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  1. It definitely does work. I've used that exact stick with the gbros adapter.
  2. The Character intro video for Gill is up. Since he has his unique Retribution mechanic he doesn't have a Crush Counter of his own. He looks ferocious! A wee sneak peek of Cammy's VTrigger II (being blocked) in there near the end too. And the Pyron costume's light retracting aura looks annoying, haha.
  3. They're showing of some new VSkills now. http://www.twitch.tv/capcomfighters
  4. Hopefully this means the Sony-funded Street Fighter V can come to Xbox and Switch as well.
  5. I'm very excited about it. Hopefully more information about Silksong and also a whole bunch of games I didn't know anything about but suddenly need.
  6. I did get the Platinum in MK11 but the game lacked in solo variety, which surprised me. I didnt think the story mode was any good (any cutscene longer than a minute is too long, especially in an action game) but it is nicely produced. It's definitely the most fun Mortal Kombat game to actually play, though.
  7. You can usually fight the ultimate (or equivalent) versions of Injustice 2 or Mortal Kombat XL somewhat cheap and those come with all content unlocked. The first Injustice and Ultra Street Fighter IV are also often on sale with all characters included too but those are last-gen ports. If you want something close to Virtua Fighter then Dead Or Alive is probably the most similar. It's primarily free to play but it does have a version with characters unlocked. No idea what its single player content is like or how wild is cosmetic micro transactions are. Or you could just get Yakuza 6 or Judgement; you can play Virtua Fighter 5: FS in their arcades. Tekken 7 is brilliant but it'll still have characters yet to release. Not much to do for a solo player though. Street Fighter V and Mortal Kombat 11 are similar to Tekken in that they're still "incomplete" and dont have much to do if you dont plan on playing online. Street Fighter V's single player stuff is further marred by terrible loading times. Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2 is really good (and beautiful) and unlikely to see further updates. The story mode is mostly nonsense told through an insufferably long, unplayable cutscene but the training mode is the best there is. Dragon Ball FighterZ is more accessible and a load of fun. SoulCalibur 6 has a reasonable solo adventure you can take your custom character on as well as little lore timeline story battles. If you prefer 3D fighters it might be more your thing. Under Night In Birth EX Late might be worth looking into. Just get all of them and never play them. That's what I do.
  8. joffocakes

    Tekken 7

    I really like Fahkumram's proportions plus he looks absolutely fierce. The trailer gave the impression that he was taller at first but I do like that his silhouette is still very distinct. Plus delicious muay thai kicks are great. I havent watched the LCQ yet or the Top 8 so I'm gonna catch up through the week. Sounds like it was full o' drama.
  9. I managed to get under 20 seconds! 19.999, haha! EDIT: 19.905 and severe cramp in my right hand.
  10. Ah, a dedicated Speedrun mode is a wonderful thing. Is it possible to filter to friend times only? Struggling to get under 20 seconds (currently 20.045) but it looks like some folk have so I'll keep at it!
  11. Nah, most are pretty reasonable and the game offers clues to point you in the general direction.
  12. Ah, excellent. Kirby Super Star has a couple of nice 2-player minigames that will be fun to play on the go. I've already played through Super Punch Out on SNES Classic earlier this year but it's so chunky at satisfying to play that I'll likely do it again.
  13. Microsoft have confirmed Xbox One controllers will be compatible with Scarlett; hopefully that extends to third party and wired controllers. I don't think Sony have made any statement on that.
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