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  1. Spent near enough a week thinking about the game after completion and think my main gripe is
  2. been my go to since launch, love it.
  3. There is no denying the quality, mind blowing detail and touches this game has it really is untouchable on atmosphere. However I am utterly torn and don't think I'd play it again, unlike the first game which ive completed numerous times.
  4. The sensitivity of the acting is just so believable and really touching in places. I’ve not seen one dodgy eye movement or animation that totally breaks the illusion that this is a game. Utterly astounding in every way.
  5. fucking hell that is all
  6. just finished another run through and totally forgot your meant to do the DLC before Gwynn. duhhhh
  7. Same here. This is the first game I’ve never watched anything or read any reviews.
  8. that bugsnax tune should be played in Guantanamo bay, anyone would cave in after 30 seconds of that fucking tune.
  9. what do these reviewers want and expect? A totally different game with other non related mechanics and content? Finely tuning and refining their games is what they've always done with the sequels, stepping up the spectacle and wow factor to 11.
  10. Ive always loved Halo CE basically for the unscripted stuff the ai does, especially when you buddy up with the marines. Every play through offers something different based on encounters and how they play out. Im hoping this really offers some amazing battles that never play out the same. So want to watch the reviews... holding out
  11. loved that mission with the solo sniper.
  12. I have had a couple of matches with randoms who are just utter scumbags. How you could come out with such vile language and racism just beggars belief. 13 rounds with people like that is tough. At least the report system is up and running.
  13. have to say after spending a few days with this its absolute gaming crack. Not since CSGO has anything grabbed me like this has. The depth is astonishing and its just so well designed.
  14. thanks for the games @PK
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