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  1. Well, I cracked and cancelled my order for the LE with Amazon this afternoon, I've little confidence in them getting it to me on Thursday morning and as I'm not really that arsed about the LE's additional content, I'll just pick up whatever version I can get form GS or whoever... Besides, I think it'll be pretty exciting buying it from a shop on Thursday. Unless they're all sold out. Which would be shite.
  2. I'm going to give Amazon till the end of today. If it hasn't been shipped by then I'll just pick up a copy in a shop on Thursday morning and hopefully I'll blag someone else's reserved LE It would be very painful to wait a day or two whilst everyone is playing on Thursday.
  3. Yeah, it's very odd isn't it? I click on the Play Half-Life 2 tab every day, just in case. Only a week to go now....
  4. I would imagine that Amazon got, officially, a fuck-load of pre-orders. At least as many as any other online UK supplier I'd imaginem if not many more. The £34.99 shipped price for the LE would be the main reason. That said, if my order does not show as 'shipped' by midday today, it's getting cancelled and I'll be down the high street trying to blag some kids pre-ordered LE tin before he finishes school or I'll just buy the regular edition, I really couldnt give a flying one for the sake of a bonus DVD I would never watch.
  5. Mike S

    It's Out!

    So, it's more of the same? Great, sounds like it was worth the wait!
  6. You never know, it just may be. Or at least, dissapointing.
  7. You missed ROME:Total War and Pacific Fighters, bnoth of which are just about the pinnacle of their respective genres (R:TW definitely) but that may be stretching a month a little too far seeing as they were released in mid-October...
  8. That would be Full Spectrum Warrior which is a very different type of combat sim to the likes of GR. More of a squad based tactical warfare puzzle 'em up really. Pretty good though if a little repetitive.
  9. For the millionth time, it's released on the 16th November.
  10. If something is considered to be 'whack', is that a good or a bad thing?
  11. Yeah, it's very swish at 1600 x 1200. And another excuse to play through it again, eh?
  12. Well, I'm going away for a fortnight on the Friday so really can't wait
  13. I'm looking forward to it a lot, more so after reading this post. The music is a pretty trivial issue as far as I'm concerned as I usually disable in-game music and just stick something on the stereo that I actually do like. Game music is almost exclusively not to my tastes.
  14. I fully intend to be that idiot as I am becoming increasingly nervous about Amazon's chances of getting my LE Halo2 to me on Thursday. If it ain't shipped on Tuesday I'm cancelling and heading for Game/GS/Virgin/whoever....
  15. Max Payne is SO underrated. It's simply an excellent action game and the slo-mo action sequences NEVER get boring. I don't care if it's 'only' 6-8 hours to complete, this is quality over quantity. I'm talking bout the beautiful PC version, haven't played console versions but imagine the gameplay is pretty much identiacal.
  16. Agreed. Plus they published the excellent Far Cry and the Sturmovik/Pacific Fighters series on the PC. I think Ubisoft have quietly become one of the current generations better publishers with a range of varied and quality titles that put the likes of EA to shame.
  17. Football Manager 2005 for me, it seems even more entertaining to play on a Saturday afternoon. Plus, occasional bouts of airborne violence with Pacific Fighters.
  18. Pay attention at the back!! I said that back on the 2nd or 3rd page of this topic...
  19. Bet you're only saying that coz' there's a Ubi person here and you're after a free copy.
  20. Shit! I've just remembered that I'm a long way from completing the last/current PoP. I'm going to go and fire it up right now. Cheerio.
  21. They certainly didn't know about Football Manager 2005's Thursday release as my copy was only posted yesterday. Should be here on Friday I'd like to think. Mind you, getting excited about a football management game is like getting excited about a new version of Excel.
  22. Excellent I hope it's some 12 year kid who then has a screaming hissy fit. Life's hard, son.
  23. It IS a metal tin, not a silver plastic case. All the ones on display in my local GS are metal anyway, they look alright and a lot more understated than the pretty poor image used on the cover of the regular release.
  24. But you've made some very good comments in the GAME pre-ordering scam post so you're having a pretty good day overall I'd say
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