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  1. I want a red stair thing not a bloody lantern.
  2. The red stair thing sounds fun. Is it big?
  3. I have a lantern! Do you want one sending over?
  4. I imagine we will all see the red stair thing in our places eventually through?
  5. I don't have access to it sorry! @Number 28is your man for them.
  6. Thanks for opening! I got the moon recipe which has been top of my most wanted Celeste offerings for as long as I can remember. I also spoke to an excellent kangaroo so a great visit all round...
  7. I have forwarded the accursed red stair thing to a random letter recipient!
  8. If anyone wants the red stairs thingy please tell me as I now have some I need to shift!
  9. Yes, as @Meatballmentioned I am not allowed to receive off Island objects (unless I go elsewhere and buy them myself). It is quite frustrating as some items I really want have still not shown on Pazuzu.
  10. I have a lantern but now want odd red stairs as they sound much better.
  11. Yep. Very glad to see the back of it, it was the LONGEST season. I am now cross that my Island has not turned into a Mario Party as I was expecting.
  12. Mike S

    Perfect Albums

    I've just had a (very) quick flick through this thread and there are lots of solid contenders and, of course, some fucking terrible offerings. I am slightly taken aback that Slint's ground breaking Spiderland hasn't been mentioned (unless I missed it) as it is an astonishingly accomplished album that pretty much created a genre, albeit a genre that never came close to bettering this one record. They were teenagers FFS! Also, Minor Threat 'Out of Step'. Peerless to this day.
  13. Why on earth would anyone want to watch much beyond the first 3 or 4 seasons?! Once the kids grew up it started to become quite unwatchable as a couple of them turned out to be pretty poor actors. The first few seasons were fantastic though with some properly great characters.
  14. Sherb carves his own furrow! The other animals may not wear masks but this ogre was so great Sherb just had to make it work. And he did!
  15. @Daley open now... Celeste is top right, on the raised land...
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