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  1. I absolutely adored my time with Yakuza Like A Dragon, spent a lot of time completing the sidequests and minigames and enjoyed the lit of it until the prep for the very final dungeon involved grinding the same set of enemies over and over for experience points, about ten hours of it. Nearly sullied my opinion of the entire game tbh.


    They should have just let me max out every stat with a menu option.

  2. Yeah, I reckon it'll be pretty great. We oughta start seeing some properly beautiful next-gen games and maybe I'll finally be able to get an affordable TV that does them justice. I expect the first trailers for Street Fighter 6 to appear as well.


    There's a new arcade bar that should be open by then on Glasgow's Drury Street and they have Outrun and Street Fighter IV. Plus there's likely to be a new GlesGames. Been a while since I've played games with pals; the best way to play game.

  3. The controls in Dread are definitely too complicated, I've seen a fair few others feels the same. Plus the speed boost on left stick click is dreadful. Not wildly keen on the R button missle modifier either.


    Trying to remember how to free-aim grapple and grapple mid jump can cost you the extra fraction of a second you needed to succeed.


    It's still great though.

  4. 7 minutes ago, deKay said:

    I've not played OOT yet (and probably won't because I don't like it), but there's no discernible lag on Yoshi's Story, Mario Kart 64 or Sin and Punishment, so it makes me wonder why some games would have it and others would not. Surely it's the same emulator?


    Yeah the lag does seem to vary; Ocarina of Time's input delay was noticeable for me while WinBack felt immediate. I didn't have any issue with Dr Mario other than it being boring and a playthrough of Starfox 64's first stage was great.

  5. 25 minutes ago, deKay said:

    I believe there is. Some third party tech or something.


    That and it’s pretty hard to emulate.


    Ah cool, yeah I figured there was something. A shame because its an absolute belter of a game.

  6. Not had a great deal of time to play games lately but picking up the Switch and making wee bits of progress in Operation Winback has been really fun. There a lot of incredibly similar rooms and encounters so I doubt I'd feel the same if I'd played it in one long session but it's great to finally put some time into it as I only had a quick go back in the day. Plays like a Time Crisis without the rails. It definitely feels like it influenced games like Resi 4, Gears of War etc.


    One big issue I do have in handheld mode is that Up-C switches your weapon and that's up on the right stick in handheld mode. I've accidentally switched to ammo-less weapons and had to run and duck for cover more times than I could count. 

  7. Katana Zero. It starts with a a slow-mo deflection of a bullet with a blade and then just sprints with that concept with increasing intensity. Plus the whole vibe feels like you're playing a game you're too young for on your big cousin's Amiga. If anything I was even more in love with it by the end than I was at the start, absolute Top 10 contender.

  8. 29 minutes ago, Eighthours said:

    This is why I've never understood people who say it's the best one. The map means it isn't.


    Yeah, the flat map (and blurriness, since I went from PC GTA III to PS2 Vice City) was a big disappointment for me. Not enough Golden Girls references either.


    I'm in no hurry for GTA6, I'm waiting for the PS5 version of GTA5 to properly play through that first.

  9. 7 minutes ago, Gotters said:


    maybe, except I was always too early into the bend/slide on this, if it was just lag I'd be too late.


    Yeah the powerslides are far tighter Mario Kart 64 than in MK8. It's also a little more difficult to perfectly line yourself up for a straight leap off a ramp. It's always been like that however the slight lag isn't gonna help either.

  10. I had a playthrough of the Deku Tree in Ocarina of Time and the input lag is definitely noticeable. It's not a game-breaking delay, but it does make aiming feel pretty sluggish. Firing the pistol in WinBack felt immediate, though.

  11. I had that No Mercy bug but never bothered returning it since we only bothered with multiplayer anyway (and preferred WCW vs NWO: Revenge).


    I'm sure Space Station Silicon Valley on N64 had a bug where one if its late-game trinkets was missing a collision box so couldn't be picked up, making 100% completion impossible.


    The arcade version of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike could lock up completely if Ken killed Makoto with a forward throw, which isn't too unusual an occurrence.

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