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  1. This adds a worryingly dark tone to your excellent anecdote.
  2. Apart from the blue light still being present it is amazing just how much better that looks in black. So much better that, despite the ludicrous size, I could actually get on the launch hype train for a black variant as, unlike the white, it would at least blend into the shadows under the TV. The white one though.
  3. You won't need a docking/charging station as Xbox controllers do not need charging every 3 or 4 hours..
  4. I don't know if that is true. I'm sure there will be many, many people who want to play Sony exclusives but who are not at all bothered about potentially missing out kn the likes kf Elder Scrolls or Fallout. Personally, looking at the IPs they have acquired, I think I've only ever really liked one game this generation from Bethesda and that was Doom 2016 which they royally fucked for me with the dire, think tanked, sequel. So, even though I've no plans to buy a PS5 until a redesign this MS acquisition would not have any influence on that decision. I can't b
  5. Great, thanks. On my way. Do you need anything? EDIT: left a couple of items near the desk in your petrol station, thanks for opening!
  6. Seems we are not friends! I've sent a request...
  7. I will pop over for the Mystic Statue!
  8. My word. This sort of unbridled fucking nonsense is exactly why I barely dip into the cesspit that is "Discussion' of video games. I've been in maybe four threads in Discussion today and in two of them you are banging out this same boring old 'RDR2 is shit' whining. And that is just today. You need to get over it as it is dull, dull, dull... 'police me'! 'opinions validated'! 'never going to give a shit what you think'! Fucking hell, the struggles of the oppressed RDR2 hater are real.
  9. Thought I'd pop in to see what expectations were. Why am I not surprised to see Broker, again, banging on about how he doesn't like RDR2? Fucking hell.
  10. Whenever I see an image of this machine it sill catches my breath just how mind bendingly awful it looks. It'll need a serious redesign, or at the very least a black option, before I'll even think of getting one as seeing this on a daily basis would be offensive. It'll probably need some games too. Fuck alone knows what they were thinking.
  11. Whenever I see one of these moronic youtube commentators I want to throw my monitor out the window. Describing every single fucking thing as 'insane!' and 'ridiculous!' with plenty of 'holy shit's' thrown in for good measure is tiresome and irritating beyond belief. I managed to give that latest dickhead 15 seconds before turning off his inane hyperbole so fuck alone knows who has the strength to actually watch this shite from start to finish. 'Bluepoint are gods!'. Fucking hell...
  12. Let's hope that is not the case. I'm sure there will be plenty who cancel this pre-order in frustration, or who might find a card elsewhere in the next month, so it would certainly be a modest short term gamble for Amazon to order in the full quote of pre-ordered cards.
  13. Yeah, I am cool with a month's wait. Decent of Zotac to step up and offer some information too.
  14. Uncharted 4 was overblown dogshit and, as others have said really stands out as a disagreeable choice, but bar that that's not too bad a bad list. Most surprising is the lack of TLOU2. My favourite three games of the gen are in there - Bloodborne, Titanfall 2 and BOTW.
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