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  1. 06/11/2019 - Homefront: The Revolution DLC x3 (PC) I wasn't necessarily intending to finish all these in one go, but in the end they were all so short (under an hour each) that it made sense to just get them done (and reclaim 70GB on my hard drive!) As is often the case for DLC to an open-world game, the open-world aspect is thrown out of the window in favour of scripted missions, though with a little bit more freedom than a standard corridor shooter. The first DLC is set before the main game, with the other two after it. All of them follow the pattern of the campaign missions in the main game - go here, shoot some folks, perhaps defend against some attacks etc. They all work to flesh out the in-game universe but they're hardly indispensable. The mechanics are all the same - so gunplay is fairly satisfying and the maps retain different avenues to move around to get to your goal - but there's not really much to say about it all - it's perfunctory, not exciting. At least one of the DLCs gets you out of the dark and oppressive city, so there's some greenery on display. On to the next thing! Previously completed
  2. Gabe

    Xbox Game Pass

    FM2020 is on Stadia, isn't it? It can be on both, obviously but I'd guess it won't be.
  3. It's a different game now though, isn't it? It's become an open-world (universe?) RPG-based experience now, if I've read my Kickstarter email headlines correctly (I backed the first game. Still haven't played it, oh pile of shame!)
  4. Gabe

    Xbox Game Pass

    How was Oxenfree hard to describe? It was an adventure game through and through.
  5. You have to wonder if this is a sign of Origin struggling a bit or if Valve have just thrown money at EA to secure something in response to Epic.
  6. 27/10/2019 - Bad North: Jotunn Edition Game Pass is great for this type of game, because I'd seen this whilst going through a Discovery Queue on Steam and 'Ignored' it but, because I wasn't really paying for it, I gave it a try on GP. It was...ok, I suppose. It's a 1-screen RTS where you can command up to 4 little groups of troops and hop from island to island to escape the Vikings. I don't know why, exactly, but that is the aim. There are 3 troop types (fighters, archers and pikemen) and you'll face-off against Viking equivalents, plus some additional types they have. Commanders can have traits and you can give them items (which do various things) and each troop type can have a special move. All these things - including upgrading the troops themselves, which is essential - cost gold, which you get from repelling the Vikings from the island you are on - so there is a risk/reward mechanic too, in that you can go for islands that perhaps are easier but have less gold, or vice versa. It was a neat little gimmick at first, presented in a charming minimalist style, but it gets old fast. New enemy troop types are introduced fairly regularly, each requiring different approaches to kill with the fewest losses, but because you've seen all there is to offer within a few minutes. Perhaps that's the charm; but it doesn't make for a very engaging experience. This is not helped by the fact that upgrading your troops doesn't feel like it makes much difference, the special moves are, across the board, atrocious (in part due to the way they have to be targeted - I think I perhaps used half a dozen times over the course of my 45-island journey) and there's not a great deal of room for strategy. There are some things you can do, sure, but it isn't much fun. I only played it on easy and whilst I only had to repeat 1 fight (the last one, due to some sloppy placement and not reinforcing quickly enough), I can see there being lots of frustration at higher skill levels, especially when the enemy super-archers come to play. Definitely style over substance for me, with probably the weather effects in these little micro-climates being the best thing about it - having enemy ships appearing out of the snow was very aesthetically pleasing. Actually playing it though? Not so much. Previously completed:
  7. They are also completely different experiences and, other than being in space and shooting at things, aren't really comparable.
  8. Gabe

    Gamer or lamer?

    Paging @Rob Rule and @skittles to the thread to explain yourselves
  9. 27/09/2019 - Unavowed (PC) Billed as an adventure with RPG elements, this supernatural-themed point-and-click offers some (very limited) freedom in approaching cases, along with the ability to solve puzzles in multiple ways (depending on what team members you pick). I don't generally play adventures but I enjoyed - if not loved - this. It was short and quite punchy, with cases short enough that you could make progress in a quick gaming session. Choosing different team members will give some different dialogue and alternative ways to approach the puzzles, but as you would expect, it doesn't make a material difference to things. I certainly wouldn't expect anybody to replay missions on the strength of any differences, at any rate. Some obtuse puzzles and the ending let things down a bit for me, but it was still a decent game and worth a play. 16/10/2019 - Homefront: The Revolution (PC) The first Homefront game was Red Dawn made into a game - small-town America rising up against a Korean (rather than Russian) threat. It was okay, from what I remember. This takes the premise up a load of notches, with America living under an established occupation force and your goals are a bit loftier this time - you need to help start a revolution. The move to open world means the same thing that blight all other open world games - lots of fairly generic missions supplemented with lots of padding - sorry, activities - that you can do outside of the mainline campaign. It brought back memories of my Far Cry 3 playthrough - I started out thinking I'd complete each area and buy all the weapons and stuff - but after the first area was completed I got bored of all the padding and decided to just get through the main missions instead. It's competent. The gunplay is fairly satisfying, the locations offer some scale and vertical play and I loved the day/night and rain/shine cycle (the rain actually forms puddles on the ground, which was a lovely touch). The missions themselves aren't anything special - there's a surprising lack of bombast - and I feel the open world aspect didn't really add anything to the experience. I have the DLC to play, which I will, but much like I'm in no rush to play another Far Cry game, this - should they ever announce a third title - isn't one I'd be running to play. 20/10/2019 - The Terrible Old Man (PC) This is an incredibly short - about 15 minutes or less - well, I'm not really sure what. I think it is described as a Lovecraftian-themed (isn't everything?) point-and-click. There's basically some character-conversations and 1 puzzle and that's it. An odd little thing. Previously completed:
  10. Ooh, wonder how long until EU V then?
  11. Ah, ok. Tempted to finally join. Can you pause and restart your sub as and when?
  12. For the first time ever I'm actually tempted to get this. Does anybody know what type of choice you will get with the classic sub?
  13. I still think about this game a lot. Might replay it soon.
  14. Gabe

    Disco Elysium

    I've read a comment on another forim that encounters are all dialogue based, is that right?
  15. Even though the direction of the magazine moved away from my own personal brand of nostalgia a long time ago (and I finally got around to cancelling my sub), it does still make me happy to see the success it has become. It really is an amazing achievement and to be celebrated - well done Strider and the team.
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