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  1. 16 minutes ago, spanky debrest said:

    But you're right. I'm only speaking for myself. *I* can't abide added input lag because it obliterates enjoyment of video games that I tend to prefer.


    Is there a particular game from the launch batch you've found the input lag to be particularly bad in? I've heard that it varies game-to-game.

  2. They should absolutely add in some button config options; that's a baffling omission, especially on controllers so different from the original system. Dunno why we can't hide the borders and UI stuff either.


    Their insistence on delay-based netcode for online multiplayer is also disappointing. Considering the majority of Switch players will be on WiFi since you need an additional dongle for the original dock to use ethernet it's pretty much not worth bothering with (unless arranging with friends directly).


    The games in the launch selection have all run better than I remember them, likely on account of sharper resolution and the US versions being faster than PAL. The only visual thing that sticks out for me is the rough edges of sprites/flat textured objects. I've not found the input latency to be an issue yet but I've not had massively long sessions on any of the games.


    I know I'll get a few dozen hours of enjoyment from it but overall I'm disappointed since failing to nail some of the basic expectations (as Nintendo always insist on doing) means were unlikely to see and N64 games appearing with significant enhancements to frame rate, presentation or QoL features, and it's probably the console that needs that kind of attention the most.

  3. Had a wee go on each of the N64 games last night, definitely looking forward to earning the medals in Starfox 64, which still feels great to play. Decided to grab the first star in Mario 64 as well and ended up getting a half-dozen. Saved at the start of the Deku Tree in Ocarina of Time and beat the first stage of Dr Mario (it's boring). I'll crack on with Operation Winback then move on to Sin & Punishment since those are the two I didn't complete back in the day.


    Mario Kart 64 feels faster, even at 50cc. I know it's because the PAL version was sluggish but it's different from how I remember it. Still my least favourite in the series, but maybe not as bad as I remember it.

  4. 1 hour ago, Mr. Gerbik said:

    I was listening to a podcast yesterday where Method Man was discussing ninjas in popular media in the west with legendary writer/artist Larry Hama, and that's such an unlikely and random thing to stumble across that I take it as a sign a new Tenchu will be revealed out of shadows at this show.


    Was that about the rumoured Wu-Tang Clan RPG?

  5. My N64 controller just arrived; at work so haven't used it with any games yet but the stick is fairly stiff, gives a fair bit of resistance before it even moves at all. I remember brand-new N64 sticks were stiff too so this might be exactly the same and it's just been so long I can't remember.


    I found the aiming far too sensitive in Operation Winback so hopefully this sorts that issue for me (I'd already changed the aiming to Slow in the options menu). It'll definitely sort the issue of the unwanted right stick "up" inputs changing my weapons now it'll be on the C-buttons.

  6. 2 minutes ago, scottcr said:


    He's honestly not that hard - I'm terrible at games... he's got very predictable moves that can all be avoided.  Lots of storm missiles and power bombs and you're sorted.  When I first faced him, I only had 5 power bombs which was no use - would definitely recommend seeking out as many of them as you can.  


    Boss spoilers:



    I used storm missiles on my first playthrough but was surprised to find that his first phase only requires 9 regular missiles, then a counter, then a rapid mashing of the regular fire button during the counter cutscene, one more missile and parry/mash again. Skips the golden armour part entirely.


    I used mostly storm missiles for the flying phase, holding R at all times since it latches a few lock-ons while space-jumping around. Dashing under whenever he looks set to do the downward dive, machine gun or big laser neatly avoids all of them. The low, horizontal flying attack is best avoided with a running slide. Haven't checked how speedrunners are dealing with that flying phase yet though.


  7. Just now, McCoy said:


    I take it that there is no option to remap the controls? I'd have thought the c buttons would just be mapped to the right stick... I mean, that's just obvious right? 


    They are, but for some (most?) games buttons make more sense and you cannot remap those within the emulator. I'm sure you can reconfigure the buttons globally on Switch but that's a bit of a cumbersome step compared to just setting them for each N64 game individually.


    I didn't see the issue with the Memory Pak not being supported since you can save anywhere you like but I forgot things like Time Trial Ghosts in Mario Kart 64 were tied to it. Were there many other games with features you needed the Memory Pak for?


    I've only played Operation Winback so far since it was the game from the collection I hadn't yet played. Decent fun, you can see traces of Resi 4 and Gears of War in it. Aiming is an absolute nightmare but thankfully there's lock-on so it's not so bad. My opinion on this might change once I've played beyond the first mission.

  8. 6 minutes ago, scottcr said:

    Hhahahaha - 17 hours... I've got a way to go.  Although I'm definitely up for running through it again as fast as I can.  Total time playing the game was >45 hours according to the switch.


    For my Hard mode playthrough I ignored any optional upgrades and reloaded from the save point after each death and still only had ~10 minutes to spare. I haven't watched any speedruns yet so keen to see what's possible.

  9. 4 minutes ago, scottcr said:


    aye - stage 1 and 3 need you to do the counters - but I enjoy them so they didn't bother me.  Looked cool. I'm a shallow person.


    Oh yeah it doesn't bother me either, I just meant that's likely what @Cyhwuhx was referring to.


    1 minute ago, scottcr said:

    I got 95% items - there's still 4 chozo gallery pictures to unlock and I've only unlocked 1 end game picture.   How do I get the rest?


    It's tied to completion time and difficulty; under 4 hours on Normal and Hard unlocks the lot.

  10. Finished off Hard Mode just now, didn't bother straying from the main flow so it was 3 hours 47 minutes in total (35% items). Disappointed that nothing really changed beyond incurring additional damage as far as I could tell; checkpoints are still generous and boss patterns (including opportunities to heal) are identical.


    That said, I did die to bosses I had no trouble with before, like Escue and Golzuna. I'd love a wee Boss Rush mode to play around with.

  11. Yeah Dread definitely the hardest Metroid game in terms of bosses. Super's Ridley fight was kinda tough but that's about it. I dont recall Fusion having any difficult encounters though Prime's Meta-Ridley and Omega Pirate fights were a little tougher but still pretty generous in how many mistakes you could make I before needing to retry.

  12. 5 minutes ago, metallicfrodo said:

    The bosses in HK are much much harder I'd say and there is practically next to no actually platforming skill in this. The main bosses in this (bar the very last one) are actually quite easy once you learn the patterns of which in general there aren't very many, and they all throw health at you (quite literally). There are some mini bosses that are harder as they are a bit more free form but as long as you use the powers available for you they go down pretty easy.


    The staff wielding soldier fights are quite similar in attack pattern to the Hornet fights too.


    Overall I prefer Dread's tighter map design but Hollow Knight's combat is a lot more satisfying.

  13. 12 minutes ago, Cyhwuhx said:

    Final boss here at 6:40. It’s not impossible, but considering my background I don’t regard that as an average time at all. It’s probably double that if you go in blank and more on top if you want 100% items. 


    Yeah I'm very familiar with Super Metroid and I've finished Fusion (not played Zero Mission but definitely will next) so I understood the flow of this and was almost exactly one hour slower than your time, then 9h50m for 100%.


    Main struggle was that I was appallingly bad at the E.M.M.I sections. I wouldn't be surprised if I was caught over 100 times by them.

  14. 9 minutes ago, Polmon said:

    Not a mention of Hollow Knight? Or is it not considered a Metroidvania? Anyway, it's amazing. 


    @MikeF mentioned it in their original post but yes, Hollow Knight is one of the very best. Maybe my absolute favourite (a little too long, though).

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