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  1. after spending a few days with guilty gear strive, I'd love arc system works to have a crack at KOF. Just so much more alive and exciting than this engine.
  2. all this talk of game price hikes, makes me remember paying £100 for Super Street Fighter 2 on the Snes which was the equivalent of buying a mclaren f1 back in 92 and eating Koka noodles for a week. Priorities eh?
  3. Hopefully here tomorrow. Really looking forward to it.
  4. Get the fuck in in. I love all the hardware in these games but balsa wood planes and a sniper rifle made out of a broom and a bike bell in 1 never got me to stick with it. V was better but give me modern hardware and weapons. This looks back to its best and then some.
  5. amazing, seems that SU-57 made it in
  6. Piqued my interest @Fusty Gusset
  7. New Vampire Saviour like SFV please, or Dino Crisis sequel or remaster would do me.
  8. and done. No denying the game looks glorious on Pc and PS5( I double dipped). But have to say left me feeling rather underwhelmed. puzzles were nonsense and the game felt far too hand holdy with obvious markers all over the place for ammo crates and the likes. I was fully expecting some proper alien isolation moments of terror but it never happened. Why on earth they didn't just make a massive castle and set the game in there I dont know. Bosses were easy and the latter half of the game felt half baked and the last level was just rubbish. Shooting mechanics had no sati
  9. im trundling through village, enjoying it, but cant help but feel as glorious as the environments look, it feels far more restrictive and funnels you far more than 4 if I remember right. My go to game is PUBG but there's no denying the shooting is garbage and as for the treacle aiming you can stick it. 6 is harsh like but can see why if its based on my gripes.
  10. this was the fucking best, took me so long to learn how to properly fly the choppers using keyboard and mouse, but it was so rewarding flying your squad in and out. There was an amazing island map. Its a real shame they dumbed down all the vehicles in the battlefield games, but I really enjoyed the dogfighting in 5, especially with @geldra on the flak cannons covering me and destroying the tail hungry prey I would bring to him. Just want 6 to be the sequel to 4.
  11. Double dipped on this ps5 abs pc As my mum is staying and her Poldark sessions are hogging the tv. its utterly glorious looking in 4K hdr with all bells and whistles maxed out. But fuck me its dark. Old Ethan is doing well considering he’s had half of his fingers chomped off and then hung by meat hooks through his hands. Amazing what a bit of detol can do to fix you right up.
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