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  1. And yet SI maintain that you have far more control now via instrictions than you ever did under the with/without ball scenario. Anyway, I haven't paid any attention to this, what are the new "features" this year?
  2. Oof, yeah, that is never a good sign. I wonder if they'll even bother trying to spin breaking their promises, or just pretend they never said anything?
  3. That's a brilliant post @feltmonkey and encapsulates just how twisted a situation this is. I do wonder how many fans truly do care about the owners though. I'm sure plenty will be concerned and conflicted, but I would wager that, sadly, the majority are just happy to have rid of Ashley, whilst also being excited by the promise of millions being pumped into the squad - and will write-off any abuses by the regime as being a problem in a faraway land that they don't need to worry about (if they even think of them at all). I guess we'll see over the next few weeks if fans intend to make any noise about it, because there are going to be a lot of eyes on Newcastle in the coming weeks so it would be the best opportunity to do something.
  4. I was actually typing something very similar to this, and I agree with you. For all the cries of 'integrity', if you still watch the games in some fashion - be it through a dodgy stream, overseas broadcast, in a pub or whatever, you're still indirectly supporting whatever owners you are railing against, because you are contributing to that club being a desirable product from which money can be made. There are obviously degrees to this, and watching but not paying is lower on the scale than attending matches or buying replica shirts, sure - but the only way to have a completely principled stand would be to stop watching your club completely, however sad or upsetting that may be to you.
  5. I don't think Cowboys and Indians would've have had a VHS release, @Fireproofradiator. It's probably Tomb Raider, as @Loik V credernsays. Are there any good links to Craig's interviews post-Spectre where he talks about never wanting to play the role again?
  6. Gareth Ainsworth is actually quite a nice bloke. I have no comment about Wycombe as a team though.
  7. @denisbI'd say that's probably a blessing! My partner hadn't seen them and she didn't struggle to follow it, for what it's worth.
  8. I'm rather naively thinking that Gower and Atherton might bring something to the table, yes. If nothing else they have much more experience than James Taylor in commentary (I realise doing soundbites for a game is completely different, but they have long broadcasting experience to tap in to.) The commentary has been criticised for years on their forums and Planetcricket - which seems to have be the main unofficial forum for all cricket games - so I'm hoping they have taken that feedback onboard and yes, perhaps it might actually be good now?
  9. Nah, their delivery was horrible. James Taylor was horrible and stilted, Slater sounded overexcited and Mel Jones - whilst probably sounding the most naturally flowing - just didn't get anything interesting to say. Exactly. The actual cricket from Big Ant is actually very good - but the presentation is pap. Both the Codemasters games had good commentary teams and they did have that wonderful conversational style about them at times, it's a shame that series ended, as that played a good game too. I remember it let you set-up the opposition batsmen, where if you bowled three perfect balls of the same delivery in a row (i.e. three outswingers), you could then bowl an inswinger and catch the AI out (depending on their skill, of course). The Big Ant games have never had that, the AI just treats each ball in isolation so you can't try and be clever like that. I hope they've addressed that too. Also - I hope they sort the weather out. In the hundreds of hours I've played across various Big Ant games (starting back with Don Bradman '14), I've never yet had a rain delay and I want one, damnit! They also need to provide more stats, given that cricket is as much about that as it is what happens on the pitch. This might be the first game I've paid full price for in years, I shall be keeping an eye out on Steam for in, seems pre-orders will go live in the next week or so.
  10. 02/10/2021 - Gene Rain: Wind Tower (PC) I don't mind jank in my games - I mean, seriously, look at what I've completed; I positively embrace it - but even for me this was a complete and utter mess. In short, it's a Chinese game made in Unreal that seems to start with no warning, explain nothing and then end without even being clear it has ended. It's such a mess that you can't even play it in English without faffing around with an XML file (or trying to navigate which option in a wall of Chinese means 'language'), and I only found that out by mistake; there's basically no information about the game on google, at all, and I had written it off as being unplayable and Steam wouldn't refund me even though in the dedicated thread others couldn't play it due to the lack of English. In fairness, it had been sat in my backlog for over a year, but still - to think I actually paid real cash money for it! At its heart, GR:WT is a third-person shooter. You bumble around an identikit grey cityscape (though it's basically just metal walls all around) and shoot robots, for reasons that the epically bad translation do not make clear. You destroy a Wind Tower (as in the name) but then carry on for a bit more for <reasons> until you fight a slightly bigger robot and the game tells you you've saved, somebody? Honestly, it's totally incomprehensible, and not in a 'so bad it's good' way - it's just bad. There's also some DLC that was included (it was released for free initially) which I think is meant to continue the story more fully, but there's a bug in the code which means one of the missions doesn't flag as complete and so you can't progress. I did not shed any tears. Not that it would take much time - the game is incredibly short (<3 hours) and is completely no-frills. There's notionally a weapon upgrade system of sorts (you can just add some different mods to your main gun) and the only skill you have as a player - apart from getting behind cover (or bunker, as the game tells you) - is a deployable mini-turret, which you can also upgrade. That's your lot. There's a handful of enemy types and the last few levels take place inside rather than outside - though the main change is the walls go from grey to red. Like I say, jank is fine for me so I did finish it (mainly because I knew it was brief), and in truth the gunplay is competent, but it's a bit of a disaster of a game (not even considering the game-breaking bug in the DLC) that, even for whatever pittance I paid for it, was a waste of money and, more importantly, time. It was still slightly better than Evil Dead though. Previously completed:
  11. The best bit about that article is the new commentary team - the previous iterations have been terrible, but hopefully the new additions (not least Atherton) will bump it up a bit - I remember the International Cricket games on the 360 about 10 years ago had decent commentary (and even though you'd hear the same anecdotes from Bumble and Warney again and again, the fact they were there made it feel a bit more like watching a real game).
  12. Gabe

    Instant Noodles.

    I've just had a Soba Chilli cup noodle for lunch and it was very tasty and I do like the idea of some noodles, preferably spicy and/or curry based. I've tried an itsu curry cup noodle but I'm not a fan of broth-based stuff, and also the Naked Katsu flavour (but the rice was like cardboard and the taste wasn't very powerful). What do people recommend, either in packet or cup noodle form?
  13. It's a bit sad that we had about 57 pages of chat about this film before it came out, but just 2 or 3 since release. I can't disagree with much you've said there @Parksey and I totally agree that Craig's era has been the most human portrayal of all of the Bonds. As I said in my initial post, from his mannerisms he just looked more relaxed and the comedic moments felt more natural than in his previous films; this film's version of Bond seemed less sociopathic and more relatable than perhaps at any time before. It's definitely an end of an era, I wonder how his reign will be judged in future years, both in isolation and in comparison to the other actors?
  14. It's not really a guilty pleasure, because it's interesting, but both Abandoned Engineering and The Architecture the Railways Built on Yesterday are recorded for when I fancy watching a bit of easy tv.
  15. Gabe

    Cricket Thread

    Yeah, I've always loved that he hates T20 and is a test match man all the way. Plus it's been great to have a world class bowler on the team with his knowledge and experience of the game, whereas most commentators are ex-batters. Such a pity, but it's been a pleasure listening to him. They need to get Sangakkara on more now then, he has such a soothing voice too.
  16. Gabe

    Cricket Thread

    I just read that Mike is retiring from commentating this year - that's proper sad, I love his dulcet tones for test matches
  17. What does the bookings table look like, because red cards is hardly a barometer on its own for a dirty team.
  18. Well that's another pause then, as my 12-month sub rolls into its third year.
  19. How long does it take to complete? I do like the artstyle, but am not a fan of adventures - but if it is short enough then I'll give it a go.
  20. I don't care for achievements on any platform either, but I just remember it being one of the things they weren't going to do to (along with user reviews and forums and sales with deep discounts) because that represented the bad way of doing things (a la Steam), and yet here we are. Have they even got a shopping cart yet or do you still have to buy everything individually?
  21. Weren't achievements one of the things the Epic store wasn't going to tarnish itself with originally? I wonder much little money it continues to take outside of Fortnite (and when that bubble will burst)?
  22. They definitely are, yeah, but usually it is the games versus the other clubs challenging you were the real difference is made. It's true that there are rarely any easy games in the PL these days and long may it continue.
  23. I think this is a pretty good summary the match, yeah. In the Liverpool thread I was saying Milner was a liability even before he got booked, it was clear Foden was targeting him and he couldn't keep up. I'm not sure about his legs having gone just yet though, he was still powering up and down the line, he's never had pace though so City were always going to expose him with the speed they have in their side. Salah's goal was ridiculous though (and his bit of skill for the first goal was very good too) and even though it was annoying to see, I have to take my hat off for Rodri's block. I know it's early doors, but we might just have a proper title fight this season if the big six continue to drop points against each other, as that's usually where you see the difference over the season.
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