. Sorry for the contined Cursed City posts - putting the Ulfenkarn skeleton soldiers together; am I reading the instructions right that part D23 is an either or option for the guy with the banner or the guy with the face plate and sword? Otherwise I'm two D23's short.
  13. Started assembling my Cursed City Hero's - really impressed with how well the push fit works. Some connections still feel a little loose but I've applied some small dabs of glue to the pins to hold them a bit more. Jelsen's been the fiddliest to assemble so far, Dagnai drew first blood (typical Dwarf!) when I slipped cleaning a sprue mark and jabbed the knife through my finger. Brutogg's been perhaps the most gappy of them all once assembled and he might need a small bit of fine filler to hide the join as it's right on the front. Thought it's nothing like this guy on Reddit is ending up with; edit: Heroes done - Octren is the biggest gappiest boy. That back panel is going to need some filler to sort it, but other than that it's been fun assembling this lot so far.
  14. Brutogg was the one being complained about for having huge seams down his rear neckline, but if you've put him together fine then it might not be an issue. I've been amazed by the fine detail on them and how scarily thin some of the bits are - saw some images of Octren's beard being snapped at the tip and Qulathis' arrow being snapped or missing, both whilst still on sprue. No surprise give the fineness of them. Thankfully all mine look to be intact (although I'll be amazed if I don't break something when assembling thanks to my chunk mitt hands).
  15. Has anyone tried assembling the Cursed City models yet? I saw someone elsewhere saying the models were a bit 'gappy'. This is my first time of using GW's push-fit stuff and just wondering if it's worth me trimming the pegs and gluing first as last.
  16. You know when you say you're not going to do a thing, and then you do the thing anyway? Yeah, it's happened again...
  17. I'm going to have to give those Mayday Premium's a go - for that price it's worth a shot.
  18. You might be able to get away with Penny Sleeves (or Soft Sleeves) from someone like Ultrapro. There were deals on those at something like £20 for 1000 but looks like stocks are low right now. I found they were a case of you get what you pay for - to me they were cheap for a reason and prone to splitting easily (they're designed to be put inside thicker outers for people who like to double sleeve).
  19. I love Dragon Shields. Everything else I've had has been rubbish in comparison and I've sleeved all of my Arkham Horror LCG in clear ones.... but it is insanely expensive. Amazon were selling them at just over £5 for a box of 100 just before Xmas so I bulk bought but even then I don't want to think about cost as it'll make me weep. I did try some KMC Perfect fit but at the time the difference in price vs the drop in quality just didn't make it worth it. I'm going to have to revisit it at some point though as just getting in to Marvel Champions and there's no way I'm shelling out all over again for that game.
  20. Maybe hate was a strong word (I'm just trying to lay on hyperbole in my justification for not ordering the game) - wary of them is probably a better way of putting it. They've messed around some of my orders in the past. They were showing an item in stock which then magically went out of stock (and placed on back order) just as I ordered it. I wouldn't have even minded but it was part of another order so everything was left sitting in limbo until I contacted them to ask what was going on. Ended up cancelling. Despite my better judgement I then used them again and they sat on an in-stock order for over a week and a half before I asked them what was going on. Didn't reply to my email but it was magically shipped by the end of that day. Other people have had similar rubbish experiences with them too;
  21. Ooo that is a nice price too... dammit no, I've already spent a fortune this past month and I have too much to play. Plus I hate Wayland Games. And yet...
  22. Amazing stuff again tonight. I love how it went from this; to this to this
  23. When I looked at Blackstone Fortress last year it was available but patchy supply, but it was hard to gauge if that was because of COIVD. The expansions seemed to be more the issue as they were scarce then and I don't think that's changed (I did read that once GW see a game as 'complete' then it starts going out of print quite quickly). BSF was released something like 2018? Based on that like And said, I'm pretty sure Cursed City will be available for some time (and will probably have had the first expansion by next year).
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