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  1. I appear to have not done that as I C’est la vie!
  2. This is how I’m playing the game and it is a lot of fun, albeit sometimes very hard work. But overcoming is a huge reward. That said I do sometimes use the Jellyfish on overworld enemies that I have beaten many times just to hurry things on. I’m not as far as you though so haven’t watched that boss vid. Currently feeling very dispirited after losing 120,000 runes and all because I thought I’d just dispatch two of the big eagles on the way to picking up the dropped runes. Despite having killed a few of the eagles (although, as a melee build, I find them a little tricky)and not being too concerned, the two of them monstered me. I was careless and complacent so a classic Souls error. It’s the most runes I’ve lost in one go by a huge margin, previously the most I’d lost was ~35,000 and the most I have lost in total over 150 hours is probably only twice that. I am very diligent about collecting dropped runes and, even now, (up to Mountaintop) I will still go out my way to pick up anything more than 6-7,000. Waste not, want not!
  3. It is being very kind to describe it as crappy journalism I'd say. Really, it is cynically awful in it's sensationalist misrepresentation of an individual. To go from 'nothing she liked better than shoving a rabbit in a biscuit tin, gassing it, and then dissecting it' to the truth of her not gassing anything, having sympathy for said rabbit, and then dissecting a frog seems a step beyond crappy journalism as well as being spectacularly inappropriate to lead an obit of someone with such a long life and career behind her. If I were a grieving relative I'd be pretty upset at that sort of defamation being published. I don't know a lot about libel law so don't know how it applies to the dead but surely there must me some grounds here to force an apology. Even if it be only via the empathy of the rag's editor. But, as it's The Times I imagine empathy is a rare resource. I hope Mic Wright has something to say about it.
  4. Wow, that is a shockingly awful twisting of the original quote - surely bordering on libellous? Did Dot Cotton ever say anything mean about Murdoch as it seems a really odd, almost vindictive, way to open an obituary?
  5. My advice would be to just go explore somewhere else and come back to that dude later as he is pretty fierce. I would also recommend switching up and playing with other weapons if that isn't something you do already. I've moderately levelled up a double sword thing that does fire damage, a magic damage sword, and a cold axe just to give me elemental damage to experiment with. The fire and magic weapons, despite not being anything like as upgraded as my usual go to +17 broad sword, have proven REALLY useful and are becoming my defaults. I shall try the ice axe when I remember. I only encountered Godskin Noble over the weekend and think i am a little way ahead of you in time played (140 hours or so ish and currently Level 115) as I seem to have half a dozen distractions on the go at any one time whether they be bosses, hard sections, loot I can't reach, etc. I seem to spend each session doing anything other than moving the story on as I keep finding new things, that lead to more things and more, and more before then just nipping back to X spot as I remember there was something there I needed to do and that leads to another three hour detour, etc. I did finish up in Volcano Manor earlier (as far as I can tell at least - no more locked doors and all the visible loot has been nabbed) so am pretty pleased with that. Also made really hard work of a Putrid Guardian that took me seven or eight attempts just through my own carelessness. Ended up piling up the runes though as the route to him runs past loads of 1100 rune each guardians that I could not resist killing every time. Need to pop back to those towers and see if anything has changed and then that horrific lake needs to be looked at properly. I also have a boss in the Capital that gave me a few kickings the other day so he's on the list too). I tell you what does annoy me and that is jumping down tree branches and the like - so many deaths I had an actual rage quit. Made it eventually though for some OK loot... What a game this is.
  6. They are indeed. I sometime see red messages too, which are something to do with NPC invaders I think?
  7. I haven’t completed it yet but this will not be true, just as it wasn’t with any of his previous games. I have found my way to where I am (Royal Capital) without needing a guide, just by playing the game and exploring at my own pace as the game does more than enough to funnel the player along in the right direction (if they wish to even go that way). I don’t know what 95% of the consumables do, no idea what the twenty odd spirits do, haven’t used a great rune or a rune arc, etc, etc but that’s more down to me not using them rather than any obscurity. I don’t need a guide to explain what each and every item in the game is for, or what each and every NPC and place in the game world is about. If anything, I prefer the mystery and the not knowing.
  8. Oh, yeah, the lads whizzing up and down the ramps? I'm with you now and, yeah, they are a chore. I did the one at the very beginning and gave up on another I found somewhere as it was too frustrating. I thought chariots might be the official name for the wheeled iron maidens. Which I HATE.
  9. OK. Seeing as you are stuck. What you need to do is:
  10. Yes, that is the one I know. I thought that, finally, I had the chance to help someone but alas.. Chariots? The Iron Maidens on wheels? I HATE those damn things.
  11. I was about to offer excellent gentle guidance s I thought you were taking about a place that I have visited but thenrealised the castle I am thinking of is north and east of Gelmir which is the opposite to where you are looking.
  12. There is an easy answer to this but I'll hold my tongue...
  13. Oh yeah, sorry, I wasn't having a dig. The wandering is where I have found so much fun and unexpected wonder though. It's also why my progress is relatively slow - I tend to go over areas several times on multiple visits to see if anything has changed (and that has paid off handsomely in the last week) but appreciate that many don't want to retread ground just in case they see something. I randomly found a dude who had been turned into a tree the other day! Which reminds me I need to try and remember where that was as he went off to steal something for me... I don't remember the guy outside the Caelid rune tower boss room. If it is the one I'm thinking of can't you just run past?
  14. It is astonishing that 130 hours into playing an open world game I am still being constantly surprised by things, seemingly around every corner. On the critical path I am at the Royal Palace but have spent the last couple of days distracted as I've revisited earlier areas to check in on NPCs and follow up on earlier unfinished business. Those deviations have lead to MASSIVE discoveries and more 'wows', 'WTF's', and 'YOU DIED's than most games deliver in their entirety. It's just extraordinary. Any other, 'normal' open world game I'd have finished or, much more likely, become bored of long, long ago as the shopping list of instructions and cookie cutter fetch, raid, help, etc, missions, dull exposition, and gaudily overpopulated maps would have exhausted me. This just seems to go on and on doing its own unique thing, giving more and more, and it is just absolutely fucking glorious. I've got ab out half a dozen things on the go in the game just now but whenever I focus on one I end up finding other things and then that's a whole new distraction. Any other developer would have delivered half the game (which would still be incredible value) and sold us the rest as DLC so generous is definitely the word.
  15. It will be! Really, I think the best advice is to just choose your class and get out there. If something is proving a challenge, then dash off and do something else. There is a LOT to see and do in the opening area (which you are not confined to, but you'll soon learn where you should not be at any given time). Have you played the other games? That will at least give you a grounding in the basics which are pretty consistent with their earlier work but, if not, this is a surprisingly accessible intro to how FROM do things albeit in a huge and extraordinary open world rather than the somewhat tighter and more controlled environments of earlier games. There is a how to thread for any specific questions/issues too...
  16. You doń't need a guide unless keen to rush through and get it done ASAP but that would mean missing half the fun of being alone in a huge, almost entirely hostile, world All you do at any time is just wander off and see what's what. I've not bothered with a guide so far and am getting along just fine as the game seems to very subtly push the player in the right direction which means I've ended up back on the critical path after a thousand and one detours to look at things and explore. I'll have missed loads of side quests for sure but there will always be future playthroughs.
  17. For lunch today, instead of continuing with any one of half a dozen locations I have things going on at, I thought I'd take it easy by making one of my occasional runs checking in on random NPC locations to see if anyone has anything new to say, anyone new has arrived, or if anyone is now mysteriously dead. Spoilered as, despite not being explicit, I do hint at your Manor pondering as that is where I went today: As always with these games it can often be rewarding to revisit older locations as I also revisited a random shack to find four dead people and an invader who dropped a nice +8 Halberd. Totally unexpected and a nice bonus for the chilled non aggro session I had time for (the non aggro bit fell apart somewhat in the Manor).
  18. Yeah, they are a real nightmare. I am going to leave them until I can do more damage, or maybe experiment with other weapons, as my only hope/plan right now is wailing as much damage as possible on one whilst relying on a bit of luck to dodge the other (and the one I am concentrating on). Trouble is they are both so aggressive and have such huge range that it gets really hard to keep dodging them both, even when down to a light load.
  19. Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter?
  20. I am up to 125 odd hours now and am still constantly amazed by this game. I got to the Royal Capital at the weekend and have spent a couple of sessions poking around there, defeating one boss and spotting the (bigger!) doorway to another before wandering off South to do a few other things. I think I've explored most of the overground levels but it is a big, convoluted, area so I'll need to make a few more runs through to double check. Had fun down a well though! I definitely have more to do below as I now have a key that I need to use so that is also at the back of my mind. Really though, I have so many things going on all over the map that I feel like I'm juggling plates (in a good way) which is pretty extraordinary given the huge number of hours I've put into the game. Yesterday I popped down to Limgrave for a horse ride in the sun, really just as a break from the aggro of the Capital. In doing so I found a whole new area that I had totally missed previously (a crater!) which has made sense of a plot line I was following but lost track of. Defeated one boss but am being destroyed by a Valiant Gargoyle that revealed an evil trick up its sleeve just as I was getting the hang of it. So that is another one I'll come back to when a bit stronger (I'm Level 106 or so). Riding around after the time underground I then found a wee demi-human who had been turned into a tree! Having freed him, he promised to go and steal something from a cave for me so that's another NPC to keep track of. He'll probably come back with a melted mushroom... Today I came across a little valley that I had abandoned weeks ago as it was a bit harsh, so back then I bypassed it and carried on up a different path. I'd completely forgotten about it but it turns out it was a path to four bell towers, three of which teleported me to some fine locations, albeit all dead ends. I've had a glimpse of an amazing looking floating castle before the two beasts guarding the small area I could access gave me a real kicking so I'm in no rush to get to the castle proper too soon. Annoyingly they dropped nothing despite being a real chore. Also fought a big fat, super aggressive lizard man on a bridge and he did drop some tidy gear. Speaking of gear I am now paying more attention to the stats on the right hand side of the screen - the ones that show any changes to my stats as it turns out I have owned a hat that increases my HP by a good 20% and another that adds 12 or 13 points to Arcane which will open up a few weapon choices. Oh, i turned a tower upside down which was great as I had previously wasted a LOT of time poking around there trying to work out how to get higher. I think it was a bit of a dead end though but will need to go back and check next session. I have also found two more bell bearings but both were of little use - one to buy Gravewort and one to buy a few spells, neither of which are of use to me. I do really need to find some 5 and 6 smithy stones or a bell bearing to buy them in order to push my weapons on as I've been stalled on them at +17 for almost as long as I was stalled at +7 (which was a very long time indeed). Incredible game. To compensate for all that text here's my latest Fashion Souls effort which, sadly, does not show just how awesomely shiny my hat is:
  21. They have. And he has already been over there trying to piss on people's enjoyment.
  22. I realise you are simply doing your ever tedious thing and that I shouldn't humour it but I am 110 hours into ER and haven't needed to grind for runes at all as, instead of trying to force an upgrade, I just go and do something at my level instead. Of which there have been near limitless opportunities. It's a game that can be played totally organically with zero need to grind or to frantically chase objectives unless you want to rush to the end but you know that. It also makes all other open world games, bar BOTW and very few others, look like the formulaic, hand holding, snooze fest that they all are and that is a significant element of why so many people, and all the critics, are enjoying it so much. 'Zealots'. Amazing.
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