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    Titanfall 2

    Best FPS of the generation by a long stretch! I mostly buy FPS games exclusively for the MP but with the SP campaign here is just incredible - with more ideas, and more entertainment, in any given level than every COD combined. The MP was equally magnificent and TF2 became my go to FPS for a good two years. I now have a hankering to play this again so here's hoping the PC servers are still modestly populated.
  2. I am genuinely jealous of you, or anyone, playing this for the first time. All those incredible things you will see and face as you travel through one of the most extraordinarily realised game worlds! Having initially bounced off Dark Souls, and never having played Demon's, this was my first experience of the FROM approach to games and it was literally game changing for me. It perhaps helped that the horror theme is much more appealing to me than dark fantasy but it was such a revelatory experience in terms of gameplay and story telling. I've since gone on to play, complete, and love all of the Souls games but this remains the very best for me as it does not let up in quality at all from start to finish. It's fair to say that it's my favourite game of all time. Anyways, getting back on point, as this was my first 'souls' game I actually took the aggressive play style this encourages - specifically attack, attack, attack, parry, dodge, to my subsequent initial Souls builds so wasn't faced with having to adjust backwards as it were. But, yeah, to start with you definitely will need to be singling out individuals from mobs but, when you do, really wail down on them. I'm getting the urge to start another playthrough.
  3. New York Ripper and Maniac (1981).
  4. It's not even in the same league as You're Next which is one of the great home invasion movies. Has anyone mentioned I Trapped The Devil in here? Watched that a few weeks ago and it was a great little movie - seasonally appropriate too..
  5. Thanks, yeah, I did get it working last night. Turns out that even with M+K I just don't like Halo.
  6. What a shame. Firewatch was excellent, this looked great so it seems a waste of a talented team to be swallowed into making more DOTA content and HL VR. Nice one Valve.
  7. Aah, right. I'll try that later. The whole GP x MS Store interface is a total dog's dinner.. Thanks!
  8. I think it's the end of the road for myself and Game Pass on the PC. This is the latest high profile release that, after taking an astonishing 7 hours to download, simply does not work on my PC. No error message - just nothing when I press to play the game. I have had more (terminal) problems with things running through the Game Pass app/MS Store in the few months that through all other launchers combined ever. Shame as M+K control might have finally allowed me to enjoy a Halo game.
  9. The MS PC store is the absolute worst. Tells me I have Reach installed (via Game Pass) but am now having to download the above 21.7Gb of the MCC which I was ujnable to download previously for reasons unknown. Not pre-loading seems pretty backwards.
  10. I have the online turned off as the messages are too intrusive and a bit world breaking for me so never used any multiplayer features. I made my first serious playthrough at the same time as Davros on here which was great for shared learning and experiences, as well as much needed motivation when it got hard. I considered this thread a sort of inn at which I would hear stories and secrets from those that were out there in the world, or had been through before. It was a damn good few months of gaming... @BadgerFarmer
  11. Yeah, we certainly see a lot of work just not getting them at all. Delusional indeed..
  12. I dread to think how many hundreds of hours I have put into it across four different systems now. I still prefer Bloodborne, which is my GOAT, but DS just keeps on dragging me back into it. That said, I totally failed to get into it on my first attempt, a year or so after it came out, as it was too hard, I didn;t know what was going on, etc, etc but, inspired by dipping into this thread 4 or 5 years ago, I started again giving it a bit more respect, stopped expecting it to be like everything else, and before long was just totally absorbed into the world. It's the second best game of all time and I don;t think I'll be getting bored with it any time soon which is pretty extraordinary as I can count on the fingers of one finger the number of single player games that I have made more than one playthrough of. Nothing will beat the wonder of the first playthough of course but there is still so much for me to discover in terms of builds and strategy..
  13. Reported.
  14. Yes. These games are/were a breath of fresh air compared to the exposition heavy hand holding of 99% of the genre. It's pretty amazing that FROM happily hid some incredible sections of the game behind some very obscure methods of locating them and that they are perfectly comfortable with many players never discovering them, or even knowing they existed. Things that would be explained via an NPC or cut scene by every other developer are revealed only through some very patient attention to the world and pretty much everything in it.
  15. Ban request @mods. A permaban does not seem unreasonable considering this madness combined with the subsequent DS wrongness.
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