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  1. The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    Tom King is doing great stuff over at DC at the moment - his recent run on Batman is some good stuff and his on going work on the Mister Miracle series is nothing short of outstanding imo. If you liked The Vision then I'd definitely recommend you check that out.
  2. The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    I still quite enjoy Jack Kirby's stuff, particularly the New Gods. But I do find I have to put my brain into the right gear before I start reading as some hasn't aged well - some of the artwork is still real eye candy though (particularly the newer remastered digital releases). Speaking of which, I saw this on Comixology this week Super Powers by Jack Kirby That brought back some memories - I had the first issue in some kind of annual when I was a kid and I read it over and over (in fact I think I ended up with more figures from the toyline than I did issues of the comic). Not sure how well it's held up (it probably hasn't at all) but I'm going to have to get this when it drops in price a bit.
  3. The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    Amazon are having another unadvertised sale on all Marvel TPB's (digital only). Most titles seem to be down to around £2 - £3
  4. Warframe - Plains of Grindolon

    Done - I've been a lone Tenno out in the universe for long enough, it's time I found a home
  5. Warframe - Plains of Grindolon

    Yep, I am (and currently suffering at the hands of the RNG Gods)
  6. Warframe - Plains of Grindolon

    Trying to sell anything on Warframe Market is just as crazy as in-game. The amount of people completely low balling items means you don't have a cats chance in hell of shifting anything for a decent price. I'm tempted to lob everything on for 1 platinum just to shift it. Means I should get at least 30 platinum for the 30 surplus frame and weapon parts I have
  7. Warframe - Plains of Grindolon

    I only wanted to do a bit of late night fishing, busy minding my own business on the side of a lake, when some wise guys decided they wanted to tromp right through my session and take down a passing Eidelon. It would have been rude not for me to join in. Even though my puny gun barely dented it I still got a Steam achievement In all seriousness though it was amazing to watch it happen. Those things really don't like it when you have them on the ropes - don't think I've ever helicoptered around so much in blind panic of trying to stay alive.
  8. Warframe - Plains of Grindolon

    Doh, right under my nose! Thanks, I'm off to (hopefully) shift some stuff
  9. Warframe - Plains of Grindolon

    Apparently I've clocked up 60 hours on this on PC and yet I've still never been able to shift anything for platinum. Is there an easier way to sell things rather than endlessly hanging around hoping someone comes along and wants all the stuff I want to get rid of?
  10. Steam - Lunar New Year Sale Feb 15-19

    Just a reminder to everyone that these free game keys actually expire from your Humble Store purchase list after a certain amount of time if you don't redeem them on Steam. It usually gives you a week or two to activate them before they vanish (tells you on the bottom of the key page exactly when).
  11. Valve: Infinite Finality

    Apparently it was back to Ravenholm as a side story which occurred after Episode 2 (the Combine were there in force this time, probably something to do with the mass exodus out of the city when it exploded). Warren Spector's cancelled HL game was to be another different episode again, so at some point they clearly wanted to keep the universe rolling along after EP3 was done. Its kind of sad that I used to think of Valve as the company that did all the extra stuff to help fund making the games they wanted to, when in reality all the other stuff took over. Actually, I guess that's not true, they just don't make the types of games I want them to any more. And Valve definitely won't say anything about this - they could barely muster the effort to say anything after the Xmas 2015 fiasco when people's Steam account details were exposed, so this whole thing will be like water off an Aperture Scientists Repulsion Gel covered lab coat.
  12. Valve: Infinite Finality

    Yep, it could have been a 5-6 hours experience tops. All the tech and assets were pretty much there by the time EP2 was done. The only thing you can assume is that what everyone has suspected all along and that they just couldn't be bothered. All that crap about being scared that it wouldn't hold up to the hype is rubbish, as that summary proves EP3 would have been a fitting addition. As someone who was bat-shit insane for Half-Life back in the day (who wasn't?) I'll take it as a decent piece of closure. It does go to show why Laidlaw's writing for the series was so good - again resisting the "hoo-rah humanity wins against the aliens cos we're the bestest thing evar", it's a pretty bleak ending to the episodes. The dawning realisation that the Combine is pretty much an unbeatable force because of its scale. The realisation that the choice to try and use the Borealis as a weapon, thinking it could go any way to destroying them completely, was clearly the wrong one and they would have been better salvaging the tech to use it to stay alive. The sudden suggestion that Alyx might have been pushing that choice because she was working for the G-Man (who clearly has some sway over after plucking her to safety when Black Mesa kicked off). It's also hard to tell if it's just the way he's written it now (with the veiled jibes at Valve) or if it was always intended to be the last we saw of Freeman, but I guess they could have taken things off in a wildly different direction after this (possibly even the open world rumour that came out a couple of years back from an apparent insider). Imagine paving the way for fighting the Combine on multiple planets with multiple protagonists? *sigh* Oh well, would have been great to have played that EP3 (would have loved to have seen that Dyson Sphere and all that phasing in and out of reality) but that's probably as good as we're going to get. And after all this time, I'm okay with that.
  13. The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    If anyone was following my (sadly neglected of late) Flickr account please unfollow it. The latest round of Yahoo hacks means my email has been compromised and all recovery options changed so I can't get back in. Pretty impressive when the password was a randomly generated 256 string hex key that had to be saved in a password manager (but I gather with this hack the had access to the security token and so breezed straight in to any accounts they wanted). Yahoo customer help is non-existent so at this point it's a goner. Can't say I'm too worried as I always downgraded image quality and water marked them (plus have the originals backed up). Clearly it's not been done for the Flickr stuff itself (it's not like my photos are anything special that someone would want to nab) but it is an unfortunate kickback from Yahoo being leakier than a paper sail boat. Thought it best to give the one or two people on here who had followed me a warning, just in-case it starts posting random pictures of massive willies / Pro-Russian Propaganda / Right Wing filth.
  14. Steam Secret Santa 2016

    My Santa gifted me SOMA and Flame & The Flood off my wishlist. Many thanks Santa, I'm well chuffed with both of those And thanks to JPR for once again doing all the work for this - Merry Christmas!
  15. Steam Secret Santa 2016

    Gifts on their way to Santa! Hope my target's going to be happy.

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