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  1. Characters being overpowered early days in a fighting game is absolutely delicious and I love it. In the (admittedly few) tournaments I've watched there's been matchup variety despite that.
  2. On PS5 you can skip that using the activity cards to go right into training but yeah its a pain, especially since it does it a second time when you choose an online mode. Trailer for the first DLC character is out:
  3. If the first DLC character is definitely the one from the leaks then I'm excited to give them a go. I also hate mirror matches a lot however I did play a wee set yesterday against a more experienced Axl yesterday and things stayed pretty even. I even managed one (singular) Axl bomber loop. They got the best of me overall and the set ended 8-6 in their favour. It's interesting to go from "how the hell were they not expecting the command grab?" to "...oh.".
  4. Both of those salty messages were me on alt accounts.
  5. I had a couple of comfortable wins in my Celestial Challenge last night and felt "this is pretty do-able" then got absolutely and completely obliterated by an I-No player. Once they're in an on the high-low I simply cannot defend. Too fast! Next time up I got more than destroyed by a Leo player. I don't think I've seen many since the beta but I definitely now know that his counter also works against Supers.
  6. Absolutely strong work. I look forward to watching your tournament performances!
  7. This is the first time ever that my issue has arrived before the thread. Felt special.
  8. Oh I didn't even know you could change those auto-messages. I wish the chat log had a filter to show only manual messages, so I can enjoy the public salt. Maybe it does; the menus are incredibly busy and I'm scared to click anything in case I have to wait on a server for 5 minutes.
  9. Oh wow, I had no idea, thanks! Gonna dive back in with giant headphones on.
  10. Pretty much only playing Guilty Gear Strive for now; don't have much time to play, currently at ~35 hours since launch (which isn't much for a fighting game). Having a great time with it and have found it easier to get into than earlier games in the series. I also started The Last of Us 2 when the PS5 patch released. Played for a few hours but the game still hadn't really started and I haven't felt like going back to it. I insist on finishing it before starting another single player game, though. Tempted to play through the Metroid series ahead of Dread as well.
  11. Katana ZERO. Played through it for the first time last year and it was astoundingly good. Like a delicious blend of Mark of the Ninja and Hotline Miami. Incredibly fast paced and responsive and I adored the tone of it; felt like playing something I was too young for on an older cousin's Amiga. Perfect length for a game of its type, just a few hours and a host of modifiers to make speedruns or more challenging replays possible. Dunno why I haven't already replayed it now I think of it.
  12. Keen to watch that but I'm still only three hours into Big LEVO (which has been great; commentary has given some nice matchup insight too). Had a fair while to play last night and went on a 54 win streak; admittedly 30 of those were against a fightin' game man from twitter but they'd definitely crush me in SFV so I'm happy enough with that. Did also get called a dickhead by someone I said "Good games!" to though, so it's a balance. Still don't feel entirely comfortable when punishing opponents, and rarely capitalise well off stray hits. Need to practice some stronger wakeup pressure too. Axl has a safe jump meaty j.HS that seems very effective but it's a jump cancel instant air dash and I'm terrible at timing it. Double-dipped on PC though, so I can sneak in some cheeky practice at work, haha.
  13. https://twitter.com/Cactu3S/status/1413511506113699844?s=19
  14. This looks really, really good. The weirdly distant handling of the scout ship reminds me of something specific but I can't pinpoint exactly what. The RC Minigame of Stunt Race FX maybe. Probably not. I'm interested in the gentle exploration of it. The premise of the story seems similar to Harold Halibut but the gameplay is obviously wildly different.
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