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  1. I've beaten the Broken Pier Time. but I fell off once on the third lap, so it's a very, very small difference.

    Broken Pier - 0'59"36

    Four hundredths of a second, an absolute baw hair.

    EDIT: Broken Pier - 0'58"03

    EDIT 2: Broken Pier - 0'57"51 :blink:

  2. Joffo_Cakes: That's a short cut and a half clearly! I'm going to have to find that one :D.

    :) A great shortcut *and* a near perfect run!

    I'll tell you it though, 'cos I'm sporting that way.

    Y'know the Jump? Just 180 on that and skip out that bend and second jump completely. I *think* it might be possible to make it from there onto the encased square of jump pads, but I've never made it in any way that worked to my advantage.

    Have fun, I'm coming after the rest of your records now!

  3. OK, I only have one good record, and it's:

    Cheese Land - 0'59"78.

    EDIT - with Bowser.

    This'll get me back onto playing the game though, it's always more fun when there's something to work towards (cos i'm gonna have to give up trying to beat there Wario Ware rcords :)).

  4. Wario Ware - I'm desparate to beat at least one of Calasnikov's high scores. I've got 250 on skating board, 227 on paper plane, and 99 on Jimmy. Grrrr. Brilliant, brilliant little time waster.

    Halo - Giving it another run through on legendary, on the PC version.

    Donkey Konga - Fired through all the chimp songs first time with golds (except 'busy child', grrr), only to be utterly overwhelmed by the gorrilla mode. Still, one down, loads to go. Great multiplayer laughs though.

    Of course, If I had the money to actually buy new games, you could just score the above out and write Fable, San Andreas and Halo 2.

  5. No one's interested in Mercury? Fools!

    That, Ridge Racers, Winning Eleven and Lumines for me.

    Actually, you're right, Mercury does look aces. One of those 'Ideal for a handheld' titles.

    I dunno If I've got the steady hands and/or patience for the bastard though, but it won't stop me loving every minute of it.

  6. I'm not entirely (or at all) convinced with the steering method in Ridge Racer... Am I going to be using the stylus in my right hand and accelerating/braking using the D-pad? and will i be tapping the stylus on the little gear shirt icon in the bottom right all the time?. Hmm.

  7. On the one hand, the original Carmageddon pushed the boundaries of poor taste, sick humour and driving physics, on the other hand the series got old and tired very quickly.

    You have negative points on both hands?

  8. I'm really not sure what to think of forum advertisments like this. We're all gonna buy your game anyway because the first one was aces and not a lot of people on here care that much about the art direction. So what's the point really?

    To get us talking about it, and create a little bit of mutual 'frothing'?

  9. I loved the combat in the first game, but felt a lot of the fights dragged out a bit...

    Mostly I'm just glad to see that there's now a far greater variety in enemies, and i if this improved fighting system works as well as I hear it's supposed to, then I think I'll love it all over again.

    Still, I'll be buying it anyway on the strength of SoT, because that was the best 10 hours of single player gaming I've had in a long time. Especially because of it's story impact without the use of plentiful and/or overlong cutscenes.

  10. Awww, but you can tickle their ickle belly wellies!

    I loved them!

    You can make them skip!


    Still, If the doggy pet was integrated into Animal Crossing, that'd be the best thing ever. Or thereabouts.

  11. I think that video of fire emblem looks beautiful, definately on my must buy list now. And my confidence in the DS has been raised by that too, some good idea's on show that should raise the touch screen far beyond gimmick.

  12. Hmm, I'd definately go with Ridge Racer... And probably Hot shots golf.

    They seem like ideal games for short journeys at least.

    (I stopped myself from a battery life dig).

    I think I'd rather keep my winning 11 play to the widescreen at home though, thanks.

  13. This thread will end up filled with monkey island and Grim Fandango quotes if I don't apply some self control.

    So; I loved all the little signs and logos in GTA 3, especially the security van's "Gruppe Sechs", and the little black iron fences in vice city that i assume are supposed to be a cock and balls. Yeah, I love my humour witty and refined like that.

  14. Papapishu!


    I think Monkey Island 3 is under rated. It's still a great game, and very, very funny. Also, Guybrush talked almost exactly like I expected him to.

    "How much for the diamond?"

    "I'll only sell it for awful lot of money"

    "I have a lot of money..."

    "I'm sorry Mr Guybrush, I cannot sell it for anything less than an awful lot of money"

  15. The undercover cop assassination mission in GTA3 made me laugh. Hes called "Tanner".

    Click For Spoiler
    Tanner is the name of the undercover cop you play in Driver if you didn't know.

    Yeah, that was great.

    A 'strangely animated character' who's 'pretty much useless out of his car'.


  16. It's hard no to think about grinding *everything* after playing Tony Hawks, and then there's mentally placing tetris shapes in between posters on walls...

    I thik everyone has walked out of the house, realised they couldn't really be bothered walking *all* the way to the shops, and went to open the first car door they come across.

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