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  1. Redd is at mine; real Wistful Painting, fake Beautiful Statue available still. Gates are open to friends at the moment.
  2. No probs, open again with 4VNLG
  3. Yeah - can be, what time is good?
  4. I’ve got 323. 2S8MS if anyone hasn’t cashed out already
  5. Are you about after 5pm today at all?
  6. I have one for you, let me know when you're on
  7. Thank you both, will catch you tomorrow. @StumpyJohn Chic mum crown set aside for you
  8. Sorry - it was me, didn't spot that you had called dibs on the case! Pretty amusing situation though, I wish I had dressed the part now! I've got a room full of spare recipes to shift, spoilered as it's a pretty long list - everything must go! If anyone has any of these to trade it would be appreciated, some of them are a little optimistic though
  9. that would be great, thank you
  10. No probs! I didn't know that there were pinball machines, that would be great, thank you
  11. @MagicalDrop I've had the green one in my shop today, just posted it to you - could you order me a red arcade machine in return please? @Broker ordered one for you from my catalogue, will organise a visit once it arrives
  12. I do, I'll open my airport so you can catalogue
  13. @sladie @sir stiff_one thank you - will order your bits, I'll get in touch tomorrow when they're delivered
  14. If anyone has apples/oranges or cosmos/lilies/mums/roses to trade I can order any of the following from my island Nook Shopping List Nook Miles List
  15. I went to a preview screening last night (2D rather than 3D). It's fucking ace, but really exhausting to watch (in a good way, a proper assault on the senses). Highly recommended if you want a bit of old-fashioned dumb entertainment.
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