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  1. Gabe

    Cricket Thread

    Well, quite. I don't rate Denly at all, Sibley, Crawley and Pope are all young and so still learning at this level and whilst I know Burns gets some plaudits, I'm not sure what to make of him. The batting being quite weak has been a thing for a while so I guess this shouldn't be a surprise against a good attack.
  2. Gabe

    Cricket Thread

    It would seem likely to be very much a case of 'can't judge until both sides bat', given how difficult run scoring has been. But the sun is due to come out tomorrow, so
  3. Gabe

    Cricket Thread

    @feltmonkey The reason that was given after the toss was that irrespective of conditions, the pitch is never as accommodating to bowlers as you think it should be and it was a good pitch for batting on. But that still seems strange given the forecast was for rain-interrupted days yesterday and today. It also means that WI will be likely batting in the best conditions now (assuming we can drag out our innings for most of today).
  4. Gabe

    Cricket Thread

    So Denly falls cheaply again with. Why is he still part of the test team, exactly?
  5. Do you think they were maybe doing this with no intention of fighting but to actually just see what kind of force you would bring, so they can plan better for the real event?
  6. That was a really interesting - and very depressing - read, thanks for posting @Nick R
  7. A better and more controlled second half and another 3 points notched up. I'm pleased that Keita has looked good in the last couple of games, it will give us another option in midfield and some competition there.
  8. Brighton have played really well and probably shaded that half, despite currently losing. We've looked pretty open at the back and have nearly been caught out a few times. Not keen on Williams at left back, either.
  9. How structured are the wars in this? Are there lots of feints and diversionary attacks and one big main strike force, or are there a number of armies all with strategic objectives to aim for? It's quite gripping stuff, considering I don't understand about half of what @pulsemyne has posted
  10. The Final Fantasy XV approach then?
  11. What Remains of Edith Finch for me, for how it made me feel (and still does - I often think about it). Perhaps it was a perfect storm of when I played it, but it was incredibly powerful for me, leaving me happy, sad, lonely, inquisitive and feeling just a little bit closer to those around me. No game has ever come close to how that made me feel.
  12. How many times do Sega intend to sell the same games in slightly different packaging?
  13. Yeah, both you and @Gotters make good points. The beauty of statistics, huh?
  14. Until he takes the glasses off, I'm there and think he looks bang on - but his eyes pull me back out. Though, weirdly, if you pause it, it looks more like him again.
  15. That is an incredible stat
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