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  1. This is utterly fantastic. Seems like yesterday I was putting pounds in this incredible machine from the future in Las Vegas in Liverpool. To have this in your hands 27 years later blows my mind. I’m right hooked on shaving times
  2. Been looking at that and heard nothing but great things.
  3. Thanks peeps just grabbed into the breach. Embarrassing but I’ve never played a civ game. Does it have a tutorial kind of thing.
  4. I'm off to Tokyo and fancy getting stuck into some strategy type games on the plane, any recommendations for the top 5? cheers in advance
  5. Have to say I bought this early and then left it for a couple of years. When I returned the game was complete and one of the most incredibly fun racers I’ve ever played. Glorious sequel to flat out, online is so much fun and it has the perfect balance of racing vs bumping and shoving that never feels cheap, and revenge is so sweet on this.
  6. Street Fighter V paid full whack for an utterly barebones shambolic piss take at release. After the glorious reinvention of the series with IV and all its guises I` just couldn't get with it and the only one I've never rinsed and loved.
  7. not played for ages either, sorely needing new content and incentive to return, I love these kinds of games but the groundhog day element is all fine and well up to a point but without any new goodies or stat increase its just a rinse and repeat exercise.
  8. That game! wish they’d remaster it with online leaderboards.
  9. 90 hours in main story mode finished. And for some bizarre reason I’m getting crazy game freezes and crashes on the pc version. Tried everything, from Gsync to setting everything back to normal removing overclocks. Rolling back drivers. Anyone else had recent problems? Im on a I9 7960, 2080ti
  10. Amazing how so much venom translates to utter self loathing. A clear example of silent dignity, so glad you beat that poisonous sack of bile infused puss @joffocakes Personally I might have sent him a jpeg of a dictionary and informed him to trade his game in and buy one.
  11. Oh no. How bad is the loading? Is it Neo Geo Cd monkey juggling bad?
  12. Poppycock. Plus Bloodborne has Rom who for me is on par with an infected wisdom tooth followed by dry socket. ( look it up)
  13. First things first they’re brutal in places. But what a treat you’re in for if you’ve not played any of them. No other series offers so much reward after periods of utter agony and frustration. Thing is failure is all down to you and your understanding and knowledge of what your up against. Button mashing doesn’t apply here. Its very marmite as for me it’s one of the greatest game series ever crafted. For others it’s a horrible experience with no joy or fun to be had. The law, the way the worlds intertwine, are just mesmerising. Id say start with 1 hands down and make sure you understand the mechanics such as summoning. Nightmare bosses can be tackled with help of other players. But some your on your own. And everyone has a few that feel impossible. Good luck and hope it’s a series you love.
  14. the only thing that would sway me to buy this are if the people I regularly play games with opted in, and used it for the latest new release mp stuff as a consensus and left their consoles and pc's behind in favour. Cant see that happening like.
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