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  1. I'm about the same with Ragnarok, maybe erring toward a 6 just now. I've heard the final third and the post-game stuff is great though so I expect my opinion of it will improve once the pacing of the story stops sapping my enjoyment. Also I'm sick of hearing about Marvel Snap.
  2. Ah nice, I've been thinking about getting those Mass Effect remakes cos I loved the first game.
  3. You don't squash the goombas* in Mario World, they flip over to be picked up and kicked around when you jump on them. *this type of goomba was later renamed galoombas. That's how the thread would go.
  4. Ahaha, didn't expect Street Fighter 6 to be announced before Silksong's release, nevermind that I'd have the change to play a load of it. I'm gonna go back to Hollow Knight on PS4 and make myself miserable unlocking all the trophies in anticipation.
  5. Poinpy, Into The Breach and Immortality are all great and free if you have a Netflix account and access them via the Netflix app. Gorogoa and Florence are nice, short and beautiful things. Downwell and Ridiculous Fishing are great wee games for short blasts.
  6. I downloaded Overwatch 2 because it was Free to Play then when I started the game it asked me to create an account to play so I just ended up deleting it because I couldn't be arsed. Generally I just hammer agree on the agreements though. I like when you can hold Right or R or whatever to skip to the end more quickly.
  7. Yeah it's odd. I've found a few other folk describing the issue on Twitter but not as many as I'd expect if it's a PS5 issue.
  8. I've played about an hour and a half of this and it's already made my PS5 crash three times Not even back to the home screen, just suddenly powers down. Had to switch it off at the mains for a while to get it to turn back on. On performance mode that full time so might try another to see if that's the issue, as well as other games but if it's just GoW causing it I'll likely just return it til there's a fix.
  9. I wonder if Sports Story still exists.
  10. All I've used it for so far is trying Kurushi for less than a minute. Worth it.
  11. Pretty cool Game Informer video demonstrating the Dynamic Controls. These are local play only but take things further than the Modern control scheme. You can just mash on a button and the game will decide the movement and appropriate attacks for the current situation. Wee glimpse of Ken and Ryu's classic costumes in the thumbnail too.
  12. It also has Dhalsim on there but no three-player modes. Sagat's face is perfect though.
  13. Very excited. Street Fighter 6 is more than enough. Yakuza Ishin too but I probably won't get that at launch as I'm only up to Kiwami 2.
  14. I'll need a scientist to break down exactly how it works. I don't think Drive Rush resets the juggle count completely because that same combo drops at the second cr.HP for me if I try to start with Bomb, OD air grab rather than just bomb right into Drive Rush. It might be a height/poor timing issue on my part though (I did try using faster normals instead but no joy). Drive Rush from parry being MP+MK and a dash input means all those years of getting FADC combos into muscle memory haven't gone to waste. It's similar to FADC in that you can input the dash very early and it will still come out as soon as possible too. You don't need the MP+MK when using Drive Rush from a normal but I do it anyway out of habit.
  15. Here's someone else's example of Drive Rush allowing for otherwise impossible juggles with Kimberly. It's cool to see the things you can do if you're fully prepared to spend all of your resources in one go. Damage is a wee bit high in that example because she has an active damage buff from having already used a level 3 Super plus her own health is low enough for the level 3 to be the higher-damage Critical Art. I really want them to reveal Zangief or Manon soon. I wanna see some grabblers.
  16. joffocakes

    Edge #378

    Isn't Simon Parkin a Blanka player? I'm taking anything he writes with a pinch of salt.
  17. Recording is a bit choppy on my laptop but here's a wee sequence with Kimberley that catches opponents who press buttons on wakeup every time, carrying them from midscreen to the corner for bomb nonsense. Doing the medium punch > hard punch x run x mk slide combo into medium or hard bomb leaves you plus enough for a meaty throw (or normal) so that'll probably be one of her common bomb setup starters in the corner.
  18. I like them to be difficult. Especially if they test your skill with all the abilities and patterns the game has already offered but mix things up to mess with your expectations. I enjoy a final phase where you just absolutely batter them but I want it to be a struggle to get there. If I play a game and beat its bosses first time I don't really feel like I'm playing the game "properly".
  19. I think it was £40 because every time its splash screen appeared in compatible games my cousin would say "I paid £40 for that screen".
  20. joffocakes

    Edge #378

    It's a Christian celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.
  21. joffocakes

    Edge #378

    I kinda wanted the new Mario + Rabbids to be bad because I can't afford it.
  22. Congratulations @joeplus! There's a video of the Team Battle mode over on resetera. 3v3, the KO'd character stays on screen and their team mate quickly takes their place with no fadeout/ transition to a new round. Should make for pretty pacy matches (I hope it's supported for both solo and 3-player teams online). Post in thread 'Street Fighter 6 Discussion Thread 2 | 2nd Drive Impact' https://www.resetera.com/threads/street-fighter-6-discussion-thread-2-2nd-drive-impact.637746/post-95672028
  23. If society collapses the next hit will air reset them unless you cancel parry into drive rush to force a juggle state.
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