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  1. Darn it - this is one of the Saturdays I won't be able to do due to family commitments unless something changes. Might be on Sunday night, but otherwise this weekend is pretty much booked for me... I might have to just join you all on Halo 5 instead....
  2. My son's 9 soon, and has recently discovered WWE, but before that it was basically Minecraft, Terraria, the occasional Lego game or retro updates like Jetpac... He's got into Rocket League - the biggest risk is when I mess up and have to catch myself before shouting... He's just started to get into FPS games - out of all of them, the one he's ended up with is Halo multiplayer as aliens seem less of a controversial issue than shooting humans (in his mum's opinion).... The main thing has been adjusting my expectations of expecting us to work together to 100% Lego Star Wars for example, and instead just letting him have some fun while I help when needed...
  3. If we're not doing a big raid tonight - anyone up for doing the Nightftall raid at least? I should be on around 8pm-10pm if nothing goes horribly wrong in the meantime... If not, I'll probably just be doing some patrols or on Overwatch, so send me an invite if you spot me on something else - if I'm weirdly quiet at times it's generally because my Turtle Beach headset appears to have an occasionally problem connecting, so I end up having to turn the controller on and off again a couple of times before voice chat works...
  4. Definitely still up for this (Hadn't checked the forum in a while and got distracted by Overwatch). I'm free most nights from around 7-10pm, and on weekends until 10.30-11pm ish if there's a night we can all get on... Will try and check/send friend requests tonight too.
  5. Bring back private lobbies for general online racing and organised events. Bring back in-game clubs. Ditch tying achievements to the endless career races in single player as it's meaningless when you can set everything to the most basic levels. Have specific lobbies set to manual/TCS off Some kind of forced penalty for collisions in the first sector of the first lap of a race - e.g 5 seconds ghosted off-throttle. And bring back my 4 wheel drive S Class Toyota Yaris
  6. Badger

    NieR: Automata

    As Qazimod was shy to mention it - he's actually kindly done a bit of a write up on the game for Disposable Media... I'm sure he'd love some rllmuk readers for it http://www.disposablemedia.co.uk/2016/12/nier-automata-demo-released-week/
  7. Hi, Belatedly up for this - could do with finishing the Nightfall Raid for the Christmas book, and any other Raids people need a body for. Or if anyone needs a Clan member. I seem to be the only person out of my group of friends who actually plays Destiny on Xbox One...
  8. Cool - PM an email address and you'll get an invite into our Slack community to get started on your itches...
  9. You still owe me a Forza Horizon review, ya silly sausage. But if you're interested, I suspect OnlineRaceDriver.com would have a use for you Right. I think most people have PM'd and now have Slack invites. If not, PM me again or shout. And despite the fantastic and overwhelming response so far, we can always use more people - there's never enough bodies, and I have more than 1 site available to be filled If you've never done anything similar before, don't worry. Learning while you go is the best way
  10. Features are great. And the important things are enthusiasm and a willingness to try. You're not the only one who wants to give it a shot for the first time, and there's a few of us to provide support and help as you go
  11. Sounds perfect. Although I would have expect jazz albums rather than films PM an email and I'll get you a Slack invite...
  12. Think I've replied to everyone so far, and it's great to see such enthusiasm It's worth saying that DM isn't purely about games - we can cover films that don't feature videogames in them, music which isn't from a game soundtrack, and art which is nothing to do with games... But we might cover some gaming stuff too....
  13. Anything that can be displayed on a website in some way. Illustration, typography and layouts will help the website, and potentially lead to the magazine returning online and maybe in print. But the Art section can include anything - street art, pottery, caligraphy, collage. And it doesn't have to be game related. It would be a pleasure to have an old hand back with us... just let me know what your current email address is... One of the other original team is lurking, if not actively doing anything yet, and there are one or two I still keep in touch with who might be prodded out of retirement... I've never had Jim Miles sing to me over anything. He did once suggest someone try and walk into my house via a full length window, but thankfully I stopped him before any damage occurred.... PM emails for Slack invites and we'll get cracking. Or blogging. Cracking sounds better though... Can you send your email, PM me, PM me!
  14. Consider yourself had! The glory days of DM were about 7-8 years ago, and I started writing for websites back in 2001, so you're not alone. In fact, my first published print article was for the Official Dreamcast Magazine.... We manage everything via a Slack group, so if everyone can PM their favourite email address to me, I'll send out invites today (Probably this evening after I get back from a work meeting).... Will look forward to it - if you're interested in helping out with the Art section on a regular basis by publishing contributions from other people, just let me know and I'll add you to the Slack group...
  15. That would be great - reviews are definitely lacking at the minute, and we're regularly offered review copies which I've had to turn down on numerous occasions because I knew I'd never get to them... But only if you also let us re-publish the ShenMue Livechat series
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