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  1. I'm not getting either, but with the consoles and the new 3080, this forum has felt properly alive and busy for the first time in ages. It's been lovely to read all the chat.
  2. I'm so glad I've no interest in the PS5, have a good PC so I don't need an GPU upgrade and have Game Pass to cover the Xbox side of things.
  3. Also, what will the PS5 version of Miles do that the PS4 version can't, as mentioned in the Ryan interview?
  4. Do you still think the Xbox announcement surprised them in any way?
  5. This post makes me question if you've actually seen Keita play, given that he's been good for a little while now and is a more attack-minded midfielder (something we don't have a lot of). There was a post a couple of pages ago which went in to more detail, but essentially the club has a lot of expenses and has seen the increase in wages and bonuses outstrip revenue. It's not really a covid thing though, we've had to sell to buy for a good few years now, but that will obviously have an impact now too.
  6. I love how he uses that news to then big-up the Dualsense and the SSD, as if they had anything to do with the decision.
  7. Again, on what basis do you think any of this is likely? These companies will spend a tidy sum on trying to predict what the opposition is doing, I highly doubt there's much, if anything, about the Xbox reveal that Sony weren't broadly expecting. I don't buy this 'rushing to get pre-orders out ahead of MS' guff either. MS have clearly said when they go live, Sony have ample time before then to have done something. Hell, they could've really been disruptive and done it 24 hours before MS so a selection of people were more wary of spending £4-500 two nights in a row.
  8. On what basis are you claiming that though, where has this been said anywhere even semi-officially? It really just could be that they are a bit incompetent.
  9. I just had a look out of curiosity and the option is there to one with an extra controller.
  10. I see that a new TV deal has been made for China with Tencent Sports. Games to be streamed on the Epic Store, perhaps? Might get them some more users
  11. Does Thiago coming in mean he competes directly with Fabinho for a spot?
  12. Well it's a trailer, I guess. Nothing exciting in there plus, having hated everything about FFXV (especially the combat) means there's nothing here I'm excited about. They didn't show any group battles though - have they gone full single-player hack-and-slash?
  13. Count me in as another who hasn't missed the break at all. I think a combination of what we've experienced being so unique, enjoying the characters we had (yes, even Hawkeye) and being far less enthused about those to come means I'm quite happy to draw a line under it for a while. Black Widow doesn't interest me anyway, so I guess my break will be even longer than for most. I'm okay with that.
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