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  1. Cavill was brought back as Superman since Gunn has come on board, hasn't he?
  2. That's fair comment, yes, though I don't feel I need to be familiar with the contestants especially, more that they have a lot of the staple C4 comedians and I don't really like (or watch) them in the various C4 panel shows they all appear in either. I've actually spent the evening watching series 11 (binged 7 episodes!) and it's been okay, but there's a real lack of energy amongst them all. I mean, it's doing something right for me to keep watching (admittedly it's been mainly as background) but compared to series 14 there's nobody that really shines in the studio segments and the lack of an audience really leaves if feeling quite flat. I may go back and watch some of the other series though.
  3. Is there a list of what mods have been included in the upgrade?
  4. Tesco do a Zizzi range and they have a pepperoni picante pizza which is actually really nice - and I've never liked any frozen pizza before. There's a lovely saltiness from the meat and it comes with a little sachet of chilli oil (I love chilli oil); sprinkle with your own parmesan and it's a properly nice pizza. That's not something I thought I'd ever say about pizza purchased from a supermarket!
  5. Hmm, I can't say that anybody on either the New Year show or the next series makes me keen to watch it.
  6. Who is in the Treats show? I think the key, as @MarkN highlights, is people committing to it. I've seen little bits where people look bored or rather uninterested in it all and it does drag things down a bit. It could've gone that way with John in this series, but he turned it around. Munya was the standout for me, because he really did commit to everything but also did it with a style and confidence that was infectious - whereas I thought Sarah wasn't really all that bothered. They do need some more interesting tasks though - lobbing toilet rolls/pulling a cloth from some eggs etc do not make for particularly interesting viewing.
  7. Quirky literally means a bit peculiar/different/unusual though? Anyway, regarding who to choose as contestants, I thought there was something in here a while back that reported them wanting to move away from having comedians on there? I don't watch this regularly - I think I've seen 3 of the 14 series - but Jenny Éclair is enough to switch me off. I'm not sure about Boyle in this format either, to be honest. When does the next series start?
  8. Spain: Hold my Sangria It's always fun to see Spain go out, because they are the best boring team in world history, probably.
  9. Nah, it's a nice touch for somebody who is unlikely to get any other game time in the tournament.
  10. To be fair, no matter what happens in this tournament, nothing will ever rid them of the pain of being absolutely destroyed in their home tournament (and what a game that was.) This game was done as soon as they scored within 10 minutes and now it'll just be a procession. Brazil have earned the right to that, of course, but it would've been nice as a neutral to see an actual contest.
  11. At least I can turn off and not suffer ITV for the rest of the night.
  12. 921 runs in 136 overs. That is just I love the positive attitude though. I've said many times before that, as Warne always said, great teams have to be prepared to lose in order to win - and Stokes is completely living that mantra. England are going to lose - and that's okay. Even if it's the Ashes, if they lose playing like that I honestly think the media will not be too hard on them. This team wants to entertain and the players are responding; Anderson must be wishing he was 10 years younger to grow with this side. Incredible performance from both sides.
  13. Those were the worst set of penalties I've seen from a professional team in many years. None of the players struck them with any conviction and not only was there no pace on them, the direction was terrible too. Such a shame, because this was a great chance for them to progress as Croatia really are quite ordinary now. I mean, Japan weren't great either, but would've rather seen them in the next round.
  14. But why? As for the game, as I thought it would be (and said as much the other day) it wasn't really much trouble. Senegal only really had that chance in the first half and then offered nothing/weren't allowed to get back into the game. The goals came at really good times to knock the stuffing out of them and they didn't have a sniff after that. I don't think this side will be afraid of France - Mbappe is a massive threat, sure, but then we have a front 4 or 5 that can all cause lots of trouble. I wonder what side he will put out?
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