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  1. never played any of these. think I might have a crack on this and work backwards if its my bag.
  2. Closest game to feeling like your actually immersed in the head wreck of ShibUya crossing in Tokyo. Getting a steady 60-70 FPS on ultra on the rtx 3090 maxed out. Looks absolutely insane. I think this is the most believable game world I’ve ever played in. Incredible stuff
  3. built a new pc for this, this 3090 better do some fucking magic after all that. Patching and then im off.
  4. Just glad its not delayed again, Jesus I stuck with bf4 on PS4 at launch, had more bugs than the tropical house at Chester zoo.
  5. just summoned a nice helper to aid me on AS, name of the player was DrooDroo I was wondering if it was @Droo off here who bought my iPhone the other week from the trading thread, we felled the thing and then a dm appeared and it was. What are the chances|?
  6. A few sites have been leaking these pics of the game out in the wild. So fingers crossed no more delays.
  7. I think I spent a bout 30 hours in the undead burg just faffing about and learning, this has the same vibe for me. Still cant get over how utterly amazing it looks. TK is done and I got felled by the AS a couple of times, so close on the last attempt. Love it
  8. Poor miles morales hasn’t even had a look in.
  9. What a launch title. The environments are just astounding.
  10. cant get over how this looks. utterly incredible on so many levels.
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