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  1. Funnily enough I was thinking about the energy consumption of cooking a microwave bag of rice (at 35p a bag) versus buying a massive bag and cooking on the hob. Obviously the big bag (I'm talking a 5/10kg bag here) is a massive saving, but then boiling it takes ~25/30 minutes to get the water up to boiling and then cooking it, versus 2 minutes in the microwave. Is there an easy way to calculate the costs of both? More for my curiosity than because I need to save money.
  2. Ooh, that could be useful - where did you get from @Silent Runner?
  3. None of it really matters, of course, but I'm sure most of the audience aren't really fussed about any consequences of Peter's actions, though, but it's fun to discuss nonetheless.
  4. Nothing so dramatic as @feltmonkey's story there, but I do remember one of my U12 games where one of the opposition players decided to fully kick our striker in the chest (think the Netherlands World Cup karate kick, but without the jump.) All the ref did was make sure the offender was alright, whilst our striker was crying on the floor.
  5. I thought Returns was pretty average, Dragonfall was decent (though there's still no reason to use anything other than an assault rifle and you can skip all of the hacking stuff, like I did) and whilst I own Hong Kong I read it was full of padding and so have never had the inclination to try it. For a series that is largely focused on these tech hackers, that part of the series has always been rubbish (and safely ignored in the first two games at least), because all it adds is just more combat in different surroundings. Of course, having now typed all that I might start Hong Kong and dip in and out - the world building was pretty good, if I recall.
  6. Gabe

    The Man Utd Thread

    This is what I mean, his bad form has lasted months now, he isn't playing his way out of it so he should be dropped and out of the limelight for a bit. That obviously won't happen, so it's entertaining for all of us non-Man U fans at least.
  7. Gabe

    The Man Utd Thread

    There are quite a few Instagram Reels dedicated to pointing out Maguire's mistakes (and there are lots), it's quite funny. People will make the point that he has never let England down (well, except his embarrassing goal celebration ) and whilst that is true, how much of that is because he is actually a good player in his own right vs having better protection around him? Some of the gaffes he's made are playground stuff (running into or tackling his own players, getting in their way etc) which shouldn't happen to a top-class defender. He's clearly feeling the pressure and I don't think constantly playing him when he's been so poor helps anybody (other than providing more content for those Reels). His lack of mobility is definitely exposed through the lack of a good holding midfielder in front of him, but you would expect him to therefore work on his positioning and anticipation, have you as fans seen that in his play?
  8. So this was dreadful in pretty much every respect - that wasn't a surprise or a disappointment as I had such low expectations. The first film was odd in that I'm not really sure whether it was meant to be a vehicle for Reynolds or Jackson; Reynolds was mainly a figure of fun and Jackson just went along with everything with the minimum of effort. This one makes it much clearer - Hayek is the star, though tends to mainly add a lot of swearing. There's nothing redeemable in the plot, script or set pieces, but the saving grace that it was short at just 90-odd minutes (and even then it dragged a bit in the middle). Again, this didn't surprise me. What did surprise me was just how bad the CGI was - it was properly terrible, as if they couldn't be bothered to even finish some of the shots. There have been quite a few films of late which have really bad and obvious CGI and I don't get why. It can't even be a budget thing all the time either (I'm thinking Wonder Woman 1984), it just comes off as no-effort. Anyway, that's far too many words wasted on this load of pap, avoid. (Though it seems you already did )
  9. Do we know why she didn't come back for Endgame? I seem to have something in the back of my head that she wasn't terribly enthused about the MCU.
  10. I think they've gone way to far the other way these days with all these updates, that would be better put to use in a separate game. My only experience of this was back at the start of 2021 and it didn't grab me, but part of that was due to how impenetrable it all felt, with loads of systems and overlays to try and understand, let alone the floaty movement, dreadful pop-in and too many controls. I suppose they'll keep updating it for as long as they see boosts in purchases and stuff (does this have any microtransactions, I can't remember?) but at some point you have to think they'd want to work on something new.
  11. CustomPC is still going? I thought the ended about 10 years ago!
  12. Gabe

    Cricket Thread

    I think that sums up his reign - some really good results peppered amongst lots of rubbish and a lack of any real consistency.
  13. And I thought Root stepping down as England captain would be the biggest news of the day! You can't say it hasn't been coming/deserved based on form, because Burnley have been awful and that Norwich game was a real blow. You look at their remaining 8 games and, honestly, I struggle to see them getting points from any of them (even Watford). I don't think a new manager changes that view either.
  14. Gabe

    Cricket Thread

    I think it's the right decision for everybody, hopefully some proper longer-term plans will be put in place to get the Test team performing again and also address the county game (and who knows, maybe have an environment in which a top-class spinner can develop.) Okay, that last bit is clearly crazy talk
  15. I was thinking about Sunday's game and it struck me that there was a nice bit of symmetry with our league fixtures vs City this season. At Anfield, we led twice but were pegged back, with Fabinho missing a great chance to win it at the death (well, near enough.) On Sunday, City led twice but were pegged back, with Mahrez having a great chance to win it at the death. Spooky!
  16. How much of it is to do with the above versus the fact that the previous film was absolute trash though?
  17. Gabe

    The Man Utd Thread

    Presumably as players?
  18. It irrationally annoys me that the description for Captains says it follows 8 international skippers but then only lists 6 of them
  19. It is abysmal, and like others, I have enjoyed a fair bit of Emmerich's previous output. I really wanted to like this - after all, it's the moon crashing into the Earth! And yet that is almost incidental to what is going on. It's a disaster porn film with absolutely no money shot.
  20. It feels almost morbid in saying it, but it would be fascinating to understand more of his decision making over the last 10 years or so. I don't recall when he started being known for being a bit difficult and it may or may not tie-in with his condition, but as @K says, his shift to low-rent stuff was a long time ago now. You have to wonder if people still really wanted him as a leading man, too. Perhaps he was viewed as being outdated, as people like the Rock and Jason Statham became bigger stars and action heroes went back a bit to 'big men with muscles'. Like I say, it would be interesting to know more about it all.
  21. Other than a brief bit of Ray tracing, I thought that looked pretty average (and downright ugly at times.) What was meant to be astonishing about it?
  22. Wolves away won't be easy, but other than that I see them winning the others comfortably; our run-in has 5 potential banana skins if we don't stop leaking chances (I think Newcastle and Southampton shouldn't be issues.) And we still have an FA Cup semi-final and (should) CL semi to come, what a season it has been!
  23. Clearly I need to make another critical post!
  24. This is about in keeping with current form, no? We've been grinding out results without being necessarily brilliant and been fortunate that opposition teams haven't taken advantage of good chances (Watford at the weekend, Benfica, West Ham, even Norwich caused more problems than you would expect. The defending has been a bit hap-hazard and City are a more clinical team and they've bossed it so far.
  25. I still don't what the point of Peter doing anything was. As for your random spoiler @DeciderVT:
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