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  1. I thought Golf Story was fantastic. Not much of a challenge but that suited the gentle tone of it all quite nicely. Mixes up the objectives and environment just enough to keep it from getting stale. The writing is very cute too.
  2. They'd juuuuuust earned burst! Sickening.
  3. Finally got scudded raw by imp's Sol yesterday! Incredibly tough stuff and I look forward to getting right back at it. He mercifully switched characters to a few he was less familiar with but there were still plenty of straight-up maulings. Got absolutely battered by a Chipp player earlier today, 18-0 in the end. Tried to counter triple-jumps into the tazmanian devil dive kick thing but absolutely never succeeded. Seems positive on block too since I was never able to contest it successfully (other than a throw a few times but he mostly lands out of range). Fought my first May player and suffered my first dolphin duffing, despite being fully aware it was A Thing in advance. Set ended 20-10 in my favour in the end though, I'm pleased that many players are happy to stick it out and learn. No highlights where I'm actually good yet but I love how daft the time freeze super is. I keep forgetting it exists then all of a sudden all I wanna do is land it.
  4. Ah cool, I'll get to the lab. I need to learn some basic punishes anyway, nevermind character-specific counters. Axl is probably supposed to suffer once cornered anyway, by design. His fastest normal is his 6 frame standing kick and Super is his only invincible reversal. Which is fair enough because he's an arsehole.
  5. I played last night for the first time in a week and it was about 20 minutes of people quitting at the matchup screen before I got to play. First against a buttons-y Anji who left after one fight and then I got utterly mauled by an I-No's high-low corner game to lose the set 10-1 overall. I had fun, but it was clear even in the rounds I won that I had no idea what I was doing.
  6. It does say Unreal Engine in the menu. I downloaded this earlier but didn't have time to actually play a match. Dunno why since I haven't enjoyed a football game since ISS64. Probably because it was free.
  7. I'm sure I read that it's a cloud streamed game?
  8. I'm sure I read that it's a cloud streamed game?
  9. The Samus name is probably more well known than Metroid thanks to Smash Bros I guess.
  10. They were slaughtered for the fast travel in Skyward Sword HD being locked behind an amiibo. These ones aren't so bad as the getting upgrades early and a couple of health/ammo cheats is a common DLC thing these days and can mostly be ignored by folk who want to play the game as designed.
  11. Nintendo was the conference I enjoyed the most and had the most games I'd like to buy however Microsoft's definitely felt like the strongest, great variety and made Game Pass look like an incredible deal. Plus Replaced is one of the games I'm most interested in of all of E3. Loved the daft Devolver stuff too. I guess the schtick wouldn't be as funny if they didn't deliver on the games but they absolutely do, and consistently. Inscryption in particular looks like arcane nonsense. I'm looking forward to getting creeped out by that eventually.
  12. I would but I had absolutely no fuckin clue what was going on.
  13. I persisted with Yakuza Like A Dragon (which I loved right up to the credits) to earn the Platinum trophy and it was a ~15+ hour grind (half an hour before bed each night) that almost soured the experience. Entirely my fault, I could have just stopped earlier, content. Insisted on playing through all three Uncharted games on the PS4 trilogy as well even though it was clear a little way into the first that I wasn't going to enjoy them. Plus it was about a decade too late for their spectacle to impress. Played a chunk of the fourth one as well when they made it free then realised it was my fault for getting annoyed every time I had to do a shooting in a shooting game.
  14. Thought it looked pretty rough at first but after watching the Treehouse segment I've already grown used to it, kinda like it even. Very excited to have a new Metroid to play.
  15. It does definitely look like an upscaled 3DS game. It was a DS game originally wasn't it? Still incredibly excited for it.
  16. Dang, its my wife's birthday this weekend so I'll have to sit this one out. Is this weird quirk of the twins completely new? Unfortunately appears to benefit rather than hinder them.
  17. Just squish a JoyCon into a real one.
  18. Not even a wee look at the DLC for Street Fighter V we've already seen glimpses of. Spectacularly uninteresting.
  19. Ok now the boring bit for me to enjoy.
  20. Looks like Blue Roman Cancel's shift is invulnerable and can be used to phase through projectiles/normals etc for strong punishes? Not had a chance to play this over the weekend so hopefully can make time for a long set with folk tomorrow or Wednesday. I'm gonna fall behind!
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