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  1. *waves hand* Another one here who has completely ruined models with trying to highlight them! I'm finding contrast paints amazing for remedying this when it happens - when I've used Contrast for the base colour, and then messed up the highlight, using the contrast paint to go back over the rubbish highlighted bits I find I've magically gotten the highlight I was struggling to achieve. For me it helped to think of contrast as sort of shades - they'll tint the colour underneath providing it's lighter. It's why I wasn't happy with Contrast to start, trying them over Grey Seer wasn't giving me the 'pop' of colour I expected and it all seemed muted. Switched to Wraithbone last week as a general base coat and now I'm starting to see colours matching those in people's videos and photos. Still far from happy with my latest efforts (mostly cos I need to stop and plan colours out before throwing them down) but it's a step forward for me. I always have to remind myself that in most videos I've seen there's a reason that `tabletop standard` usually stops at the stage of giving it a dry brush after a wash (or even stops at just a wash). Proper highlighting is advanced stuff for all the reasons Davros highlighted. And Tabletop Standard is very much where I'm aiming for right now! I'm loving that purple gradient - very nice blend of colours and looks smooth.
  2. Sadly the internet failed this time so I had to resort to a crappy `zombify` website
  3. My brain: Stop it! Look, you've got enough miniatures to paint. You've barely made a dent in Cursed City, let alone all the other miniatures you've got from other board games! You don't need to start buying Nurgle miniatures... even if they are insanely cool... and you've been secretly obsessed with Papa Nurgle since your teens... Wait, what the...? Okay, calm down. I've checked the bank statement and it was a steal at less than a tenner, so it's not so bad. I mean, it's not like you're doing something stupid like buying Warbands for a game you don't even own...
  4. Well this is mighty interesting for anyone like me who's a slave to the Arkham Horror LCG - next campaign moves away from having staggered Mythos packs as separate releases and now comes as an all in one campaign (same number of scenarios as before apparently, slightly more cards if anything). They've split out the investigators into a separate purchase and seems like it might work out a little cheaper overall. This one's based on Mountains of Madness too, one of my fav Lovecraft stories! https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2021/6/3/to-edge-of-the-earth/ This way makes much more sense. It means going forward you'd only really need the core box and then could play whatever campaign you wanted in one go. No more waiting month after month for packs to complete a campaign. And it only took a pandemic, global shipping shortages, Brexit and the opportunity to get more money from their user-base for them to see sense
  5. Loving that, brilliant definition on the muscles and you've made his face utterly terrifying (as it should be). Are you just using Ryza Rust with a wash for that rust effect? It looks great and I'm especially loving it on the chainmail links and mace.
  6. Nice. It is a fantastic model and I love the griminess you've given it there. The rusting to the face band and spikes is great and I hadn't even noticed he had lower bone parts till looking at your pics. More Cursed City from me too - a 'not sure if finished / not sure if still WIP' Vargskyr. Apologies for the crap pic, the lighting is rubbish here today so just snapped it straight on the painting table. There was a lot to learn with this one. It's the biggest model I've ever painted and, now I come to think of it, I don't think I've ever really tried to paint fur and pallid skin before (it was Space Marines with the occasional Terminator / Genestealer when I was a kid). The biggest thing I learnt here was not to slavishly follow what people show you in tutorials on websites / videos as for how the model will turn out. I won't name the site, but the initial stage of this was to use Contrast and Medium to give an overall wash. Despite following the guys recipe (easy enough, it was a straight 1:1 mix). the colour came out totally wrong and nothing like his stage by stage pics - it was far too yellow and threw everything off. I had to do some serious rescuing to produce the pale white flesh colour in the end, resisting the urge to just strip it. I like how that turned out in the end and the camera is picking out much more of the yellow than can seen by eye. I'm not happy with loads of it. The pics don't show it but the membranes on the wings are far too strong a colour and needed to be a paler pink. I'm also not happy with parts of the claws. I need to learn to put a shade over and then walk away to let it dry and see how it looks before trying to add more. So I might redo those. Also need to tidy up some of the base work. And then work on my model photography skills
  7. Thanks and no worries, all feedback is really gratefully received. Good shout with the rims. They were just a straight dip in aquarium sand / gravel with PVA and I was so concerned with the tops that I didn't even consider cleaning around them too (I think I also forgot to thin the black paint which has made it thick and streaky - 13 year old me is still in there somewhere with the un-thinned paints!). Contrast paints - Skeleton Horde just doesn't seem to come out right for me, it's always dark, flat and really pale. I put all my paints in droppers and I wonder if I made a n00b mistake of not shaking that up before I decanted it out. I've tried adding some contrast medium but it doesn't seem to help. So I'm also wondering if it's more to do with the grey base coat that's causing the dulling effect? I'll need to try it on a straight white which will hopefully brighten it up and bring the yellow bone hue out a bit more (I managed to get around it with some highlighting for now). The red is also Blood Angel Red contrast, but that was a bit of a mistake as a 1:1 with Gryph-Hound Orange would have given more of the rich colour I was expecting. Got some more Contrast ones here and I need to play around a bit more. I might do the Vargyskyr next to break up painting all that bone and metal. Be interesting to see how they fair on fur and something with a lot of texture.
  8. Thanks Make sense with the green (and why Lupercal Green was used in the offical pics and like @Davros sock drawer did with his). I think in my head it's always "Well you want a black colour so just use black paint" when there's clearly more to it than that to make sure everything pulls together. I think I might get some Lupercal and try it for the Watch Captain. These have been so much fun to paint I'm probably going to pick up the box set and do some more at some point, so will have plenty of skelly's to experiment on.
  9. *Deep breath*... okay, here we go, apologies in advance for janking up this thread. These are my first attempts at painting in close to 30 years. 13 year old me would have thought I was some kind of wizard producing something like this (wish I'd kept my efforts from back then but I remember superglue everywhere, non-thinned paints - they were not good). There's parts on these I like and parts that are bloody awful, but I've learnt quite a bit. Including don't think dry brushing is the best way forward and edge highlighting is not something to necessarily be afraid of (doing it well is another thing entirely tho). I had been more concerned with just getting paint on in a respectable fashion and staying neat, so I underestimated colour inclusion quite a bit. I'm really not happy with the shield rims being plain metal as it blends into the rest of the armour. Gold would have broken it up from being a mass of steel, but it seemed too ostentatious for the theme of dead city guard. I might see if I can get some copper / bronze effect on the rims to break it up a bit.
  10. Well now I'm definitely not posting any images of my crappy efforts, yours look bloody amazing.
  11. Ah! That might be where that confusion's come from. People saw mention of Ulfenkarn and assumed they were Cursed City related by default, as it was pre-launch. I've read those comments and just assumed that was the case.
  12. I though Kritza was one that had been shown off as part of CC but people remarked was missing from the final release? And Radikar's final form release is one hell of a way to spoil your own plot twist in an expansion that could be some way off. You're right though, it doesn't stop them at all but it would be a weird way of doing it. At least it would be if everything wasn't weird already with Covid delays as @RFT highlighted. I'll happily eat my hat* if it turns out we're getting more stuff, but right now I'm too busy pulling a big man-child pouty face in a right old strop. *Please note I don't wear, or even own, a hat.
  13. I still think it's more than the cardboard issue. If it was a case of finding a UK supplier for that, or doing that in house, they would have over 12 months to try and sort it before people started asking questions about launching an expansion. They could have even just stalled for time and just pushed the expansions on. Completely binning the core aspect and line altogether off the back of that just doesn't fit to me, especially now we know the models were so far developed that they could actually get them out in around a month. Given what they revealed I would have expected all those characters to be set across several expansions over 2-3 years like Blackstone Fortress. But I don't have shareholders to answer to and a business to run, so all this is easy for me to point at things and say "I would do X..." Crazy conspiracy theory I've just made up for fun; /straightjacket and tin foil hat
  14. Well this is pretty much the stake through the heart of any hope for Cursed City https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/05/16/sunday-preview-soulblight-space-marines-and-the-scions-of-mars/ Everything there for the Soulblight was clearly originally CC expansion related. If everything's been tooled up and produced then it must have been something within the IP that sent this spinning off into oblivion. A meaty lawsuit with superinjunction to stop them talking about it? (love a good conspiracy theory). Whinge time - I wasn't too bothered up until this, but it's now left a pretty bad taste in my mouth. It's the first GW boxed thing I've bought in a very long time and it will probably be the last given that this was written and touted as an ongoing, so I expected it to get more support. Does that take away from owning and playing the base game? Well no, in the sense of I still have it and can play it whenever I want. But also yes given the ending of the game shows it was part of a bigger story and ends in a cliffhanger (now spoiled by GW in a bid to dump the IP and erase it from history - how messed up is that you go to the extent of wrapping the ending in a sealed box, only to then go on and spoil it knowing that people might not even have had a chance to get it to the table, let alone finish it, yet?) I guess I'm so miffed because this is a really cool theme and pretty unique, and now we won't get any more (although I'm tempted to homebrew some more scenarios using the new models...hmm...) I know GW won't care as they're busy making money hand over fist, but I can't see me supporting them again for any boxed game releases. I've nothing else available to me as a single, tiny voice in the crowd but to vote with my wallet. After what I've seen with CC there's better places to sink my money in this day and age, but I can't help but be a little sad about having to do that.
  15. I've completely lost my mind and ended up ordering two of the same Marvel Champions Heroes packs several months apart. Does anyone want a copy of the Quicksilver Hero pack for cost price (£11.99)? Sold elsewhere now
  16. Important last minute bluff to avoid it kicking off...
  17. Excellent - so if it goes to plan I could grab the second volume with V and third with VI (whenever they arrive). I think that kind of seals the deal on me going for it (oh my bank account!)
  18. It definitely ticks the boxes. The free-form style was definitely part of the appeal as I've been doing some solo-RPG'ing with all the narrative creation that involves. This looks like it will give a bit more structure to that form of adventuring. Did I see somewhere they will do one more expansion after this? Rather than going all in I have considered getting Noctis plus the first release in order to save some cash for other Kickstarter money pits. I could always grab the others if they come around again in the future (though the FOMO pull is really strong).
  19. Nope, that's definitely part of the fun and rolling with the awfulness is what I love about the Arkham Files games. House rule here is the person who dares say "It can't possibly get any worse!" has to make the next cuppa because it can and will always get worse
  20. I hear you on Marvel United - going all in and grabbing the previous expansions has broken my wallet. Plus Phase 2 of the Hellboy board game Kickstarter which I didn't know about till last minute. Ouch >_<
  21. Your fault @Cosmic_Guru since you first mentioned it in this thread, but I've been uhm'ing and ah'ing over backing Hexplore it (and now I'm running out of time to decide). The settings and crazy range of characters etc is really appealing but I'm worried it might be a bit too crunchy.
  22. Don't get disheartened if you get smashed by Scenario 3 (The Devourer Below). It's commonly accepted that scenario is an utter swine, especially if you use the pre-built deck choices.
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