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  1. I think the E.M.M.I parry window is more generous in the underwater sections? I don't know if it's generous enough to react to though, rather than pre-empt.
  2. Galaxy is a phenomenal but PyramidFace is right about the long jump sapping momentum, it's one of my biggest disappointments with that game. Skating on ice is superb though. Sliding on your belly in Sunshine is excellent fun too but unfortunately does not make up for everything else.
  3. I am hoping the new ordinances will have something that plucks the weeds for me. Or the flowers, which are even worse.
  4. Yeah I'm very familiar with Super Metroid and I've finished Fusion (not played Zero Mission but definitely will next) so I understood the flow of this and was almost exactly one hour slower than your time, then 9h50m for 100%. Main struggle was that I was appallingly bad at the E.M.M.I sections. I wouldn't be surprised if I was caught over 100 times by them.
  5. I need to play Arkham Asylum. Wasn't ever really interested I've heard a few folk say it has Metroid structure.
  6. @MikeF mentioned it in their original post but yes, Hollow Knight is one of the very best. Maybe my absolute favourite (a little too long, though).
  7. Gato Roboto is nice and short.
  8. Yeah I didn't notice that when I parried once and panicked trying to escape:
  9. There is one annoyingly long mid-game cutscene and the occasional short status update section but it's mostly free of that kinda stuff.
  10. Finally finished this tonight, 7h37min in total (with only 49% of items collected as the pace just kept ploughing forward). Thoroughly enjoyed it the entire way through, even if I got caught by E.M.M.I over a hundred times. Only minor criticisms were a fair few instances of slowdown (not ruinous) and a few cutscenes were too long for my tastes. Everything else was perfectly Metroid, almost impossible to stop for the night when there's the temptation to see how far your new gadget will get you. It's a beautiful looking game too, even playing on my launch Switch exclusively in handheld mode. There was a cutscene early one (part of the intro?) where we see through Samus' visor and it made me briefly wish I was playing a new Metroid Prime but now that I'm done all I want is more 2D Metroid, immediately. I hope Mercury Steam get to work on a sequel, but I've not played Zero Mission so I'll get stuck into that. Once I've got all of Dread's items, obviously. My one small disappointment:
  11. Yeah, I'm early on but I've only countered the E.M.M.I three times (and died trying 20 times). I assume it's during the glint but it's pretty tight. At least one of those times I failed to get away even after the counter as well.
  12. Haven't played Zero Mission but Fusion was around four hours for me on my first playthrough, having played a lot of Super Metroid before it. A game being under 5 hours long is a big positive for me.
  13. I've spent quite a lot of time on Chapter 6 of Yakuza Zero because I keep insisting on finishing the minigames/sidequests before progressing but there's a ludicrous number of them. Only playing an hour every other night (it took me 6 months to finish Like A Dragon) so it's slow progress but I'm having a lot of fun with it. Finding the situational Heat moves somewhat inconsistent and I'm not as keen on the combat overall coming from Like A Dragon but when you do absolutely maul some goons with needlessly OTT Heat moves it still makes me yelp with laugher. I'll likely go for Judgment after this then back for Kiwami.
  14. Oh wow that looks wild; I'd ignored the Warriors games cos I'm not much of a Dynasty Warriors fan but trampling around as a Divine Beast looks rad.
  15. Mortal Kombat X has Bo Rai Cho which is a daft pun and he has a daft playstle too. I didnt enjoy it as much as the more recent MK11 but a lot of enthusiasts prefer it. Being on PS Plus might revive the online scene for a bit.
  16. Yeah the single player of booth Splatoon games was exceptional. Had a great time with it but didn't stick with multiplayer terribly long.
  17. Someone hasn't played Jelly Boy.
  18. I thought the NES and SNES selection was pretty good! There's ~60 NES and ~50 SNES games on there and most of the big first-party games are covered. I'm more concerned that the euro Direct apparently featured the 50hz PAL versions of the games. Hopefully we get the NTSC versions still. Can likely still download the American/Japanese versions of the app anyway I guess but that's less neat.
  19. If we're getting Banjo Kazooie maybe we can have Perfect Dark? Definitely excited for F-Zero X (the best F-Zero), hope Pilotwings 64 gets to make an appearance later too.
  20. Yeah Donkey Kong 94 is superb. One of the best videogames.
  21. You'd fall off the track.
  22. With the option to pay a little more to remove Donkey Kong 64.
  23. N64 Mini in time for Christmas. PAL versions of every game.
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