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  1. Well the Steam controller didn't make any difference so I don't see why this would be the catalyst to developers deciding to support the concept en masse, especially with so few 'big' PC exclusives relative to the console market. Plus Sony have had the ability to use it since the PS3 and never really done much in that area, there must be a reason why (and given the fact none of the big third party games have tended to have it as a PlayStation 'perk' suggests it's not trivial to implement.)
  2. Quite a few games have been criticised for being spin heavy and it has certainly pegged the scoring back. In that context it was a good chase.
  3. @ryodiI don't think it affected them mentally, it was more that the dead ball had been a single which took Hales off strike, but it was rebowled and went for six (but should've been out, it was a relatively simple catch.)
  4. Brilliant game just finished, Alex Hales played a really calm and collected innings when wickets were regularly falling at the other end. The game turned on a dead ball incident that Stokes wanted rebowled - and it was, Hales smashed it straight to Stokes who dropped a dolly and, worse, it slipped over the boundary for six. Great entertainment.
  5. Shake Shack is decent, but both the burger and chips are small portions and similarly overpriced (the single patty option makes it look better value but, as I say, it's quite small).
  6. Just finished this and it was alright I suppose. As somebody else said, the production values were better than I expected from an Amazon production (not that I've seen any of their other films to compare against, I don't think). Was definitely 20-30 minutes too long though.
  7. 24/07/2021 - Stardrop (PC) Part of the racial justice itch.io bundle, the premise for this - exploring derelict spaceships and find out the mysteries of why they are abandoned in this walking simulator - sounds great and, together with it looking nice in screenshots, really sold me on it. After all, there's something about empty spaceships that seems to be innately appealing, perhaps more so than any other environment (obviously the possibility of extra-terrestrial life can, and often is, be thrown into the mix.) Unfortunately, what you end up with is a fairly uninteresting story poorly told (hey, let's drop datapads all around to collect! Let's also ensure we put keycodes in them, so you really have to hunt around!) The script is clumsy at times, too, though I can't quite articulate why. The game also drops in some awful stealth-ish sections which do little other than potentially slow progress down. The environments never get that interesting, either visually or in terms of storytelling, because whilst the plot tries to inject some sense of peril into why the ships you are exploring are empty, there's no signs of this in terms of the areas you explore, nor from the datapads/emails/bits of paper you read. It's hugely disappointing in that respect. Because of the above, it feels a lot longer than it is (though I'd say it still outstays its welcome with the 5-6 hour runtime). There was an interesting idea here - once you complete the game there are a couple of additional self-contained missions you can play - but they didn't nail it. 25/07/2021 - Dynamite Dux (Arcade) This was played purely for nostalgia reasons. Not because I think it's any good - it's not, it's rubbish and a horrible example of a coin-grabber - but because I remember it being in a compilation pack I bought for the Amiga one Christmas and only ever played the first bit of the first area and I've always remembered it. Don't know why, but there it is. Anyway, as I say, this is awful. Collision-detection is nowhere to be seen, the controls are floaty and imprecise, you lose health when enemies look at you and boss fights lack any creativity or class, killing you off with ease and little to no way to avoid damage all in the pursuit of getting that delicious, precious coin from you. It's terrible and a waste of the 25 minutes or so I spent on it - but at least I've satisfied a long-dormant memory. Stupid brain.
  8. I loved A Link to the Past back in the day, but I think I only got through it due to tips in a magazine and the in-game map is really unhelpful. Even back then I was never a fan of the somewhat floaty hit-detection, either, and that put me off when I tried replaying it a few years ago. Anyway, I've been having a fun day of some Shining Force (I found a translated iso for SF parts 2 & 3 - I own part 1 - and intend to go through the series), and looking at PS2 SRPGs that I missed, as I've a real hankering for the genre of late. It's been a quite lovely lazy Sunday afternoon. On the subject of Shining Force, is Shining Force CD the Game Gear games? Is it worth playing compared to the Genesis titles?
  9. I didn't really have any expectations for it - I was okay skipping the theatrical release entirely and perhaps watching it on Sky at some point in the future but my girlfriend wanted to watch it, so we did. I agree that the MCU is almost a genre of its own now and so I was judging it against others in the stable, rather than action films in general (which it couldn't hold any candles to) and still think it was poor and bottom-tier stuff. I could also pick it apart more than I did too, but meh, I've already forgotten most of it now.
  10. The lacing is horrible, makes me think of the late Medieval period style clothing.
  11. I thought that article was fairly obvious - you do have to be exceptionally good (and lucky to a degree) - to make it. As for when people criticise players, sure, you probably should spend a moment thinking how good they are, but that criticism is relative to the environments they are playing in. Joe Hart's performances notably dropped-off a cliff compared to where he once was, Lingard was well off the pace at Man Utd and Danny Drinkwater probably will look back at his move from Leicester with a tinge of regret when he hangs up his boots. That doesn't mean they aren't still incredibly skilful and massively above any random player you'd find at semi-pro. What that article fails to touch on though, and which I think is more interesting in how the game has changed, is the importance of the mental side, something those players he cites above have all been questioned over during their decline/fall/off-periods; Hart lost his confidence and never quite got it back, leading to his fall from Man City and England's graces; Lingard has been public with his mental health issues and Drinkwater probably let that title win get to him and, I think, made a bad career move. I went to school with somebody who did go on to become a professional footballer, playing nearly 300 games across leagues 1 - 3 and he had skills and was fast, but he didn't have the right attitude. He was better than those around him and he knew it and, reading his Wiki page, it seems his attitude was questioned once he'd become a league footballer too. Only he can know how much further he might've gone had his head been right. I think that mental side is also the difference between the very good and the absolute top tier. I'm sure we could all reel off a list of players that have played for our clubs that no doubt had the talent, but just lacked the right mental aptitude to take their game to the next level (I still wonder just how good Stan Collymore could've been at Liverpool, but for his well-spoken of issues; or how David James, whilst having a good career, never quite got over some early mistakes in his Liverpool career - albeit behind a terrible defence - and was forevermore always expected to drop a clanger.)
  12. I had one of the worst burgers I've ever eaten (threw most of it away, actually) from GBK. Never been back.
  13. There's a nice channel on YouTube that I watch, which is a guy basically going on walks around Japan with no commentary. He/she is Rambalac and whilst a lot are city based, there are a number of more scenic videos. Some of the rain walks are incredibly serene too.
  14. Yeah, it was truly awful but not only that, it was incredibly boring too. The trailer for the new one is instantly better than anything in this film, even though I have no interest in watching it.
  15. Yeah, that's the thing I recall reading (not a screenshot at all) and Outriders was meant to be one of the first games to go XSX too. Tried it again earlier and it looked and ran really badly, which is so frustrating. Like I say, it wouldn't be something I specifically paid for because, for whatever reason, it doesn't run anywhere near well enough on my setup.
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