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  1. sables animation is a weird one when she runs, its going for that 80's cartoon jank, doesn't bother me but can see how it will split the pack for sure. Spent a couple of hours and really enjoying the pace of it. Cant decide if having no combat is a good or bad decision.
  2. if you loved Ico and SOTC then this really has that magic. The art style alone and wonderful changing colour palettes through the day night cycle are just sublime. Music is awesome too. Its a very meditative and tranquil experience and really has that sense of wonder and exploration in an open world without the usual hand holdy stuff.
  3. rumour has it mw2 mp is getting remastered for 2022. The pinnacle of the series.
  4. Watched Jack Frags playing this. Looks like a bootleg pay to win shooter. Seems like they’ve turned up the movement speed to 11 to hide the terrible animation and gun play. it looks more like an arena based shooter than call of duty. Maps are beyond uninspired and the shooting mechanics are terrible. The yearly grind of pumping a game out for fall release is starting to show that amount of time isn’t enough. clearly all the dev time is on the new warzone map and boy does it show.
  5. After V which was in a far better state on preview I really doubt this will drop in November. The community will meltdown if the previous launch lessons haven’t been learned.
  6. Didn’t want to rant on over the weekend but it’s very special.
  7. This really does slowly reveal itself to be something special and very intriguing the longer you play.
  8. this is deep..... only had an hour but its batshit bonkers and classic Arkane slowly offering you more stuff as you go, think its all hand holdy at the start and im sure the kid gloves will be off soon. Really enjoyed my time and look forward to seeing how it all works with the day cycles etc.
  9. Got my copy too. Let’s see what it’s all about
  10. That’s the game, which is why I mentioned they’ve really fucked the variety with convoluted stat systems and perks which amount to nothing if it’s rinse repeat.
  11. I think L4D and L4D2 feel alot more random and more spontaneous, the formula has been exactly the same on every mission and usually the defend aspects are based on 3 lanes which makes it feel alot more repetitive than it seems. Also L4D is best in class and this although entertaining doesnt come close after prolonged play.
  12. unless I'm missing something every level is the same formula, I'm currently half way through. trundle along getting ambushed from time to time, a mid section defend and then another push to the final last and were everything is thrown at you. Really think they've missed a trick as the core mechanics are great, but stat systems and upgrades mean fuck all if the base game isn't solid enough to warrant replay value. Im having fun but have no desire whatsoever to repeat any of the missions and as for longevity.... its game over man!
  13. I loved this game but I haven’t a clue what’s going on now, and after a 2 year hiatus It would be easier to learn Russian and learn how to pilot their spacecraft.
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