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  1. I am missing all mushroom recipes apart from the stump despite popping at least five balloons a day for rhe last week. O don't have time to do any more that that and even this number is becoming a drag. I have one leaf recipe and a spare of that.
  2. Yeah, it's a bit of a drag but I guess reflective of the relative lack of devices that actually need 2.1. Thinking about it, I should check exactly what's plugged directly into the TV as there may be something I can route through the receiver instead.
  3. Yeah, I've not seen one anywhere but it would be very useful as all four HDMI 2.1 ports are being used.
  4. If you can find me a decent HDMI 2.1 splitter that would be very handy as my TV has run out of ports before even acquiring a PS5..
  5. I tried the game via Ubisoft+. It was just about worth the £12.99 I paid as the game world looks great, as is usual with these, but the gameplay is dire so I still feel a little cheated.
  6. Control is an amazing looking game and only runs at 4K thanks to DLSS. Metro Exodus is pretty fancy too.
  7. I've not really been following this game as I didn't care for Witcher 3 at all but those are some exceptionally fancy graphics. Would it be wrong to buy a game just because it is so pretty?
  8. I have received another recipe from a balloon! Of course, it's for a red leaf pile and is a duplicate of one of the two seasonal recipes I have. That's two recipes in forty odd pops now. I have no idea how everyone else is getting them all as the odds seem very low.
  9. I can't play this as I don't yet have the hardware but this sounds fantastic as it's only when the contact feedback is absent that you realise just how much it adds. For example Assassins Creed Valhalla, given how much fun Viking brawling should be, is ruined by contactless combat that renders it so dull it is unplayable for me. Given my lack of jazzy Demon's I have just started another Dark Souls 2 run through. It's my least favourite of the series so feel I should show it a little love...
  10. I have popped thirty odd balloons over the last 3 or 4 days and received one recipe and that was for some acorn related thing. I'm becoming cross with these odds.
  11. Yeah, DLSS is some amazing magic. Being able to have everything turned up, at the highest resolutions, and still be getting over 60fps is quite something.
  12. If you haven't played it already then I highly recommend Control. Bang on DLSS and with everything maxed at 4K it has some of the most impressively 'real' graphics I've seen. Smooth as butter too which helps.. Game is pretty good so far too.
  13. The second option. As with all soulsborne games the videos, lore, tricks, secrets etc are all better saved for subsequent runs. The unknown is where the fun lies.
  14. But if they announced times on Amazon you'd be fighting against many thousands more trying to buy. This is what happens when we don't pre-order - we end up fighting bots and human demand that overloads infrastructure and success is always going to be done to luck. It is what it is...
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