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  1. I do think the fact that in the recent past we've not had Man Utd or Arsenal or Chelsea offering much competition for the PL title, so it has perhaps humbled players a bit more (and Liverpool don't provide many starters either.) Plus, as noted, the management at club level is perhaps not so toxic towards international games now. Southgate is benefitting from it, whatever the reason.
  2. A bigger problem for Capello - and Sven before him (McClaren had very different issues) was more the cliques that existed within the squad more than being a harsh disciplinarian. Arsenal, Liverpool & Man Utd players have all spoken about it, as has Sven. For example, Ferdinand has spoken before about how he didn't want to be pally with other non-Man Utd players because he didn't want to give them an edge when they met in league games; I think Lampard has spoken of his rivalry with Gerrard, and Gerrard has said how they would all stick to clubmates when with England. Southgate has helped break that down and nurtured better feelings, helped by there being more diversity in the make-up of the England team now in terms of where they play their club football.
  3. Iran had quite the tournament, huh? Smashed by England, smashed Wales and then just a tired performance tonight when they needed it. Entertaining though.
  4. Iran have just been throwing balls forward with no plan, they just don't look like creating a chance before the end.
  5. What does the immediate future look like for Wales, who do they have coming through? They've been by far the worst team in the group and once the old guard retire who will become their talisman or key player(s)?
  6. This is probably playing out as expected, really. England don't need to win, Wales lacking any real quality in an attacking sense. From an English point of view you'd want to see those coming in try and stake a claim for a starting spot in the knockouts, from a Welsh you want to see them be a bit braver going forward.
  7. This game has been dire (I'm leaving that comment vague as I'm sure it could probably apply to both of them.)
  8. I think the player character is an existing hero, so no 'create your own' I don't think.
  9. Whilst this tournament has thrown out a lot of poor games (of which this has been another), there is loads still to play for in the final round of games in every group, which isn't always the case. Will hopefully see teams opening up more chasing wins and a bit more excitement and drama.
  10. Previews have been very positive I believe, depending on how much you like Fire Emblem type social stuff between missions.
  11. Now that Stadia has refunded me, I'm going to buy this as my Christmas game. Is there any benefit going GoG over Steam? Are both as moddable as each other?
  12. After the excitement of the early games, this has been pretty bad and I fully expect Portugal/Uruguay to stink out the place too.
  13. Isn't the rule now that an accidental handball in the build-up is okay, so long as it isn't by the person that ultimately scores? I don't know any more, I haven't kept up to date with all the changes.
  14. South Korea have lost it since the first goal and Ghana are now good value for the second.
  15. They said in commentary the linesman did raise the flag on one of them though? Was it better or worse than McCoist and Jon Champion spending about 2 solid minutes talking about Ferran Torres dating Enrique's daughter during the Spain/Costa Rica game? (And she's famous in her own right, they pointed out. Thanks, ITV!) Didn't Des Lynam make a weird comment about Laura Woods & Ian Wright acting a bit too familiar too? It's not just the BBC. I also don't think it's anything new - commentating teams that have worked with each other for a while have often had a bit of irreverent chat during games. Not so much in the days of Barry Davies/John Motson et al, but Clive Tyldesley lives for that crap and has done for years.
  16. Yeah, this is a cracking game. Who knows what way it's going to go!
  17. Yeah, I always love the group stages of the Euros/WC. I know there are often a lot of duffers, but there's nothing that says 'carnival of football' more than having all-day games.
  18. Croatia have turned-up tonight after being dreadful in their first game (Morocco aren't a bad side, but Croatia offered nothing at all offensively.) Shame for Canada, would've been great for them to win just to really make the last matches interesting.
  19. Yeah, I think much like we see in the PL, any team on their day can beat another and whilst you get the occasional team that really is awful (Qatar), the general standard of play is always improving. People citing Costa Rica's win as an upset I think is more a reaction to their mauling vs Spain rather than Japan being considered a particularly good team. Likewise, Morocco are fairly solid defensively, so them beating a very poor on the night Belgian side shouldn't be seen as a massive shock.
  20. The standard of games has, by and large, been pretty poor, hasn't it? Another couple of largely rubbish matches so far today, though at least the results were pretty funny. To keep thinks open, wins for Canada and Germany would make their groups very interesting for the final round of matches.
  21. Did nobody tell him it's on BBC then?
  22. True, but it was more that the option to rotate and use the squad versus Wales is now gone, which would've been very handy especially if the heat is playing a significant part - I'm sure a few of them would've appreciated a bit of a breather.
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