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    Cricket Thread

    Such a shame but in no way surprising.
  2. Yeah, as I posted on the previous page, Europe don't have a solid core group now. The gap between the European and US Tours hasn't felt so big for a long, long time.
  3. For the shock value of it I almost wanted the US to hit 20 points, but Westwood also signs off with a point.
  4. Tears from Poulter, too. I'll always be grateful for his little purple patch from 2008 to 2012 and how he symbolised the European team. Such a shame this is how it'll probably end for him, but at least he took a point.
  5. Yeah, it clearly means a lot to him. But it's a changing of the guard and most likely his last time with a number of these players: Poulter, Westwood, Casey, Garcia are all some way past their prime and I'd be surprised to see (m)any of them again. I then look at the others in the team and just don't see any spine you would want to have in future editions unlike the old days of Faldo/Woosnam/Lyle/Seve or Olazabal/Garcia/Poulter/McDowell. Interesting times ahead for both teams, for sure.
  6. You look at the European team and outside of Rahm and McIlroy (and he had a poor tournament), there's few players there the Americans would've rated all that highly if we're being honest (Garcia still has the occasional bit of magic I suppose). Look at that US team though and there are lots of multi-major winning players and the area they traditionally struggled with - being a team for days 1 & 2 - they have certainly cracked for this tournament. It wouldn't surprise me to see them dominating the next 3/4/5 editions of the competition with these guys and the relative paucity coming through the the European side.
  7. I've said it before, but what realistically did Tottenham expect from their 5th (or was it 6th) choice manager? Nuno was anywhere near the top of their list for a reason. (Reads Wiki) I never knew that! That's awful behaviour.
  8. FTFY. And yes. Yes they have.
  9. Chelsea have been better than 3rd favourites with the media and bookies, regardless of what you said. And how is 3 points above expectations? You would've been expected to beat Tottenham because you always d (plus you are just comfortably a better team than them), and get at least a point from City given that you have tactically out-fought them in every game Tuchel has had against Pep so far.
  10. I think this is a tournament too far for Poulter, yeah, which is a shame as he has been a great advert for it but his form wasn't good coming into it and Justin Rose no doubt felt hard done-by. The senior players have struggled too, though not to the same extent as at Valhalla (I still feel Faldo had a lot of unfair flack in that tournament because nearly all of his senior pros let him down quite badly. Yes, I was a Faldo-fanboy )
  11. I think Ole's point was that Leicester had two goals disallowed last week for the same thing, so there's no consistency. Yeah, in a season of bad VAR decisions last year, that was an appalling one.
  12. I haven't really been watching much, but I've kept an eye on the scores and it's likely to be a hammering in the singles, where the US traditionally excel. Has it been a case of wrong pairings/poor game management or have the Americans just been as good as the score suggests?
  13. Whilst disappointed Liverpool didn't win (Salah was far too casual when clean through), I can't help but enjoy Brentford's tenaciouness - and they can play, no doubt about that. I'm not going to grumble about taking a point. Well done the Bees!
  14. It's the Arcade Simulator over at Desert Island Fruits (you need to donate to be able to download anything), it's fruit machine only right now, I don't know whether it will branch out into coin-ops too (or is there already something similar out there for them?)
  15. But there are literally thousands of games that aren't on Xbox that still use a controller - it's not all about big games (and even if it were, the OP' s PC might be much better spec than the Xbox or they might prefer the customisation options or mods or...)
  16. This stuff about 'true collector' sounds a bit "not a real gamer" to me. If somebody wants to buy something and never play it - but gets an emotional response to it whenever they look at it, then so what? How many people try to collect complete libraries for a system? I wouldn't believe anybody who would say it's because they genuinely loved and wanted to play every single game - but supposing you did, if you have any rare games that you perhaps played for 10 minutes and realised it was rubbish, is that any better than somebody who played the game back as a kid who now just wants to enjoy owning it (but doesn't want to play it again)? I mean, in most instances I'd say collecting is based on an emotional response (be it nostalgia or something else) versus just buying games you loved and want to play again. I would agree that buying purely for the sake of hoping to generate future value is something else though.
  17. This has been Nintendo's M.O. for a long time now though, it's not a new thing. I don't really have much sympathy though, because they only do stuff like this because their fans have shown over and over that they will buy the same thing multiple times (as this thread shows). Why wouldn't they continue take advantage of that?
  18. So I downloaded Arcade Simulator (instead of working) and had a quick play around with it and it is really, really good and immersive. I imagine you could use the idea to do arcade games if that was your interest, but there's something quite beautiful about all the attract sequences (and I know that companies spend a chunk of money on the psychology around enticing people towards them). Just being able to move around in a 3D space to go and play a machine makes it so much better than just using the emulator - was this what the old Xbox Games Room did? If so, I can definitely see the appeal.
  19. Yep, already a member there, I'll take a look. Is it easy to set up?
  20. Is that a general frontend you can download, or is this something you built? It looks great for the immersion, I'd love to have a mini arcade to walk around!
  21. I don't think he's lost anything, more that Klopp has been playing his strongest team and Jones isn't at that level yet to break into it regularly. He'll still get 15+ starts this season I reckon (especially as Thiago seems to be injured every few matches - he's worse than Matip!)
  22. Gabe

    Sport Documentaries

    I've only got the last episode of The Last Dance to watch and whilst initially thinking it was really going somewhere, I've been disappointed at how light touch it's all been as the episodes progressed. Whilst I wouldn't go quite so far as to call it a puff-piece, I don't think it's too far off. It was obviously always going to be about Jordan front-and-centre, but the long Athletic article with the director paints a very different picture to what eventually went on screen, which is pretty much just constant idolatry. In terms of Jordan's intensity and will to win, a lot of it boils down to him picking a fight (real or imaginary) with an opponent and using that to motivate him - a setup which is repeated across the series a lot, just with different antagonists. For everybody else, they have little cameos but don't really have freedom to talk about, well, anything much other than how they fitted into Jordan's little bubble at various points. I read that some of the team were unhappy with how Pippen was portrayed, for example. Where I guess I'm most let down is with the questions that aren't asked. There's no exploration of why his teammates didn't particularly like him as a person, other than a few people saying he was hard on them (and I don't think either Rodman nor Pippen said anything on screen about that aspect, did they?) There was no talk about what he was like outside of the locker room, why people never got close/were allowed to get close to him, nothing that humanised him. It was all robotic "He trains hard & plays hard and shouts at you if you don't meet his standards," as if they weren't allowed to expand on it (I assume Jordan had the ability to veto content on this?) There a lot of clips of Jordan talking about how he would only ever play for Phil Jackson, yet there's very little about why that relationship was so strong (and Jackson is barely in it.) Stuff with Jackson/Jordan and others disliking Jerry Krause isn't explored (though in googling the spelling his of surname I see he died in 2017 so perhaps they didn't want to speak ill of the dead.) It's interesting watching this with my perspective on it because, as I said in my earlier post, I never really knew anything about Jordan, what he achieved or just how famous he was. Whilst I now have a better idea of his sporting accolades and how intense he was, I'm not getting anything more than that. Even the wider story around that last championship season feels a bit contrived as a reason to give some screen time to other players, rather than feeling their stories were fundamental to the success. Some of them make an important shot - well I'm sure that happened a lot during that (and every other) season, that's not really much of a story. Instead we get a bit of their background to pad out time but because we spend so little time with them anyway there's no feeling of getting to know what makes them tick. Perhaps the comments in this thread built it up too much for me, but I get the enduring impression of it being a 10-hour show telling a 3-hour story. I don't really know quite what I was expecting from it, in truth, but something with a bit more teeth.
  23. It's a shame, he has pace, a good work ethic and from his Bundesliga days he knows where the goal is, but it just isn't happening and you have to think it is now a mental thing stopping him being able to really push on. I thought with Lukaku being the main man there now it would help and let him play with a bit less pressure, but is still missing relatively simple chances.
  24. Nuno is performing as well at Tottenham as you would expect for a 5th-choice manager I guess. Also, is Werner ever going to find his feet in the PL? He's clearly got talent but just seems to be 'doing a Torres' in a Chelsea shirt at the moment (though his medal cabinet probably doesn't care!)
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