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  1. Can't say I'm too bothered about it being first person - just like the W3 mods on PC, someone will mod it to do third person. Did read somewhere (GameInformer I think) that they've confirmed the private demo is on a high end PC. edit: not the link I was reading but confirmation it was on PC
  2. Psi-Ops with a smattering of SCP mixed in? Sounds great and one of the biggest surprises of E3 for me.
  3. Think I saw a snippet of this during the MS conference so it's at least coming to Xbox. That full trailer is a thing of beauty.
  4. Same for Cullen Bunn who Marvel seem to overly rely on at the moment - enjoy his own unique stuff, but his handling of Marvel's staple characters is just blah for me to date. Also; Hmmm.... Marvel finally going to make use of Angela again after all this time? (and after all that fuss)
  5. Charles Soule is trying to convince everyone it will all be fine, and all make sense in the grand context of everything... which probably means the exact opposite
  6. What the?!!? At least the bone claw thing was kind of cool. Having a set of retractable curling tongs definitely isn't.
  7. There's a massive DC sale at Comixology until Monday - lots of Rebirth and New 52 trades reduced https://www.comixology.co.uk/DC-1000-Memorial-Day-Sale/page/18466?ref=c2l0ZS9pbmRleC9kZXNrdG9wL2xhcmdlQ2Fyb3VzZWw My poor wallet
  8. I'd stuck with the WD trades but lost interest around the point where All Out War ended. They were on the verge of doing something really cool with new characters and The Whisperers and then decided to scratch it all and go back to formula. I've haven't really had the heart to soldier on with it after that. I'm behind on Invincible too but at least they've had the good sense to wrap that up. The WD feels so stale now (which is shame as I remember being blown away by it years back) and feels like it really needs an end point to work towards (not that it's going to happen any time soon with the TV series ongoing). I am greatful to Kirkman for the Marvel Zombies though - if only because it indirectly gave one of my favourites, Elsa Bloodstone, another decent outing recently with the Secret Wars titles.
  9. I suspect @Charliemouse is talking about the 2005 Rebirth title, rather than the recent DC wide Rebirth line (yeah, it's confusing - The Flash did the same thing around the same time). It's not up to Johns' standard, but IMO if you are starting with the current Rebirth titles you won't go far wrong. Worth also knowing that the New 52 version of the Lanterns didn't get as hard a reboot as some titles (because Johns was still involved), so if you want to dive deeper then it's not totally lost. Only issue I have with some of the older titles is Van Scriver doing the art. He's been outed as a bit of an unhinged, right wing leaning, nasty piece of work. That said, he's the artist and not a writer, so I've taken comfort from the fact that I don't have to second guess if what I'm reading it some thinly veiled right wing dogwhistle (quite the case of separating the artist from their art for me). Oh and chalk me up as another happy to see where Morrison take it
  10. Did anyone pick up the new Avengers Number 1 this week? Just wondering how it stacks up as a restart to the team. I've been taking advantage of the Green Lantern sale on CMX to try and catch up on some stuff - what's weird is that they're missing some of the Green Lantern Corps titles which I only stumbled on when using Goodreads to get an idea of reading order (since the trades for 2005 series don't have numbers for the most part). Seems that three titles, Vol 2 - The Darker Side of Green, Blackest Night and The Weaponer are not available as trades. Yet Amazon.co.uk has the last two of those as Kindle downloads (so how does that work if they're the same company?) but Darker Side of Green is only available on Amazon.com digitally. Also Tales of Blackest Night Vol 01 and 02 aren't on CMX but are on Amazon.co.uk for digital download. I'm guessing it's some sort of licensing issue but seems stupid given that (as far as I can tell) all the issues are available as singles
  11. I'm always interested in cool comic book art no matter the character or the artist, so the more posts the better as far as I'm concerned (it's why https://twitter.com/coolcomicart is one of my favourite Twitter accounts to follow). And while I wouldn't consider myself a massive fan of the Hulk, I really like where they seem to be heading with this series, so it'll be cool to see how it develops. In other Marvel stuff I see from the July Solicits that there's yet another X-book on the way teased for now as `X Classified`. Because we all, definitely, 100% need another X-Men title right now.
  12. Black Science and Black Hammer have both been on my ever growing `need to read` list for some time. I read the first volume of Black Science and really loved it, but then got side tracked and never picked up the others. Now the series is due to end later this year I think I'll wait a bit longer and then grab them all in one go.
  13. And when you're done with that be sure to get stuck into the mammoth BPRD series. And Abe Sapien. CMX Unlimited isn't available in the UK yet - I've had the same thing where it shows up on the co.uk version of the website but the link goes nowhere. I think sometimes their website is a bit screwy (similar to how it keep directing me to the French versions of releases).
  14. The way the Internet tells it, it's all down to Ike Perlmutter who was (still is?) the biggest Disney shareholder and Marvel CEO - he apparently took it very personally that their comics were being used to promote Fox's films and out of spite gave the order for them to be phased out. Marvel staffers denied it, but the fact that the Disney Fox acquisition has happened and the FF are slowly returning doesn't do much to lessen that. I guess when you're in Perlmutter's power position you can make terrible decisions like that and wave them away, but allegedly he has a habit of throwing his toys out of the pram. Apparently he wanted to get rid of Robert Downey Jr from the Marvel films some time around the Cap Civil War movie because he was demanding a pay rise. There was a reshuffle that moved the film division away from Perlmutter's control, which stopped it happening.
  15. Can't help but wonder if that's Bendis loosing interest because he knew he was jumping ship to DC. I think his departure caught them off guard and some of the recent rumblings around Miles Morales shows they've not got much of a clue what to do with some of their characters - last I heard they're going to rename him Spy-D! And Marvel certainly do seem to flap around a bit with any characters that have made it off the page and to the screen. They seem to be terrified that someone's going to pick up the latest issue of something they've seen on screen and scream "This is nothing like I saw on screen" before they run away screaming. I've always found that to be outdated and a bit insulting seeing as anyone who's taken the time to dive a bit deeper into something in this day and age is already aware that what you get on the page and what you get on the screen can be two different things). But it's that `brand synergy` crap that they all seem so keen on, but it never actually seems to work. As much as I'm moaning, I still buy the stuff so it isn't like I don't enjoy Marvel's characters or stories these days. It's just you can almost tell when you're reading a series that was going on at the same time as a film was coming out or had just been released.
  16. Almost everyone and their dog is getting `venomized` at the moment. I think the X-Men just had it and there's news today that X-Force are next. Seems like Marvel haven't known what to do Venom for ages. Agent Venom and the Space Knight idea were cool but now he's back to regular everyday teeth and tongue version I'm not sure how that's working out as I've not found it appealing enough to follow - If I had to guess that's why everyone is getting venomised and to keep the character ticking over / give him some purpose. edit: just read that next week an actual Venomized title is coming out. You couldn't (nor probably want to) make it up. In other news (to the real surprise of no one) the Fantastic Four are coming back. It was always going to happen at some point and while I hear good things about the recent Two in One series, I've not been reading it and apparently the hints were all in there. https://www.newsarama.com/39277-marvel-s-fantastic-four-are-back-sort-of.html Slott gets flak over Spider-Man but his run on Silver Surfer was solid and shows he's capable of handling stuff like the FF. Be interested to see what happens there. Oh and (unless it's a fake out*) then the Inhumans could be getting kicked to the kerb now the X-Men property is apparently within Marvels cinematic clutches https://www.newsarama.com/39266-death-of-the-inhumans-coming-this-july.html * it's totally going to be a fake out.
  17. DC irked me with this and their New Age of DC Heroes titles recently - they were touting having Jim Lee, Romita Jr and others on titles, but it wasn't until the monthly solicits went by that people noticed that most of those titles were getting an artist change after just the first three issues. DC later said nothing was up, and that was always going to be the case, but it's bad enough when it does it for established characters, so for brand new ones it just feels like you're leaving them floundering. Not that I have a problem with artist changes or even the odd filler issue if the artisit is making an effort, but I remember there was one recently in one of the Guardians of the Galaxy runs that was so jarring it was painful on the eyes. From nicely drawn and coloured panels one issue, to virtually block shaded and scrapy drawn the next. Eurgh!
  18. In my head it'd play out like the Anchorman brawl scene. Marvel's solicits for June are out and are interesting; https://www.cbr.com/marvel-comics-june-2018-solicitations/ Original X-Force look as if they're back (that'll be worth a read for me as I loved that team back in the day). I like what they're doing with Thor (but then I've been a fan of the Unworthy Thor / Jane Foster run), and I'm interested to see what Slott does with Iron-Man. Likewise I'll be interesting to see what happens with Spidey now it's out of his hands and in someone else's. And although Deadpool reached saturation point sometime ago (and it shows no sign of stopping with two new Deadpool to cash in on May's sequel) the pitch for the new Skottie Young run makes it sound interesting as he's going back to his mercenary basics.
  19. And with all this talk of Trades, Comixology are having a sale knocking selected new Marvel releases down to 69p https://www.comixology.co.uk/Marvel-Recent-Collections-Sale/page/17867?ref=c2l0ZS9pbmRleC9kZXNrdG9wL2xhcmdlQ2Fyb3VzZWw
  20. I've always been more of a TPB guy as it was always the easiest way for me to get them when I was a kid and I've just carried that on - plus I find the price they're asking for singles to be too steep these days, especially digital (haven't bought a physical single in almost 30 years, so no idea what they charge). Have made some exceptions to the trades only rule of late but they've been few and far between. I've gone mostly digital but there's still nothing quite like a physical book. I recently got rid of some of my physical trades which had been sitting gathering dust (and I also have them digitally). Before I sent them off I looked through them one last time and I realised I was really going to miss them. There's something about comics in print that makes them pop a bit more. That said I don't have the space for them any more, so digital has to win out here. For me the biggest one for committing crimes against digital trades is Marvel. Some of their stuff I tried to catch up on from the 2000 - 2013 era was slapped together so cheaply, with no effort made for bonus material or even indexes (which were included in the physical releases). Thankfully they're making more of an effort of late with some front inlays and cover galleries etc.
  21. I seem to remember reading something last year about their profits being down and I think their Chief Editor stepped down earlier this year, but dunno if that equates to them being in trouble. Thought I might be getting that confused with Valiant who are loosing people after being bought out - I think the CEO was recently pushed out after they were taken over and a lot of people seem to be jumping ship as a result (not that I follow a lot of Valiant stuff).
  22. Ant-Man is Mark Waid with Javier Garron on art - shame it's only a 5 issue series (it probably only exists at all because the film is coming out the same month). Squirrel Girls current artist is also leaving, but apparently the book isn't ending and she'll still be doing the covers.
  23. Apparently to save a bit of face they'll be double numbering books with the legacy numbers and the new numbers.
  24. DC are going all out with these new lines - first Zoom and Ink (not my demographic I know) and now the Black Label announcement; http://www.comicsbeat.com/new-dc-prestige-imprint-black-label-promises-legendary-stories-told-by-stars-like-deconnick-miller-romita-jr/ Some interesting ideas in there; Synder and Capullo back together on Batman one last time has me really looking forward to Last Knight on Earth. Miller on Superman has me `meh` (I'm not a fan of a lot of his work) but I'm a massive sucker from John Romita Jnr's art so I'll probably take a look at that too.
  25. This has to be one of the coolest covers Marvel have put together in ages - it's the best "see how many characters you can name" since Deadpool's wedding (although it would be better if I could find it in a bigger size) edit: speaking of Deadpool
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