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  1. Tests of the day one patch seem very positive
  2. It did really feel like both Link and Zelda being playable is likely. Maybe one trapped beneath the ground in an upside-down netherworld where changes up above affect below and vice-versa? I'd like that. The discordant music definitely felt like a nod to that sort of thing. I'm very excited for it. Im gonna play BotW again.
  3. Didnt Miyamoto already confirm that it was different?
  4. 12 Minutes, Legend of Wright and Blair Witch all looked great. And that Lego/Forza expansion is amaaazing. Kinda interested in Cyberpunk as well now since Keanu Reeves is in it, haha.
  5. Weren't there sections where you use the pointer to pull a weightless Mario toward floating stars? Those are likely pretty awkward with analogue stick controls. Gyro would be ideal though.
  6. The momentum and the way speed and timing of jumps off different gradients makes a huge difference to trajectory is really fun. Going at pace is more of a memory test than reactive though. I dont like many if the levels in Mania but I do enjoy Green Hill Zone a lot. Currently 8th place on the leaderboards for Act 2 on PS4 but about half a second slower than my time on Switch so I'm gonna try better it.
  7. Still waiting for that Itadaki Street PS4 localisation. Or, even better, Boom Street 2.
  8. I think this is definitely the year for Ridge Racer Switch. Definitely.
  9. I think showing the new xbox hardware and games running on it followed by those same games being streamed via xCloud would be a good way to entice people who don't want to pay the premium for dedicated hardware to try their streaming service.
  10. I remember longing for a sequel so much I'd play GTA 4 in first person and fly under the bridges in a helicopter with the Pilotwings soundtrack playing off a USB stick. It was a great time.
  11. As a counterpoint I played the PS3 version of USFIV on PS4 via PSNow on a 100Mbps connection and it was a shambles of lag. Probably about 10 frames or so, and it varied. In a game with combos you have to time accurately to a single frame it's a difficult environment to play the game enjoyably. I'm still interested in Stadia all the same and keen to hear how they deal with lag (through input prediction or whatever) but I'd mostly use it for genres were the lag isn't an issue. Like RPGs or strategy games or social party games like Jackbox etc.
  12. I decline anyone with a ping of 80 or more or anyone playing on wireless. Ranked doesn't let you decline unless the ping is over 180 or something, which is wild. It's weird that the Tournament variations aren't the default selections. Unless you already knew that you end up trying Ranked and having to use unfamiliar moves. Sonia and Geras have been the main terrors for me online. She gets so much damage from her overhead combos and she makes you guess between blocking high and low often. Geras is similarly scary.
  13. There's a Kombat Kast in about an hour on twitch.tv/NetherRealm which will focus on Shang Tsung. I'd imagine they'll save some of the other info for E3 but maybe they'll give snippets on future characters or explain fow Kombat League will work. The in-game notifications made me aware the Kombat Kast was happening and you can even press Square to launch Twitch direct from the game. Pretty cool. I've been playing a bit today, trying to get better as Kano. He's pretty good and I enjoy using him. Most of my opponents have been pretty polite too. I had one French guy raging down the mic but unfortunately the PS4 doesn't seem to record other players' audio.
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