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  1. Looks like Blue Roman Cancel's shift is invulnerable and can be used to phase through projectiles/normals etc for strong punishes? Not had a chance to play this over the weekend so hopefully can make time for a long set with folk tomorrow or Wednesday. I'm gonna fall behind!
  2. Caught up on this a bit late, really strong stuff. 12 Minutes, Somerville and especially Replaced all look excellent.
  3. Yeah glad that reset worked. Played four sets in total and they were all good. Even though I lost all of them pretty badly, haha. Delighted!
  4. Gonna reset absolute every bit of internet in the house and try again tonight. Also watched a few Axl combo videos and I am leaving a load of damage on the table (there's a table).
  5. That was better than I expected! Metal Slug Tactics was the highlight for me, looks wonderful.
  6. I'm online for a bit just now. I've played 6 online matches and all of them have been laggy. Dunno if my connection is up to it.
  7. I think they announced that they'll add crossplatform multiplayer somewhere down the line? Not certain tho.
  8. That'll be the review quote on the GotY edition.
  9. Maybe the utility of it will be more for pressure on block since you can cancel from an airborne attack into a grounded low incredibly quickly? Does the shockwave add to damage scaling? I ended up only playing for 40 minutes or so last night, blasting through arcade mode and survival for their trophies and beat a level 60 Nagoriyuki player in an incredibly laggy scrap. There's an arcade trophy I don't have, probably because I lost in the final match and had to use a continue. Or maybe there's win with a Perfect/Super criteria to get a secret opponent to appear or something.
  10. It's trickier than FADC rom SFIV was because the dash could be buffered very early and you have time to prepare your next attack during that dash animation. In this you have to hit down+down Roman Cancel then instantly into special. I'm sure it'll be fine with practice but I've got a lot of basics to get down before worrying about it. The worst part was accidentally doing crouching light kick into bandit at the end instead of standing. That should count, c'mon!
  11. I've got an episode and a half of Top Chef to watch before I hop on.
  12. It looks like the people who made the device and the people who made the games had fun doing it. That's enough appeal for me. Exactly $179 worth of appeal. I'd need them to be having a bit more fun to stretch to $180 or more.
  13. Gonna use Playdate Pulp to make my own game where people constantly ask you what the point of the Playdate is.
  14. This looks absolutely brilliant, I am buying one and the daft dock.
  15. I cleared up the rest of the Mission Mode stuff before work this afternoon, though there's a load of them that can be tackled differently with each of the characters. Dunno if it actually tracks those though. One mission was punishing May's super before it becomes active and I didn't succeed other than pre-emptive throws. The tip afterward suggests you can low-profile it though. Disappointed the game doesn't appear to have combo missions dedicated to each character? Unless I'm not looking in the right place. Maybe they expect the combo-upload feature to pick up the slack there (and account for shifts in meta/balance)? Yet to have a proper fight other than the Network Tutorial's vs AI placement match. Hopefully I'll get on tonight at around midnight, after a wee bit of Axl combo practice.
  16. Stayed up until 3am and didnt even play any matches, just got stuck into the tutorials. Really wanted to clear the lot before bed but I've a fair few from the last page still to do, mostly having issues with the Sol down down roman cancel cancel one. Landed it two outta five a few times but never the crucial third. Might switch to stick for it tomorrow. Had fun pressing buttons though.
  17. If we keep posting they'll have to announce it sooner.
  18. I clicked that Playdate link and it looks like it's actually the 8th, rather than today? Quite interested in it, even though it's quite pricy.
  19. The PS5 version is less than half the size of PS4, 14.36 GB versus 30.24 GB. Hopefully because they've removed Ramlethal.
  20. I would love to see Street Fighter 6 (on every platform) but I think it's likely still a touch too early. More likely we'll see a showcase of Rival Schools' Akira in Street Fighter V and whoever the final character is. Ideally they'd complement that with some upgrades that take advantage of the PS5 (or even PS4 Pro) but I doubt it. Resident Evil 4 on Playdate.
  21. Seems like a hoax; there was already a Wetrix2 on PS2.
  22. All I want is a new Itadaki Street to be released in english, even if it's just a localisation of the most recent one.
  23. I hadn't until I read this and as then disconnected from matchmaking twice in a row.
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