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  1. have to say playing on the easiest setting is still pretty tough, but is a totally different game. No shame in my game and would sooner have fun and enjoy it than tear my hair out and leave it to die. Really found the rhythm with the game now and thoroughly enjoying it.
  2. Wow! Bit naughty like to say the least. Mines on the way..... do I break the seal and have a proper grumble, or just carry on with FFXIV and enjoy myself?
  3. Stayed out of here as much as I can, but buckled. Hang on.....So this isn't what they promised? A super flashy remake of the original game?? Thought that's what remastered was?
  4. End of an Era! Loved the magazine with @Nate Dogg III at the helm. I will always be eternally grateful for being asked to make those anniversary covers, a real honour and proper pinch myself moment. Thank you! Best of Luck with whatever your new venture is my good man!
  5. kind of stayed out of here and all info as like most this is one of my favourite games ever. So have they confirmed when the other episodes will arrive and where does this get up to?
  6. Dave White

    NIOH 2

    dare I say it in here but its on par with the best From software has made. Like @Timmo loving this.
  7. Dave White

    NIOH 2

    Fuck you snakey lad. Down you go and your lady snake wenches. on we go!
  8. Kin el, getting my arsed handed to me now. Been stuck on a certain level for a good couple of hours. The barrage of nasties is just nuts. Love it though.
  9. Dave White

    NIOH 2

    cheers fella, seems to have sorted itself out now.
  10. Dave White

    NIOH 2

    Is it just me or has the latest patch borked online?
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