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  1. I'll be all over any puyo puyo or puzzle fighter clone.
  2. joffocakes

    Edge #330 | Shenmue III

    Can't believe they let Intelligent Systems review Wargroove.
  3. joffocakes

    Ultra Street Fighter IV

    Had a quick go on this again tonight (though PSN went down for a bit). Got a wee legendary taunt finish so that was pretty nice. I also lost several games in a row to an A Rank Blanka who, as far as I could tell, wasn't genuinely good. Eventually I decided to focus (!) on blocking and jab-checking Blanka balls. I didn't bother teching throws at all to avoid getting blown up. Caught them repeatedly on wakeup with the tip of cr.mk which is good because it beats electricity clean but extra good in that it causes EX Upball to whiff (for a full punish). It was nice to win comfortably by being extra lame. The netcode though. It's rougher than I remember.
  4. joffocakes

    XBOX gamepass and Xbox app coming to switch?

    I assume the reason is because the streaming will allow the Switch to play games it isn't powerful enough to run? Not needing to pay for expensive, dedicated hardware is the problem streaming solves. It will be a good thing for games which don't require fast or accurate inputs, like story-driven stuff or RPGs. Even a little lag can ruin a fighting game or FPS. Like people have said though, some folk aren't as sensitive to it. I've played games on friends TVs where they didn't ever switch to Game mode and the lag was wild. But they didn't care.
  5. joffocakes

    The King of Fighters XIV

    Woo. Just picked up the Special Edition despite already owning the game on disc. One less disc to worry about! It's a good game but the netcode is woeful. It's easier to pick up and play than the older KoF games. It doesn't look half as bad as people like to insist either.
  6. I've got five wins now, with one All Clear. Can I add thus to my Games Completed in 2019 list yet? I will never stop playing though oh no.
  7. joffocakes

    What series/genre should be 'battle royaled' next ?

    I'd love something like Anarchy Reigns as battle royale. Maybe groups of players as a wandering gang so that the focus is on team brawlin'. Absolutely minimal long rage weaponary and loads of suplexing folk through buildings. Also you can clothesline buildings so hard the collapse. And you can suplex a skyscraper. Micro Machines would be excellent, playing just as it did traditionally but with 100 wee cars racing around a house in an ever-shrinking sweetspot until there's one survivor.
  8. joffocakes

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah your milk will be off by the time it releases.
  9. joffocakes

    Ultra Street Fighter IV

    I forgot all about teleport cancels into Ultra 2. So good. Let's arrange a big lobby sometime!
  10. joffocakes

    Ultra Street Fighter IV

    I've been listening to that Cane and Rinse episode in chunks. It is making me very nostalgic. I'd be very, very up for a Switch post of USFIV. Online matches will likely be laggy more often than not due to additional accessories being required to play wired on Switch but it would be wonderful to see the best game populated again. It's a shame it isn't likely to see further refinement ever (despite us now passing the 10th anniversary of SFIV's console debut ) because I'd love things like quick rematch online, best of 3 in Ranked, offline KoF-style team battle and the wealth of training options SFV had. I'd prefer an overhaul of the netcode to be rollback based rather than variable input delay too. With cross-platform play. And a proper Wario moustache for Dudley's yellow and purple costume. I'll happily fork out for exactly the same game all over again, of course.
  11. joffocakes

    Nintendo Switch

    Box Boy is fucking brilliant.
  12. I'm glad to have finally gotten a win after a couple of eternities passing since all my friends got theirs. It's losin ma V.L. all over again. I got win shortly after too! How lovely. Then 78th for.my hundredth game. Getting far more total poundings; out in the first 30 a few times tonight.
  13. joffocakes

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    For the most part everything can be found just through exploring however there are definitely two things I didn't find without being told about them first. Neither of them count toward the completion percentage though as far as I remember.

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