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  1. Gamesradar are linking four new S.T.A.L.K.E.R. videos here: http://gamesradar.msn.co.uk/downloads/defa...bsectionid=1629 Looks very good indeed.....
  2. Mike S

    Edge 139

    An article on Garage Musicians and the Playstation? That sounds EXCELLENT!
  3. I'm sure these must have been linked to/discussed already but here's some more Halo 2 screenies for those interested : http://www.computerandvideogames.com/r/?pa...p(que)id=106608 courtesy of CVG...
  4. And that *fap, fap, fap* thing conjures up far too many seedy, horrific images than I need to be thinking about at lunchtime. I don't know exactly what it means but what I imagine it to mean..urrghh...
  5. But these ones have an Xbox logo on the side. An Xbox logo. On his trainers! I usually get upset when I see someone wearing a videogame related T-shirt never mind trainers so can only imagine what rage these trainers could induce in me should I spot someone wearing them about town.
  6. Mike S

    GBA SP

    That 'tribal' SP is the WORST console I have ever seen. It's a concept that is misguided on so many levels I'm not even going to start. Absolutely awful. I would love to get a pure white SP, that would be very cool indeed.
  7. Tssk, you're all such cynics... Next you'll be telling me my local Game drone was talking crap when he assured me that Doom 3 would be out in July. If it's on their piece of paper it's gonna happen, I was informed, so there you are. I'll go and check this HL 2 rumour with them later just to get the full facts.
  8. According to this article at least: http://www.gamesindustry.biz/content_page....me=ret&aid=3682 Which is nice. Oh, and the German's are having the violence toned down for their release. That'll learn 'em......
  9. I heard it would still be November for the Extended release, or rather I heard 'the holidays' which I guess is from Thanksgiving to New Year. Gives plenty of peak consumer purchasing time exposure you see. That's what I've heard. Watched the disc through this afternoon and it is certainly the weakest of the trilogy, but still impressive stuff. There's an excellent trailer for the whole trilogy on the second disc. Lost In Translation was utterly robbed of the Best Picture Oscar though. Utterly.
  10. Of course, exams were much harder back in my days, when there the coursework contributed about 5% to the total pass mark. For the record and back to topic, I love Zombie movies and Spaced so couldn't really fail to enjoy Shaun of The Dead. Which I did, immensely (enjoy it that is). I detest Red Dwarf with something close to a vengeance. And I'm English. There you are.
  11. Just got my copy and the packaging doesn't mention the Oscar clean sweep at all. Seems a strangely understated approach to box-art. I bey EIV won't be able to help themseles for the UK release. I know I'd be shouting about it. I was bad enough when I won a mini-maglite/swiss army knife set at work and I'm fairly confident that winning an Oscar or eleven feels like more of an achievement on many levels.
  12. Yeah, I was expecting a platformer. With rabbits. FFS.
  13. Looks like the more of the same but with a shiny new coat of paint. If they can come up with some decent Live action then I'll have a serious look at it, otherwise, no thanks...
  14. Counterstrike IS old and crap-looking. Counterstrike Source is new and nice looking. Still won't be playing it though as I got put off by all the cheating fecks, now TFC2 is another matter.. And Half-Life Source should be an excellent way to replay the original. If Valve had any sense they'd get this out a month or two before H-L 2 so we can get back in to the H-L universe in style before the main event. If only id would 'do' their old Quake games with the Doom 3 engine too, that'd be quite something.
  15. Would you really wear the PSP on a belt? I know I wouldn't but then again I get wound up by people who have phones attached to themselves by belt clips. And pagers (but I usually excuse them as they're probably Doctors). Belt clips are for Batman.
  16. I think we'd better wait till we play it before judging the gameplay. Remember all that fantastic 'freeform' AI demonstrated last year that turned out to be very heavily scripted sequences? The latest videos certainly look very promising and it'll no doubt be a wonder game but lets just wait and see eh? Only a few more months now hopefully.
  17. That is the best idea/comment to have come out of this years E3. Blast Corps is still my favourite Rare game and I'd absolutely love to see a re-make with a realistic physics model. If I was American I'd probably decree that such a remake would 'rock my world' but I'm not so I won't. It would be very good though.
  18. Sounds excellent. I say sounds as I can't get it to play the video using Real, Windows Media Player or Quick Time. Any suggestions?
  19. I don't think you can compare the ipod and it's success in bringing portable mp3 playing to the masses and the PSP and it's potential for portable movie making at all. For starters, you can listen to your ipod whilst doing just about anything, it's totally passive. For movie watching you've got to sit down and concentrate on the screen which kind of relegates it to travelling/commuting only. 2 hours playback means you could just about watch one movie so what is the point? We've had very cheap portable DVD players for years and they are hardly ubiquitous, I had one 6 years ago and only could never bring myself to use the thing on a train or a plane for fear of looking like a twat and I'd feel the same about using the PSP for anything, it's just too indiscreet for my tastes. Of course, the fact that you would have to repurchase any movie you wanted to watch on the train on Sony's little discs which then won't play your home DVD player is sure to be a huge point against PSP as a viable mobile movie platform. Incidentally, what are the chances of Sony including UMD playback ability on future DVD machines? Pretty high I reckon....
  20. And here is the title and US release date according to cube-3......... Quick News - The Kuju Entertainment and Intelligent Systems-developed GameCube version of Advance Wars has now been given an official title and release date. Advance Wars: Under Fire is due to hit stores on the 27th September, 2004 in the US.
  21. Quite, it's a little more promising than 'it'll be done when it's done'. Roll on Summer.
  22. They are described as new shots fom E3 (2004!).
  23. OK, It WILL be shit. Is that better?
  24. This really does not look very inspiring at all. There is nothing other than cliche in these shots and, grtaphically at least, it looks well behind the bleeding edge but maybe it'll play like a dream. http://www.gcadvanced.com/media.php?gameid=256
  25. I think they mean before 'Fall' or 'The Holidays' i.e. before late autumn/winter..
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