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  1. @deKay If somebody asked you why you are buying bras in this game to get a buff, what would you say? The fact it isn't overtly sexual isn't necessarily the point - the point is, what place does it have in the game at all? It's just such a weird thing to include and I can't think of a single good reason for that choice.
  2. 25/08/2019 Battlefield V (PC) Taking the same 'War Stories' approach as per Battlefield 1, we again got campaigns with some vehicular combat, some aerial combat and on-foot combat. And, like one of the horrible Lawrence of Arabia missions in the previous game - a stealth-focused mission (urgh.) It looked stunning at times, the gunplay was familiar like an old school friend, the campaigns tried to engender some emotion in the player (and failed - though there's a bit in the last campaign that was well done). All in all, it was same old battlefield. I enjoyed - but didn't love - the time I spent with it. 31/08/2019 Her Story (PC) I know this is a bit of a forum darling but, well, I just really didn't like it. I even get the deeper meaning behind the title - that what we see was her story but, given how much is open to interpretation, we can create our *own* story (which a number of people did in the thread). But it was just so, I don't know, empty of any real substance? I saw all bar about 5 or 6 videos (and about within my first dozen searches I'd uncovered the main twist in the narrative) and whilst it was very well acted I didn't think the writing was very good. I also felt like everything existed to pull me out of the reality it was trying to create (not least the plot). I could probably write more as to the why, but the upshot is that I didn't enjoy it. It makes me wary of the praise that the forum has lavished on Telling Lies, purely because I felt rather indifferent to this; perhaps I'll pick that up in a hefty sale at some point. 05/09/2019 Star Wars Battlefront: Resurrection DLC (PC) As usual, considering my Star Wars disclaimer (that I don't actually like Star Wars), this was okay. It's 3 short missions to wrap up the story and manages to employ the same missions as the main campaign, with the same amounts of success (i.e. defence missions *always* suck). The story is the usual guff with impossible scenarios being conquered, a weak plot but some okay shooting action. What is true of the original game is true of this DLC - were it not part of my Origin Access sub there's no way I would ever have sought this out to play - but it was and I did and it wasn't awful. High praise indeed! Previously completed:
  3. Brutal Legend It's quite liberating to give up on stuff and not feel bad, but this is another joining the pile of dumped games. Thematically, I like the idea of basing a game around heavy metal - after all, how many album covers looked like the kind of cheesy advert you'd see for a fantasy game? - but as I hate heavy metal, any fan service is lost on me, as well as being a world built not to my tastes. Combat is also button mashy, simplistic and not fun and that, coupled with the unappealing world, made this an easy choice to drop.
  4. I think I really need this game and I see the Gold edition can be had for about £28. That's a no-brainer, isn't it?
  5. I am basically going to base my purchase on your comments, @Cosmic_Guru, so no pressure
  6. Bound By Flame was decent until the last third - but again the combat was a bit crap. Same with Mars Logs too. Made every fight incredibly dull. Ahh, I'll be buying this at some point anyway, who am I kidding?
  7. I'm really hitting a point now where, finally, I'm not going to force myself through things I don't enjoy - it's taken a long time to get here. Recently abandoned include: Wulverblade (PC) I really did like the look of this, a stylised beat-em-up with an interesting theme. Unfortunately it had a terrible move-set (if you can even call it that), sluggish, unresponsive controls, bland environments. A real shame. Hard West (PC) An isometric Wild West themed strategy game with an undead twist; you'd think that couldn't possibly be boring, but it is. There''s an interesting meta-game which adds a bit of interest, but the actual battles themselves are hurt by uninteresting abilities, uninteresting characters and uninteresting enemies. I gave this up when I realised that I still had a long way to go before completing.
  8. Have you had any combat yet? Is it as bad as Technomancer? (I'm hoping not, I want this to be good.)
  9. It's definitely creepy and having schoolgirls buying bras and chokers makes accusations of sexualising them hard to defend.
  10. I watched the first season and it was trash. Plot threads go nowhere, ridiculously contrived happenings, poor acting (the son in particular) and the general intrigue (which is why my gf and I wanted to watch it) thrown away pretty much immediately. It's like Lost in that it feels like they are making it up as they go along, so the comparison isn't entirely redundant.
  11. Gabe

    The return of FMV

    I thought the idea was really good but too many of the contradictions either weren't really contradictions or were really obscure. It also had way too much game logic and moving forward often didn't rely on a true, focused sense of investigation but instead a bit of luck (or just trying every item and response with every character.) I certainly had a few frustrating periods with it, at least, which dimmed my enthusiasm.
  12. Gabe

    The return of FMV

    I finished Her Story the other day and just wasn't that impressed. I was ultimately disappointed with Contradiction, too (though the structure and premise was very good). I still intend to buy Late Shift at some point as well.
  13. Gabe

    Xbox Game Pass

    Ooh, Kingdom Come is on the way! Good stuff, I was close to getting it in the recent Humble Bundle, glad I didn't. What a great service this is!
  14. @K I posted in the 'completed games' thread something far less eloquent but similar to you. It had no real sense of wonder or amazement which, given the setting, they really could've gone to town on. A real shame overall.
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