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  1. Kotaku hasn't updated that in the last hour or so. I wouldn't bother yet
  2. Smell that ? Thats smells like a flaming server
  3. Thats text updates only tho isn't it ?
  4. Really ? Glad I didn't sign up just for the sake of it then.
  5. Looks as if Sony aren't doing one. You'll need Gamespot or IGN if you want to see it streamed live
  6. Spatial

    Dark Sector

    Thats actually all `in game` stuff.
  7. When I used to hang around arcades as a youngster they were called `Guardians` as in the thing that guarded against people reaching the next level It always sounds more l33t being a Guardian than a Boss
  8. Young Nipington you forum whore ! Get back home this instant !
  9. Oops ! I should have said that I was fully modded Great, now I can order the PAL version and not have to wait for it to be shipped over from the US of A. Thanks all
  10. Now that the leaked version is around, has anyone said if the PAL version supports progressive scan ? And does anyone have any info on what have Bungie said about prog scan (if anything)?
  11. Check out http://www.hardwired.hu/ - second column at the top of the page. Its 24mb in Quicktime..... ....and it looks bloody lovely too. I won't spoil it till you've had a chance to watch it, but does the bearded guy that grabs Leon look familiar ?
  12. Rock Robster Sorry, no offence to anyone, but someone had to say it
  13. Wow !! Looks georgeous Ok so its not Cel Shaded but I'm sure it'll be an amazing game whatever
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