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  1. This has thrown me for a loop - I was all set to bypass the Xbox, upgrade my PC and pick up a PS5. Really tempted to ditch the PC upgrade now and just get the Xbox (with all the PC changes I need to make it works out cheaper by quite a lot).
  2. Glad it wasn't just me - there was definitely something going past the window but it was a blur and hard to see. Wondering if it's just an oddity they put in there, or something that becomes relevant later on.
  3. Am I missing something with Episode 3? The scene where Hippolyta was talking to Montrose in the shop - there's a clear noise like 'something' happened. All I could see was it looked like the outside was slightly reversed?
  4. Mostly every single issue of anything to do with Black Panther is free on Comixology right now - not sure for how long. I stole the links from Reddit, but changing the .com parts to .co.uk should take you to the UK site. 2018 to now: https://www.comixology.com/Black-Panther-2018/comics-series/115301 1977 - 1979: https://www.comixology.com/Black-Panther-1977-1979/comics-series/64172 1988: https://www.comixology.com/Black-Panther-1988/comics-series/128401 1998 to 2003: https://www.comixology.com/Black-Panther-1998-2003/comics-series/990
  5. I'm in charge of a huge f'off mechanised suit of armour... time to leave my scantily clad body hanging out the front of it
  6. Fancied putting together something a bit Cthulh'esque to hold some of my RPG dice - this is the end result (crap phone camera doesn't do it justice really)
  7. What an absolute shocker, such terrible news. In the age of internet rumours and gossip over every little thing, the fact that this was kept hidden for so long has made it even more of a shock.
  8. This looks amazing, can't wait - hoping it will be this years Watchmen equivalent for great telly. Also Yogsothoth for the season finale or complete bust! (I've not read the book or anything, so have no idea).
  9. I've had pretty good service from Thirsty Meeples the few times I've used them for some Arkham Horror stuff. Always quick to dispatch and well packaged - postage always feels a bit steep though. Zatu's prices are good but their pre-order system really annoys me. I refuse to pre-order or order anything marked as a restock as they take the money straight away. In the current climate I'm not doing that and they really need to think again about it (even if they just took a small deposit instead of wanting the whole thing up front for something that could be months down the line).
  10. If you do need a 4th then I'd be interesting in giving it a shot. I haven't played Call of C in over twenty years tho (or even used Roll 20), so you'd need a high tolerance of guiding me through how it all works these days. No worries if you'd rather not because I can imagine it's hard enough corralling lunatic investigators on your first GM-session as it is, without having too many of them to try and keep tabs on.
  11. I've fallen down a bit of a Blackstone rabbit hole looking at the game on Youtube. These speed paining guides are brilliant and the results really good - most of the techniques and washes are well within my capabilities after spending the last few years fixing paint defects and customising Marvel Legends figures
  12. I like the look of that - reminds me a little of Space Crusade / Space Hulk (another part of my youth) but with more modern play mechanics. The character designs just ooze that usual Warhammer 40k level of cool too. Not too sure of the price-point though seeing as I've already spent a load on Arkham Horror stuff of late. Still playing my way through that but fancy something else to break it up a bit.
  13. In a vein attempt to further recapture my youth I've been looking at Heroquest style games. I did think of picking up FFG's Descent 2nd Edition but I'll be playing mostly solo or two players at most (whenever I can persuade my partner to sit down for an hour or two and play). Looks like there's tonnes of content for Descent but really disappointed to find out the app for GM--less play doesn't cover the campaigns in the box and are separate (and you even have to pay extra for some of them). I think you can get fan made modules that act as a stand in but they need a lot o
  14. I've had Alone against the Flames sitting here for a bit waiting for me to have some time to give it a run through. Seems a bit silly saying this when I haven't played the solo adventures that are available yet, but I really wish Chaosium would do more of them.
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