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  1. Mike S

    Fifa 2005

    It's £32.99 at GAME and under £30 at ASDA I think.... EDIT: Beaten by a minute.
  2. Mike S

    Game Rage!

    A 2 Playstation household! Flash bastards.
  3. Mike S

    Game Rage!

    Call of Duty:United Offensive has been driving me fucking spare recently. I've come very, very close to smashing my (too expensive to treat like a hammer) mouse into smithereens on the desk on many, many occasions. Luckily MS mice seem to be built like bricks as it's withstood all of my assaults so far. Being highly confident in my awesome gaming abilities I am, of course, playing through the game on hard. I am, of course, struggling like hell with the stupidly scripted sequences, random death if you step outside of a (non-marked) zone, endlessly spawning enemies until you step into a (non-marked) zone, useless A.I. ( for a game who's tagline is 'no-one fought alone', Im doing a fuck of a lot of fighting on my own). I've never had to use the quick save key more times in a game. Ever. This is an atrocious piece of games design but I WILL beat the bastard thing. Or break something trying.
  4. Mike S

    Fifa 2005

    I felt slightly embarrassed when buying it at my local GAME yesterday. In fact, I felt like one of the gullible serial FIFA buyers I usually look down on whilst waiting for a new PES. I was wrong of course, as it seems very solid indeed. The music and commentary get irritating after about three minutes but are easily silenced. Gameplay doesn't seem to have quite the subtlety of PES but that may because I have played a FIFA since the 16-bit days so don't know the foibles of the control system very well yet. Live sounds good so I'll have a bash on that later. I'll vbe playing as rewe Alexander so we'll see how that works out but I certainly don't foresee myself losing too many... Once all that's said and done though I'll probably still be exchanging it once Xbox PES is on the shelves.
  5. You do indeed RC. It's a steal at £17.99 from Play....
  6. Geeks are excellent! I'm going for Gold now..
  7. That link tiimes out for me but I bet there are some tragic individuals portrayed. I'm smiling just imagining how geeky some people can be...
  8. Excellent! But, seriously, who in their right mind would leave their house (or even their 'special' games room) wearing a HL-2 cap or shirt? I'd even feel like a proper cunt at a LAN party in that kind of garb. I've just realised my 100th post has been celebrated with this image of Valve milking me. Once the reality hits home, I'll be a little sad...
  9. That's exactly what they should do. If HL Source was available for immediate playing then that would be a definite deal-swinger for those of us who are currently pre-loading but aren't that sure (anymore) about paying £35 now just for CS (which I never really got into and now will be too far behind the learning curve to even bother playing online). Give me HL Source and it's a done deal. As for caps, t-shirts, stickers, etc. Why? Incidentally, I'm up to 73.7% downloaded now and the steam thing has started showing Hl and DOD:Source as coming soon, that's new (for me). I'm erring closer to paying for the Silver regardless but am pissed off at paying VAT on a bunch of 1's and 0's.
  10. You'll certainly have to wait for some other version then....
  11. Well, i've just come over all excited and have signed up for Steam and am now pre-loading HL-2 (3.1% and counting!). If CS:Source is available form today then that's got to be worth tieing up the bandwidth for however long it takes. The silver edition seems pretty reasonably priced as there seems to be no guarantee that UK discs will ship with HL and DOD Source so that's the deal clincher for me. Oh, and discs are soooo console.....
  12. Best post in this thread. Excellent.
  13. No, no, no. You're mistaken, internet forumites tend to be experts in their fields.
  14. Got my copy this morning and, like everyone else, first impressions are very positive. The presentation is superb from the blood red and black background animations through the tutorial and ever-helpful advisors and into the game itself. I never managed to get into the other two Total War games (maybe the settings weren't so inspirational) but this one has me hooked from the start. I see a long night ahead of me.... Looks astounding at max res, max detail on my beautiful new 20.1" TFT too (sorry, it's just arrived so had to crow a little). B) BTW Disciple, you want a likely bloodbath? How about anything versus me? A half-organized peasant mob could rout me at the moment never mind nellies and dogs.
  15. The British Board of Film Classification is an independent, non-governmenal body paid for by the movie industry. Local authorities are well within their rights to ignore the BBFC's suggested ratings for cinema releases and occasionally do.
  16. Yeah, and it couldn't be sold to China or North Korea because it was officially a supercomputer and could be used for military purposes. Nothing to do with the all-dominating counterfeit market over there of course.
  17. My mate's baby arrived a few weeks early. Will check it's transistors when I see it, maybe Sony could use them instead of their crappy delaying ones.
  18. Mike S


    Statements like that really annoy me. Killzone is not war, it's just a game and can't even hope to come close to being 'war'.
  19. Excellent PC shmup NOIZ2SA has been ported to the DC. Go to this link for the dl: http://www.dcemu.co.uk/chui/noiz2sa.shtml It's a lot less bother to dl and play on the PC but for the DC hardcore....
  20. Best. Car. Advert. Ever. !. I'm going to go out and buy a new car tomorrow. A Honda. A diesel Honda to be precise. That'll teach all those other car companies with their dull adverts. Truly excellent.
  21. I'm amazed this thread hasn't degenerated into a flame war. Must be too early/late in the day/week/month I guess. I'll also add Mario Kart 64 and MK: Double Dash, neither of which are fit to share the name with the superlative SNES original which killed more hours than any multiplayer game me and my mates played back in the day (with the possible exception of Micro Machines).
  22. It just gets better the longer you play it. I thought it would be perfect 5-10 minute get a quick race out of my system type fodder but I haven't booted it up without playinhg for at least two hours since getting it on Friday. All the modes are equally entertaining to me but I think I'm starting to hit a few brick walls in the challenge mode which doies get bastard hard. Live is a little glitchy but still nice 'n' easy to dip in and out of. The powersliding is the best ever, beating the pants off Namco's pre-determined slides with a very big stick. The feeling of sliding round a long corner whilst moving the car across the road to overtake/avoid clipping the verge is unbeatable. And I like the other traffic indicating and braking, that's pure Sega detailing. PLus, the fat flag guy really is something else. Pure gaming joy. And the best £14.97 I've spent in a long time (via a complicated combination of Game price-matching, trade-in and a voucher)...
  23. If I do, it's certainly not the year. Doh! Post edited.
  24. Can't be arsed to read back through all these posts but here's a link to the text of the PC Format review and a Dutch magazine's slightly less gushing review. http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showpost.p...93&postcount=13 There's also a link to scans of the PC Gamer review while they last... As someone has already said, it's probably a good idea to take these exclusive reviews with a pinch of salt but it's looking pretty special. Halo 2 and Half-Life 2 in November 2004, who'dve thunk it, eh?
  25. Final Fantasy whatever. It's about time they got honest with that title, before I call Trading Standards. Metal Gear Solid 2. Irritating, overblown, cut-scenes killed this for me. I get irritated when game producers fancy themselves as movie directors and then produce crap that wouldn't even go straight to video. If the MGS story was a movie would anyone really be interested in its hackneyed characters and plot? Animal Crossing. I just don't get how this appeals to adults at all. Even in an ironic way. Shenmue. Dull coomes close.
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