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  1. I didn't have any of the last gen, none of the current gen and don't plan on getting any either. Been a happy PC gamer for the past 10+ years and don't see that changing any time soon.
  2. I think they've said there will a sixth, too - which will be the final series.
  3. It will be interesting to see how Pep works the team around him - he's obviously a goalscorer, but I don't know how much he gets involved in linking play or his work rate off the ball.
  4. 4 out of 5 is still pretty much a procession though, it's only in Europe they underperformed. Whilst you're right about looking at individual results, I will mention again that we drew all 6 games versus the other teams in the top 4, and I so think that was a problem. We can point to the Brentford or Brighton results, but I do firmly believe that taking points off your rivals has a bigger impact because of the direct points-swing you get from those big matches and the confidence is gives the team. I think is illustrated directly by Tottenham taking 6 points from City, which also will have given them less fear than usual when they came to Anfield. Equally, had Chelsea taken anything from City (or we had won one of those 6 games), we would be here today celebrating title number 20. I'm a little bit sore about it this morning (seeing all the pictures over the news of City celebrating is great fun), but even so I'm still not sad about the season we've had, because it really has been incredible regardless of what happens at the weekend. It does feel like a key Summer transfer window is coming up though - keeping Salah & Mane, even if it is for just one more season, is important. We also need to start succession planning for Henderson, a bit of competition for Trent (to keep him on his toes) and I wouldn't say no to cover for Fabinho either. Obviously with Haaland we expect City to win everything now, but let's keep nipping at them and see what happens, eh?
  5. Yes, a draw in September cost us, rather than a draw two weeks ago. Still, if it makes you happy
  6. The moment we drew with City it was out of our hands, so to keep it going until the final 10 minutes of the season is remarkable. I don't feel proper gut-punch sad like I did in 2019 or 2014, I just feel happy at the season we have had, with still more potentially to come.
  7. As I said in the main thread, I think a goal before City started their comeback might've added some pressure on them and made a difference, but alas, twas not to be.
  8. Yeah, I feel slightly less crap about it on the basis we haven't been top of the table all afternoon. Who knows if City would've found those goals had Liverpool put the pressure on them though?
  9. We're going to lose it on goal difference, aren't we?
  10. I just hope the team do all they can today and win, and then we'll just see. The only thing that could hurt today is if City drop points and we don't do our bit. Whatever happens, it's been a fantastic season.
  11. I don't think anybody cares much about the money or power Mbappe is getting, are they? More how any club was looking to finance it.
  12. I'd love Real to declare how, exactly, they were going to offer similar terms without breaking FFP? Such an awful club.
  13. It's an interesting subject. Isn't this true in most industries? If I create a tool at work (a non-creative industry) that the company uses and makes lots of money from, I wouldn't expect any cut of that, because its just part of the job I'm already being paid for. I'm not saying that's right, but I'm curious as to why we people feel salaried employees should be treated differently in creative industries.
  14. Manager of the year nominee!
  15. Weren't the Dutch team of the 70s largely all from Ajax?
  16. Isn't that the reason he wouldn't go to a PL club, he doesn't want to sit on the bench if he wants to be fit for the World Cup?
  17. Gabe

    Cricket Thread

    Loads out with back injuries, too - there must be something going on with the training for so many to be out with similar injuries at the same time?
  18. I've only played the first chapter, and already I can nod along with a lot of those criticisms. Combat is horribly floaty, collectibles are incredibly hard to see and the fixed camera means movement can be far less elegant than it needs to be. I was intending to give it another try, but perhaps I won't bother.
  19. Why wouldn't you go to the cinema and, you know, pay to see it?
  20. I mean, it doesn't really matter, but I mean, I know why he didn't - because that wanted to save that surprise for the end - but it still bugs now, even though I thought this film was rubbish.
  21. 13. 18/05/2022 - Young Souls (PC) Ahh, what a load of crap this is! I'm not going to bother to write too much, because it really isn't worth it, but the one-button combat is boring, the hub world lacks any reason to exist other than to waste your time, and the twin leads are utterly hateful characters. How I wished they died at the end (they don't.) As an ARPG it lacks both the A and the RPG. The world has no visual flair in each of the 4 dungeons and there is plenty of padding if you didn't know where to go (you can - and I did - skip at least half of the 'rooms' you have to clear.) There's also a lot of swearing that just feels out of place and juvenile; there is a profanity filter, so you can avoid it, but there's a few uses of 'bitch' I didn't like and then just a lot of 'not clever or hard' swearing. The only thing it does do right is the accessibility options - of which there are quite a few to let you tailor the experience. It's totally not worth it though. Even as part of my Game Pass sub I feel cheated. I might just buy it on Steam just so I can immediately refund it. That'll learn 'em! Previously completed:
  22. I would take-off 1.5 because I like this stuff. I thought it was an awful film.
  23. Trying to out aside the CGI - which I thought looked genuinely bad - what is the premise of this show? As in, how is she getting her powers (and why?) We see Brulk (Bruce + Hulk, see? ) putting her in a chamber, so is the suggestion it is a latent gene or something? The idea she would volunteer for it if that isn't the case seems a bit weird? (I know nothing of comics nor the character, as you can tell.) Also, this: He's been progressively less interesting (as both Bruce & Hulk) in each appearance since Ultron (I'm perhaps being generous there.) I don't think they know to do with him, and even if they did have the rights to make their own film at some point I still think they would struggle.
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