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  1. This is not a lie. It is an astonishingly good game and, thanks to the incredible endless DLC, remains my default, go to, PS5 game nearly two years after it was first inserted into the disc drive. The game mechanics and that all important 'feel' are absolutley perfect and remain as addictive as hell. I cannot think of a single thing about it that comes anywhere close to being a negative but, despite that, am now thinking about double dipping with the PC version just because proper 4k at 60fps+, and maybe some fancy dan RT, would be nice but I'll wait on reviews in case they botch it. And, yes, PC people, a Dual Sense will add to the enjoyment.
  2. They've been up for a while now! I do like that they are all UHD + HDR with Disney...
  3. It'll be available at your local beer shop though surely? Even my local here in the sticks is getting some again. I thought the launch was Friday as that is when Beermoth have their kegs of it on?
  4. Yeah, Sureshot are a decent new addition to the Manc beer scene. They have a taproom now, right under Piccadilly Station and on the way to Cloudwater and Track tap rooms. Balance opening a taproom not too far away very soon too so it's a pretty healthy corner of town for beer fanciers. Sureshot were very kind on their taproom opening day as everyone got a tote bag with a can, glass, stickers etc and, despite that being more than enough, Lucy the taproom manager even allowed me to blag a couple of extra sets for my local tap room staff. James Campbell was knocking about too and had time for everyone so that was nice given how influential he has been to the modern UK beer scene (ex CW founder as well as head brewer).
  5. Thanks for highlighting this as I'd likely have missed it otherwise. Agree 100% with your review. This is an incredible, challenging, film with some very high quality acting from all but, as you say, the girl playing Nora is astonishingly good. Not once does she look anything other entirely natural and totally convincing which is quite something given that she is on camera for 90% of the running time and that camera is generally very close up. 5/5
  6. The only one that goes in the fridge is mayo. I have never kept ketchup, salad cream, HP sauce, Branston, chili sauces, mustard, horse radish, mint sauce, etc, etc in a fridge and have never noticed a degradation in any of them even with most lasting for many, many months before getting used up. I don't want cold condiments at all and keeping them in a fridge is obviously a sign of madness and deep depravity. I make batches of my own hot mango and pineapple sauces which I do keep in the fridge but that's really because it tends to thicken more and, given that I've made it myself, I'm unsure of how it will keep (it lasts forever in the fridge and suspect it'd not be too harmful if kept in the cupboard as there is a dose of vinegar and citric acid in there to preserve).
  7. I'm reading (listening to) John Higg's latest, Love and Let Die, and it is absolutely brilliant. He uses the release of the first Bond film and the first Bond single on the same day in October, 1962, and the cultural behemoths went on to be as the launch point for a discussion on the next sixty years of British cultural and social history. It is an inspired idea and Higgs delivers it in his usual, highly detailed, thoroughly researched style. I'm only up to 1964 and the use of Fleming and his Establishment card carrying, backward looking, misogynistic, regressive colonialist attitudes as the anti quark to the quark that is the working class, forward looking, progressive, future that the Beatles represent is throwing up all sorts of gems that I as, neither a fan of the Beatles nor much of a fan of Bond, am enjoying immensely. I did try to listen to the Beatles again last night but they really are not for me, however interesting their story is turning out to be. That Higg's has a wonderful reading voice makes for an audiobook that even I am able to pay attention to is a real bonus. Anyways, so far it is shaping up to be as good as the extraordinary history of the 20th Century, 'Stranger than We Can Imagine', and I cannot wait to get back to it whilst cooking later.
  8. Fuckers will be cancelling Seinfeld next! And then I will definitely be out.
  9. This sounds great. Where is it available? That is a wider request as I really appreciate seeing where folk are seeing/sourcing films, especially newer ones. EDIT: It's on MUBI! Will watch this week...
  10. The Amazon elfs are very thoughtful! I've got a couple more chapters to go until finishing the book (technically the audiobook as the preview sample lead me to believe QT was narrating the whole thing but he has, so far, only read the opening chapter. Probably a good thing overall as 10+ hours of him might be a bit exhausting) and it has been a unique and fascinating insight into the greatest decade in cinema. Enjoy! The book has made me hopeful of a post film making career Tarantino devoting his time to writing and talking about film. Congrats on the 1000 BTW! An astonishing amount of films to watch in a year...
  11. I trust you have read, or are planning to, Tarantino's brilliant look at 70's cinema 'Cinema Speculation'?
  12. This would, of course, apply to any list of films watched, at any time, that also included The Exorcist.
  13. Sad news. CH was, and still is, an astonishing that stood head and shoulders above all the others in that short lived exploitation sub genre and, also, above the vast majority of 'found footage' movies that have followed it. As an aside, Riz Ortolani's lovely main them is one of a very few tunes that I find myself humming randomly whenever I need to hum. On e of the others being 'The Gonk' as heard most famously in Dawn of The Dead.
  14. I'm with the naysayers on this. A very disappointing special which adds nothing to the previous, near perfect, three series and, as @Twinbee and @PKsuggest, actually makes the finale of S3, and everything before, retrospectively worse. I'll spoiler for those that haven't seen the last episode yet: I think I'll rewatch the three proper series and try to forget this exists. It seems like something thrown together after Crooke told the BBC he didn't have any new Wurzel material for this year before then succumbing to an offer he couldn't refuse despite not having anything more to say about the characters. Watch all the other episodes @ZOK as they are wonderful.
  15. We have the same MacBook then but I've never noticed the slowdown. Mind, I mostly play on PC and that never breaks a sweat however chaotic it gets. We shall have to disagree on the controls as, to me, they are dreadful. A weird, floaty, dead spot and then the usual pushing my thumb or finger all over the screen. I gave up after three or four goes and am in no rush to pick it up on the phone.
  16. I don't have any problem running it on my MacBook although, that said, it is the only thing I've ever run on it that causes the machine to generate discernible heat. The typically abysmal touch controls render the iOS version a curiosity worth no more than a few idle minutes rather than the all consuming 30 min or nothing sessions of the proper game.
  17. The solution to that problem is Returnal. I've been playing it since it's release early last year and, thanks to the amazing (and free) DLC, am still putting in an hour or two a few times per week. It is a fearsomely great game and probably second only to Bloodborne on my greatest games of all time list.
  18. Mike S

    High on Life

    Doesn't run at all on my PC. Opens on some 16bit looking FPS, with an irritating voice shouting at me, and then no control input at all whether by M+K or controller. I can access the menu and quit out though so that's something. Life's too short for this sort of shite these days so I'll just uninstall and move on.
  19. This looks wonderful even to someone who is not, by any stretch, an RPG sort. The charming appearance and music really attract but it is the farting woman's ambition and the pic of the Wicker Man in that PC gamer review that have totally sold it to me along with, of course, one of our own having worked on it. Looks like some perfect Christmas holidays gaming...
  20. It is definitely expensive but don't forget there are 20 films, a decent little book, and a couple of CDs. Yes, you'll need a multi Region blu ray player for the two discs of UK films but, even if you are unable to play those, there are more than enough wild, weird, and wonderful films in the package (many of which have been very hard to come by until this amazingly curated box set) to help justify the outlay. I'd say it is essential for anyone with even a passing interest in the genre.
  21. Last years box set from Severin, All The Haunts Be Ours, which includes that brilliant documentary, should be considered an essential folk horror buy.
  22. You can buy or rent it from Apple so, presumably, from most other similar sources.
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