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  1. Can't see a 2020 thread, but I've abandoned this too. It had pretty much nothing going for my tastes - I don't like Star Wars, don't like Dark Souls, don't like Mirror's Edge and don't like Metroidvanias. I was only playing it as my friend had it (and we took turns to play bits) but neither of us knew it wasn't a linear experience, which was an immediate disappointment. Of what we did play, we both found the combat was generally dull (the lack of any simple combo system was baffling), the traversal boring (and felt very padded out) and having the 'reset enemies on resting' mechanic just feels so out of place and weird. I think we got about halfway, but I could've happily given up after the first overlong level - and the thought of having to revisit them later was not a pleasant prospect. Definitely not one for me.
  2. I don't like Star Wars (at all) but my friend does so we saw this last night - and thought it was rubbish. It was just full of macguffins as far as the eye could see which had my friend rolling his eyes throughout. Unrelated to my opinion on it, I did just randomly see this article on Crack'd about Rose whilst browsing their site, which is interesting (and very sad if there's any truth to it): https://www.cracked.com/article_27001_sorry-but-ignoring-rose-tico-kind-ruins-star-wars.html One positive though was I thought Ridley was really, really good; I remember watching The Force Awakens and she was very wooden and unnatural, whereas she clearly has grown into the role and conveyed the strength and maturity of Rey brilliantly.
  3. Been playing this with a friend (we're taking turns to play) and really not enjoying it. In fairness I don't like Star Wars, metroidvanias or Dark Souls so it's not got a lot going for me (I didn't know it wasn't linear). It's so long, too, we've just broken out of the prison but are still less than halfway? Should probably stop really.
  4. The most overt was where Rockwell apologises for shouting at him in front of the children. Anyway, this was brilliant - funny, surprisingly poignant and a good coming of age story.
  5. Ah, I meant the first 2 films of this * ew' series - the first 2 of the original trilogy are very good, yes (2 is of course fantastic). This just had so many problems, not least Turner. They have the other films on this flight and I still have hours to go so I might watch First Class and DoFP again. Maybe even Apocalypse too, if I have time
  6. So I've just finished watching this on a plane and, even though I liked Apocalypse, this was just trash, wasn't it? And not even mildly entertaining trash. It was so boring, the nameless villains were rubbish and nobody got a chance to do anything fun or exciting. Shame the series has gone out on such a whimper, the first 2 films showed some real promise.
  7. I always found the combat was very similar (but nowhere near as good) as the old PS2 rpg Summoner. There was certainly a flow to it knce you sussed the timings, but it wasn't very engaging or particularly fun.
  8. The Sports Direct is out in the retail park, so a pretty rubbish location to go looking for games. Mind you, I was there the Friday before Christmas and it was dead, so not a massive surprise.
  9. 05/01/2020 - Night Call (PC) This is a sort of detective-cum-visual novel mashup where you, as a Parisian taxi driver, have to help the police find a serial killer by...picking up passengers and hope they can give you some clues, described as a non-linear, narrative-driven noire investigation game. It's fairly lo-rent; much of the time is spent looking at a stylised map of Paris to determine who you want to next pick up and each passenger always comes with a story though, disappointingly, whilst you may have the same passenger on a different night, there's no recognition by them (or you) which would help make this world feel a little more alive. Each little vignette will have some interactive elements which I believe may lead to people opening up a little more (if you say the right thing) but I don't intend to replay it to find out. Whilst there are 3 investigations, I'd had my fill after 1. The writing felt a little overwrought (and very political) and wasn't engaging enough. The investigation elements amounted to looking at a board of suspects and having clues just dotted around - Sherlock Holmes this is not. I solved the first case on the basis of a single clue (I didn't even bother trying to study anything else) but I didn't feel any sense of reward - I just wanted to finish it. Still, this is one of the benefits of Game Pass - it's not something I would've ever bought but now that I've tried it the developer will have at least got something from my experience, so hurrah. Previously completed:
  10. Isn't Two Point Hospital coming to Game Pass? Anyway, rubbish selection for me so I paused my sub.
  11. 02/01/2020 - Remember Me (PC) Nice to be able to join this thread party and, actually with a game I enjoyed! My little romp through Neu Paris was as an 'Errorist', looking to take down the system and restore everyone's memories. Or something. It's full of macguffins and deus ex machina abilities but at it's core it's a beat-em-up with a healthy dose of parkour. The fighting has a very frenetic flow - I suppose, without having played it, it's got the flow of the Batman games, with it really being about maintaining a rhythm to keep the combos going, but it plays well, despite some annoying enemies at times. The parkour, too, is all handled with the minimum of fuss and none of the environmental aspects are difficult. It was good fun, though if I were to criticise I'd say it perhaps could've trimmed some fat because it did feel a little padded at times - but at about 10 hours or so it didn't massively outstay its welcome. Having played this after Vampyr though I'm surprised that, given this is a much earlier game, that the combat in the latter title was so poor compared to here; I can only hope that whatever comes next will take inspiration more from this than their more recent body of work. I won't forget it/10
  12. That's interesting - I know Paradox were quoted as saying the initial model didn't work for them precisely because people play their titles for many hours - hence why they'd prefer the per hour model. I suppose, as you say, there are going to be different models in force depending on who you are. Interesting though.
  13. I'm sure I read that Game Pass fees are purely based on installing, not playtime, so that's an unfounded concern so far as MS is concerned.
  14. @Ketchup I think you are overstating that a lot, because neither PS+ and Gamepass are free, nor do you keep anything once you end your sub. Cheap for the amount of content you can get, sure, but not free. Epic's giveaways are free, yes, but there aren't many other places actually giving stuff away - so you certainly can't play big titles 'without paying a penny' just by waiting. I'm not sure any really big titles ha e ever been given away free, have they? A lot of indie and mid-tier stuff, but any AAA?
  15. Good job @Unofficial Who, look forward to adding to this in due course.
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