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  1. Maybe try reading the thread for context before wading in with the hysterical sarcasm?
  2. Yes, I was responding to suggestions made by others. As I said.
  3. I never suggested they would do that. I was responding to other posts who may well be more informed than I am when it comers to speculating on what MS may or may not do with such an acquisition.
  4. I have no idea if you are serious or not.
  5. Using 'butthurt' or whining about negs would be more than enough reasons to neg that ridiculous post. Using both in one post though..
  6. The very last thing I'd want to see From doing is being reduced to working on old MS/Rare franchises - it would be the definition of a waste of talent and money. Personally, I can see no significant upsides to From being brought under the MS wing as they already seem to have pretty much unlimited creative freedom to make the games they want in the style they are famed for... I do really hope they are quietly some way down the road on a Bloodborne sequel though and that, if so, it still gets a release.
  7. I wouldn't say masterful as it was very much a film of two halves with the handier half being far, far more entertaining than the other more mundane story being told. Looked fantastic though.
  8. I'm not referring to their cost.
  9. If I ever felt any desire to buy an iphone then of course I would as, given the huge competition in the mobile phone space, anyone should. But, as I've already mentioned I do not believe phones and games consoles to be comparable devices,
  10. Please drop the condescension and accusations of stupidity for pointing out that MS's product branding is unclear. As for 'blown out of all proportion', well, that you are still here 2-3 days after I originally made the observation, suggests that there is room for debate and that it is not as clear as yours (and others) insinuations that anyone who does not find the Xbox naming nomenclature perfectly clear is an idiot. That said if, by your reckoning, a consumer needs 'half a brain' to understand the MS branding then, as a marketing exercise, it is already failing and having to do work that is quite unnecessary. There should be no ambiguity at all - I should not need to be versed in how MS now name their consoles nor have to read around on the subject as the product should tell me exactly where it stands . One X -> Series X does not tell me that this is a brand new, all singing all dancing, console whereas, for example, PS4 -> PS5 absolutely does. Incidentally, my point wasn't made 'as something to talk about until we get more details' but was made as I am not an avid follower of upcoming console gossip and had only then realised that what I assumed to be a codename was the actual final console name.
  11. Aside from the strawman argument that was being made, how does that detract from my point that the branding is confusing? I have literally no idea where in the line-up those iphones sit.
  12. Yes that is EXACTLY what this is about.
  13. That there are already four Xbox One models has already slipped past me. I guess perception and comprehension of message is entirely subjective but If I, as someone relatively invested in the scene, can find the Xbox One X v Xbox SERIES X branding a little disorientating then I can easily see that amplified in the wider public. It just seems a really poor way of selling an (I imagine/hope) all singing, all dancing console. 'Here's loads of console so choose the one that might suit you best' is not how I would choose to sell a generational leap. Is it even a generational leap? Maybe I have misunderstood what the new console is?
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