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  1. When I heard the excellent Clint Mansell score a month or two ago I already knew that would be the highlight of the film but it's still disappointing that Wheatley again fails to deliver. His first couple of films were incredible and showed so much promise but since then...
  2. The yellow energy walls? You need the blade enhancing perk from the shop/some random machine which has also worked on Biome 2 for me. Not seen any such doors in Biome 3 yet...
  3. Having just finished a two hour plus run, had my very rapid death at my first encounter with the Biome 3 boss, and turned the PS5 off (with no anger/rage quit feelings at all). I am now sitting here already wanting to play again even though I have real world things to do. This game has an unbelievable grip on me...
  4. I am still happy enough just playing the Biomes for fun, rather than making too much effort pushing on with bosses. It's the journey not the destination! I do not like the bow ties at all though.
  5. I had that too. I had everything as I am VERY thorough in Biome 1. All that pissing about with the lasers and the room with the urgent giant robots does not put me in a good mood for the boss fight.
  6. Got to the Biome 3 boss for the first time. Dead in less than a minute (including my spaceman resurrection). Had an amazing Level 14 Lobber that had decimated everything up to that point too. I'll be back!
  7. I do this every time too. As a consequence I am still only up to Biome 3 despite putting a huge number of hours in as I can (happily) spend an hour or two going through the whole of Biome 1 before jumping to 3. I have now prolonged that even further by adding Biome 2 as well but usually skip the bits inside the mountain and jump straight to the top. I still usually die very quickly in Biome 3 as the bow ties and that room after all the lasers are a PITA.
  8. I'm getting really, really tired of daily challenge attempts being scrubbed due to bugs. I've only tried challenges six times and have had three crashes - two being a game that is still running but with an entirely blank screen, the other being a proper full crash to home screen. All count as failed runs and that is incredibly irritating. It's still in the running as game of the year, and I am still unable to put it down, but the bugs are really souring the mood.
  9. Yeah, that was absolutely awful. Fingers crossed it is just a blip..
  10. Sorry, meant to reply to this earlier. Thanks for the recommendation, I've added it to the watch list. If it is even half as good as Corner Gas then I'll be very pleased. Speaking of Canadian comedy I'd very much like to see Due South turn up on a streaming platform as I have fond memories of that.
  11. I do get that sometimes but I think I've only really been overshooting platforms since I turned the auto sprint on but don't know if that is due to there being a little inertia built in or me just not judging things quite right. Or both.
  12. Let's just say he did not get a megaphone... In other news, I have a real Sinking Painting at Redd's if anyone wants it. I'll open up but will be mostly afk...
  13. Agreed, the controls are flawless. When at full flight, grappling, swording, firing all sorts of pyrotechnics all over the shop, dashing, leaping with tentacles and glowing orbs entering stage left, right, above and below it is an absolutely incredible spectacle.
  14. I am now in Biome 3! Had a blinding run yesterday, first time to the boss in Biome 2 and took it down with very few issues - didn't need any health or the spaceman. Much easier than Phrike but I guess a lot of it is just more experience. Biome 3 gets very hard in a room after going through a load of lasers and I have been totally overwhelmed on the two times I've been there. That said, on neither time was I equipped with my new favourite weapon - the acid belching lobber. With that I reckon I'll be OK. One thing I do not care at all for are the red dickie bow things wi
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