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  1. 11 minutes ago, AI said:

    @Mike S Long shot, but have you tried looking behind you? If you hold down the options button it will put the UI in the direction you're looking.



    I've just tried that but no joy unfortunately.


    The dualsense graphic stays in the centre of my view (although does briefly disappear occasionally) as I turn round and look up and down. Holding options does nothing but interact with the home screen. Still no sign of the headset under accessories.


    I am quite disappointed.

  2. 7 minutes ago, Eighthours said:

    Just to check, have you plugged it into the front USB-C port and have you checked that the headset end is definitely securely plugged into the headset port?


    What happens when you put the headset on, exactly?


    Yep, plugged into the front USB-C and it looks like a non removable connection at the headset end so that is solid.


    When I press the power button on the headset it goes from red to very briefly flashing white to solid white. This is accompanied by a brief drop out in the home screen ambient music before that restores. All I see through the headset is the aforementioned dualsense graphic. There are no prompts at all on the TV.


    EDIT: and Sony support helpline is closed for the weekend...

  3. 10 minutes ago, Strafe said:

    The first prompt you should see is a software updated for the headset, you’ll need to remove it for that and (I think) confirm using a regular dual sense.



    I don't think the PS5 is recognising the headset. There are no prompts and it isn't listed as an accessory (PS5 firmware is up to date). I've tried several combinations of powering down the PS5 and headsets in order to force some sort of recognition but no dice. 


    I am now quite worried I have a faulty unit.

  4. 7 minutes ago, Stanley said:

    Plug the headset in and turn it on, then put it on your head, keep the controllers nearby and just follow instructions. The light on the headset should be green. 



    I've tried that - all I see is a graphic of a dual sense with the start button flashing. I've tried pressing the start button on one of the VR controllers as well as on the Dualsense but nothing happens.


    Headset light is solid white...

  5. I have no idea how to set up the headset.


    I've followed the instructions, paired the controllers (noting with some disappointment that they are only charged to one bar), but after that can't make any progress. Reading the instructions and a couple of online guides I get the impression that powering up the headset should lead to some sort of on screen prompt but I see nothing. The headset is powered and shows a DualSense with a flashing start button but pressing that does nothing and the headset does not show in the Settings ->Accessories page..


    I have no idea what I might have overlooked as the instructions are quite brief and I think I've followed them correctly. 





  6. Kev of DPD was running a little late but he’s now been. Not bad really as I only ordered it on Thursday afternoon using standard delivery and Sony’s tracking stated that it would not be here till Monday.


    Let’s go!



  7. Despite not getting on at all with the original PSVR I have succumbed to hype/FOMO/optimism that it will be better this time and have one of these arriving between 11:07 and 12:07. Cheap copy of Village should be here sometime later too and I’ve already upgraded Rez, Tetris and Thumper, and GT7 is patched up so plenty to get started on. 


    Worst case scenario is that I don’t get on with it again so will use Sony’s quite generous thirty day return option but I’m hoping that this time round I can grow the VR legs I was unable to last time. Maybe not today though as I have a modest hangover and the beginnings of a cold.


  8. 17 minutes ago, Paulando said:

    Steam seems to think there is!



    I could have sworn it wasn't available for Mac when I bought the PC version a few weeks ago but, yes, it definitely is now and has been downloaded.





  9. 1 hour ago, Paulando said:

    Yep, this is wonderful, and my fave game of 2022. Highly recommended. It’ll run on any potato PC or Mac too.


    I don’t think there is a native Mac version which is a shame as it’s the kind of thing I’d much rather play on a laptop than on the big PC screen.

  10. The Gold (BBC/iPlayer)


    This dramatization of the 1983 Brinks Mat bullion robbery and it's aftermath showed up on the TV home screen the other day so thought I'd give it a try and I'm very happy I did. Binged it over three entertaining nights.


    It's got it all - a heist, villains, molls, good cops, bent cops, fences, freemasons, lock ups, Costa del Sol hideaways, and even a little bit of class warfare. I wasn't particularly aware of the details of the crime but it makes for a great story and is well told and acted (although the fella who plays the fence is as weak as he was in Slow Horses and just doesn't seem right for the role as the RL character seems to be a real nasty piece of work).


    The pace over the six one hour episodes is just about right with enough attention paid to fleshing out the multiple characters without slowing the story down. It'd be ten one hour episodes with Netflix and would be worse for it.


    Very solid 4/5.

  11. 5 hours ago, Hylian said:

    Nothing yet. I think the smart money is on third person action shooter using Returnal as the foundation for the gameplay. I very much doubt we'll see "Returnal 2" or similar, but rather a new setting/story with familiar gameplay elements. Given their previous games, you'll almost certainly be dashing through bullets 😁


    Yeah, I am expecting another bullet hell shmup of some sort and, given how extraordinarily great their jump to third person has been, really hope they continue on that path. I certainly hope they don't add RPG and more overt narrative elements as someone suggested a few pages back as I would not like that at all but, really, I only see Housemarque refining their shoot em up style, as you suggest, so all should be good...


    11 hours ago, BadgerFarmer said:

    Yes. It does.


    (Select 'Disable Steam Input' in the controller settings to make it work.)

    Excellent, that's good news. Once I have finished Metroid Prime I'll likely pick up a PC copy for the extra shininess. Hopefully, some of the performance issues will be patched out by then too...

  12. Can someone on PC let me know if this has full Dual Sense support?


    I am very close to double dipping despite still playing the PS5 version for a few hours a week as it would be rude not to seeing as this is up there with the very best games of all time. 

    Has there been any word on what Housemarque are working on as a follow up? This will be a very hard act to equal let alone better...

  13. 16 hours ago, JohnC said:

    He also promises it won't be an "anti-woke nightmare."



    And then finished with "it will be an anti-woke dream!".


    When was the last time Cleese was involved in anything worth watching? Maybe A Fish Called Wanda almost 35 years ago? Since them all he has done is become ever more out of touch and irrelevant.


    I now almost want to see this just to see how astonishingly bad it will be.

  14. 24 minutes ago, Benny said:

    Can you still subtly see Samus' own face reflected back at you within the visor sometimes? That was one of the coolest effects in the original.

    Yes, and it remains an excellent effect…

  15. 7 minutes ago, scottcr said:




    Given that the Nintendo servers seem to be getting a hammering and it is going to take 12 minutes to download Prime how, whilst Im waiting,  do I get the GB content?


    EDIT: Just found them in the shop. I will download them and then never play anything on them ever, just like the other virtual consoles that aren't the SNES.

  16. Just now, SuperCapes said:


    Oh I said to my wife I am buying it and her response was...


    "Fucking remasters..."


    She knows my nostalgia button is big and ready to dump any amount! 


    It looks great from the screenshots though Mike and I imagine in motion, 10* better! 






    Although I may look into that Poland trick someone just mentioned...

  17. Just now, Majora said:

    I can't say 40 quid for Prime seems like a bargain exactly. It's what, a higher res version of a 20 year old game with a few control options? 


    Still going to buy it obviously but when you consider how much the whole Trilogy cost on the Wii it's hard to justify why it's that price.





    After the early excitement of the shadow drop I think I'll just wait ion the physical release as at least I'll be able to sell that one and hopefully recoup half the cost...

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