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  1. I tried playing Black last year via Game Pass and it was a painful experience. It looked awful, which I can live with, but the controls were so stiff and I just couldn't get on with it so gave up after only about 30 minutes or so.
  2. 10. 29/01/2023 - Justice League Heroes (Xbox) The cliff notes are this is the DC version of the X-Men games, but not quite as good. Developer Snowblind had the experience in the genre, having pumped out the first Baldur's Gate & both EverQuest ARPGs, but I think this is a better game, mainly based on the fact that these titles are more fun playing as a team, rather than solo - though it was disappointing that this only had two characters on screen versus the four of the X-Men games (the first of which had arrived two years prior), plus a much smaller cast to choose from. To its credit though, that smaller scale overall means it can be finished in under 8 hours, which is at least half the time of the X-Men games - and that's a good thing, because like the X-Men games the core loop runs out of steam quite quicky. Also, as is typical for the genre, because the game needs to be viable with all characters (even though you can only choose your own team on a few occasions) it means that all the skills are reasonably similar in terms of damage output, so you lose any differentiation between them. Sure, some may have a buff or defensive skill, but there's not enough there to make a mix-and-match approach worth it. It's a curse of the genre, of course. What is here though is a pretty bad comic-book story framing the action, with all the tropes you would imagine being ticked-off. But as I say, that much shorter runtime is a boon which prevents it from becoming a chore. It's a shame that, considering the wealth of material available to Marvel & DC that we don't have more of these games. DC especially has been woeful in this genre (I don't even think there is another similar game?) I know there's Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 on the Switch, but that's about it and don't think there's anything on the horizon, either? I can't grumble though. This was still relatively fun to play in 2022 and I breezed through it over the course of the past few days - I just wish I had more of this style to play! Previously completed:
  3. Gabe


    No, you're right - 'poor advice' is wrong, because professionally the move makes a lot of sense. It does still feel a bit off though, with the instagram post about his family trying to, what, engender some kind of sympathy or hardship for somebody on £15k a week? And player-power is usually bemoaned on here, isn't it? I recall Kane took a lot of stick for trying to force his move last year (and I have more sympathy for that situation). Caicedo has plenty of time on his side though and, if he continues to play at a high level for the rest of the season, he'll have a pick of suitors in the summer - though of course this might be his best chance of a PL medal, who knows? Regardless, even if him trying to force a move was agreed by everybody as the right thing to do, I have no problem with Brighton sitting tight and doing nothing other other than issuing their firm 'Nope.' Caicedo signed a long-term contract (regardless of whether there was an understanding on both sides that it was just a stepping-stone) and, like the Harry Kane situation, has to accept that sometimes a club is actually going to hold a player to it. Clearly Brighton will cash-in at some point before that contract ends though. I guess I would have some sympathy with Caicedo if had gone as far as he could with the club and had given years of service, but he's played 26 PL games - he's achieved nothing with Brighton as yet. If he stays until the end of the season and they secure a European spot, then he could leave knowing he helped accomplish something historic and I guess Brighton fans would be (more) okay with that scenario? Obviously he just wants out though, so that wouldn't appear to matter to him and nor should it I suppose if he has bigger ambitions in the game.
  4. Gabe


    I think Caicedo is showing that he's still very much a kid in all of this and, as noted above, I think the advice he is getting is poor. He's played 26 games (I think) and given that he has basically said he always intended to use Brighton as a stepping-stone, I don't think he can really complain that the club aren't going to bend over backwards to see him on his way on his terms. I don't think the club sticking to their guns here will have any reputational or otherwise impact down the line, either. Why would it? The player wants out at the 11th hour, how does that give the club time to find a suitable replacement? Even if they had longer-term targets in mind, why would or should they have to pay a January premium for it and have to have them acclimatise to the PL?
  5. I've just finished this after watching it on the basis of the OP and...it's pretty bad. There were a couple of moments that raised a slight chuckle, but that's about it. There were ideas in there that probably could've been worked into something better, but whilst Foley was quite likeable, this was a big miss overall.
  6. I think that's the glaring flaw in that plan. The board don't want to spend the kind of money that will be needed to address a number of issues across the team and I suspect that's why we've seen youth getting decent game time this season, because Klopp knows problems aren't going to solved by bringing players in. I mean, Elliott has played 30 games so far this season, that's way, way more than I think Klopp would've liked, but none of the 'established' options are working either. Again, with the caveat that I don't watch the games, but what has happened to Henderson? He hasn't been a regular starter this season I don't think and it's not as if his legs (should) have gone, he's only 32 and his game has never been based on needing pace.
  7. One that happens a lot, but everybody who stops their vehicle miles away from the house/building/person they then walk ages to get to. Just park closer!
  8. Thanks, this is helpful and makes it a bit clearer.
  9. I doubt for the vast majority of people they even get to the point of asking the initial question there, either because they don't know about Rowling, they don't think it is an issue, or they simply don't care. I would imagine the number of people seeking some kind of 'permission' to buy it is infinitesimal.
  10. I love The Rock (the film, not the persona) but there's a horribly clunky little chat which makes me cringe every time in how badly delivered it is to set-up Connery's character (is that an example of what 'ADR' mentioned above is?) It's the bit where in the police interrogation room where the two old FBI men have to explain to the audience who Connery is and why he's been in prison for so long. It's spoken in the most horribly unnatural way to the point where I will mute that bit if I'm ever watching it in the background (like I did a couple of weeks ago when it was ITV3/4 for the hundredth time since Christmas. They sure do get good value of out of their film rights deals!)
  11. He asked (or believed) they needed at least 7 to transform the squad according to reports, didn't he? Lack of pace was a big concern. And whilst he may well have worked well with the youth, how long realistically would he plan to be at Everton? He's not a young man and a focus on youth isn't going to deliver the quick results they need to stay up.
  12. Out of curiosity I quickly googled and this link has the age of consent around the world and, assuming it is accurate (Wikipedia concurs), seeing Germany as 14 has really surprised me. Indeed, there are a few European countries with 14 (including Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia), and wasn't Spain 13 or something not all that long ago? (It's 16 now.) I suppose the question I don't actually want to know the answer to is whether or not there is a general acceptance of adults having sex with 13-year olds in Japan, or if the law is more around the understanding that (barely) teenagers might have a fumble? If it's the former, then perhaps that is part of the reason for what is seen in their games and other media. It does look like there are calls for/discussions on upping it to 16 though: https://japantoday.com/category/national/japanese-government-proposes-raising-age-of-consent-from-current-13-to-16
  13. Was surprised that Buttler didn't open, I wonder if this is a long-term change?
  14. People talk about Prey as an immersive sim and I don't really understand what is meant by that. I've played a few hours and, to me, it just feels like, I don't know, Bioshock or Half Life 2 - not a twitch-FPS. I don't see why people would find it hard to describe what type of game it is? What am I missing? (I do like it, by the way, I need to go back to it - I just don't see why it isn't just called an FPS.)
  15. Yeah, I saw the trailer a few weeks back which is how I know about it. I'm interested in the visual style, I like turn-based strategy but I'm not sure the humour is going to land, that's the main dampener for me. But I will give it a try.
  16. It's not a particularly interesting list for my tastes, the only thing I'd even have a look at is Inkulinati and I'm not even bothered about that.
  17. From a glance at the topic in OT I don't think there will be any claw back happening against anybody who used this approach.
  18. Gabe

    High on Life

    I think there's a vast difference between a studio very much built around and featuring front and centre a serial sex abuser and this situation.
  19. The flippant answer to this is you just buy a PC.
  20. It would be weird if Sony would pay to develop a specific feature in a title, but no, I don't think that would be fine (though I would view the developer consenting to it as the slightly scummier in that instance). As for exclusive DLC, I think that's a different proposition as, usually, it isn't core content and so it is take-or-leave it. Hasn't Sony paid for exclusive DLC maps for Cod historically, or has that just been timed stuff?
  21. Oh, wow. A bizarre feature to focus on, but yes, the principle of limiting capabilities on another platform (where there is no technical reason for doing so) is crappy whomever does it. I wonder how prevalent this actually is then, do you know of any other examples?
  22. I have admittedly taken that tweet at face value, and for that reason was careful to specifically say that just discussing the possibility is scummy (which I think it is), because I don't know if it has been implemented at all.
  23. Yeah, my personal trigger is once something hits 75% off, which is inevitable if you are happy to wait. And I am,as I am have hundreds of other games to play. It is fun going on a journey of discovery too, as @Gotterssays. I use the discovery queue feature and that can then take you on a wild ride of different stuff and has opened me up to genres I never had an interest in previously. It helps that steam is pretty user-friendly to navigate, too.
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