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  1. Yeah, this. The trailer told me nothing, other than the blue people like to wander around a bit. Not that I have any intention of ever watching it, but if I was on the fence then that did nothing to make me want to learn more.
  2. Well that was a 2.5 hour bundle of meh. I've now been disappointed with all the Phase 4 stuff so far (both TV and films) despite continually thinking I'm going to like the next thing - and I was looking forward to this more than Spider-Man, as I really like Cumberbatch in the role. Some general thoughts: I honestly don't know what to really make of this. Even though it only finished a couple of hours ago I'm genuinely struggling to think of anything it does to either further any of the characters, increase our wider knowledge of anything or set in motion something that would be interesting in whatever team-up film comes down the line. It just left me feeling empty. I do feel I've fallen out of step with the general consensus regarding Marvel stuff though (not just on here, but out "there" too), because the only TV show I quite liked was Falcon & The Winter Soldier and the only film was The Eternals. WandaVision, Loki, Black Widow, Spider-Man etc have all massively missed the mark for me to the point where I do wonder why I still get hyped for them. I guess the multiverse is the common theme running throughout Phase 4, but that just isn't grabbing my interest like the build-up to Thanos did (and I realise Marvel has said they won't be mirroring that approach again.) So, once again I shall now read the comments which will most likely be full of praise and enjoyment and I'll wonder why I'm just not getting it any more.
  3. True, but you need to take points from your rivals too and we haven't done that, which can make a disproportionate difference to points as well as mentality.
  4. It's the draws vs Tottenham, Chelsea (especially at Anfield) and City that have done the damage. That said, whilst I do think this takes any pressure off City now (and voids any CL hangover they may have had), stranger things have happened.
  5. Gabe

    The Man Utd Thread

    He doesn't seem a very Pep type of player, especially because of his ego. I'm also not sure what problem he would be solving.
  6. Watching World War Z again (more as background really) and I still really like it, it treats the subject with a bit of reverence and as such all feels quite grounded. Sure, there's some plot armour and macguffins, but Pitt isn't a superhero, just a guy trying to do what's needed. Shame it never got a sequel. 3.5/5
  7. I would've preferred they just kept this seasons kit for another year, especially in these cost-crisis times, and even more so given that it's not even much different. I know a few clubs are keeping the same kit and I don't honestly expect many clubs to do similarly, but it would've been a nice gesture for fans. I imagine their kit supplier contracts deem a change every year though.
  8. @BennyYeah, I remember Freespace 2 being pretty good at creating a universe where your actions have a material impact on things. It was a great game, I still remember the sound of the capital ship lasers burning through the enemy, and some of the bigger battles were epic in scale. Tachyon: The Fringe was also good, with the bonus of Bruce Campbell voicing the main character ("That's a big ship!") I was never able to finish it though due to a game-breaking bug in one of the missions. It's on gog though (or it used to be), might be worth checking out?
  9. I just had a look at that list and the only Nintendo exclusive I have any interest in would be Fire Emblem (and indeed, I played and completed that earlier this year). Guess I don't like games then, despite owning, enjoying playing and completing lots of them. What a silly thing to say.
  10. I only watched the first episode and it did nothing for me so I didn't bother with the rest, but on a more general point (because there have been a number of comments about getting a second series), has Disney confirmed any of the shows getting another outing? I think I read on here that Loki has, but any others?
  11. 11. 03/05/2022 - The Division (PC) I don't remember when I first started playing this (probably at least 4+ years ago), but I never really devoted much time to it until last years. The problem, of course, is that because I was playing so long after release, I had to do it 95% solo, and there are some challenging missions in there if you don't want to grind for materials to upgrade gear. It was good fun though. The shooting was solid, the gameplay loop gave enough variety and of course the loot cycle scratches that itch. It also looked absolutely phenomenal at times - at night in Times Square with a proper a snow squall and low visibility was beautiful to see. Even without the dynamic weather it looked good. All-in-all a good bit of fun. I also have the second game, which I did start last night, though again I think it'll be something to dip in and out of rather than attack full-on. Previously completed:
  12. I actually prefer the look of the 2600 game, the legs on the C64 version look too chunky (yes, sharp elbows etc).
  13. I'm glad I don't have the ability to watch this, it sounds horrendous from the BBC feed.
  14. Gabe

    The Man Utd Thread

    What has a crypto currency got to do with picking your team?
  15. Loaning him back was part of the original failed bid in January I think, so it would make sense for that still to be the case, given that he isn't going to supplant any of our current front 5 (and Elliott would likely be above him in the pecking order too.)
  16. I thought the Carvalho deal had been sorted, but he's talking about not knowing what will happen at the end of the season?
  17. Because of this thread leading me to a trawl through gog, I decided to buy Might & Magic VII (I owned this years ago and even had the Prima guide) and spent an enjoyable couple of hours on it this afternoon. It's a bit clunky of course, but doesn't miss QoL features that, say, a dungeon crawler would. Anyone else play it back in the day?
  18. Can I ask an emulation question? I own the original version on disc of Shining Force III, which I've only ever played a bit of and would like to get back into, given that I re-played SF I&II last year and it works on an emulator but looks like arse. Both of the emulators I have tried claim to have scaling options, but nothing seems to actually work and it is still running at the original resolution. Is there a trick I'm missing? I've tried Saturn emulators in Retroarch and also standalone, to no avail and it's frustrating. I also have Mystaria (a SRPG) that I'd like to play but that looks even worse at native res. Can anybody help?
  19. There are so many 90s/early 2000s games that I do fondly remember and think I would like to play but, especially in the case of RPGs, the QoL stuff puts me off. Anybody know how the Krondor games hold up these days, for example?
  20. Or they could find something they both enjoy equally rather than forcing one of them to do something to please the other.
  21. Re: the first bit, it may well have reinvented 3D filming but a) it didn't help with the longevity (given that it is largely dead again and has been for years) and b) everybody else seemed to collectively shrug their shoulders and just go for the cheap conversion method for other 3D films, so all those techniques he came up with have seen very little use elsewhere. It may have been revolutionary, but the masses don't really care. As for the second bit, I would genuinely prefer a Michael Bay 'rah-rah USA military' - fest to any more Avatar content. Ah, the whole 'You're only saying it's bad to look cool'. Yep, it must be that No, it's awful. Overlong with a boring, generic plot and a terrible lead actor (Sam Worthington is one of the most wooden and least charismatic leads I've ever seen in anything he is in). I still have the wrapped 3D blu-ray of this (and Titantic) that came with my blu-ray player 11? years ago, and I have no interest of ever opening it (despite how good the 3D is - which I don't really remember much of, to be fair.)
  22. Yeah, I wonder if he's considered that the reason she probably talks through stuff is because it's the only time she gets to actually have conversations with him? From the limited context it might be that the guy feels gaming is his 'reward' for spending time doing housework/son's homework - there's no indication that he actually wants to do any family stuff and that isn't healthy. As I've recently ended a relationship (which really sucks, by the way) where part of the reason was that my ex's son spent pretty much spent all day, every day on his PC and never wanted to do any family activity, I can sympathise with the wife's point of view. I hope there is some physical activity with their son - 7 is too young to be playing games all day. I love gaming, but it only happened after the son's bedtime, and I always had shared stuff with my ex too, so we had proper together time and our own hobbies. I therefore don't have much sympathy for Jim.
  23. Gabe

    The Man Utd Thread

    Has he left the forum?
  24. I did a couple of territories on this but the endlessly respawning enemies killed if for me, it just makes everything a slog. Shame, because it's an interesting spin on the genre.
  25. Yeah, it wasn't the best picture, just one I snapped quickly. That said, the patchy block you see in the middle is fairly representative of how it looks for me throughout.
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