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  1. Started this again and the quality is astounding.
  2. my pro has been sounding insanely loud lately especially playing MW. opened it all up and my fan had some dust but nothing excessive, so presumed its the thermal paste, ordered some Decent paste, rubbing alcohol and the correct security driver and some canned air, and followed this guide. The stock paste was a joke, hardly any attall, took about 30 mins taking my time and really very easy to do. The difference now is unbelievable, no noise whatsoever. I just took photos of the areas I was removing screws from which was really helpful putting it back together.
  3. ah well, might start a run through of the Witcher 3, embarrassed to say I never completed it and left it.
  4. Sometimes you just hit that zone. Was running a knife shield and throwing knife combo. One guy must have been frothing at the mouth as I kept chucking my blade like a circus act on pcp and hitting him in the head every time. my names Dave and I have a shipment problem.
  5. Hidden weapons through custom set ups.
  6. Shipment hardpoint is my dirty little pleasure. mp7 , RPG, thermite grenades mayhem
  7. The 9mm rounds for the m4 are devastating. Feels like an smg in its delivery. Once they start dropping more classic maps there’s no doubt this is the best COD ever made.
  8. you could always buddy up with @IainGamer for some fun
  9. managed to stay away from all vids and reviews and even saved it for tomorrow, well boxing day im away until then. Really looking forward to it.
  10. No denying the performance but the script was a disgrace and nullified everything we love about that character.
  11. the more I think about it the more Rian Johnson is worse than Jar Jar Binks. What that twerp did to Luke is unforgivable.
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