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  1. 2 minutes ago, Broker said:

    I like Smash Bros’ method too. There’s challenges to unlock characters but you can also get them by just playing a lot of matches, and you have to beat the character to unlock them. So if you just play multiplayer you eventually unlock everyone, but you need to play a fair bit to do it. I feel like it shows a real level of thought about the different ways people might play the game and is way better than forcing people who play it mainly with friends to do some arbitrary single player stuff.


    That reminds me, we've played probably hundreds of hours of Boom Street on Wii over the years but only unlocked one of the seven(?) extra boards because you can only get them by playing the game in single player. A board game. Ludicrous.


    I should try download a save file for it, or just switch to playing it emulated.

  2. I never did unlock the 2x RCP90 from finishing Caverns in under 09:30 in 00 Agent in Goldeneye, unlocked every other cheat already and lost the drive to even bother when All Guns already existed.


    I never unlocked the AX tracks in F-Zero GX either, despite beating the story mode (and again in Hard, Very Hard) I just couldn't finish all the GP cups on Master. I'm sure there was an alternative way to do this, using your memory card in an AX arcade cabinet but I've never seen one of those. Maybe there's a cheat code or something.

  3. I'm surprised docked is even as high as 3% considering we've had nobody over for multiplayer. I think it's likely from playing Yacht Dice on Clubhouse Games. Mostly just been Animal Crossing and Metroid Dread this year (though I played a lot of Mahjong in Clubhouse Games in December, just after the cut-off).



  4. Very close to ticking off the completion list in Yakuza Zero now, just grinding out some fights in two of Majima's styles and sending out more weapon expeditions from the weird wee restaurant. 


    Had no real clue how to play Mahjong before this (Like a Dragon's Platinum trophy didn't require it), so I'm pretty happy that I now have a grasp of the basics. I was away from home for three days and couldn't play Yakuza so instead I played Mahjong in the Switch's Clubhouse Games for hours to prepare for my return to Kamurocha, haha. 

  5. Had fun flying around in this, peeking into windows of furnished flats and offices was great, even if they're procedurally generated to the point where they're all very similar and have vending machines or desks blocking the only entrance. Still a nice taster of the kind of of additional detail we might see this gen.


    A bit rough around the edges when moving quickly, felt <25fps at times nevermind 30. Still surprisingly fun to zip around in considering it's a fancy tech demo and it's always cool to have something shiny to show off on a new console.

  6. Finally finished Yakuza Zero in the early hours of this morning. I didn't intend to, as I had to wake up at 3am to catch a train but I couldn't stop myself from pushing on. Kinda wish I'd known the ending/credits would be 50+ minutes long, though. 😐


    ~115 hours all in, through I still have Mahjong and some weapon crafting left to do, might as well go for the 100% since I'm so close.



    Though one trophy is finishing the entire game again on Legend difficulty. Maybe I'll do it in parallel with Kiwami.


  7. 32 minutes ago, Wiper said:

    Yep, and given how timing-heavy Paper Mario's combat is, I fear for how the emulation will stand up. A shame, as it's a game I'd like to revisit, but I don't expect this to give it a fair showing!


    Doesn't the input delay vary between games? I couldn't notice it in WinBack but it was quite apparent in Ocarina of Time, lack of familiarity with the former may be affecting my opinion to an extent I guess.


    I'd have preferred F-Zero X but Paper Mario is a nice choice to play over Christmas. Pretty gentle with a nice wee sense of humour. 

  8. 11 hours ago, cassidy said:

    Kiwami is set at Christmas so lots of Xmas songs in the shops and eateries. 


    Have to say loving revisiting this again. It's just comfort gaming and suits my ADHD perfectly. So much to do and yet it's never overwhelming me and never gets old. 


    Tonight I had an encounter with Goromi and I had forgotten about that somehow. 



    Oh nice! Tempted to push on and finish Zero soon so I can play Kiwami while 'tis the season.

  9. There's an open beta for this on PS4 and PS5, you can download it now and it oughta go live from 3am on Saturday morning until 3pm on Monday.



    For this Open Beta Test, players can select from eight characters: Dolores, a KOF XV newcomer, Shun’ei, the hero for KOF XV, the team members for Team Orochi—Yashiro, Shermie, and Chris, and finally the team members for Team Sacred Treasures—Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, and Chizuru Kagura. This is a big chance for many fans to try out the heavily anticipated resurrected characters.

    What’s a fighting game without different fighting modes, and this Open Beta Test features plenty to keep you busy. There’s two online and two offline modes; Casual Match and Room Match can be accessed online while Training and Versus are accessible offline. Room Match in particular features KOF XV’s newest feature—Draft Vs, which will undoubtedly take your fights to a whole new level.


  10. Like A Dragon is 30fps on PS4 (not really the kind of game where it makes much difference though).


    Still plugging away at the Cabaret minigame of Yakuza Zero. I feel like Club Moon isn't going to challenge me until I progress the story though. I'll level up all the Hostesses in the meantime though.


    I think the sticking point for getting the Platinum trophy in this is gonna be learning how to play Mahjong. At least Like A Dragon didn't ask for that.

  11. I absolutely adored my time with Yakuza Like A Dragon, spent a lot of time completing the sidequests and minigames and enjoyed the lit of it until the prep for the very final dungeon involved grinding the same set of enemies over and over for experience points, about ten hours of it. Nearly sullied my opinion of the entire game tbh.


    They should have just let me max out every stat with a menu option.

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