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  1. joffocakes

    Nintendo Switch

    I'm pretty excited for it. Should make long flights, uh, fly by. Seeing folk talking about New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe coming to Switch this year too. Easily one of my favourite Mario games; I may even buy if it's a straight port though I'd really like some additional Challenge Mode stages or leaderboards for Time Trialin' the main game's levels.
  2. It's been on sale a couple of times for £15 but yeah; that's still pretty expensive considering you can buy the game with passes 1 and 2 combined for cheaper than that. Fighting game DLC tends to be pretty expensive: I'd much rather they took an Overwatch style approach and made the money from cosmetics instead. I guess they're not popular enough to sustain that, though.
  3. joffocakes

    Edge #323 25th Anniversary Edition

    Wee bit disappointed to get the Halo one since I'm not particularly fond of that series but I did enjoy the first one and the cover looks great so it's all good. The Game Changers feature is excellent and I'm excited to read the Nagoshi one. Finally gotten around to playing Mario & Rabbids so I have that Making Of... to look forward to. Lovely wee review of Pocket Rumble as well.
  4. joffocakes

    Edge #323 25th Anniversary Edition

    This is the most Wiper thing I've read in a while.
  5. joffocakes

    Edge #323 25th Anniversary Edition

    Oh my. I hope I get that Guile one.
  6. I think matches would be too few and far between if rookies were only paired with rookies. The same thing happens when you begin to reach the upper leagues of platinum; pretty frequent pairings against diamond ranked players. It can be a challenge but playing better players can help you improve more quickly since they're more capable of punishing your mistakes.
  7. joffocakes

    The Last Of Us

    You can kill a clicker without using ammo/items if you let a partner get grabbed then punch the clicker off.
  8. joffocakes

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - December 2018

    You mean Dan.
  9. joffocakes

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - December 2018

    Simon Belmont would be amazing. This game is gonna be so packed. I wonder what they have to show off in today's direct? I think they'll announce a beta test which coincides with the launch of their online service next month. Plus some sort of local co-op mode. I'm excited.
  10. I love daft things like that. Also! I love G. Gonna get stuck into Ranked with him and haemorrhage points until I figure out how to play him properly. Some wild moves and a cheeky command grab; he's fun. I have an impractical corner setup that requires all the meter in the world:
  11. He's pretty fun, from a quick run through his trials. Gonna take him into ranked tomorrow and see how he feels. He looks like a lanky Bloodborne character. Strong forward and backward walk animations too, which is important to me. Plus Dan features in his ending. Less keen on Sagat because I miss his old SFIV standing light kick and the distance he'd gain after landing a throw or EX Tiger shot. Both VTriggers seem fun though. It's weird to see Sagat's demonstrations explicitly suggest kara-cancelling into Tiger Uppercut from his f+mk. The timing feels generous all the same.
  12. joffocakes

    Nintendo Switch

    I know youre just trolling but I absolutely adore Smash Bros. It's so simple and accessible while still having an incredibly high skill-ceiling for folk interested in learning more advanced play. Plus there's ludicrous attention to detail in its roster and references. No game is for everyone but Smash does better than most fighters in appealing to a broader audience. I reckon after Smash Ultimate releases it may well beat out Tekken to become the biggest selling fighting game franchise of all time.
  13. Woaft: G looks phenomenal. If you wait long enough his idle animation does 500 damage, haha. I love daft things like that.
  14. Aargh! Tekken 7 Top 8, particularly the opening match, is well worth watching too.
  15. G looks fierce: Plus Sagat! Both out today! Capcom blog post: http://www.capcom-unity.com/strumslinger/blog/2018/08/06/g-and-sagat-rampage-in-to-street-fighter-v-arcade-edition-on-august-6

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