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    More information about the Nier Automata anime from the Aniplex Online Fest - Spy x Family is back this Saturday. New OP - The trailer for the new Makoto Shinaki film 'Suzume no Tojimari' has just been released. Film comes out in Japan this November -
  2. Djx

    NieR: Automata

    Yoko Taro with some more information on the Nier Automata anime - He's always been quite modest (Interview from 2017) -
  3. Djx

    NieR: Automata

    2 Nier Automata statues were released a while back as part of Square Enix's Masterline (Premium Statue) collection. Cool to see fancy merch for a fantastic game but it sure is absurdly pricey. £849 (approx) for a 2B Statue - £2,799 (approx) for the Trio Statue -
  4. Yep. It's a decent way to teach people to play - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Magic-Gathering-Starter-Multicolor-D05660000/dp/B09XF8DTD7 Decklists are here and you can also check out the artwork on the cards to make sure it is suitable for kids - https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/magic-gathering-2022-starter-kit-2022-06-02 The 2021 Kit is also in stock in some stores - https://www.totalcards.net/magic-the-gathering-arena-starter-kit-2021-dragonsguard-elite-cyclone-summoner?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-6nkgsaz-gIViKztCh1yEg0PEAQYBiABEgKqjPD_BwE A review of the 2021 kit -
  5. Djx


    25th Anniversary video for the One Piece manga. As per Google Translate -
  6. Djx


    One Piece Film Red is out in cinemas from November 4th 2022 in the UK - It only came out in Japan on August 6th 2022. You could say that's quite quick for a One Piece film to get a western release except this film was released in France on August 10th 2022. The film has songs written by artists from different music genres and all are sung by popular artist Ado in the film - (Preview of all 7 songs and 1 bonus track in the video above) Title track is New Genesis - It's doing quite well in Japan - https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2022-09-21/one-piece-film-red-anime-earns-15-billion-yen-after-46-days/.190013
  7. Official site - https://www.spike-chunsoft.co.jp/raincode/en/ Nintendo Direct trailer - Special Edition has been announced and available in the U.S from today - https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2022/09/master-detective-archives-rain-code-mysteriful-limited-edition-revealed European pre-orders to follow. Nintendolife also has an interview with Kazutaka Kodaka - https://www.nintendolife.com/features/everyone-just-so-happens-to-die-in-my-stories-danganronpa-creator-talks-master-detective-archives-rain-code
  8. Djx


    Jujutsu Kaisen 0 is up on Crunchyroll from today if you weren't able to catch it at the cinema earlier this year.
  9. Another fantastic episode. The hyper realistic console game gags were really well done too. Streetfighter 6's World Tour mode needs to play like this -
  10. 2 minute preview of next week's episode -
  11. Djx


    Kaiji Art Exhibition opening for a limited time in Japan - https://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2022/09/11/kaiji-art-exhibition-takes-a-gamble-on-nakano-broadway-in-fall-of-2022 In other news, Bleach is getting approximately 52-ish episodes for its new run but it'll be across 2 years. So 13 episodes then a 3 month break then another 13 eps. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2022-09-11/bleach-thousand-year-blood-war-anime-unveils-2nd-video-more-cast-song-artists-split-4-cours-length-/.189566 New trailer -
  12. Pretty sure he's Darth Vader right about now after that price increase announcement - Well, anyone questioning the price increase is getting this instead - Clearly that Darth Vader themed PS4 released in 2015 was Sony foreshadowing all of this - https://blog.playstation.com/2015/08/16/star-wars-ps4-bundles/
  13. Nope, you're right on that point. Kenzan is the first game. Came out in 2008 on PS3. Ishin came out on PS3 and PS4 in 2014.
  14. Season 6, Ep 2 was fantastic. Great homage to an excellent film.
  15. Djx


    Bit of both. https://www.animefillerlist.com/shows/bleach
  16. 2 new Rick & Morty crossover ads: Wendys - God of War Ragnarok -
  17. Season 6 is out from tomorrow -
  18. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2022/08/a-new-limited-time-pokemon-sword-and-shield-distribution-event-has-been-announced Starts tomorrow.
  19. Shopto.net currently have a competitive pre-order price of £39.85 for each of these games - Scarlet (plus free Scarlet Pin badge) - https://www.shopto.net/en/swpo37-pokemon-scarlet-p1166272/ Violet (plus free Violet Pin badge - https://www.shopto.net/en/swpo36-pokemon-violet-p1166268/ There is also a steelbook double pack of both games for £89:85 (if you really want a steelbook for an extra £10) - https://www.shopto.net/en/swpo38-pokemon-scarlet-and-pokemon-violet-double-pack-p1172769/
  20. Djx

    Nintendo Switch

    On that note, Shopto.net is having a sale on Nintendo Switch games. £34.85 for Pokemon Pearl / Pokemon Diamond, Kirby Forgotten Land, AC New Horizon and many more - https://www.shopto.net/en/nintendo-sale/
  21. Considering how the franchise is going from strength to strength, it's still a pity that Yakuza Kenzan & Yakuza Ishin never got official Western releases. SEGA have been teasing a Kiwami style remake of Yakuza Kenzan for a while now - https://www.destructoid.com/yakuza-producer-comments-on-yakuza-kenzan-kiwami-possibility/ Maybe a possible project after the next mainline Yakuza game. The trailers did make the games look like a lot of fun -
  22. Make that extremely, extremely limited - https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2022/07/sega-genesis-mini-2-will-be-in-much-shorter-supply-than-original/ Pre-orders are up right now for the Genesis Mini 2 exclusively through Amazon.com but will only ship to US addresses - https://www.amazon.com/sales-North-America】SEGA-Genesis-Mini-マシン非依存/dp/B0B4D19JJ4/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=genesis+mini&qid=1659392791&sprefix=genesis+min%2Caps%2C180&sr=8-1
  23. Nintendo Store has some XC3 themed wallpapers available for free. Just sign in to get them - https://my.nintendo.com/news/f33b6b53a6f66742
  24. Nintendo Store UK has the Special Edition of this back in stock (at time of typing) - https://store.nintendo.co.uk/en_gb/metroid-dread-special-edition-P00069.html
  25. For anyone who missed out on the Special Edition of this the first couple of times, Nintendo Store UK has it back in stock now (at time of typing) - https://store.nintendo.co.uk/en_gb/shin-megami-tensei-v-fall-of-man-premium-edition-P00072.html
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