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  1. He didn't seem to have a problem with it when he was winning stuff with Arsenal though, did he?
  2. I pretty much disagree with everything you say there, but I do find it amusing you think the win was deserved, even though you accept the 'keeper was man of the match. The team completely switched-off after half an hour and were lucky to get any points, let alone all three. There was no control anywhere over the pitch, the defending was, at best, shonky and there was no attacking thrust at all in that second half. It's very much a 'got away with that' performance.
  3. The only really good save was from the offside chance anyway - the others you'd expect most keepers to make, they weren't anything special. Palace had a few chances that needed a better finish (some flashed across the goal, Gallagher nodded wide etc).
  4. Shocking decision aside, Palace have been brilliant for most of the game and by far the more dangerous team - if they had a little bit more quality up top they would've been well ahead.
  5. I don't even see why it was being checked, Jota scuffed the ball wide and the chance had gone. Honestly raging about how bad that is.
  6. That is an abysmal penalty - and I'm a Liverpool fan. Outrageous decision.
  7. Each to their own, but I find there's something really distasteful about having a dead stuffed animal 'trophy' on display. Why would you want to be looking at that every day?
  8. Not sure that means much when he already said that they postponed as they couldn't put out a team to compete. Nor can Newcastle every week, but they still play.
  9. I did read all of that and, actually, there's nowhere near the story there that the tweet made out. It even agrees near the start that Liverpool had no motive for wanting a postponement and offers why they were doing extra testing in the first place. It's a bit of a PR mess, but not much more than that, especially as the EFL has already decided not to do anything.
  10. Are there any anime-styled games that don't have sexualised young girls front and centre?
  11. Kick them out of the competition if that is found to be true.
  12. That's interesting more for the fact they needed to come out and say something, than the actual words. Did they make a similar comment about Bethesda? If not, this does indicate Sony is a bit more concerned with this development.
  13. There's a bit on BBC about covid postponements and Arteta's comment is rather telling (my emphasis): Hopefully something is done and perhaps for a laugh the PL and clubs will actually be transparent about it. <chortle>
  14. As I say in my other post, CoD campaigns are a whole different level of bombast and spectacle and I honestly don't think any other games do that so well. Again, look at Battlefield; they have attempted (many times) to try and recreate that 'feel' but they are always flat and just don't get close. This is not to speak of the actual quality of the games, mind, which do vary quite a bit, but they can be some throwaway, quick fun. Plus there is also the multiplayer which, as I say, has been a big event within the industry for a long time now. The multiplayer has also been very innovative in the past, too, what with 'prestige' levels, zombie scenarios and kill-streaks/perks etc. I don't follow or play these games, so I can't say if that remains the case, but they certainly have been at the forefront of creating a regular, popular online arena and that can't be sniffed at. That's all well and good, but how did Returnal sell? That was never going to be a massive smash (and arguably Housemarque will never be a big seller studio); Bluepoint - so far - are just stuck on ports and remasters (yawn) and I'm not sure what you think makes Sucker Punch 'AAA'. You talk about brand new games and then mention a two studios which has release mainly sequels to their own franchises aren't doing that, outside of Ghosts Of Tsushima. In what way is that releasing stuff to 'push things forward', exactly? I do actually agree with part of your point, which is that I do think there is an inherent quality in PlayStation games that isn't there for the Xbox and I don't see this acquisition changing that - but I'm not sure it needs to. These purchases will provide something different, rather than direct competition, and in that respect it may well work out for MS.
  15. If that was the case, how come nobody else, anywhere, has? DICE have been trying for years with Battlefield (and failing), but nobody else has really gone big-budget military FPS, well, ever, now that I think about it. And CoD used to be known for being a solid 60fps boombastic experience, and it really does sit on its own. Again, the difference between Battlefield's attempts to create a Hollywood blockbuster are a world away from CoD (whether you like either game or not). Plus the multiplayer has been an event in itself for years now too. There's clearly a big audience for the games, whether you think they are quality or not. It's a silly amount of money, of that there's no question, and perhaps down the line the folly of the deal will become apparent - but that's MS's problem now.
  16. What an ugly post. Please tell us what games are 'good' and would need to play to not be 'weird' in your eyes? Not only that, you make a lazy connection that people only play them because they are comfortable and, by implication, aren't smart enough to look at other things.
  17. What practical benefit is there to the fatigue management stuff? Does the player respond less well if they are tired or is there some other gameplay mechanic that makes it meaningful?
  18. How would this 'knock out Sony'? If they were relying so heavily on AB titles that not having them would send them into a spin, then they would be in massive trouble already - and that's clearly not the case. Xbox still doesn't have those 3rd-person open world action adventures that Sony has in abundance, nor would I say it has mass appeal to non-Western markets still. Sony still has a lot of talented studios that will continue making the same stuff, which will continue to sell in big numbers. Where is the Xbox equivalent of God of War? Of Spider-Man? Of The Last Of Us? Nowhere, currently, and can anybody hand on heart say any of their studio acquisitions can match those titles in terms of polish and production values? Sony will be fine.
  19. That's going to be all about perspective - I'm sure you can find lots of groups that thing this is a good thing and lots that don't. There isn't a universal good/bad viewpoint here.
  20. This is a weird comment given that Sony have already raised the price in the here-and-now - yet a hypothetical increase in the cost of GP at some indeterminate point in the future is the bad thing?
  21. As has been answered, Sony don't own Spider-Man games, just the current license. Besides which, my point was more that Marvel don't really leverage their properties on the gaming side anywhere near as much you would expect, they are few and far between.
  22. What Marvel gaming IP though? They haven't done an awful lot in gaming despite the wealth of opportunities. Again though, I'm not even sure Sony need to do much - they still make significantly more than MS without going on a big spending-spree, so they can just keep on trucking I reckon - the PS brand is still more valuable I think.
  23. But how can somebody in third (or below) be accused of being antitrust? They aren't the dominant player so I can't see why this won't go through.
  24. I realise this isn't a serious post, but having a game that has only ever been on your own platform and not going mutliplatform is a very different proposition from taking a mutliplatform game and making it exclusive, for a whole host of reasons. CoD is also a different beast to anything Bethesda has ever done (not least in terms of having regular output and big revenue) so whether this will be treated differently to Fallout/Starfield etc is to be seen, I guess.
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