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  1. It's Quentin Smith in the video. On watching again it's that he sounds a bit like Zero Punctuation guy (especially right at the start of the video). That's kind of game related and in the haze of my caffeine deprived state that's what's thrown me (at least that's the excuse I'm sticking to).
  2. That looks like it could be all kinds of hilarious. Thanks for the heads up I've added to my watch list. The guy in the video tho - his voice is really familiar from narration in a game and I can't place it.
  3. Steam's being weird. I thought it was about time I played Dishonoured (I know, I know) so re-downloaded it. It got to the end and told me there was a disk error and wouldn't do anything further (it seemed to be pending an update that doesn't actually exist). Bit of rootling around shows there were some folders left from the uninstall that happened ages ago, and now it can't move the game from the download folder to the actual Common Steamapps folder. A manual move didn't help it either and now it's downloading the whole 6Gb of files again (even though they were right there!) edit: the reinstall fixed it.
  4. The Legendary edition will probably be cheap in next weeks Steam sale - could be a good time to pick it up? They've said this week that the new version will be a 64bit application which means it'll get around the issue of limited VRAM, so that's one thing. Does seem that saves will definitely transfer over but they're not sure about mods. I still can't stop taking screens of this - not sure if there's a screenshot thread where these would be better placed. Praise the Sun!
  5. The theory is that this isn't about the game at all and (in typical Kojima style) is all about his split from Konami. Geoff Keighley spoke to Kojima the night of the Sony briefing and he couldn't / wouldn't confirm any real details about the game. Think the only real solid answer he gave that it was an action game and that you'll be playing Norman Reedus' character but wouldn't say who that is. He even said they still haven't decided on an engine yet so who knows what they used to cobble that trailer together. So the theory goes: - Kojima is Norman in the trailer - The baby is his creativity which he's clawed back after it was ripped from his body (hence the C-section type scars) - The chain around his arm is now unlocked after being trapped at Konami, but now he's free - The vast ocean is representative of freedom and uncertainty - The beached animals are his fanbase after MGSV and who felt stranded and dead after PT being cancelled. If it was anyone else and I'd say this was all utter nonsense, but this is Kojima after all. Alternatively it could all mean you play the third beached whale from the left in that end shot, and have to press L1 and R2 to reverse paddle yourself back into the sea whilst sitting through 52 hours of cutscenes.
  6. That was one of the most ominous symbols in the whole thing for me (even more than the melting baby). Can't put my finger on why - the one in the middle also seems to be in a different stance to the rest (has it's arms folded while the other have them by their sides). The creepy factor this E3 has been off the charts.
  7. That was so drawn out even they need to take a break!
  8. This is so bad even the Giant Bomb guys can't be bothered to talk all over it and have wandered off
  9. The smacky noise from the mics when people talk is turning my stomach - eurgh!
  10. PC also for now - Steam release is July 7th Geoff Kieghley was praising it to the hilt yesterday too - I've been smitten ever since they first showed it and loved Limbo, so I don't need to see any more. Can't wait.
  11. However this game turns out, whoever reworked that version of Go Tell Aunt Rhody did an amazing job - I haven't had goosebumps like that since hearing the main theme from Remember Me.
  12. As it's Ubisoft, should that be Philippe Flops?
  13. He's releasing a game about trying to get his dead mother into heaven (I wish I was making that up) Apparently Lil' Wayne is also making a game. What a time to be alive.
  14. Giant Cop has potential - hopefully it's not VR only
  15. Been tweaking even more - currently up to something like 160 mods with visual and gameplay tweaks. Can't stop taking dark themed screens as the lighting mods and effects are sublime. I'd best enjoy this before Bethesda update the game in October and every mod explodes.
  16. What's the bets the PC Skyrim update knackers all the mods I've just spent ages installing and tweaking The PS4 / XBO update looks really nice though - not sure what I expected, but it looks better than whatever I had in my head.
  17. I do love me some modded Skyrim - it's getting to the point where I'm not playing it properly as I keep stopping to grab screens
  18. Excellent, thanks Mr G - time to post some screen shots
  19. I think that would be a good idea to save clagging up this thread - I did a search but can't find an old thread? Would love to know how you got the effects in those screenshots you posted using Imaginator, tried again with it this evening but can't get it to look like that.
  20. I did play around with Imaginator and thought it naffed up my game to the point where it needed reinstalling - to be fair to it though that was when I first started throwing mods in like some sort of idiot without proper testing. Time to give it another go as I have started relying on Dynavision to take the strain off.
  21. Just started modding Skyrim myself, and it really is amazing what can be done with mods - I've struggled to get a playable ENB that looks amazing all the way through and doesn't tank the frame rate, but these are some shots I took earlier this week The only downside is when it shits the bed and crashes out because the engine is fit to burst.
  22. I still have no idea who my forum Steam Secret Santa was (and I don't want to), but I I have to say a massive thank you again for getting me Life is Strange - it's taken me a while to get around to it and I've just played through the final Chapter after starting it the end of last week. If you see this Santa then thanks for an amazing experience. Although I'm still not sure if I should really be saying thank you for something which made me cry like a baby. Twice.
  23. For me this game gets a free pass from the RTS bits because it has panthers in it.
  24. Does the latest patch / expansion update the visuals to the base game any further? Saw a quote from the devs talking about changes they'd made to boost the visuals, but it wasn't clear if that was specific to just Blood and Wine's content.
  25. If anyone wants a key for; A Virus Named TOM Bionic Commando (2009) Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition Dead Island Riptide Complete Edition Risen Risen 2: Dark Waters Gold Edition Sacred 3 Gold Edition Saints Row 2 then drop me a PM.
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