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  1. New Guilty Gear trailer for Axl. The trailer confirms it will be playable at Arcrevo American on 16th of November so we should start to see full match footage by then. I wonder if the stage transitions will have greater impact than just spectacle? The next character trailer will be in a couple of weeks. I ended up buying the Switch version of Guilty Gear XX Accent Core +R (videogames!) to play while on holiday. Venom's buttons feel real similar to his Xrd moveset on a surface level at least. He's such a cool character and I hope he makes it into the new game too.
  2. Hopefully the menus aren't as slow on PS5. Depending on the game a press of the home button can take up to 10 seconds at times. Share button is equally bad. I will pay full price at launch and continue to play 20+ year old Street Fighter games on it.
  3. 90 Rubies is 20 pulls of the pipe. I've had more than that but have yet to unlock any of the premium characters that way. The pricing is utterly insane. It's not a requirement to enjoy the game (the characters and karts barely have much difference in handling) but the game is designed around making you feel like you're missing out on advantages by not paying. To have that alongside a £4.99 a month subscription is far too much.
  4. Aren't both PS5 and the next Xbox fully BC with the current gen? Which I guess means the next Xbox might still support 360 and original Xbox games? Is it optimistic to expect PS1/2/3 support on PS5? I've not really played a PS3 so theres lots I missed.
  5. The Wired article doesn't seem to mention whether or not Street Fighter 6 is on it?
  6. I've been enjoying the game for what it is. It absolutely doesn't compare to the proper Mario Kart games, not even the worst of them (64) but chaining trick combos together is satisfying all the same. I've completed all but the last two cups (where the point goals for five stars spike far higher than before) and unlocked all the wee present boxes. I've still not managed to unlock any of the top tier characters other than the guaranteed Metal Mario (from the gold pass). I'm not willing to pay any of the (wildly priced) MTX. I feel like those last two cups might indicate how much tighter things might get for folk playing for free. It's a shame there are so many layers of random chance impacting the scoring. From obtaining good items mid race to how aggressive the CPU is or even obtaining the high earning characters in the first place. I've tried a track a few times and fell a little short of the point total only to later get three frenzies in a single run and thrash the threshold by thousands. It's daft. It would be cool to have some stat-locked events where everyones on an even playing field but I guess that's not what this game is about.
  7. Being able to repeatedly rematch against a friend online with no loading between fights is such a delight. I wish we could get one more QoL patch for USFIV.
  8. I'm somewhat interested in Stadia. I'm still not convinced a fighting game or platformer would feel good on it but something like Cyberpunk would be ideal. Especially if we start to see games with a level of detail beyond what a console or (affordable) pc can achieve. I'm moving early in the new year though so I cant guarantee I'll have a strong enough connection to make it worthwhile.
  9. I really want to Arkham Asylum so a Switch version would be perfect. Thanks for announcing it.
  10. Talking of Guilty Gear, the Xrd Rev2 Top 8 from CEOtaku was a great watch. If you dont have time to watch the lot then I mostly recommend the set 28:20 into the video. Guilty Gear XX Accent Core +R had a great Top 8 too with loads of characters making appearances (and good Potempkin action).
  11. I know nobody is bothering with this any more because it is bad but I got 20,007 points in this week's rankings and there's nobody I can tell except you. EDIT: Oh no someone on my friend list got 21k and there are no more free rubies to earn to unlock Pauline.
  12. There's the Terminator trailer out. I've not played since Nightwolf released so looking forward to trying him.
  13. Oft. I've got around 19,200 but that New York track is a killer; can't get over 5000 on it.
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