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  1. Cheating can have a purpose, though; if you've got a game that plays shit, but has a decent story, then cheating allows you to see the conclusion of the story, thus meaning you can then trade the game in. I've done that a few times.
  2. Depends what you get out of a game. If you enjoy a story, and just want to get to the end, then cheats (and walkthroughs and such) are fine. Other than that, you're better off just chugging away at it - unless something is really bugging you. Let's face it, who really cares if somebody cheats in their own home?
  3. Has anybody got any experience of DOSBox? Does it slow the CPU down when running old games, or would I need a CPU killer as well?
  4. Gabe

    Bards Tale

    It's Cary Elwes doing the voice work for the bard, isn't it? Does he do his 'Robin Hood: Men in Tights' voice and delivery? I'm a bit of a sucker for the BG:DA type dungeon-crawls, looking forward to this and Demon Stone, and I have both BG games and D&D Heroes, plus X-Men Legends. I don't suppose Bard's Tale has a multiplayer aspect, does it?
  5. I had a look on the gamesTM forum, as I was going to phone them up about the subs copy still not being here, and apparantly it is down to Royal Mail. But by next Tuesday? That's shit. Still guess it means a shorter wait until the issue with the big games in it.
  6. I think I'm inclined to agree with her, actually, as long as some chopped hazelnuts are added to it.
  7. Thanks for those Paradigm, I'll be giving at least one of those recipes a try!
  8. Right, I've decided that I fancy doing a little bit of baking, and I want a slightly healthier treat, so I figure I'll do a nice carrot cake. Trouble is, I need a good recipe. I don't want anything terribly exotic in it, just a good old-fashioned carrot cake, with maybe some cream or icing - not sure which, happy with either. Give me a recipe and I may take a picture of the finished article. Or not.
  9. Yeah, it did seem to suffer from trying to pull off a happy ending, and it wasn't really in keeping iwth the rest of the film. That said, it was entertaining enough.
  10. So basically you are saying that it is a structured game, built on the premise of what people enjoyed about the Sims? Is the GBA version the same game as the consoles will be getting do you know?
  11. I do actually have a second machine with Win98 on it, but it is still a pain in the arse - especially as I am running out of room and am looking to get rid of it - depriving me of some of my games. Just a shame that I won't be able to emulate it on my main PC.
  12. Gabe

    Xbox 2

    I, for one, really want to see backward compatability. Let's face it, graphics are not going to change *that* much, I would expect AI and physics to be the next big thing. Moreover, I would imagine that it would help ensure that Xbox 1 support doesn't immediately die on its' arse as soon as Xbox 2 arrives (especially if the games need specific program routines). It would make my decision to upgrade a lot easier, thats for sure.
  13. You are indeed correct, obviously with consoles the hardware doesn't need to be tweaked, so emulating it is essentially straightforward (although bloody difficult). I think DirectX has been the real killer, though, in the way it communicates with all the hardware. Still damn annoying, though.
  14. M&S do nice honey roast ham flavour crisps, very, very tasty.
  15. Just to be the dissenting voice, I really don't like Bill Murray. I just find that in every film I've ever seen him in (including cameos) he always *has* to be the centre of attention. Makes me think of him being a 'look at me, look at me' type kid. I just imagine him to have a massive ego problem, and I find it really off-putting. 'The Man Who Knew Too Little' was okay, though.
  16. It seems a shame that - with a vast back catalogue - old PCs cannot be properly emulated. I know DOSBox can do quite well, but what about Windows 95/98/ME titles that are just not XP compatable? What are we to do with them? It's annoying, as I have some older games that are just not XP-friendly, that I would like to play, as I am sure many others do, too. Is there any way around it - anybody had any luck with Virtual PC, or is there another solution? Or am I doomed to lose some of my older titles?
  17. Aye - the full title was 'Better Dead Than Alien Scum' IIRC. The game itself was pish, though.
  18. I used to have an old Toshiba MSX, when Spectrum was the rage. It was a pretty good machine, too; I liked the fact that you could use tape and carts. Not sure why anybody would want one now, though.
  19. Does he? Quite an astute move then by PB - although given Colin's success so far, he already has made him a mint, no? Anyway, I don't get what all the fuss about Farrell is. And I'd rather Hugh Jackman as Bond, personally. Or bring back Sean Connery; yes, do that.
  20. Nothing too special, but it tastes pretty good: - Either french stick or a small uncut loaf works best (with poppy seeds, even better): Proper sliced chicken breast with garlic and herb dressing (Sainsbury's do this) - not chicken slices; Gherkins; Mustard; Mayo (Hellmans); Red onion; Salad (iceburg lettuce, cherry toms, cucumber) Sliced peppers (red and green). It works as a dinner, if you use a small uncit loaf, too.
  21. I think recall an Amstrad (I think it was) that was also a Mega Drive, but not a PC as well. How cool would that be? In fact, they should release that now.
  22. So why doesn't somebody ask Rob if we are being targetted by paid pros?
  23. Whilst I didn't cry, or even get choked up, I did feel a palpable sadness at the situation. It's similar to the feeling I get when I watch The Fugitive, at the end; sure, Dr Kimble is free, but his is also alone, and still without his wife. Again, didn't make me cry, though. Another that does hit me, though, is in Joe Dirt, when Joe realises he has been lied to; quite a powerful moment, given what has preceeded it. And sad to say, but the episode in Friends when Rachel watches the prom night video and then goes to Ross.
  24. Whilst it would nice to see a PC game sitting at the top of the charts, I really can't imagine it happening. Maybe it's just me, but HL2 doesn't seem to have garned such a huge pull (do PC games ever?). After all, Championchip Manager 03/04 broke records for the most sold over a week/weekend, IIRC, and that was only around 60,000 (I think). Of course, my 'facts' could be totally wrong.
  25. If you buy ready to eat fish and meat, there really isn't any excuse not to have loads of veg with them, or incorporate them into rice dishes. So much more filling, and healthier. And I dare say better value for money, too.
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