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  1. Thanks for the recommendation, I read this over the weekend and found it completely absorbing. I think I'd definitely class this as science fiction / speculative fiction; articles about the author mention that this work is a core text in the Afrofuturism movement - something I was ignorant about but am exploring further as I love the central idea.
  2. There's a couple of interesting looking 2000ad events coming up soon. The free online convention looks like it should be pretty sweet: https://2000ad.com/news/star-studded-online-convention-to-celebrate-45-years-of-2000-ad/. If you're London-based (or happen to be around) Dinner Party Gallery are hosting a 2000ad-themed event too. https://www.instagram.com/p/CbIGCEGtPlu/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link (sorry, tried to embed the Instagram code but it didn't work - you'll have to check out the link).
  3. This is a fine recommendation; Roadside Picnic is essential reading.
  4. You might already have done this but you can borrow lots of digital comics and graphic novels from libraries through the Libby app (https://libbyapp.com). You do need to register with the library that holds whatever you want to read but it does seem that many of them are pretty relaxed about lending to people that are outside their traditional catchment (ie locals) and it only takes a few seconds.
  5. I don't have an awful lot of electronic stuff from my early childhood as we were a bit on the poor side (cue violins etc) but the earliest game that I still possess is Grandstand Scramble which I think I got for xmas 1983. It still works but the box is in a bit of a sorry state. My brother has a working Puck Monster from 1982-ish.
  6. I expect if you're an adult with a condition that makes it hard to learn something most children can do you'd probably want to practice somewhere private, although that's a pretty flimsy rationale for using that setting in the episode.
  7. Holmes and Yo-Yo. This really is a stretch but I think a robot cop should qualify as a superhero:
  8. Man from Atlantis. I guess this qualifies as a superhero?
  9. Poor Behemoth. The thing that most lets them down is that they're don't seem to be very good drivers. The guy from Eruption is an example of how to drive a flipper well, Behemoth just can't seem to get the hang of positioning themselves and are always flipping early or missing chances.
  10. Fingers crossed! They sell tickets in tranches like that so they might well release more.
  11. I think we spent about three or four hours in the Experience all together (bear in mind this was our sixth visit in three years). If you whizzed around you could probably have a good look at everything in around 90 minutes or so. There's a really nice balance of classic and new series props and costumes.
  12. Just over £25 after fees: http://www.doctorwho.tv/events/doctor-who-experience/ticket-information/
  13. We were there last weekend. The staff didn't know of an exact closing date yet (or were unwilling to say if they did) and some seemed to think that there was a strong possibility that it might survive in some form or another. It's awesome, by the way, and totally worth visiting. At the moment they're selling tickets that combine the Experience plus a tour of the TARDIS set at the nearby BBC studios.
  14. Second this recommendation! I loved everything about this trilogy, even the at times slightly pulpy writing style (maybe this is a result of the translation?).
  15. I picked this up in a recent Humble Bundle. I've only had a couple of hours to play so far but I'm loving it. In my first five minutes I managed to club to death a naked guy working on a tree, killed a sleeping person then got mowed down in a hail of bullets. I switched to a quieter server just to get used to the mechanics; it's not so much fun when potential death doesn't lurk around every corner but it's much, much easier than hiding in a bush every time a leaf rustles or gun shots go off in the distance. I'm going to switch back to a busier server once I'm a little more experienced.
  16. It's awesome. It's by Benjamin Marra who looks like someone I need to check out immediately.
  17. Not yet! I recently got divorced so it's been a combination of being skint and not having a place of my own (or a TV - that stayed with the ex). Just as soon as I move I'll be treating myself to whatever the next gen is then.
  18. For me it was The Thing. I think I was probably 13 or 14 (1984-85) at the time, so not exactly young, but I didn't have much exposure to anything scary or adult. We didn't even have a TV until I was ten and access to that was strictly limited (the A-Team was banned, for example) so films still had that particular intensity of a new, unfamiliar experience. My mates dad had it and let us watch it on his birthday. I was torn between complete terror and absolute fascination. I couldn't think properly for a couple of hours afterwards. Seeing those early VHS covers with that particular blend of colour, layout and typography is still very evocative.
  19. You're right. It was the one mentioned in the link with the Kempston compatible joystick port.
  20. After a lot of experimentation at school we worked out that the most reliable way of copying ZX Spectrum games was to connect two of those little mono tape players together. Whenever anyone tried it with a fancy pants double tape deck stereo the thing seemed to fail. Maybe someone would have left the Dolby noise reduction on or had the bass jacked up a bit? The peak of Spectrum copying came when we stumbled on some kind of copying device at a ZX Microfair in London. I can't remember the exact name (maybe a ZX Interface) but it claimed to defeat even Lenslok copy protection. Holding it was like the kind of thrill you get when you pick up a large calibre handgun for the first time.
  21. WTF? That was fucking boring. Boo.
  22. There was a stupid MUD I used to play back in the day (way back) and you had to find something to drink every three turns or so otherwise there would be a whole lot of messages about how thirsty you were and how you need to drink which filled up half the screen. It wasn't like you died of thirst or anything so there was no reason for this other than to annoy the player. Drinks were really hard to find too.
  23. You can obviously watch it in any order you choose but I'd be surprised if you get much from it without seeing series one and two first. Nothing has happened so far that doesn't have its roots in what's happened previously, plus huge massive spoilers etc. The whole work really is excellent and I really do recommend starting from the beginning.
  24. Yeah, that is great! The lack of a pit and no house robots really means they can't get lazy and go passive. I also loved the fight with Warhead and Complete Control.
  25. That second episode wasn't the best. I also wish they'd do away with the free for all at the start. It really only benefits passive shovers and to a lesser extent lifters. Grapplebots like Razer that need time to position an opponent just are just made too vulnerable while they're doing their business. The Foxic guy did genuinely come across as a bit of a dick during the contests and afterwards. I suppose it must be embarrassing when your robot is called the dullest ever on tv but, you know, at least try and be a bit gracious. Is there other than living up to its namesake that Thor would go with a blunt hammer rather than something a bit spikey? It seemed like a pretty effective bot and well driven but he must have been able to do more damage by punching through the armour rather than trying to crush it? I see there's a wildcard entry for the grand final; any chance it might just be Razer?
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