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  1. I would tend to agree, I think he sounds like he's been told somebody shat on his favourite dinner in a lot of his commentaries these days, not just with Liverpool.
  2. Just seen the quick highlights and can see why the Southampton goal wasn't overturned, it was some time after the foul that they scored and there is precedence (remember the Man Utd goal vs us in the 1-1 draw?) And how depressed did Tyler sound when we equalised, goodness!
  3. Can't really argue about the difference Eddie Howe has made on that graphic.
  4. Gabe


    @GottersI don't know the numbers, but would imagine Arsenal have played the fewest games of teams in the top 7/8? Running out of legs should definitely not be an issue (or excuse). There have to be questions over the team's mentality though, given how they have faltered against mediocre opposition during that sticky spell in early April, even more so when they then beat Chelsea & Man Utd after that. Is there a problem with motivating themselves? I think Tottenham are the much better team, so are more worthy of 4th, but Arsenal should've been out of sight weeks ago.
  5. Blimey. I hope they haven't shown all of the action-y bits in that trailer - whilst I enjoyed the first two seasons, they are massively filled with action (which is fine), so I still want some surprises.
  6. Mystery Men I haven't seen this for a long, long time so whilst I remembered the general story beats, I had forgotten the dialogue - and that made it a little treat watching it again last night. Greg Kinnear plays a blinder, Geoffrey Rush is clearly having fun and William H. Macy is the wonderfully understated but provides the emotional heartbeat of the film. The ensemble cast have a nice chemistry and are carried along by the basic but light plot, rather than driving it forward with force of will - but it works. There are some simple laughs rather than full-on stomach-aching ones, but that's okay, because there's a warmth to proceedings which makes it feel like you're getting a gentle hug from the cast and it makes it a very easy watch that just breezes by. 4/5
  7. Genuine question to Arsenal fans, but has the team actually improved? It's hard to gauge when teams from 4-8 have all had their moments (and travesties) this season.
  8. Arsenal really have done amazingly well to throw away such a dominant position over the past few weeks. At least Arteta now knows that they clearly don't want to play on Tuesday & Wednesday nights
  9. There's an extension in chrome that will do all the bing searches and quizzes for you with a single click, if you are interested.
  10. This feels like shifting the goalposts. The original argument was that globalisation means international fans aren't as 'real' as a local born fan. Now you are moving that to how big clubs have more money because of lots of international fans - but what has that got to do with the actual point? Unless those international fans are buying all the tickets to matches, then how does, say, Crawley Town having international fans impact on the local people that still go to games? That community feel is still there. I mean, to take @Picasso Of Pain's post, how is local pride diluted by a woman in Brazil following Notts County? Now the point about the changing revenue distribution in favour of bigger clubs and stuff I agree with, I think that is a stain on the game - but that's not what was being originally discussed.
  11. Even if City did lose, the goal difference would be have won it for them anyway (well, unless Villa managed to get something off them in their final game, which is also unlikely.) I'd settle for the two domestic cups as a very good season (and obviously hope for a nice CL win.)
  12. Surprised that both teams in the WFC final are wearing blue, they aren't massively different shades.
  13. They are tough questions to answer. On purely footballing terms you'd say not, but his captaincy has shown how much there is to the man, he's a credit to the club and the community and clearly has a powerful voice and the respect of other captains within the PL. So I guess the real question is what are the parameters of the question? As for Klopp, I think he'd much rather a statue made of the fans in the Kop than one of him Both are amazing characters and people and they will be immortalised within the club in some way regardless.
  14. All eyes now on the injuries picked up - hopefully all will be back for the CL final. And who knows, perhaps City will draw their next couple of games too
  15. I would've preferred not to have gone through penalties of course and win it with a flukey goal or something, but obviously now I can relax and enjoy it!
  16. Ah, so we won then? I decided to go and change my bedsheets rather than watch the penalties
  17. Not been a great game in truth, poor finishing on both sides leads to the expected result. God I hate penalties.
  18. The team look - understandably - tired, physically and mentally. It's not surprising, they've had to play at a higher level all season than Chelsea just to keep up with Man City. Just need one moment of magic.
  19. Been lacking any real quality in the final third, lots of aimless crosses and wasted set-pieces, something we've seen a fair bit recently. Needs somebody to get a grip on things or just fluke something off the shin, I don't care, just somebody score for Liverpool!
  20. Been Chelsea's game so far, barring the first 10 minutes or so. They've had some really good chances and we haven't found much rhythm yet. Diaz has been our brightest spark and biggest threat (as that chance amply demonstrates), but need the rest to turn up now.
  21. 12. 11/05/2022 - World War Z: Aftermath (PC) The Aftermath release adds three new scenarios to the base game of zombie-shooting fun. This didn't have the same impact on me as the original release did but it was still a solid game and the zombie horde moments can still be quite tense and I do like how they mirror the way they climb and create a wall in the film. It would undoubtedly have worked better with other players that coordinated properly (rather than letting me bleed out ) but it was still a fun way to spend a few hours. It does what it does in a very perfunctory manner and, in truth, leans on those horde moments to give it any kind of gimmick to make it memorable in any way, but that's okay because, as I say, it was short. My main niggle was that each chapter was essentially its own self-contained story (not that there was much story) and it didn't contain any 'main' narrative to tie it all together - I would've liked it to provide a stronger thread to give me reason to do stuff. Had I not got this free via Epic it wouldn't have been something I'd have played, but I guess that's the beauty of free games. Previously completed:
  22. Well it's a Premier League award so there's no way Klopp can win it, given that Pep has done everything he has plus 3 points more. Frank getting it would remind me of when George Burley pipped Houllier to it for getting Ipswich 5th (or was that an LMA award?), but Chris Wilder never got it for getting Sheffield United 9th in their first season so I can't see it going to him either. Howe is really the only viable alternative to Pep then, I think.
  23. Yeah, as much as Newcastle going down would've been great for sport in general, Howe has managed to get them to be a functioning team and playing some good stuff, to the point you think they might have been looking at European places had he been there all season. Vieira's inclusion, even had it not been at the expense of Moyes, is just bizarre though.
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