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  1. Very sad news. Just like many others here his Crash and ZZAP! covers were a huge part of my early years of playing games.
  2. I made @GottersBiryani recipe recommendation (the one linked to rather than the book one) and it was very good and very filling. Everything was perfectly cooked, which is quite important (first time cooking rice in the pot as we normally use a rice cooker), but we Idid find it to be perhaps a little bland for our tastes so will be upping the spices and herbs even further when we do it again and maybe throw a half or full scotch bonnet into the mix for a little heat too. Half a lime's worth of juice is maybe too much too as it was quite a stand out taste even with everything else in there. It's been an age since were last b used out the instant pot though and it was good to get back into it.
  3. This looks great so I'll be giving it a bash tomorrow...
  4. That is some serious gouging!
  5. Yeah, the Ritual Pale Ale. I’d not normally buy six of anything but the cans have six Weird Walk covers as artwork and I’m a big WW fan. Plus, Verdant make a decent pale and it is exactly the right weather for it.. Yeah, no idea why I’ve never used TM before as I’ve always enjoyed visiting their bar when in York. I suppose it’s mostly as I don’t really order too much beer online aside from direct from breweries but with TM being cheaper than going direct, plus all the additional variety too, makes them a no brainer in future…
  6. Yep. If I am in a town I'm not too familiar with I'll always stick my head in and see what the guest beers are as, usually, they have some decent things on. I also find their staff to be friendly and helpful way more often than not which always helps. I was in Edinburgh in February and ended up spending a whole evening in the very small Brewdog on Cowgate as, for starters, they had a few decent Omnipollo's and an Overtone on. We ended up staying all night as it felt way more like a small, neighbourhood, bar with friendly locals and their dogs, some lad set up singing with an acoustic guitar, really friendly staff, and just a really, really great atmosphere. Didn't drink any Brewdog in there but far and away the best of their bars I've visited.
  7. For those who like to order a few cans online Trembling Madness in York have become my new favourite. Verdant released a collab beer with Weird Walk, a zine I very much enjoy, and as said beer comes with six different labels I, of course, needed all of them. They sold out at Verdant and a few other places before I could get round to ordering them as I was waiting as hoped my local bottle shop/bar might get them in (but didn't). I googled this morning and Trembling Madness had them in stock so ldropped them an email to ask if they had all six designs, which they did and without asking took them off sale to hold for me as they as they were down to their last few. Very decent as I've not used them before (but have visited their excellent bar in York a couple of times). They, aren’t half a dozen Beak cans I ordered, will be here tomorrow. Nice. They are also very fairly priced. The Verdant beers worked out at about the same price as direct from the brewery and everything else I ordered was cheaper than direct from Beak as were prices on a couple of other breweries I checked out. Very large range too... Recommended.
  8. I tried half a dozen or so Belleflowers in Unit 9 and at home a month or two ago after cloudwater imported a load of kegs and cans and they were pretty good although none that I'd describe as incredible. Very nice artwork too. A brewery not being able to organize a piss up in a (almost) brewery is a new one. Also, don't buy Brewdog.
  9. I read that one a few months ago and, yep, it is a great read. I too was surprised by his background as it was almost the opposite of my assumption of how he got to where he is...
  10. Thanks for the recommendation and, as always, to @Stopharage for compiling these really handy lists. I've just bought Flowers For Algernon as it was a lyrical reference in a song on my favourite record of last year. I didn't understand said reference but felt that it was some 19th C poem or some such so it's great to discover the actual origin. I don't read that much fiction but having just read two autobiographies back to back (Simon Reeve's 'Journey To Impossible Places' and Rev Richard Coles' 'Fathomless Riches', both of which I highly recommend) it should make for a pleasing change.
  11. No loss to me as it is a style of game that I have zero interest in.
  12. An Edge 10?! Amazing, let's have a look! *googles* 'Immortality is an upcoming interactive film video game' Oh well, never mind...
  13. Friend of mine saw this at a comic festival he went on a work jolly to a week or two ago and is raving about it. His only disappointment is that it is going straight to streaming as he said it was outstanding on the big screen. It had passed under my radar since then as, for me, there has only even been one Predator film so I ignored news of yet another spin off... EDIT: That review quoted above is much the same as my mate said - really worked on the big screen.
  14. I'm with you on Kidman, she is a very ordinary actress indeed. I shall still seek out the film and just hope she is not too distracting.
  15. Apparently they filmed a lot of the scenes of her driving the van (crew hidden in the back) as improvisations on the streets of Glasgow with her genuinely trying to pick up random (non actor) fellas walking the streets - some of whom, IIRC, made the cut (with permissions of course). The crew were surprised at how many rejections she got and that virtually none of the men she sidled up alongside recognised her. I guess, out of context, many highly famous faces might be easily passed by. Incredible film and Mica Levi's score is one of my all time favourites as, unlike most scores, it is a very fine listen outside of the movie. EDIT: I can't believe that Jonathan Glazer has only directed three movies! I've not seen Birth but given the stellar quality of this and of Sexy Beast I probably need to rectify that ASAP as the premise sounds intriguing.
  16. For what it’s worth I didn’t find Strat to be worth the £4 or £5 I spent to uplift my PS+ account for a few months. I found it clunky, slow, and dull. I don’t like cats though so maybe that should be factored in.
  17. I like this photo of the two of them affirming the respect they have for each other after such a brutal day. I was pretty neutral, if not cold, towards Pogacar until this years race but seeing him crack in the Alps and then fight so hard right till the end has shown another side to him that it is impossible not to be impressed by. He seems pretty humble too.
  18. Yeah, it's funny how things turn around. I fully expected Pogacar to win this years Tour, and by some margin, but it has been so much better for us neutrals to have two closely matched riders fighting it out to the end and with the big mountain days delivering so much drama this year. Got to feel for Roglic as he must be starting to think that his chance of winning the Tour has passed. Been a really great tour for Thomas too and Pidcock must surely have a GT win or two in the coming years.
  19. Yeah, that was an amazing moment. What a pair of riders they are but van Aert has been simply incredible.
  20. Yeah, Boulting is great although I find Millar to be a bit dull and not hugely insightful. Kirby and Hatch though just need to STFU and leave it to the ex pros. I have it on the ipad besides my PC screen so don't think ITV is an option and, to be fair, the number of ad breaks they run is chronic.
  21. Yeah, it's a bit frustrating as the commentators* actively degrade my enjoyment. I mostly use the ambient sound these days but have tried that race radio which I did enjoy despite my French being nowhere near good enough. Even auto subtitles would be an improvement. *bar the ex pros who are mostly excellent, especially McEwen and, of course, Kelly.
  22. It's a bit late really but are there any decent live audio commentaries out there? I have GCN+, after accidently letting the promo auto renew, but cannot stand the two lead commentators which means I'm watching much, much less of the racing than I would normally. Carlton Kirby's inane muttering, laughing at his own humour, and ludicrous hysteria are almost tolerable but I just have to turn off completely once Rob Hatch takes over as he is unbearable. IIRC I did find an online audio stream somewhere last year but it was 4 or 5 minutes behind the live images so wasn't that great. Good Tour so far though!
  23. Elden Ring and Returnal are pretty much all I have played this year, and Returnal alone for most of last year. I still haven't actually completed Elden Ring although I feel that I am very close to the end as the Returnal DLC has been obsessing me for the last few months.
  24. This is not a great service is it? Startlingly small and thin catalogue, the usual mess of a UI, and no 4k/HDR content will see me cancelling this as soon as my free month is over. Nice to have Frasier on hand though and I’ll try 1883 as Red Dead 2 really invigorated my interest in those early days of US colonisation/expansion.
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