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  1. Tried the freezer - snapped off a wee, tiny tongue and then an arm at the bicep (and not the joint I wanted) Safe to say I need a more 'exotic' chemical approach as plain science just won't cut it.
  2. Anyone got tips for removing superglued parts from a mini? Got some second hand Khorne Bloodletters whose arms have been set to make them look like they're dabbing a sword into their own faces.
  3. If anyone's looking to reduce their pile of Sigmar-related shame I'd be interested in taking some specifc stuff off your hands. My problem is I only need a handful of certain types for a custom WH Quest campaign, so I'm after an odds and sods factions mixture including; Warning - BIG shopping list On sprue, already assembled, it doesn't matter - unpainted though as I'd rather do that myself. No surprise that Ebay is a complete cess pit for this sort of thing, where 4 or 5 singles will cost you just as much as a full boxed set.
  4. I'd say you'll get a least... ... ... 40k
  5. A long shot, but I don't suppose anyone's got a copy of Warhammer Quest: Shadows of Hamerhal they'd be happy to pass on for a reasonable price? Sorted
  6. Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly climb a mountain to drop a crusty old ring into a big fiery pit.
  7. Just caught up on this weeks - so this has sort of turned into a Clone Wars extension, but with live action instead of animation? And I'm really okay with that. Sure, it's all over the place and isn't the series we thought we were getting (or should have been getting - my inner nerd will probably never stop sulking about that) but it's still delivering some really cool stuff. I never really though we'd see this week's guest character in live action form, but there he was as a snarling, not to be messed with bad-ass.
  8. Probably hasn't got much time for such a complicated profession when he's fending off every nutter who wants to pinch his sword and be the latest heir of Mandalore. Distributing swords is no basis for a system of government! Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical space ceremony!
  9. Anyone else thinking of joining CMON's latest, Marvel Zombicide? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cmon/marvel-zombies-zombicide Like all their campaigns it's an utterly obscene sum of cash if you want all in (especially when you factor in VAT and shipping on top!), but dammit some of those mini's are brilliant.
  10. Just caught up with this weeks - that was an amazing episode of The Mandalorian, now when are we getting the actual fifth episode of TBoBF? For me that highlighted everything that's been wrong with TBoBF from the first episode - pacing, production values, narrative... really feels bad that it needs to lean on the Mando crutch so hard, when Boba should have been enough to sustain his own series (and then some).
  11. Amazing. That's a real life "Poochie died on his way back to him home planet"
  12. I got mine last week from two different online retailers, so some might have been playing fast and loose with street dates. Mind you, one of those was from Hasbro Pulse and that got here Saturday. They were the only ones that seemed to have the first two expansions, everyone else had marked themselves as being sold out on preallocation due to Asmodee's usual antics. But oh boy, the wave of nostalgia that hit me when I opened the box and saw all those bits of plastic furniture!
  13. They've already had that team up by this point (the 'present day' scenes of him struggling to be a crime boss are set after Season 2 of The Mandalorian). I have a feeling the next few episodes of BoBF are going to act as a theme setter for Season 3 of The Mandalorian, especially around
  14. Ep. 4 definitely felt a lot better. The audio cue right at the end makes it obvious where this is going, but I kind of wish it wasn't and was doing things differently...
  15. Oh no. This feels like the kiss of death right here; I don't recall ever seeing something where this sort of thing promised and it actually delivered anything of real merit, let alone made me re-evaluate my opinions.
  16. I meant Fett's escape from the Sarlacc and his recovery afterwards
  17. I was behind this all the way with the first two episodes, now it seems caught in some sort of weird story loop. "Next week, in Episode 4, Boba Fett goes back to the Mayor's office again for no real reason..." With the Sarlacc escape and recovery out the way I was expecting things to really pick up, instead it's pin-wheeling around like they've nothing but filler until Boba rides a Rancor through the middle of town. Looking like Mungo turning up on the bull in Blazing Saddles.
  18. Thanks - I think I'm going to grab the revised core and then the Saga boxes to start, since it seems those aren't being changed or revised. That'll give additional content to play and deck build options until FFG can sort out whatever it is they're doing with the revised cycles. I've become more reluctant to grab the first two cycles right now if there's going to be an announcement they're being reboxed with additional boons and burdens / split into campaign and characters etc.
  19. After waiting till all the episodes of the Mandolorian were out and having loads of it spoiled for me as a result, I've sworn to watch things as they come out now. Black K being there was a real "Is that..?!" surprise moment and I loved it. If we get Aphra showing up they need to give her a shot at her own show - it'd be amazing.
  20. That's cool, thank you. They've been really unclear where they're going with it - they're not even saying what cycles will be repackaged, outside of saying not all of them will. I think I'm struggling with getting my head around it being more like Marvel Champions' narrative (or rather lack of) compared to something like Arkham Horror, simply because the LOTR theme would lend itself towards a richer plot line / narrative based campaign. In my mind the revised core seemed like the perfect time for them to also repackage cycle Mirkwood in one box, add in boons and burdens to string it all together more in line with expectations of 'newer' LCG's. Perhaps they will but I can't help but think they're being hesitant to announce anything as the game just received a large reprint of most cycles and sagas. I think for now I'll wait and just grab the revised core and the new Dark of Mirkwood scenario pack (with perhaps some of the other stand alones if I really get into it).
  21. The revised core apparently contains boons and burdens and people are saying that will make it more of a campaign between scenarios (I understand this is similar to what the saga boxes do?) What I can't work out is, in a cycle like the Mirkwood packs, is there already an over arching narrative and story between them or is it just a set of themed stories? Are the boons and burdens just something which make it feel all tied together, where actions from one scenario in a deluxe and cycle have consequence later on? I'm trying to work out if it's worth picking up the Mirkwood cycle now at the same time as the revised core, or just waiting to see if FFG have some sort of grander campaign arc for tying whole cycles together. It hasn't helped they're not saying much about what their plans entail, other than loosely saying they'll follow the new Arkham Horror style of releases.
  22. Any Lord of the Ring LCG devotees here? Got a question now the revised core is on the way and I'm thinking of taking the plunge (God help my wallet!)
  23. Wha??!!! And expansions! It's a genuine Xmas miracle!
  24. Oh man, so many memorable bits of art from one guy.
  25. If you've been toying with picking up Journey's into Middle Earth (because, like me, you sat down and watched the film trilogy on Sky the last few weeks) then it's down to just shy of £57 on Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fantasy-Flight-Games-FFGJME01-Rings/dp/B07PHH966D/ref=rvi_2/259-5628443-8300358?pd_rd_w=EDvkV&pf_rd_p=1aa0e3c6-d03f-4cfa-9040-27eac2789751&pf_rd_r=NJ95NM4XAW5PP60VJMJ5&pd_rd_r=7eac5fb5-ee23-4111-8dfa-41b6ac633b5b&pd_rd_wg=v7XXM&pd_rd_i=B09HN189Q3&th=1
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