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  1. Didn't get much enjoyment out of that demo; it wrestles control away from you way too often. I guess it's from an early, story-heavy part of the game but it's doubly frustrating in a time-limited demo. Didn't let me suplex the old woman either, bit of a shame.
  2. All three are still decently populated on PC through Fightcade as well. 3rd Strike is probably my most played game this year, and I played 100+ hours of Yakuza Like A Dragon. Shame there isn't official support for them with crossplay so players aren't split across several platforms and versions.
  3. Here's the new Rose trailer. Her Soul Illusion VTrigger looks like a lot of fun; can't wait to see some tricky resets as people try to squeeze the most out of it.
  4. Yeah, JMotive sent me an invite; been poring over some of the ambiguous drills cos I really don't pressure well enough after Electric Snake. My win rate has massively improved at least.
  5. Some Street Fighter news for a fighting game that isn't Street Fighter. Ryu and Chun Li join Power Ranger Battle For The Grid in May. (I thought they were already in there, but maybe that was for some other, mobile game?)
  6. I stream on Twitch now and then (twitch.tv/joffocakes), a little more frequently at the moment as I'm working from home and got a new laptop powerful enough to stream reliably. So just testing out some overlays and the like . Gonna play a few Master System games I didn't get to play enough as a Nintendo kid and some Street Fighter; @Jonster kindly clipped the 3rd Strike round from earlier today where I got hit with seven overheads in a row: https://clips.twitch.tv/SourReliableHorseradishLitty--eg2nd3x41kfKRgP
  7. I enjoyed the combat but I think there were maybe three fights in the entire game (not the post-game challenges) where I bothered with stat effects or healing. I just used attacks that hit everyone if I had them and then attacks that hit hardest. Oh, the wee vagrant guys who take 1 damage per hit I'd use my spinny move that hit 6+ times but there wasn't a lot of strategy involved (which I'm thankful for).
  8. Not a huge surprise since they've already shown her but this week's trailer is Mai:
  9. Street Fighter V probably has one year left in it. They've confirmed this is the final season. Street Fighter 6 surely has to be cross-platform? I'd be very disappointed if it isn't. For Street Fighter on Xbox you should just play Killer Instinct on Game Pass! It's pretty great and the netcode is actually good. For proper Street Fighter it's Ultra SFIV or the 30th Anniversary Collection (which is fine against friends but there's hardly anyone online across the four online-enabled games). No idea what the situation is with Xbox and sticks, sorry!
  10. Yeah that all sounds great. I'm perfectly happy with how the game plays, I just want to spend more time actually playing it.
  11. Rose arrives on 19th April. First look at Akira from Rival Schools in action:
  12. Spring Update reveal at 11pm tonight, Rose and Oro will be shown off and we might get a teaser of Rival Schools' Akira as well. The last character of this final season remains unknown but the April 1st Neco Drop 2 webgame having a Sawada cat and the game's producers having the Street Fighter: The Movie vinyl soundtrack behind them in a recent photo hints toward Sawada having a chance? Or they're just playing around.
  13. This is what I came to say. Phenomenal use of that license; suited the spirit of the toys and the games were some of the best multiplayer times to be had. Also Burger King: Sneak King.
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