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  1. The Capcom leaks from last year suggested it's multiplatform. Things can change obviously but I really hope that stays the case.


    Art style wise I kinda expect something similar to Devil May Cry 5. I dont think they'll go with pixel art or the Arc System Works style since it'll be harder for them to sell costumes that way. I'd be pleasantly surprised if they did use the Guilty Gear style though.

  2. 2 hours ago, Benny said:

    No rollback, no sale.


    Rollback is pretty much a guaranteed, Street Fighter X Tekken, Street Fighter V and Marvel Infinite all had it and both people who played it say Marvel Infinite's implementation was great so hopefully that continues.


    3 hours ago, imp said:

    I'm pretty happy with SFV's input complexity, I wouldn't mind if they stayed in that zone as a player, but I feel like SFV was a less interesting game to spectate than SFIV though, so I'd rather they went back in that direction. 


    From a spectator's point of view I think I'd like something in between. Having one-frame links in characters' basic combos is ludicrous obviously but having "optimal" combos be more difficult would be great as the risk of even pro players dropping them makes it both more impressive when they land them and more dramatic when they don't.


    If they could make all newly released characters free and restrict paid DLC to cosmetic stuff then that would be ideal. Let me use the same account across all consoles and PC as well, thanks.

  3. 2 hours ago, yashiro said:

    Ditch Unreal for a start. Make sure you don’t ship a bloody fighting game with upto 8 frames of variable input lag. 


    Speculation is that they'll use the Reach for the Moon Engine for it, which makes sense.


    Hopefully the success of SFV means 6 will have a decent budget backing it. 

  4. Disappointed that there apparently isn't crossplay between the PlayStation and Xbox, or between the consoles and PC. I dunno why but I think I assumed that was a thing? Ah well.

    Had a few more matches late last night. Couldn't get anyone when filtering to same region but most matches were playable even with the search criteria as wide as possible. Some tiny instances of visible rollback against opponents over >150ms ping, but better than I expected, more like a micro-stutter. I did have one instance where the sound of my sweep connecting played only to find they'd blocked but with one exception that was the most significant rollback I saw across ~40 matches.


    I did have one absolutely unplayable match, which was >350ms ping, and they quit after the first KO, understandably. Probably thousands of miles away.


    I've stuck with a team of Shermie, Clark, Robert for now but I reckon I'll want to find someone with a more gimmicky moveset to annoy folk with. I also have trouble remembering the moves of three characters at once.

  5. Had a couple of quick online matches and both came down to the final character. Neither of us really knew what they were doing. They were trying to play Street Fighter 2 with some fullscreen fireballs and I was getting in then doing tiny damage. Was fun. Not fun enough for them to choose Rematch though.


  6. By the time the Pro versions of the consoles arrive the equivalent gaming PCs will be ahead of them again anyway.


    I'm not dissatisfied with the current gen hardware at all yet, other than their sheer size and the lack of hard drive space. They'll be powerful enough for me for the next half-decade though I'm sure.


    Just now, Stanley said:

    It’s mad isn’t it, especially when you see a game like Horizon Forbidden West, or Returnal, and they look absolutely stunning. 

    More wants more. 


    More's law.

  7. Incredibly excited for this. Used to play every lunchtime against a pal at work and for aaaaaages went undefeated but he kept getting better and better to the point where it became rare for me to sneak a win. Looking forward to the rivalry heating up all over again in a month.

  8. Definitely King of Fighters XV, Sifu and Grapple Dog. I could see myself getting really into Triangle Strategy but I doubt I'd have the time to get into it.


    I'm tempted by Gran Turismo 7 because it'll look nice and shiny but I know I won't enjoy playing it so I'll hold off.


    I'll get Elden Ring eventually but I've only finished Demon's Souls so far so I'll play the others before I get around to that.


    Haven't had a go of Windjammers 2 yet either; strong start to the year.

  9. 15 minutes ago, DeciderVT said:

    I decided against pursuing this when balanced how long it would feasibly take against the possibility of my wife walking in during an attempt. I'm barely living down the cabaret club makeovers as it is.


    Haha yeah, my wife said "this is embarrassing. I'm embarrassed for you".

  10. 2 hours ago, MW_Jimmy said:

    Mario Kart Tour Deluxe, because, secretly, Mario Kart Tour is really really good.


    Mario Kart Tour persistent challenge, single player mode and progression, frenzies and individualised powerups, and most importantly - combos and scoring.


    Yeah it should definitely adopt some of the Mario Kart Tour stuff, especially the item/trick/drift combo challenges, as long as the random elements on the perks and powerups are removed. The variety of weird costumes would be great as well, especially if they do decide to stick with characters from Mario games rather than a wider selection of Nintendo characters.


    Standard Mario Kart single player (outside of Time Trials) is pretty tedious. Even the DS game's Challenges were pretty dreadful, and they're the best alternative to the stardard GP races there's been.


    Gonna be hard to top Mario Kart 8 Deluxe though, and it's still selling so well that I'm surprised they haven't just chucked some additional DLC out for that to tide folk over until some eventual Switch 2/Mario Kart 9.

  11. Really didn't play too many games this year but Maquette is likely the most disappointing since the concept looked incredible and I'd hoped it would have the same mind-blowing, connected puzzles of Gorogoa but it ended up being kinda straightforward and clumsy.


    The dialogue didn't help either, in script or delivery.


    The Matrix Awakens demo was disappointing too I guess, in that it was cool to see the kind of visual and procedural tricks the new Unreal engine can pull off but it'd be a shame if the kind of performance hit that brought is a sign of what's to come this gen. It's just a tech demo obviously so I'm probably worrying about nothing.

  12. I dont know if it spoils earlier games too much but there are definitely references that went over my head. It did make me fall in love with the characters and world though, so I'm looking forward to getting back to it (eventually) with fresh eyes.


    I normally loathe when a game has a cutscene longer than a minute or so I'm surprised Yakuza hooked me so strongly. 

  13. 36 minutes ago, Varsity said:


    How would you say Legend difficulty is? This is what's kept me from starting it sooner tbh, I'm a bit of a completionist but also not great at fighting games so a bit on the fence about starting it if it's going to be too difficult to complete on that setting lol. 


    Oh its not actually difficult at all if you stock up on items. Upgrading is a time-sink. If you wanna Platinum the game it's likely 150+ hours. I found Like A Drag9n a better entry point for the series (and an easier Platinum) but I've only played those two.

  14. Up to chapter 10 on my Legend playthrough of Zero now; have been able to sprint through to Chapter 10 in ~6.5 hours but now I reckon I'll need to upgrade my characters a fair bit before progressing or I'll hit a difficult spike.


    Climax Battles are also more difficult than I anticipated too so my goal of getting the Platinum Trophy before the year's end might be a tad optimistic. 

  15. Turns out my laptop runs SFV pretty decently so I've got back into Dan and his weird VSkill 2. Terrible at the moment, I had a long, long set against Eastwood where they character hopped and I still only won two out of 30 or so fights. Spared me the horrors of Honda until the very last match. Impossible.


    I'll need to take some time to properly lab wakeup pressure and setups with Dan but I'm getting more comfortable with the VSkill cancels now. I often mess up but that's okay because pressing more buttons = more satisfying.



    I'm on a Russian stream too, making someone either very excited, very frustrated or both. Or all three. He is delighted to hit me with a disgusting Kolin mixup, definitely. 


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