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  1. The one I saw was by BoardGameCo and I found myself scrubbing through the video out of boredom. From what they showed it doesn't look to be something I'd enjoy (the mini's are still great tho). I know there was a lot of misgivings about CMON's Marvel United before it was delivered, people saying it looked too easy when it turns out it's actually challenging on times and a lot of fun. So perhaps it's another case of deceptive first appearances? That said I don't think I fancy shelling out around £100 for a basic pledge to try and find out.
  2. Seems it's an original character created for the game called `The Hunter` There was talk of the game allowing you to create your own unique character so it could be intended to represent that, or they just decided to take liberties and give Lilith a new daughter (she's had so many offspring and I'm not totally familiar with the lore, so it could be an obscure existing character I guess.).
  3. Needs more Moon Knight. If we don't get him, and they shoe horn in Cap and Iron Man just to have some bankable characters, I'll have a little nerd pout. But then cave in and buy it anyway cos playing something Dr Strange-centric is a dream come true. edit: Oh wait, its Suns not Sons. Still the same theme I guess but I guess.
  4. This is a long shot but thought I'd ask here before digging into the perils of Ebay - did anyone back the CMON Bloodborne boardgame and get any of the Kickstarter exclusives they'd be happy to let go for a decent price? Never mind, I'm weak with no willpower and went gadding about the dark halls of Ebay. It's a horrible feeling to be pleased that I got what I wanted, but to feel so hellishly unclean at the same time.
  5. Yeah, I'm out too. The gameplay videos haven't sold me on it, plus I've a tonne of other stuff to play which will take precedence. Archon appear to have been getting some grief for not delivering Wolfenstein on time. Given the state of shipping and production globally, a delay's not surprising (hell, 90% of the stuff I've backed has been delayed well in to next year). But quickly reading around it's hard to tell if it's just people being loud, obnoxious Internet brats or if Archon really have been bad in communicating with backers. All things combined it's a hard pass from me.
  6. I've become sort of interested in it as some the the paid previews this last week grabbed my attention. Probably off the back of the new Netflix series too. I'm following and will need to decide closer to the end of the campaign.
  7. His default position seems to be it isn't realistic, all against the context of painting giant space men and monsters. Probably not the best starting point for basing an argument really.
  8. Over a year later (where did that time go?!) and I've just finished my second stab of Alone Against the Flames, my first attempt being Friday. What a neat way of mixing a Choose Your Own Adventure outing with an introduction to 7th Edition. No spoilers, but amazingly for anything Cthulhu related I managed to survive the adventure first attempt by totally lucking out, landing an almost impossible roll of smack on 5 with a D100 to pass a Fast Talk check Second attempt tonight, met a grizzly fate. Fudged it from that point rather than start directly over and managed to escape again on some very lucky rolls. I've got Alone Against the Dark here which looks like it up's the ante in terms of 7th Edition complexity - can't wait to give it a go!
  9. CMON's latest action with the Marvel United Kickstarter is a bit... disconcerting... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cmon/marvel-united-x-men/posts/3238975 With little explanation they just wholesale cancelled orders and started refunding anyone living in Norway (at the moment it's unclear how that applies to others they've run recently like the Wild West Zombicide). No real explanation as to why, save for some vague reference to a recent law change. People in the comments say it's nonsense and, aside from a rule change at the start of the year, there's been nothing relevant (and apparently even that can be resolved by adding peoples Social Security numbers to parcels). No indication of it being anything wider than that yet, but I can't help but hear the faint echoes of "a Norway style arrangement with the EU" Brexit-mantra in the back of my head...
  10. Gamefound is a Kickstarter alternative - they're two separate sites. Although to confuse you even more, some companies shift over to Gamefound after a Kickstarter campaign ends, using it as a pledge manager. I think they do it as the tools to manage pledges are better on Gamefound than on Kickstarter. The MOTU products on Gamefound and Kickstarter will be two different things - the one on Kickstarter is being done by CMON, the one on Gamefound is by Archon. I haven't been following that close, but the Archon one's been getting a lot of flak already because they started selling main characters exclusively through their own web-store some months ago and are already out of stock. Apparently those models won't be included in the full release, but who knows if that means the exact same model of the character, or just a different more standard one will be included. One of the exclusives was He-Man and you can't have a He-Man game without him, so I'd imagine it might be the Internet getting it's pants in a bunch ahead of time. But the really bad news is that CMON have said that thanks to Mattel's usual baffling antics when it comes to their licenses, their game won't be making it to the UK and Europe. That means unless you want to jump through real hoops to get it, the Archeon Gamefound one will be the only one available to you.
  11. I'm a regualr user of both those Vallejo paints and heavily using the Gunmetal as a stand in for Citadel's Leadbelcher these days. I don't use a wet pallet but I know that it's a swine to work with if you don't add some water to thin it - it'll clump the brush and gum up your model in next to no time. I usually add a drop of Gunmetal on a pallet and then the smallest drop of water you can managed out of a dropper bottle, yet it still ends up runny. I add a tiny bit more Gunmetal and then it usually mixes to a good enough consistency to brush on without being just silvery water. Even then it can still be a bit streaky and will struggle over a lighter base coat, but with a bit of patience and care it comes out good. I'd say it's definitely on the higher end of learning curves for a paint though!
  12. Going back to this, I just picked up some Mayday Premium sleeves for the actual Tarot cards that come with the new Arkham Horror Return to the Circle Undone. I'm really pleased with them - not as thick as Dragon Shields, but not far off and still very robust at a fraction of the cost. Thanks to everyone who recommended them, I'll be using these from now on.
  13. Cheers, they're really fun to paint and getting the armour the right shade was a lot of fun (it's just Contrast over a Vallejo Leadbelcher equivalent that I already owned). In fact, apart from the metal undercoat's, the rest is all Contrast. I got them second hand on a whim, but the Blightkings have been just the thing I needed as the Cursed City zombies broke me a little. Cool sculpts but I just wasn't feeling painting them and they haven't come out like I wanted. Stripping back the previous owners paint job on the King's (thick Zhandri Dust spray) and rebasing them was almost therapeutic.
  14. *waves hand* Another one here who has completely ruined models with trying to highlight them! I'm finding contrast paints amazing for remedying this when it happens - when I've used Contrast for the base colour, and then messed up the highlight, using the contrast paint to go back over the rubbish highlighted bits I find I've magically gotten the highlight I was struggling to achieve. For me it helped to think of contrast as sort of shades - they'll tint the colour underneath providing it's lighter. It's why I wasn't happy with Contrast to start, trying them over Grey Seer wasn't giving me the 'pop' of colour I expected and it all seemed muted. Switched to Wraithbone last week as a general base coat and now I'm starting to see colours matching those in people's videos and photos. Still far from happy with my latest efforts (mostly cos I need to stop and plan colours out before throwing them down) but it's a step forward for me. I always have to remind myself that in most videos I've seen there's a reason that `tabletop standard` usually stops at the stage of giving it a dry brush after a wash (or even stops at just a wash). Proper highlighting is advanced stuff for all the reasons Davros highlighted. And Tabletop Standard is very much where I'm aiming for right now! I'm loving that purple gradient - very nice blend of colours and looks smooth.
  15. Sadly the internet failed this time so I had to resort to a crappy `zombify` website
  16. My brain: Stop it! Look, you've got enough miniatures to paint. You've barely made a dent in Cursed City, let alone all the other miniatures you've got from other board games! You don't need to start buying Nurgle miniatures... even if they are insanely cool... and you've been secretly obsessed with Papa Nurgle since your teens... Wait, what the...? Okay, calm down. I've checked the bank statement and it was a steal at less than a tenner, so it's not so bad. I mean, it's not like you're doing something stupid like buying Warbands for a game you don't even own...
  17. Well this is mighty interesting for anyone like me who's a slave to the Arkham Horror LCG - next campaign moves away from having staggered Mythos packs as separate releases and now comes as an all in one campaign (same number of scenarios as before apparently, slightly more cards if anything). They've split out the investigators into a separate purchase and seems like it might work out a little cheaper overall. This one's based on Mountains of Madness too, one of my fav Lovecraft stories! https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2021/6/3/to-edge-of-the-earth/ This way makes much more sense. It means going forward you'd only really need the core box and then could play whatever campaign you wanted in one go. No more waiting month after month for packs to complete a campaign. And it only took a pandemic, global shipping shortages, Brexit and the opportunity to get more money from their user-base for them to see sense
  18. Loving that, brilliant definition on the muscles and you've made his face utterly terrifying (as it should be). Are you just using Ryza Rust with a wash for that rust effect? It looks great and I'm especially loving it on the chainmail links and mace.
  19. Nice. It is a fantastic model and I love the griminess you've given it there. The rusting to the face band and spikes is great and I hadn't even noticed he had lower bone parts till looking at your pics. More Cursed City from me too - a 'not sure if finished / not sure if still WIP' Vargskyr. Apologies for the crap pic, the lighting is rubbish here today so just snapped it straight on the painting table. There was a lot to learn with this one. It's the biggest model I've ever painted and, now I come to think of it, I don't think I've ever really tried to paint fur and pallid skin before (it was Space Marines with the occasional Terminator / Genestealer when I was a kid). The biggest thing I learnt here was not to slavishly follow what people show you in tutorials on websites / videos as for how the model will turn out. I won't name the site, but the initial stage of this was to use Contrast and Medium to give an overall wash. Despite following the guys recipe (easy enough, it was a straight 1:1 mix). the colour came out totally wrong and nothing like his stage by stage pics - it was far too yellow and threw everything off. I had to do some serious rescuing to produce the pale white flesh colour in the end, resisting the urge to just strip it. I like how that turned out in the end and the camera is picking out much more of the yellow than can seen by eye. I'm not happy with loads of it. The pics don't show it but the membranes on the wings are far too strong a colour and needed to be a paler pink. I'm also not happy with parts of the claws. I need to learn to put a shade over and then walk away to let it dry and see how it looks before trying to add more. So I might redo those. Also need to tidy up some of the base work. And then work on my model photography skills
  20. Thanks and no worries, all feedback is really gratefully received. Good shout with the rims. They were just a straight dip in aquarium sand / gravel with PVA and I was so concerned with the tops that I didn't even consider cleaning around them too (I think I also forgot to thin the black paint which has made it thick and streaky - 13 year old me is still in there somewhere with the un-thinned paints!). Contrast paints - Skeleton Horde just doesn't seem to come out right for me, it's always dark, flat and really pale. I put all my paints in droppers and I wonder if I made a n00b mistake of not shaking that up before I decanted it out. I've tried adding some contrast medium but it doesn't seem to help. So I'm also wondering if it's more to do with the grey base coat that's causing the dulling effect? I'll need to try it on a straight white which will hopefully brighten it up and bring the yellow bone hue out a bit more (I managed to get around it with some highlighting for now). The red is also Blood Angel Red contrast, but that was a bit of a mistake as a 1:1 with Gryph-Hound Orange would have given more of the rich colour I was expecting. Got some more Contrast ones here and I need to play around a bit more. I might do the Vargyskyr next to break up painting all that bone and metal. Be interesting to see how they fair on fur and something with a lot of texture.
  21. Thanks Make sense with the green (and why Lupercal Green was used in the offical pics and like @Davros sock drawer did with his). I think in my head it's always "Well you want a black colour so just use black paint" when there's clearly more to it than that to make sure everything pulls together. I think I might get some Lupercal and try it for the Watch Captain. These have been so much fun to paint I'm probably going to pick up the box set and do some more at some point, so will have plenty of skelly's to experiment on.
  22. *Deep breath*... okay, here we go, apologies in advance for janking up this thread. These are my first attempts at painting in close to 30 years. 13 year old me would have thought I was some kind of wizard producing something like this (wish I'd kept my efforts from back then but I remember superglue everywhere, non-thinned paints - they were not good). There's parts on these I like and parts that are bloody awful, but I've learnt quite a bit. Including don't think dry brushing is the best way forward and edge highlighting is not something to necessarily be afraid of (doing it well is another thing entirely tho). I had been more concerned with just getting paint on in a respectable fashion and staying neat, so I underestimated colour inclusion quite a bit. I'm really not happy with the shield rims being plain metal as it blends into the rest of the armour. Gold would have broken it up from being a mass of steel, but it seemed too ostentatious for the theme of dead city guard. I might see if I can get some copper / bronze effect on the rims to break it up a bit.
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