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  1. I thought it was hilarious, highly playable, and the button-pressing moments during the battles spiced it up nicely, especially the wide range of Bros. attacks. I'm right at the end, I might finish it tonight actually...

  2. is this the big announcement that sega weren't confident enough to make at e3. i remeber reading about it, in edge's yu suki (can't remeber his name) column.

    i could understand if it was an xbox live game, but pc only?

    sounds disarsterous......

    ps. spelling not me good point...

    no, i don't reckon it is.

    EDIT: the column is by Toshihio Nagoshi, and i don't reckon his team will have much to do with Shenmue, being Yu Suzuki's baby and all.

  3. The 'Mario 64 in 26 minutes' video showcases a lot of excellent glitches- allowing the player to finish the game with just 16 Stars (IIRC?). The stairs glitch is good- I managed to do it after 10 minutes of frustration :lol: It's amazing how people find these.

    I've never heard of this, sounds thoroughly excellent!


  4. I love Smash Bros. Melee, although I don't think I'd enjoy it if it wasn't for captian falcon... the characters just aren't balanced, at all.

    4player matches with captain falcon on Hyrule Castle are an absolute joy, though. It's been our regular multiplayer game of choice, gamecube wise, for years now.

  5. I really must try Deus Ex again... I just got lathargic towards the end (middle), and my old PC chugging out irregular frame rates didn't help that either. Actually, there's probably a few PC games I didn't bother with because of that.

    I also gave up final fantasy X on the last Boss, because I didn't beat him fist time, and I had thought the rest of the game ws terrible. I still have the save file, so I'll give it a go sometime.

  6. Smash Bros Mellee still gets played regularly, as does Street Fighter 2 turbo.

    Single player wise, there's not much I go back to, But i prefer a near perfect 10 hour experience like PoP to 60 hours of ultra dull fluff (MGS2 and FFX).

  7. For single player games, The magnificent Metroid Prime and Animal Crossing. Both are absolutely amazing. I would say Zelda too, but, despite being absolutely stunning and inventive, it just felt too over-familiar to really engross me.

    Multiplayer wise: Super Monkey Ball, for it's sheer and utter brilliance in every aspect, and Super Smash Brothers Melee, because it's not random at all you see.

  8. Haha, that was fantastic.

    Good to see a debate an violent viseogames with someone who actually knows what they are talking about for a change. I thought the last caller was gonna make an intelligent point too for a second, but he just turned out to be a bit of an arse.

  9. I really didn't take to FFX. I really tried to though, and played it through to the end... but i never felt like i was really in control. It was all pretty much walking from A to B, with cutscene at either end. then more cutscenes.

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