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  1. I have both Pillars of Eternity (with expansions) and Torment: Tides of Numenera as my next big RPG investment. Which should I go for and why?
  2. Gabe

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    I just noticed this on the comments on the Kickstarter: How does something like that work in practice, because that makes it sound like you've programmed the above as a mode
  3. Gabe

    Antstream - It's Netflix for Games!

    I think one of the issues is that the market that probably doesn't care about lag (to the degree it would stop them playing something) probably aren't the people that want to pay a subscription either (even if it's just a fiver). And they probably don't care enough about the social hooks that Anstream hope get people engaged - the challenges and leaderboard stuff. It'll be interesting to see how it progresses from the sidelines though (I'm not interested in it myself).
  4. Out of interest, how many games on Epic store are self-published? One of the big ideas of the store is the revenue split, but surely that's only benefiting the publisher in some/a lot/most of the cases? Presumably the developers will have already been paid (subject to any sales related bonuses that are negotiated outside of the initial money hatting payment) so they won't see any more cash out of it all, will they? On the broader subject, I do find the bare-bones nature of the Epic store currently a negative for me due to a number of reasons - one of the biggest currently being the lack of cloud saves, which means I can't play between my PC and laptop seamlessly. I realise that in particular is coming in time so we'll see how it shapes up down the line and I accept plenty of people aren't fussed about that or other features Steam offers that Epic don't/won't. It doesn't make either side more 'just' though. Whether this makes Steam change its revenue split and/or introduce more/better features (for both developers and consumers) remains to be seen, but I can see that being an outcome, certainly - and in the end that could be a good thing for everybody.
  5. Does it ever matter how many people you have left in your caravan? From my playthrough of the first game it wasn't ever mentioned how many people I had gained/lost and I got the feeling you could get to the end with 1 person left and the narrative would never reference it. Is that ever addressed? Like @joemul though, I actually found the actual gameplay a bit of a chore to get through so my adventure will never progress to parts 2 & 3.
  6. Gabe

    What games did you complete? 2019 Edition

    20/03/2019 - Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (PC) I wasn't a massive fan of the previous game (The New Order) - mainly feeling it outstayed its welcome - so I approached this was some trepidation. Given that I think the consensus is that the previous game is better, I wasn't expecting this to blow me away and it didn't. Even though it was pretty short, I still felt it dragged a bit. I'm just no longer a fan of the more pure old-skool mechanics and systems in place is about the sum of it. In truth, were it not for the fact that I'd originally bought both games at the same time then I'd never have played this. It's certainly not terrible - it looks quite lovely at times, it encourages you to keep moving forward, the weapons and shooting are still great (like the previous game) - but I just prefer even my shooters now to go a bit down the RPG route on some degree. I'm just not the market for this (and I see another title is now out/coming soon) and that's okay - I have plenty of other stuff to get through anyway. 30/03/2019 - Tyranny (PC) This, on the other hand, I really enjoyed. Apart from a rather abrupt and sequel-bait ending, this was a punchy RPG that hooked me from the start and meant I haven't played too much else since I started it. I often drift in and out of RPGs but I think what helped here was the combat being real-time (albeit pausable) but spells and skills were timer-based rather than the D&D system of being limited use (until you rest), which often puts me off playing titles based around that ruleset. It also helped that each map was a manageable size, so I was able to start it up, complete a couple of maps and feel I'd acheived something. Too many RPGs aren't great at giving you the feeling that you are moving stuff along with each session you play so it was refreshing to have one that did. The plot was an interesting spin - you essentially play a vessel for the conqueror of lands and, by default, become a figure to be feared (as your presence doesn't normally result in nice things happening). It was a game where there isn't really any good vs evil, outside of what you decide to ascribe to the cast, so choices allow you to play your way. Whilst they may not always have a meaningful impact on the story (like Fallout, the impact for many choices is only referenced by text at the end), it does allow you to either stick to the letter of the law you are mandated to uphold or to go a bit rogue. I thoroughly enjoyed it and, whilst it definitely has the basis for the sequel set-up, I'm not sure that will come to pass now due to MS buying Obsidian and Paradox owning the IP. Still, you never know - I'd certainly be interested to see it. Previously completed:
  7. This is completely backward-thinking though - nobody forced them to launch the store before certain features were ready, did they?
  8. Surely though, any store launching in 2018 should've had a number of basic features from the start? No search function, no wishlisting, no shopping basket etc? Any argument that is along the lines of "Well it took Valve/EA/Ubisoft etc years to have that" is irrelevant, because that isn't the world we live in now, people expect these types of things from day 1.
  9. Gabe

    Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2

    I'm very excited by this, even though I have the first one sat in my Steam library unplayed (I know, right!) What mods do I need for it?
  10. Gabe

    What games did you complete? 2019 Edition

    A couple to update the thread with: 24/02/2019 - Star Wars Battlefront 2 (PC) So I didn't find this to be as terrible as I had read about on here, the usual Battlefield-esque mix of missions that prime you for the main meat of the multiplayer. Sure, the story itself is nothing special, the missions were everything you'd expect and pew-pewing was fairly satisfying at times. It looked awfully nice at times, too - so long as it was kept in first person; the third person view looks terrible due to horrible animations making it look like everybody has rickets. I don't actually like Star Wars much at all, which meant that I had no real attachment to whatever messing with established canon was going on (like have 'heat' be a factor for the guns which I recall generating a lot of ire in the first game) and, in truth, I would never have played this were it not for the fact that it was on Origin Access. Still, aside from some little gripes here and there this was a fairly entertaining romp for the 6 hours or so I spent with it and I may get around to the extra DLC campaign missions at some point too. 03/03/2019 - Wulverblade (PC) On the other hand, I was really disappointed with this side-scrolling beat-em-up. The art style and theme attracted me to this - destroy the famous Roman Ninth Legion in what is billed as a historically inspired game. What you end up with is a really dull and repetitive plodding brawler that quickly descends into a single-button masher (you only get a Heavy attack if you pick up certain weapons - but they have limited usage. Great job, guys!) Lack of enemy variety, no move-set to speak of, largely samey and bland environments, sluggish controls and slightly suspect hitboxes (or that could just be me) result in a pretty poor game. Thankfully it can be done inside 2 hours or so (there are other characters and some other modes to provide some longevity, if you want to look for it) but even then it was a pretty painful 2 hours. Definitely not recommended then and makes me wonder if there is a decent beat-em-up out there that I will actually like? Previously completed:
  11. Gabe

    Steam - UI Overhaul Coming Soon

    Thanks very much @wavey for the freebies, very generous!
  12. Gabe

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    I said last week, a 0-0 with Man U and a 0-0 today aren't terrible results - both tough grounds to go to and get a result (our record at OT in particular is awful). It's the Leicester and West Ham draws that really hurt, those are the games we would've been expected to win, and win well. Sigh.
  13. Gabe

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    It's been a frustrating watch so far, Everton have looked pretty solid and we've been short of ideas.
  14. Gabe

    What is your comfort game?

    I admittedly haven't played either of them for quite a while now, but Hearts of Iron 3 and Europe Universalis 4 (both with various user mods). The games let you set your own goals (EU4 moreso, of course, though HoI3 with no fixed end date let's you do whatever you want within a WW2-flavoured wrapper). The great soundtracks help immensely, they do create some wonderfully epic, stirring alongside more subtle, chord-inspired melodies - they are very relaxing.
  15. Gabe

    Can you complete your pile of shame?

    Nope, because even though I don't buy many games now (pretty much only when a Steam sale rolls around), I still accumulate slightly more than I complete each year. I'm okay with that, because it's rare that I pay more than about £5-7 for a game these days (often less than £4), so I don't feel I'm throwing obscene amounts of money away. It also means I have plenty of choice for my next title to play (though that in itself contributes the problem due to 'choice paralysis').

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