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  1. Cheap as 10 for a pound lighters
  2. And those motherfucking Gargoyles are gone! Proper sticking point for me those tossers were!
  3. quick tip if you want to start using acrylics and the likes you need to use acetone to remove the coating modern leather kicks have over them. You need to use a scouring pad and gloves as its nasty stuff and FFS dont smoke.
  4. that Ray Trace fella has made a terrible job of that.
  5. some fancy looking try hard invader popped into my game and killed me horrible sneaky style while I was involved in a big fight. Teabagging me the lot. I thought I'd invade just to see if I could get him back, and would you have it there he was doing the same shit on some poor unfortunate souls. Handed him his arse blight town style and saved the other guys. Got 2 bow's from them and off I went back to my world. Lovely I think I might become the invader saver.
  6. I know its chalk and cheese but Elden Ring 80 hours in is still opening up new areas and places of utter wonder. I just cant see how this could even come near it in terms of how the rules of the open world game have changed. I know Nintendo always deliver but still.
  7. 80 hours in and its still opening up beyond all expectations. I have no idea how they made this game. Really don't know how this could ever be topped, by anything.
  8. Anyone on ps5 having unable to summon messages?
  9. ok so hit a bit of a sticking point in the castle and thought id have an explore. I found a little ruin with a trip switch.... This game!
  10. Totally overwhelmed with how incredible this is. Considering I managed to never see any videos it’s beyond what I had hoped for. Learning margits patterns at the moment.
  11. 8 hours straight. Eyes given up but fuck me what a game. I’ve been given messages from npc’s to go places but I’ve just been exploring and getting lost in the best possible way.
  12. I now represent the courier covenant.
  13. Postman is the equivalent of the little blow pipe bastard in blight town. epic fail
  14. Thought Miyazaki was saying it was the most accessible from game? What if it makes Sekiro look like candy crush? Lol
  15. sending out the ship now thoughts
  16. ill be buying this for my 48th version of super turbo x
  17. I’m hoping it looks as good as horizon forbidden west as that’s a benchmark right there. obviously darker and full of horrible things and amazing vistas. Still not watched anything ….
  18. I have that many copies on the way in hope someone sends it early that I might set up an Elden Ring pop up store in my village.
  19. iv felt like the reinvention of the series. Had that pick up and play feel that anyone could enjoy who loved SF2. And offered a really deep system for the heads to master. V was a shitshow at launch it all went offence and not for the better. Net code was a joke and it just felt like a massive step backwards. The character models were horrific and it all felt massively clunky to me. First Sf I never bothered to learn. Tried a few times but my beloved Guile was not the man I knew when he arrived. fuck these 2.5 d models and go pixel art again. Something that would shame SF3 and Garou on the animation front is what I’d love.
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