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  1. The pre-order bonus colours trailer shows off some more of the new characters' moves and win poses.
  2. A bunch of new leaked screenshot (characters, stages) in this Wario64 twitter thread. I expect we'll have a full trailer in a couple of hours.
  3. Street Fighter 6 release date of 2nd Iune 2023 has leaked via the PlayStation store. https://twitter.com/Wario64/status/1600666955467304960?t=Z1wEawrqBn9DtkO1DNLbEg&s=19
  4. I'm about the same with Ragnarok, maybe erring toward a 6 just now. I've heard the final third and the post-game stuff is great though so I expect my opinion of it will improve once the pacing of the story stops sapping my enjoyment. Also I'm sick of hearing about Marvel Snap.
  5. Ah nice, I've been thinking about getting those Mass Effect remakes cos I loved the first game.
  6. You don't squash the goombas* in Mario World, they flip over to be picked up and kicked around when you jump on them. *this type of goomba was later renamed galoombas. That's how the thread would go.
  7. Ahaha, didn't expect Street Fighter 6 to be announced before Silksong's release, nevermind that I'd have the change to play a load of it. I'm gonna go back to Hollow Knight on PS4 and make myself miserable unlocking all the trophies in anticipation.
  8. Poinpy, Into The Breach and Immortality are all great and free if you have a Netflix account and access them via the Netflix app. Gorogoa and Florence are nice, short and beautiful things. Downwell and Ridiculous Fishing are great wee games for short blasts.
  9. I downloaded Overwatch 2 because it was Free to Play then when I started the game it asked me to create an account to play so I just ended up deleting it because I couldn't be arsed. Generally I just hammer agree on the agreements though. I like when you can hold Right or R or whatever to skip to the end more quickly.
  10. Yeah it's odd. I've found a few other folk describing the issue on Twitter but not as many as I'd expect if it's a PS5 issue.
  11. I've played about an hour and a half of this and it's already made my PS5 crash three times Not even back to the home screen, just suddenly powers down. Had to switch it off at the mains for a while to get it to turn back on. On performance mode that full time so might try another to see if that's the issue, as well as other games but if it's just GoW causing it I'll likely just return it til there's a fix.
  12. I wonder if Sports Story still exists.
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