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  1. In the UK I think this will initially be shown on C4...
  2. The Farewell 5/5 A beautiful, funny, quietly devastating, tale of a lie told to an old lady. Up there with Midsommer as film of the year.
  3. I think that's just a placeholder date as they don't have the actual date yet...
  4. Abul Mogard's dark, industrial, sounds might appeal. I'd start with 'Circular Forms'...
  5. Mike S

    Apple Arcade

    It was more a reference to @Uncle Nasty's accessibility comment in that Switch has taken me away from 'proper' consoles in exactly the same way that he cites. Arcade has been fun so far although the only game that has properly grabbed me has been the amazing Grindstone. There does seem to be an awful lot of games with a very similar, clean and cute graphical style though, and it's a look that I think is going to bug me sooner rather than later.
  6. It was refreshing to see someone run out of money for once, especially on such a massive scale. Usually, they seem to mysteriously find the money to cover the escalating costs of their fanciful builds whereas, outside of the projects shown in this show, I suspect many, many builders go bust. It's not so much my revelling in failure, although I didn't mind seeing this week's guy ruined, it's more about managing expectations and showing the reality of dreams v RL to those inspired by these super aspirational builds. A reality check of sorts... The biggest tragedy of this week's episode is that the rather lovely Devon coast is now blighted with that huge, half finished, monstrosity.
  7. That's the one. It's hugely impressive tech...
  8. The Trump one is terrible. In reality the ludicrous orange fuckwit looks far more ridiculous and far more of a caricature than that puppet..
  9. That is impressive. Having not read your post properly I thought it was comparing game (top) with real world photos (bottom) not maps with game. Very nice...
  10. Some guy has been working on a 3D voxel engine for a while now. Sorry, can't remember where I saw it but the FPS demo with full destructiblity was incredible. This looks ace so I'll be trying it later..
  11. Mike S

    Nintendo Switch

    Indeed. Sprite design to maximise effect of CRT is covered in this excellent article: https://vgdensetsu.tumblr.com/post/179656817318/designing-2d-graphics-in-the-japanese-industry
  12. I'm playing from the game card and, so far, always in handheld and get the frame drop issue almost every time I leave a house but on other, more random, occasions too. It's very irritating but I find the vaseline smeared depth of field to be far, far more annoying. It's just an awful visual affectation, even without the weird shimmer it adds to the blurred areas, and I would very much like to be able to disable it. Aside from it's performance issues and that blur I'm having a fine old time.
  13. I downloaded it an hour or so ago and spent twenty minutes acting like a beaky, honking, twat.. HONK!
  14. I'd like to turn it off completely, it's awful and I'm finding it quite off-putting.
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