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  1. It's up for pre-order now from quite a few places so supply doesn't seem limited. The main game and first two expansions (Kellar's Keep and Return of the Witch Lord) are all due the start of January.
  2. Jesse is a ardent Tea Party member and one of his main lines of work is producing video content for the party (the kind of doublespeak content designed to mask the Tea Party's lunatic and fringe leanings). But the tipping point for me was he'd made a rambling monologue video a while back on his channel about peace and harmony in the board game space, literally a "why can't we all just get along guys?" lecture to the viewer like they were the ones doing something wrong. All the while it's not just his political leaning but his actively paid job to support a party of division. I just can't abide that level of hypocrisy. That's notwithstanding he's a Kickstarter shill for every single company that throws freebies his way - he's not unique there, it just adds to my view on him. My issue with Alex from BoardgameCo is different, even though he associates heavily with Quakerlope so I can't imagine he's ideologically much different. But in my view he's manipulating the space for profit and seems to have stumbled into the lucrative shtick of disguising this as content. He's quite subtle (and actually quite clever) in the ways he promotes it in his videos, but his apparent `love` for boardgames has to be seen against the backdrop of his business is buying and re-selling Kickstarters and board games. Which might be fine, but there's a load of complaints about the way he's behaved (bad responses to customers, providing incomplete games and then telling people to go away when they complain, low-balling offers to buy stuff knowing it's worth a lot more etc). It's the reasons why I've got both their channels on block.
  3. With this coming to retail and the app to play it solo, I'm resigned that I'm going to buy it. Between this and Star Wars / Marvel / Transformers figures Hasbro have complete command of my wallet. In other news, Marvel Zombicide's been officially revealed as CMON's 50th Zombicide Kickstarter. Goes live 22nd of this month. I refuse to find out any more as right now it means giving clicks to BoardGameCo and Quakerlope and I can't bear either of them because of their political leanings.
  4. Funny enough, the other day I noticed the prices they were going for whilst looking for some cheap test models before I started grabbing the Imperium mags. Etsy's the other place - paint jobs I wouldn't call particularly special (and some even sub-par) going for £60 at a minimum. Some sub-par jobs on the bigger models around £120 I don't know much about the going rate (or even if there is one), and I would never feel comfortable asking anyone to pay for something I'd buggered up by slapping paint on, but some people clearly have no issue with it - I mean that Captain is not parade ready! Unless it's the parade for the local village fete? edit: I mean, Jesus H. Christ! At that price you guys with the skills on here must be living in mansions and driving fast cars!
  5. Long red dress, ginger-ish hair - looks like I subconsciously based it on Jessica Rabbit.
  6. That was so unintentional that it took me a whole 30 seconds after reading your comment for the penny to drop!
  7. I see Army Painter are bringing out their own Contrast competitor called speed paint. That vid doesn't show it but watching some people who've got early hands on, the main thing over Contrast is that all the paints shown so far behave the same with in terms of opacity and application, so no more guessing or trial and error on if it'll be too opaque etc. Going to see a lot more before I jump in to another paint line tho.
  8. Ah, my nemesis, the Cursed City zombie! They broke me and are the reason I stayed away from painting anything. Brilliant designs but here's what I ended up with... I hate it. The paintjobs were shit, they're drab, I was making terrible colour choices. Couldn't get the right level of detailing. Everything was overdone with wash to try and dirty them up. Awful, just blood awful. After the skeleton warriors and Vargskyr that were a blast to paint (even when the Varg was messed up), these zombies did not spark joy. This week, in need of a distraction, I went back for another stab and came up with this; I'm a lot happier with this, even though it's far from perfect. It needed a shed load of dry brushing before attacking it with diluted Contrast, and you can see that grain below the paint in these images much more than in hand. But it's given me the gritty look I was after without me stuffing it up with a sloppy wash job. It's given me a bit of confidence / kick up the arse to get back to them again now I've got a method I know produces something I'm happy with. edit: note to self, remove any dust from model before taking photos!
  9. Left is GW! No, wait it's flipped now... Right is GW! Ah shit, I dunno
  10. GW's on the left - it's gone on smoother! *dramatic face as awaits answer*
  11. Those are some lovely clean looking lightning streak lines on that shield - love it!
  12. That's a tough one - I stopped with physical copies of books ages back. Something like this seemed okay; https://www.amazon.co.uk/H-P-Lovecraft-Collection-ebook/dp/B077GXY6B7/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr= Be warned though, some of Lovecraft's ideas and notions are horribly racist. Even as a product of his time his peers saw him as a total dick in that regards, so some of the stories will have deeply questionable language and tone. These are my other recommendations for audiobooks and stuff which I can vouch for from a recent thread on here;
  13. The third part is renowned for being punishing, especially with the pre-built starter decks - you've already got your expectations set right by expecting it to be a horror show Definitely pick up The Dunwich Legacy next - the Night of the Zealot adventures are okay to begin, but with Dunwich they started getting into their stride (plus you'll also start building up some good investigator cards for your decks). If you haven't already I'd recommend giving The Dunwich Horror a read before you play. It's not essential in any way, but you will get more out of it with names, places and events (but then I am biased as it's one of my fav Lovecraft stories). edit: oh and if you can wait a bit until the start of next year, their new distribution models means you can buy the whole Dunwich Legacy scenario in one box (the investigators come in a separate box). That means you won't have to struggle tracking down reprints of all the separate mythos pack and it should work out a wee bit cheaper too.
  14. Don't worry, that's kind of the point of that guy in that particular scenario. The best tactic is always if you don't stand a realistic chance of killing something then keep running!
  15. 1. Yep, recovered fully unless directed otherwise (usually by the scenario text). For example. if it says take 1 permanent trauma and your investigator would normally start with 6 Sanity, at the start of the next scenario they begin with 1 horror and just 5 Sanity. The scenario log will help you track all that because it does stack between scenarios. 2. Yep, only Hunters move location. Other enemies stay static waiting for someone to enter. 3. Unless directed by their card or an event, Hunters only move one location per enemy phase to try and reach an investigator. Off shoot rule from this is they have to take the shortest route to do that. So if there's two ways to a 'gators location, one taking hops across four locations and another across three, the Hunter has to makes its way using the three location route. It can turn into a horrific / comedic chase across locations, but some things allow you to carry out extra actions like additional 'gator movement, so you can some times get a little bit further ahead.
  16. I'm currently using some of them as test models but if I keep up at this rate I'll have a crazy surplus - will let you know as Mortal Realms is more up my street!
  17. I don't even play 40k and thanks to Warhammer Imperium mag I appear to be amassing a collection of Necrons and Space Marines
  18. Amazing dice - those marble and the red ones are lovely. I love me some clicky-clacky rocks. This a crap photo of my current temp dice jar (till I can find something more decorative that I like). There's a load others, but they're just in storage in plastic bags at the moment. Then I have my Elder Dice which satisfy my cosmic horror urges (this is an old pic, there's more now!) And then there's my rag tag assortment from loads of old games. I think there's some Advanced Heroquest dice in there, a lot of chunky old style Games Workshop dice and the real shabby looking in the bottom right are actually from my brother's days of playing 1st edition D&D so they're a bit older than me!
  19. Ooo, lots of cool stuff from FFG announced at Gen-Con if you're into any of their lines. - first expansion teased for the new Descent - new Arkham Horror LCG standalone plus all the old content getting re-released in the new boxed format (I'm going to be dull enough to spend £50 a cycle just for a box to store stuff in aren't I? ) - LOTR card game's getting a refresh (oh God no, this'll temp me to try the game - my wallet!!! ) - Sinister Six is the next big box for Marvel Champions (I don't care the price, give it to meeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! ) https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2021/9/15/in-flight-2021/
  20. Might be a bit soon to ask, but would love to know what you think of these (been eyeing up Doomsday Countdown as it's solo-able).
  21. Not my pic, but this look is really striking and I'm thinking I'd like to replicate it. Seems simply on the face of it, but I'm wondering about the depth of shading there. I'm thinking black base coat, off white dry brush and then...? Something like nuln oil to blend it all together, followed by a highlight of the off white? Anyone think of an easier / alternative way?
  22. Dirty great big grin all over my face watching that. Media blackout from me too - not long to go and that's done enough to convince me that I need to see this.
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