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  1. Oooooh! Some of those look really interesting and some heavily pigmented options too. I can already see quite a few Contrast that I'll want to try but I'll be waiting till we get some hands on swatches.
  2. If you'd told me this time last year I'd been enjoying the Obi Wan series waaaaay more than the Boba Fett series I would have called you mad. But then the world's a funny place these days. Dunno if knowing this was supposed to be a film at one point is altering my perception but it feels a bit more grandiose and cohesive in direction and plotting (albeit stretched in parts for the series). And I'm finding it hilarious how they're desperately trying to avoid going full Imperial March and Leia's Theme with the soundtrack. Can just imagine two people fighting over it in post; "Just put the god damn tune in the scene, it's iconic and fits what's going on!!" "Nope, I'm not doing it. But here's something that sounds quite a bit like it..."
  3. Thanks I feel like I'm starting to get a hang of mixing my own colours to highlight up Contrast paints and make them pop a lot more.
  4. Deadwalker Zombie WIP's Tried a heavy drybrush of grey and white over a black basecoat and then contrast paints to see if I could speed things up. Very mixed results in the deeply shadowed or obscured areas where the drybrush can't get to.
  5. I'll be all over that. The animation style is not good (it's the same as the Warhammer + series animations which for me range from okay to downright awful) but the pre-Alpha stuff looks more than good enough for me. Strains of the amazing 40k Mechanicus game soundtrack in there too. With that amazing fast-tempo gothic organ track of the last Darktide trailer, I'm hoping for some really cool stuff soundtrack wise.
  6. Because those were mono-pose, for me it made having extras for the Abominable Intellect cards a bit 'samey' (although you can clip a few horns off and vary the helmet colour to make them a bit more unique). This definitely opens things right up. Of course I could wait to see if they get a separate release, or from box-splitters on Ebay, but tbh that's far too sensible and I know I'll just want them asap.
  7. I didn't get the feeling it was. I'm being over cautious with the spoiler tags here as the episode descriptions give most of this away but; The character certainly seems to be well...of a sorts. There's references to and there's a sense this fits as it being Earth-0. Albeit something is definitely off because of It's been enough to get its hooks in to me to see where its going.
  8. Not quite comics related, but kind of, the Batman Unburied audio drama on Spotify is worth a listen - first two episodes are up now At first I was a bit sceptical from the write up / trailer, as Multiverse takes on Batman for this sort of thing don't gel with me. However first episode in and there might be more going on with the Either way the Foley work on it is really, really good and there's a pretty stellar cast attached with Winston Duke, Jason Issacs, John Rhys Davis and Lance Reddick (to name a few). No more Batman: Knighfall audio drama levels of grunting and hurumphing through the plot as the repeatedly used sound of a table breaking gets used for fighting scenes!
  9. Aaaaaaand... here's the Traitor Guard. I'm going to buy that whole bloody Kill Team box just for these aren't I.
  10. I expected a Traitor Guardsman faction reveal as the stream went on, but what is there is so cool looking. Those additional Cultists are definitely getting bought to mix in with my Cultists of the Abyss, and I'll probably get some of the others too (since the BSF fan community keep coming up with stat blocks for new stuff and custom scenarios). The alternate heads on that Deamon Prince are just amazing, I can't decide which one I like the best.
  11. Oh hey, the Marvel Zombies pledge manager has landed... guess it's time to add that shipping and VAT... still, their estimated cost for that wasn't too ba... ...hang on... £260!!!???!!!! I know things are messed up globally right now, but I think this will be the last CMON Kickstarter I ever back - I'll just go basic retail on their stuff from this point on. The money I'll save on additional plastic models can go to other stuff and I won't have to worry about paying through the nose and still ending up with damaged trays or boxes (only to be told by CMON Customer Support to get stuffed). Compare this to Awakened Realms who recently swallowed the increased shipping costs for Etherfields (and even put up a mini card expansion for people who wanted to pitch in to help towards the shipping costs). CMON have just told people to suck it up.
  12. Rescuing mini's from Ebay is a proper mixed bag. I bought these clan rats last month, they didn't look too bad in the listing and I didn't pay too much attention on arrival other than checking they were all there. Taken a proper look this afternoon and they're a bit of a nightmare. The brown paint is so thick in parts that it's obscuring lots of detail (so unlike some other stuff I've grabbed cheap I can't get away with just re-priming). The blue bits which I thought were just recast patchwork is actually blue paint So I've spent all afternoon soaking some little rat people in Isopropyl alcohol and giving them a good scrub down. The plus side is I'm off my tits on the IPA fumes.
  13. This damn thing - hated it as a kid. I remember the whole show occupying the space between the end of the good kids TV shows and the start of the lunchtime news during the summer holidays.
  14. Those are the exact same minis as the crowdfunded Fields of Eternia game aren't they? Oh boy.
  15. My playmat's just turned up too - not sure what I was expecting but it's huge
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