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  1. 2 hours ago, Alask said:

    I think as well as Wanda vision, it helps to have seen Agents of Shield so that you know


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    The darkhold is a magical macguffin that corrupts everyone no matter what. I mean they do say it in the film too, but feels like it needs to be even more central than it is to justify doing that to her character.



    I mean, it doesn't really matter, but


    why didn't the Strange on Titan who was dream walking regularly not have a third eye? That bugged me.

    I mean, I know why he didn't - because that wanted to save that surprise for the end - but it still bugs now, even though I thought this film was rubbish.

  2. 13. 18/05/2022 - Young Souls (PC)


    Ahh, what a load of crap this is!


    I'm not going to bother to write too much, because it really isn't worth it, but the one-button combat is boring, the hub world lacks any reason to exist other than to waste your time, and the twin leads are utterly hateful characters. How I wished they died at the end (they don't.)


    As an ARPG it lacks both the A and the RPG. The world has no visual flair in each of the 4 dungeons and there is plenty of padding if you didn't know where to go (you can - and I did - skip at least half of the 'rooms' you have to clear.) There's also a lot of swearing that just feels out of place and juvenile; there is a profanity filter, so you can avoid it, but there's a few uses of 'bitch' I didn't like and then just a lot of 'not clever or hard' swearing.


    The only thing it does do right is the accessibility options - of which there are quite a few to let you tailor the experience. It's totally not worth it though.

    Even as part of my Game Pass sub I feel cheated. I might just buy it on Steam just so I can immediately refund it. That'll learn 'em! 


    Previously completed:


    1. 01/01/2022 - Final Fight: Streetwise (PS2)

    2. 02/01/2022 - The Forgotten City (PC)

    3. 05/01/2022 - Football, Tactics & Glory (PC)

    4. 08/01/2022 - Alt Frequencies (PC)

    5. 31/01/2022 - Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (Gamecube)

    6. 05/03/2022 - Gogoroa (PC)

    7. 21/03/2022 - Guardians of the Galaxy (PC)

    8. 10/04/2022 - Assassin's Creed: Origins (PC)

    9. 24/04/2022 - Mass Effect Andromeda (PC)

    10. 25/04/2022 - Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel (X360)

    11. 03/05/2022 - The Division (PC)

    12. 11/05/2022 - World War Z: Aftermath (PC)


  3. 1 hour ago, englishbob said:

    Black Widow - Disney + IMAX edition


    Quite enjoyed some of it, the dialogue seemed genuine amongst the ridiculousness.


    2.5/5 (you could probably add another 1.5 if you like this stuff, I gave up this Marvel lark with Iron Man 2)

    I would take-off 1.5 because I like this stuff. I thought it was an awful film. 

  4. Trying to out aside the CGI - which I thought looked genuinely bad - what is the premise of this show? As in, how is she getting her powers (and why?) We see Brulk (Bruce + Hulk, see? :P) putting her in a chamber, so is the suggestion it is a latent gene or something?


    The idea she would volunteer for it if that isn't the case seems a bit weird? 


    (I know nothing of comics nor the character, as you can tell.)


    Also, this:

    10 hours ago, SaintAnselm said:

    I still hate the MCU depiction of the Hulk though, he hasn’t been right since the first Avengers film.

    He's been progressively less interesting (as both Bruce & Hulk) in each appearance since Ultron (I'm perhaps being generous there.) I don't think they know to do with him, and even if they did have the rights to make their own film at some point I still think they would struggle. 

  5. 45 minutes ago, dizogg said:

    Yeah I don’t think he’s anti Liverpool particularly but obviously it’s more exciting when Southampton score against us than us scoring, but he needs to get over that and just commentate the game instead of constantly trying to build “narrative”. He’s outstayed his welcome now and they need someone fresher.


    He says lots of thing to try and sound clever and funny but it’s like sitting with someone’s boring smart arse uncle. 

    I would tend to agree, I think he sounds like he's been told somebody shat on his favourite dinner in a lot of his commentaries these days, not just with Liverpool.

  6. Just seen the quick highlights and can see why the Southampton goal wasn't overturned, it was some time after the foul that they scored and there is precedence (remember the Man Utd goal vs us in the 1-1 draw?) 


    And how depressed did Tyler sound when we equalised, goodness! 

  7. @GottersI don't know the numbers, but would imagine Arsenal have played the fewest games of teams in the top 7/8? Running out of legs should definitely not be an issue (or excuse).


    There have to be questions over the team's mentality though, given how they have faltered against mediocre opposition during that sticky spell in early April, even more so when they then beat Chelsea & Man Utd after that. Is there a problem with motivating themselves?


    I think Tottenham are the much better team, so are more worthy of 4th, but Arsenal should've been out of sight weeks ago. 

  8. Mystery Men


    I haven't seen this for a long, long time so whilst I remembered the general story beats, I had forgotten the dialogue - and that made it a little treat watching it again last night.


    Greg Kinnear plays a blinder, Geoffrey Rush is clearly having fun and William H. Macy is the wonderfully understated but provides the emotional heartbeat of the film. The ensemble cast have a nice chemistry and are carried along by the basic but light plot, rather than driving it forward with force of will - but it works. There are some simple laughs rather than full-on stomach-aching ones, but that's okay, because there's a warmth to proceedings which makes it feel like you're getting a gentle hug from the cast and it makes it a very easy watch that just breezes by.



  9. Arsenal really have done amazingly well to throw away such a dominant position over the past few weeks. At least Arteta now knows that they clearly don't want to play on Tuesday & Wednesday nights :lol:

  10. 28 minutes ago, Naysonymous said:


    Thing is I don’t think it’s possible to uncouple the two.  Global fans are always going to support the most successful clubs.  This generates more revenue for those clubs which drives more success which attracts more fans.  It’s a crazy powerful feedback loop driven by people’s desire to back the winning horse.  We end up with leagues being utterly dominated by a handful of clubs and everybody else is really only there to make the numbers up.  Yes it’s great that clubs like Fulham have small supporters clubs in obscure places that you wouldn’t expect, but it’s the hundreds of thousands of people who only want to cheer for the winner in Asia/America/wherever which have convinced a few clubs that they’ve outgrown the league and can now dictate terms, so they have done. Successfully.  Just look at the new Champions League format.  

    This feels like shifting the goalposts. The original argument was that globalisation means international fans aren't as 'real' as a local born fan.


    Now you are moving that to how big clubs have more money because of lots of international fans - but what has that got to do with the actual point? Unless those international fans are buying all the tickets to matches, then how does, say, Crawley Town having international fans impact on the local people that still go to games? That community feel is still there.


    I mean, to take @Picasso Of Pain's post, how is local pride diluted by a woman in Brazil following Notts County?


    Now the point about the changing revenue distribution in favour of bigger clubs and stuff I agree with, I think that is a stain on the game - but that's not what was being originally discussed.

  11. Even if City did lose, the goal difference would be have won it for them anyway (well, unless Villa managed to get something off them in their final game, which is also unlikely.) I'd settle for the two domestic cups as a very good season (and obviously hope for a nice CL win.)

  12. 1 hour ago, bradigor said:



    Where does Henderson fit in our list of greatest ever captains? He has to be staking a claim for greatest of all. 


    Rightly so, only Shankly and Paisley have a statue. Does Klopp get one when he leaves? 



    They are tough questions to answer. On purely footballing terms you'd say not, but his captaincy has shown how much there is to the man, he's a credit to the club and the community and clearly has a powerful voice and the respect of other captains within the PL. So I guess the real question is what are the parameters of the question?


    As for Klopp, I think he'd much rather a statue made of the fans in the Kop than one of him :lol:


    Both are amazing characters and people and they will be immortalised within the club in some way regardless.

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