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  1. Good stuff - whenever I saw people talking about undervolting before I assumed it was some kind of real mission to do - didn't realise it was so easy! I shall have a play later tonight.
  2. Thanks @JackG4. I have a 3070 so I suppose it's the same process and finding the right sweet-spot. What do you use to test stability?
  3. Is there a simple to follow guide for undervolting? Can this be done via Afterburner or in the BIOS? I presume that it obviously reduces energy draw as well as helping with temps, but are there other benefits?
  4. So the Epic Black Friday sale started yesterday and whilst it doesn't seem wildly different from all the others they've had, it doesn't seem anywhere near as enticing without the £10 sweetener previously given. Though even if they did do that this time, I don't think there are even 2 games I'd get to be able to take advantage of it.
  5. Yeah, part of my pruning is to do with the Steam Secret Santa (which is a wonderful event) so it strips it down to things I know I will actually play, rather than all the '"Might take a punt if it's a few quid" stuff (of which my wishlist has a lot!) I like to think others do the same for when I'm buying - I like the idea people will enjoy the stuff I gift
  6. I went for a new graphics card, though in truth there hasn't been any point where I've been interested in either console anyway. The value proposition of the Xbox has little attraction right now as I have Game Pass Ultimate (and unless they get some must-have console exclusives in future I'm not sure that will change at any point) and Sony's big exclusives do nothing for me, other than I'd possibly have a play with Spider-Man and God of War. Not enough to want to fork out for a console for, at any rate (especially as they may improve PS Now on PC so I could play there.) I've never like PlaySta
  7. @VimsterI've got some old stuff on there (though the oldest is 2017) but in my head I do think I might buy them somebody. Perhaps. I tend to dump a lot of stuff on there during the year and then, as we approach the Christmas sale, I will go through and cull stuff that I no longer fancy/has got lots of bad reviews (yes, I do read a selection of Steam reviews and find them helpful), and so the cycle continues.
  8. You jest, but there are already rumours floating around of a 3080 Ti early next year on Videocardz (I think that's the site?) As always, there's a thread on Era about it.
  9. You've quoted me but given that a) I don't have a PS5, nor do I want one and b) I have never looked to flip in-demand items, nor would I - I don't really get why you aim the rest of your post at me. As to the bolded, I do still think there's a difference, yes. In this situation that's partly because there's no indication the console is actually faulty in any way (other than @Spacehost isn't happy with the noise level - but then a number of people in this thread aren't, either) but also because there is a big difference between somebody removing something from the retail channel to
  10. Those were the days, back when you'd get some games on BBC, some on ITV on a Sunday lunchtime. Outside of that you'd watch the 9 o'clock news on a Saturday to hope to see some goals (too young to stay up for Match of the Day) and Sportsnight during the week to see some actual highlights (which would include European games, where teams all the foreign teams seem liked giants of the football world). Nice memories.
  11. I feel there's quite a difference between actually using the machine and deciding you don't actually want the it right now versus those buying it purely to sell it on, or those who ordered from multiple places and then decide to sell those spares at inflated prices. Whilst many probably just view the latter group as not so bad, I think they very much are.
  12. Because I have a large backlog of stuff to get through I only will look to buy stuff I want when it's at least 66% off - and even though I have 159 games on my wishlist, there are only 11 that meet that requirement - and they are all ones I'm not even sure I want (I will wishlist stuff to keep it in mind). If this follows the recent pattern of effectively being what we'll see in the Xmas sale then, well, I guess I won't be treating myself to much this year.
  13. Lottie shouldn't have gone in her duel with Laura either - she got through for <reasons>. I'm not sure presenting food that looks atrocious but tastes nice is in the spirit of the show, and hers has looked consistently bad. In terms of the final:
  14. Gabe

    Secretlab Chairs.

    I have a Markus chair too and whilst it was originally okay (not great, in truth) as an occasional-use chair, it certainly isn't good at all for everyday use. I do find it quite uncomfortable with the lack of lumbar support and, because the back of the chair arches away from you, it's no good for sitting back in either, because it forces your lower back forwards a bit whilst you need to push your shoulders and neck really into it. The fact it doesn't tilt bugs me a bit too.
  15. It was more the phrasing of the news piece that was linked to, which just seems a bit 'slow news day'. I mean it's at worst a minor irritant, no? But yeah, 'genuine concerns' was misused there.
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