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  1. N64 Mini in time for Christmas. PAL versions of every game.
  2. Super Bario is very small, usually has Street Fighter Alpha 2/Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter, Ridge Racer, House of the Dead, Monkey Ball (with banana joystick), a NeoGeo multi-game with Neo Turf Masters, Metal Slug etc and some pinball. Expensive-ish draught beer but its a cool wee place and I'm glad it's there. Not that I've been since Covid. Round the corner is R-Cade, which is more of a collection of retro consoles and games. You pay for a time slot rather than per machine iirc and they sell local gaming-themed craft items too. Plus a load of instant noodle pots they'll boil up for you, weirdly. Popped in once, didn't play anything but staff were nice. I do remember Sega Saturn at the top floor of Argyle Street Debenhams; I played Panzer Dragoon for the first time there which was amazing to see as a wee snes kid. Don't remember other arcade games at all though.
  3. The update planned for this year which included Luke, balance changes and Pro Tour stages/costumes has been delayed until March so as not to conflict with the current Pro Tour schedule. I think this is the first time we've seen Luke's alternative costumes too. Retains the Capcom colour scheme and USA/military stylings so speculate away as to which characters he's connected to (Nash? Guile? Captain Commando?). Or don't, because who cares.
  4. It's a handheld console Nintendo released in 2011 as a successor to the DS. It made use of stereoscopic 3D without the need for 3D glasses.
  5. Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania. I'm sure there'll be something else, but Monkey Ball is the only one I can think of.
  6. I feel that they offset Kratos' negative attitude quite well by making Atreus a wee fud.
  7. Other than Street Fighter 6 which had already been leaked from a few other sources (and was inevitable anyway), Final Fantasy Tactics remaster is the most exciting one for me too. Probably doesn't need a remaster I guess, since it looks pretty great as-is. Interested to see what they do with it though if it comes to fruition.
  8. Yeah the framerate dips now and then on PS4 Pro but it held well enough for me to prefer it over the locked 30fps option. The Valkyrie Queen battle doesn't last anywhere near as long as that no-hit video; they deliberately equipped low-level gear for it. It probably takes about 3 or 4 minutes normally, which is still long but not too bad. The Valkyrie battles and the Muspelheim challenges were probably my highlight of the game; challenging and mostly free from cinematics interruptions which soured some of the main story's bosses for me.
  9. Hmm I wasn't gonna get this until Christmas but I simply cannot have NEG scoring higher than me.
  10. Was already interested in this but that Thor design is magnificent. Very excited now.
  11. Decent enough showcase, particularly interested in Tchia which looks adorable and likely a lot of fun. Weird to announce an Uncharted remaster that looks just the same; I'd expected a 60fps PS5 patch for free.
  12. joffocakes


    This looks absolutely superb, keen to see how they pace it and what kind of variety is in store. Hopefully some incentive to return to earlier stages and improve your performance too.
  13. Looking forward to seeing how the God of War sequel is. The last one took a bit of time to get going but was really good by the end so hopefully it keeps up the momentum.
  14. Is Teras Kasi being Finnish for Steel Fist a deliberate pun on Tekken/Iron First or did the term already exist in Star Wars before that?
  15. A fleshed out, non-VR sequel to Astro's Playroom would be very welcome. I don't really know what I wanna see; something that looks fancy and next gen and a big arcade-y racer. A PS5 patch for Bloodborne.
  16. joffocakes

    PS5 Pro

    The PS4 Pro was a kinda underwhelming upgrade so hopefully it's something similar again so I don't have to bother.
  17. Please look forward to my review of Melty Blood: Type Lumina*. *in the Fighting Games that are not Street Fighter thread.
  18. I thought the risky routes were there for warps to later stages? Having infinite lives wouldn't change their utility. I haven't played the games beyond Super Monkey Ball though so maybe it's different in the later games and bananas mattered more.
  19. They did allude to that in a follow-up tweet:
  20. Infinite lives is great. I hope you can also just continue from the level you last reached if you quit and start the game again. I wonder if the EX stages will still be locked behind a clean (or less than a certain number of failures) run through the stages before them?
  21. I didn't play the games until the PS4 trilogy bundle where they apparently reworked the handling of the games but I didn't notice much difference in quality between the first two games at all.
  22. Ridge Racer and F-Zero? Pretty excited now.
  23. Yes, it's the original game and its sequel plus DLCs at higher resolution and 60fps. It has online, cross-platform multiplayer too which I don't think was available before. Plus it's excellent. Pretty excellent selection of games this month, which of course is because I already own them.
  24. I had something similar happen in October last year; someone messaged me on Twitter because I had the Ultra (Super) Street Fighter IV Platinum on PS4 which has a 0.1% rarity. They offered to pay me $40 to log into their account and unlock it for them. I declined because of security issues and because that would be less than minimum wage but I offered them advice over the course of six months and they messaged me in April to say the finally managed it, haha. They barely knew how to throw a fireball at the start so I'm surprised they managed to get through the tricky combo trials (they played against themself on another PS4 for the online trophies). People are pretty dedicated still.
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