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  1. Excellent plan. I suspect playing all the Souls on the trot might lead to series fatigue so do break up the other two Souls with Sekiro and Bloodborne. Or Demon's for that matter as it is quite different and the PS5 version is lovely to look at/play although maybe not as oppressively grim as the original.
  2. After you complete DaS I'd highly recommend playing Bloodborne as it is the absolute zenith of the style and, as a bonus, is set in a world that is much more interesting than the fairly standard fantasy of the Souls series. It's a bit janky as it is the only one that still can only be played at 30fps but is so, so good that should be forgotten soon enough. After that I'd get in on Elden Ring before mopping up Das 2 and 3 sometime in the future (maybe break them up with Sekiro as that is a pure gem of a game with some very fine refining of the formula and in a glorious new environment). It's worth pointing out that all the DLC for all the games should be considered essential. Like @robdood I am always immensely envious of those experiencing these games for the first time.
  3. I'm struggling to see any upside in one company buying up all of the major publishers/developers. Even the increasingly bizarre fanboy cultists must surely be able to see how potentially awful this could be once competition has been eliminated?
  4. Mike S

    Apple TV +

    My favourite thing on Apple TV is Trying so I recommend that. It is warm, funny, and sweet and sometimes that is all you need... As a bonus, both of the current two series are as good as each other which was not my experience of Ted Lasso as, despite really enjoying the first series, I thought the second was poor so won't be bothering with the third. First series of The Morning Show was excellent too.
  5. I'm going with PC as 4k and, most importantly, a minimum 60fps is important and the few previews I've seen suggest that will be a struggle for the PS5. As Uzi says you should easily get 60fps + with your GPU, especially if at 1080p, but, yeah, the real answer is plug your PC into the TV. I did that 18 months ago and it was a game changer given that (some) TV's are 120Hz and G-sync compatible, as well as the benefits of 4k HDR etc...
  6. I've just started listening to 'The Only Plane In The Sky' after seeing it recommended here (or maybe in the Kindle thread) and it seems that the regular book version would be a very poor comparison. Hearing the actual voices of all these people, along with contemporary cockpit/ATC/ etc recordings made on the day, must surely be the only way to experience this? I do normally struggle with paying attention to audiobooks but this is entirely gripping and, although I'm only a short way in, already profoundly moving. Thanks to those that have recommended it.
  7. Every time this thread is bumped I check in hoping for some DLC news. I am almost as pleased to not see DLC news but instead see so many getting into this for the first time as well as those still playing since the start. GOTY by a million of any unit of measurement. I still remember a few folk on this forum moaning about the cost of it and, amazingly, comparing it to Resident Evil Village which was claimed to be so much better value at £50 than this at £70 (or, in the real world, the £55 that a lot of us actually paid for it via that ebay deal) especially as this was overpriced game was from a niche developer who had only released lower, 'indie' priced, games previously (incredible ones of course) whereas RE was worthy of its price as it was a proper triple A game from a proper triple A developer. Anyway, I finally picked up Resident Evil for a cheap second hand price and was done with it in 10 or 12 hours of the usual same old, same old, one play through and move on, RE gameplay. I'm well over a hundred hours into Returnal and still not bored with it so feel that the value was there.
  8. Thanks very much. I shall look into it and have copied your text there so cool to delete/hide that post given it's shady subject...
  9. I don’t know! Either way, the end result looks to the the best version of the second best game of all time so it’s still damn good.
  10. The documentary Faces, Places is fantastic although I'm biased as I have an awful lot of time for the work of the photographer, JR ( his co-protagonist here, Agnes Varda, is new to me but she is very entertaining too). They both have a real gift of empathy for the people (and their stories and history) they meet travelling about France and that makes for a really fine, warm, and touching doc.
  11. I had no idea the Switch could be emulated so well (I only came here to be surprised that 14 or 15 months after debuting these 30 series cards are still so scarce). Is it hard to make the emulator work (I do have a Switch and the game obvs)? I have no idea about emulation at all but 4k 60fps BOTW sounds amazing.
  12. Whatever other games* you are playing you should drop them all immediately and play this as it is the best game on any platform in a very long time. *unless it's Demon's Souls as that is most excellent and certainly warrants completing without interruption.
  13. I never paid any attention to all the noise on it's release and have never understood why Answer The Call is so disliked as I thought it was very entertaining indeed.
  14. Back issues are available back to (I assume) whenever a magazine was added to the Readily library. Having just checked the app there are back issues of Edge back to Feb 2015. I've been using Readly for many years and it's pretty great, especially if you have a larger sized ipad or tablet. Pretty much every magazine I used to buy regularly is on there as well as a few others I have started reading since but which I'd probably not want to have punted £6 or whatever a month on. The downside is that I do feel regular twinges of guilt when I remember that I am paying a miniscule amount for the magazines I really like though so I occasionally buy a hard copy of some mags in order to put a little more back. I realised many years ago, when I used to be a big buyer of magazines, that I would very rarely read much more than an article or two per month before filing them away to read 'later' and that later date would, of course, never come so a Readly sub makes a lot of sense.
  15. Bloodborne Breath Of The Wild Dark Souls Titanfall 2 Super Mario World I have a very strong suspicion that SMW will/should lose its spot to Returnal but am allowing it to hang on for the sake of nostalgia and it still being the perfect platform game.
  16. There are only two games released in 2022 - Elden Ring and, hopefully, BOTW 2. Everything else will be background noise that I can easily tune out. This will be the EASIEST challenge!
  17. I'm with you, nothing about their GOTY choice grabbed me, let alone made me even consider it a GOTY contender, especially in a year in which the actual GOTY will end up being as fondly a remembered, and highly rated, a platform exclusive as Bloodborne is. I did quite enjoy what I played of the first Dishonoured but bounced off the second so may well just not be a fan of Arkane's thing. Actual real world GOTY being, of course (spoiler'd so as to not give away that is not the (rightful) winner):
  18. The new one is very fine indeed. I very much enjoy how, under the mostly gentle and pastoral surface, there is a very real folk horror vibe. The Guy Fawkes character definitely had all the best lines and was quite fantastic, as were all the Toby’s. I also liked the very distant glimpse of the yellow car from The Detectorists parked alongside two figures doing something in a field. Perfect TV.
  19. Hang on, what? I come here to announce that there will be two more specials this Christmas and now see that not only was that already known to the thread but there has already been a new episode this year! The Christmas ones are the 28th and 29th and I fully expect them to be my Christmas TV highlight. Off to player to find the November episode...
  20. I don't really read much sci-fi but I absolutely loved Rama when I read it as a teenager and now very much hope to see it being done justice on the big screen.
  21. Yeah, that is how I saw it and as even more of an outsider than yourself as I've not watched the netflix thing. I still have no idea why (some of) the lapped cars have to unlap themselves after an incident, even more so after someone upthread pointed out that, following his safety car pitstop, Verstappen actually ended up behind a further two back markers both of whom had to move aside for him due to actual rules. Running order rather than race order surely seems fairer as this all seems heavily stacked to favour the cars behind first place despite them being nowhere near the leader for, in this case, pretty much the whole race. Were there back markers behind Verstappen and the fella who was in actual third place who didn't have to move and thus deny that car a chance at racing Verstappen? I'm also a little surprised that some of the teams that were not allowed to unlap themselves as they were behind Verstappen have not registered complaints but assume they figured they would not be gaining any places so were happy to let it slide. It is some sport in which a third party's negligence sees a race win and world championship denied through actual rules and what appears to be a race director fixing a race for the sake of entertainment. Either way, seeing this race for free on C4 does not encourage me to ever want to pay for it.
  22. That seems sensible as it would at least ensure that all cars are running in the same state after an incident as they were before.
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