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  1. Sensible thing to do; be pretty tone deaf to go ahead with it this week.
  2. Probably not since the Switch version added a third tier of drift-boost and adjusted the momentum players could maintain post-boost from "firehopping".
  3. They're best saving Viper for SF6 at this point? Even though I hate her. Shes been rumoured since Arcade Edition though so I kinda expect her, Rose and Oro. Then Decapre and Abel for the last two since they have models in the story mode already. I'd be mostly content with whoever though, I wasn't expecting such a substantial update. The only characters I absolutely do not want are Yun/Yang, Oni, Evil Ryu and El Fuerte. That said I didn't want Seth either but they're actually a load of fun.
  4. The site isnt loading yet but looks like five new characters and three new stages are being added alongside new costumes (including a competition for fan-designed costumes). https://t.co/3Q6jxVQXKx?amp=1
  5. The Aftermath update is available to download now (on PS4 at least).
  6. Looks like there's gonna be some sort of announcement for SFV tomorrow at 4pm. Dunno what to expect really. I know there's the as-yet unrevealed stage and costume for the Pro Tour DLC but the tweet sounds like maybe it's more than that? Xbox One, Switch and next gen versions with cross-platform matchmaking please. Sorting out the still-atrocious loading times would also be welcome. Maybe it'll just be characters and costumes.
  7. Wasn't there a Call of Duty game just a couple of months ago? I'd like Hollow Knight or something as an excuse to play it again.
  8. Uncharted 4 - Not very far in, just about finished Scotland. Too much shooting. [6].
  9. Incredibly excited for this but it means I'll probably have to skip Xenoblade, especially since 51 Worldwide Games is so soon too. I'm another one who really enjoyed Sticker Star so I'm certain I'll love this.
  10. Looks excellent. Stage fatalities are looking great.
  11. They're exponentially better than every other fighting game story but they are still absolutely dire.
  12. Dead or Alive still works out signficantly cheaper per character. Very expensive if you want all cosmetics though. The SFV passes included the costumes but the stages had to be bought separately (they could also be unlocked with fight money, as could characters). MK11 however has far more detail included with each character, from matchup-specific interactions to unique intro/outros as well as other cosmetic stuff like fatalities/brutalities. There has, to date, never been a fighting game with a good story mode.
  13. If it were a like for like comparison then this MK11 add on would be around £10 more expensive for half the number of characters most fighting game offer in their DLC packs at time of release.
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