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  1. Using Desolate Dive or its upgrade makes you invincible for almost half a second and can be pretty useful for escaping a tough situation while still doing damage. I would say that the pattern for Mantis Lords is definitely easier than Traitor Lord. Remember that if you feel like you're going to land on their spinning blade projectile you can down+slash to bounce up off them. Also, when they both go high up and throw the blades simultaneously you can stand in the centre of the stage and heal; the blades should narrowly miss you.
  2. joffocakes

    Fall Guys

    I guess it works a bit like Mario Kart online, where the other player's position on screen is an occasionally-updated approximation? I'm enjoying it; it's like a Gang Beasts obstacle course. Very gaudy Simpsons palette too, alongside the threat of death by Ghostbusters II Pepto Bismol which I appreciate. Disappointed it doesn't have split-screen; my wife and I have to take turns swearing at the telly for now instead of hollering in unison.
  3. The trial should be for two weeks in total, I've updated the title to reflect that. Even though it means removing the Alan Partridge reference.
  4. Yeah considering I rarely used the analogue sticks I was surprised at how quickly my launch PS4's coating flaked away. My other two pads have been absolutely fine besides the battery life.
  5. My main memory of SFxT was that any attempt to block Rolento's throwing knife would cause the game to hard-lock. The ultimate unblockable. Oh, and that it had the gaudiest custom-colour designs ever. Which I consider a positive.
  6. Apparently the rumour is that team battle mechanics were core in some way but Capcom weren't satisfied with that direction? So now Ono is producer in the esports division and apparently Midori Yuasa has stepped in to look after Street Fighter 6 (with the fixes to the game's direction "doing wonders"). I'm prepared to wait a little longer for it if it means it's not as limited as SFIV and SFV were at launch.
  7. The Playstation blog gives a few extra snippets, confirming that Taunts will be core to Dan's playstyle (as they should be). t also mentions that Oro will still be restricting himself to a single arm by challenging himself to keep a turtle balanced in the other. Very interested to see how they animate that; static like a bird's head while the rest of him flails wildly? They also talk about how strong Rose's Soul Satellite was in SSFIV which makes it sound like it's returning. Tbh it doesn't seem as scary in the context of some other mix-up VTriggers in SFV anyway. https://blog.playstation.com/2020/08/05/street-fighter-v-summer-update-new-characters-esports-news-and-more/ I wonder what the battle mechanic they'll be adding will be? If it's related to the "Rival Schools gimmicks" they have planned it makes me think of tag-team attacks but that's too fundamental a change (but might be an optional mode?) so I guess it's something else. I expect it'll be a new way to use V-Gauge defensively. Bit disappointed in the timescale of it all; I wasn't ready to believe that this final season was a last minute decision due to Covid (since Champion Edition already had an apparent name change from Definitive Edition prior to release) so maybe it's more a contingency stemming from Street Fighter 6's rumoured delay. Not that it was ever officially confirmed but recent murmurs suggest that Ono's direction with it wasn't widely liked and a new producer has taken over, granted an extra year to complete the project. Hopefully it means we see some next-gen optimisations to sort out SFV's loading times.
  8. Made a wee video of Dan's Omega mode moves from USFIV since it looks like some might be back for SFV. Its mostly unintelligible but I assure you I'm more excited than I sound.
  9. Absolutely delighted. I thought the five from the Tarot cards (Rose, Oro, Rolento, Elena and C Viper) were gonna be a lock then they opened with Dan. Amazing. Rose and Oro straight after made me think it'd be Dan and those 5 but then Rival Schools' Akira out of nowhere. With a stage and Rival Schools "gimmicks" beyond that too. No idea what that would mean. A bit far out for the updates but Dan's this year so Merry Christmas!
  10. It's exactly 40 characters at the moment and this update will take that to 45, the most of any Street Fighter game. Getting into MvC territory. I think Tekken 7 is over 50 characters now as well. I don't mind a large roster however I've been playing pretty regularly since launch. I always try the new folk out, complete their combo trials etc. I just started back on Tekken recently and was worried about facing so many unfamiliar matchups but in reality it's mostly been versus Law in Ranked at my level so it wasn't too big a deal (choosing my own character wasn't too difficult because Bob is in it).
  11. Nintendo just announced Pikmin 3 for October:
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