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  1. when this came out on the gameboy I scrimped enough together along with around 43 games to trade at the Chip Shop Liverpool to get this on US import way back when I was studying. Utterly magical the way this looks really harks back to that Fischer Price Tree house from the 70s, and really feels like your playing with Link, so clever.
  2. Then icing on the cake would be a nice sprinkling of mw2 maps. Favella and terminal thanks.
  3. Totally. Was getting rinsed yesterday at first. Then settled in. Mixing objectives up, and scanning for the campers. Running Overkill with a sniper as my secondary. Totally changed my play style and getting much better results. Kind of obvious but guns up every corner is like night and day. As is checking as best as you can before running into the open. What a superb package this years offering will be.
  4. Ground war really is worth the price of admission alone.
  5. Its a bit of a shock compared to others. Ok so slow down, gun up every corner don’t rush. It’s definitely geared toward slower tactical play. Run a lock on launcher, destroy every uav at any chance. The advantage of the other team having one is the difference between a win and a loss. I run a silencer mp5 but people are saying the mp7 is on par with an AR
  6. if anyone fancies some co-op feel free to add me on ps4 mrdavewhite
  7. Great stuff, can't believe it was a year ago my little daubs graced your covers!
  8. this is so much fun, unlike Rage 2.
  9. Great little sesh with @KriessG who after unlocking the MP5 went all kinds of 33 kills chopper gunner crazy! Whats not really apparent is the verticality but using it makes such a massive difference, settling in and playing more tactically rather than magic roundabout headless chicken mode is the way to go Ive found. A great reboot and really fun
  10. this really is the reboot of MW2. The guns have never felt or sounded so impactful, they're so realistic and perform so differently, there's no generic one size fits all ar or smg, they're all incredible to use and their character has never been captured so well. The cave map Is a bit meh, but the others are full of verticality, superb sight lines and are so well thought out. the new lean mechanic is so welcome and fits perfectly as does the door closing. The new engine is so much of an upgrade it beggars belief. No dick head characters or unicorn stickers so far, its boots on the ground and its feels like mw2 2019 reboot. Fucking fantastic!
  11. Always worth a pop! Really looking forward to seeing if my hopes of a true MW2 sequel come good here.
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