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  1. I had a go, played a round of domination on the Miami map, feels absolutely horrible. Map is rubbish, bullet impacts are a massive step backwards as is the animation, it all feels really clunky, and the weapons feel horrible to me. This cant be the same engine as MW? You can tell MW was built from the ground on up and definitely not developed over 12 months, this feels like ET on the Atari dev time in comparison. They can sugar coat this all they like with paid off hype streamers but the bottom line is its an utterly inferior product and game compared to the rebirth of the last.
  2. thanks for the guides chaps was on a great run cautiously making my way around, had some amazing air bomb repeater style wand which was demolishing everything. I spotted another and greedily made my way over. I wish I had a picture of my face when the whole screen exploded, I now know about traps.
  3. Ah thats super helpful, cheers @GamesGamesGames can I ask are wands all random or do you start to get used to what does what? Started stripping them in the temple and making some super amazing variants. @Stanley you will love this.
  4. Jesus this game is just incredible! Not had these feelings since firing up Dark Souls for the first time and tiptoed round the undead burg. The fact that the logic and backbone in this game is so well thought out just blows my mind.
  5. oooh I love the little music riffs when you do something cheeky to get rid of a pesky enemy with a Wiley Coyote type of cunning plan.
  6. how on earth have I missed this? Bought it today, been utterly fixated, its just utterly incredible. Not watched any spoilers and am just figuring stuff out on my own as best I can, the whole alchemy system is just magnificent. ill post my little finding as I go.
  7. One thing that really stuck out on the videos to me was the collision stuff, AI racers bumping and shoving just seems really annoying on a game like this, didn’t really happen in outrun 2 and was all the better for it. If the AI is a real hindrance don’t think ill bother
  8. Wow I haven’t, this sounds like a total rush job and as usual will sell in bucketloads but there’ll be no denying people will feel the engine and lack of quality of life enhancements that made MW such a leap forward for the series. defo out this year.
  9. As feared this looks a massive step backwards to me, compared to MW. Money is on the maps are returning to the old stale formula, no verticality and 3 lane merry go rounds with tight corners. Not for me if it pans out this way.
  10. Loved modern warfare and felt it was a superb return to form in MP and rinsed it for the first 2 passes, then slacked off for the 3rd and havent played since April. Black ops was great at the time but cant help feel this is another hollywood remake were they' ve lost all originality and are pandering to the fanbase, trying to rehash the glory days of the series. If they start rattling on about 3 fucking lane maps then I'm out this year.
  11. Think the god awful art style is one factor why I don’t play this. id love 6 to go back to pixel art and be a true liking sequel to 3rd strike on all levels.
  12. Maybe try a different USB port. Had the same with my flight stick not registering.
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