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  1. Dave White

    Battlefield V

    but why remove it on 1 plane and not the others? Makes no sense and increasing armour on planes and nerfing damage on anti air has is just daft. its just a constant act of changing things for the sake of them and not for balance. @geldra will just have to get better we did have a good run.
  2. Dave White

    Battlefield V

    I love this series and love this game, but I am getting fucked off with idiotic knee-jerk decisions made my shareholders and panic stricken management whinging they don't have the cod sales and numbers and playing the desperation game to try and attract that clientele. Stop fucking messing with what works, stop changing TTK , stop adding modes your core fans don't give a toss about, FIX whats broken, Listen to your fanbase and the requests they want to make the game in line with the past series and what we all love and what makes the series unique and rewarding. Its a skill based game, not a jump shot no scope affair so reward as such. The latest shit show and patch has severely affected how @geldra and I have been playing, I have been flying as a fighter, and Fordy has been anti air, between the 2 of us we have been turning the opposition teams pilots into troll face rage enducing mentalists ending up with them suicide crashing in to fordy. When I have too much heat on my tail I deliver them over to grandmaster Flak whose been rinsing them and giving me time to heal up and re engage. its been working a treat for the past 2 weeks until the patch which has nerfed the anti air. The difference now is night and day. So removing the bombing reticule for the Stuka and nerfing the anti air has basically cancelled them both out for skill and fun. Leave the fucking game alone, give us new maps instead of conquestrushmini we don't care. rant over
  3. Dave White

    Battlefield V

    Fantastic! Another fist pump bf moment, nothing like it.
  4. Dave White

    Iron Harvest "mech" WW1(ish) RTS PC, PS4 XBOX1

    in looks like an Ashley wood 3/A universe comes to life game.
  5. Dave White

    Sh****st game you ever got bought

    was thinking about this the other day, the art style was there seller for me and indeed it all went to shit on release. Whats weird tho is playing Overwatch the main premise of guarding the vehicle to the next checkpoint is the same.
  6. it saddens me that this game is dead to me, first street fighter since 2 I just don't play or get on with and have zero interest in. That character is like some secret Tekken Boss designed from an entry competition in Japan
  7. Dave White

    Fighting Games that are not Street Fighter

    just grabbed one of these https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6V-KyRIj6fo as I was browsing through the games I came across this named Martial Masters which I had never heard of, its like the lovechild of Garou, and Ninja Masters its absolutely superb
  8. Dave White

    Battlefield V

    been having so much fun flying me and @geldra have been buzzing round and working as a pair causing bloody death from above. Every aspect of this from planes to tanks to boots on the ground is magnificent.
  9. Dave White

    sega just announced outrun for switch (10/01/19)

    Totally. That and space harrier were just mind blowing at the time. They were 50p a go which was nuts st the time when everything was 10p but so worth it
  10. Dave White

    sega just announced outrun for switch (10/01/19)

    Climbing into the dedicated sit down version placing in your credit and hearing that player 1 start chime. Then selecting magical sound shower. Driving along in your Testarossa with the music blaring out and a crowd around as you did your utmost to make the checkpoint. The tricky chicanes and the muscle memory gear changes to hug the corners. The whoops and cheers as you made another checkpoint and the end getting ever closer. If you managed to complete it Putting your initials in for top score and climbing out the cockpit like an f1 hero getting nods and pats on your back. Thats why I like outrun.
  11. Dave White

    Tetris Effect - Mizuguchi does Tetris

    cant believe how utterly amazing this is! The first journey tune is magnificent!
  12. Dave White

    Battlefield V

    im on a pro and weirdly not had any pop up? By Christ when flying comes together its magnificent.
  13. Dave White

    (Some) Streamers Are The Worst

    what a fucking rat, id have loved his wife to come in and wrap a lamp around his head.
  14. Dave White

    Battlefield V

    I swear all this hate is smear campaign tactics by other companies to stir up a hornets nest and impregnate in peoples minds the games no good. I had one of my regular art movers in who likes games and he was swerving this based on hearsay. Yes the trailer was ridiculous, nobody wanted neon camo prosthetic limb alternate story soldiers. They listened, cut it out, tweaked the alpha and beta requests, yet people are still fucking rattlling on about how a game company thinks we're stupid? Underneath all this H block shit smear is a fantastic game, and one that will be patched tweaked, refined and balanced constantly. Id sooner be playing the thing than listening to 2 Australian knobs whinging about this and that, Waffen SS would never have ladies or the Tiger tank has a 22 litre engine and doesn't sound right. Its a sorry state of affairs this gaming lark of late, and I'm all for giving the true con merchants peddling unfinished garbage such as Fallout 76, or Just Cause 4 both barrels but not this.

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