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  1. You say that, but my girlfriend and her cousin were both trying to relive their younger days at the weekend via Mario Allstars on the Switch and they just got completely stuck at some penquin race (my girlfriend told me she has been stuck on it since Christmas, though I don't know how much actual time that encompasses). Getting to grips with platforming in a 3d world is a challenge, too.
  2. Gabe

    Xbox Game Pass

    Mass Effect is a very different (and better) beast compared to Outer Worlds. You have actual skills and ways to mix combat up in ME, for example, whereas Outer Worlds never really gets deeper than 'point and shoot'.
  3. I think I got to chapter 6 or 7 before drifting away from it, partially I had no interest in the world (I watched the first season of the tv series but didn't like it.) I still have it on the 360, perhaps I'll go back to it one day (along with the other games I tell myself I might play ) as I didn't mind the combat system.
  4. Again, though, if I was a developer I would want people to see as much of my game as possible - all that effort put into later levels/areas/mechanics that doesn't get seen by the vast majority of people is quite sad, really.
  5. I think that's a completely valid point @Broker, but I guess games are certainly an area where concessions could be made to give more people the opportunity to enjoy something, instead of facing the reality of 'You just can't do that because of your disability' - which I'm sure is all to frequent a response. We talk a lot about inclusivity on this forum in many other aspects of life, yet when it comes to Dark Souls it's a case of no, screw you, this is the way it is.
  6. Takes away resources and testing from the development of the game, innit.
  7. 09/05/2021 - Devolverland Expo (PC) Despite this being a series of interactive adverts (none of which were for games I'm even interested in), I enjoyed this more than a few of the other games on my completion list - certainly more than The Medium, at any rate! I enjoyed the feeling of walking around the event hall and the layouts of the booths (Serious Sam 4 and Shadow Warrior 3 being the standouts) and I liked that there was no real challenge or pressure (the guards don't really exist as much of a threat). Honestly, I'd prefer this type of experience than watching a tr
  8. 02/05/2021 - Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms (PC) I've completed this in the sense that, after 50-odd hours of wasting my life I'm calling time on it. What we have here is not, as the title would suggest, an idle game, but a really, really boring and pointless time sink, with no redeeming features (unless you really geek out on D&D stuff, I guess?) Whilst, in theory, it should be an idle clicker, in reality it is nowhere near because of the frequent housekeeping you need to do in order to see any progress, which is by far the worst I've experience
  9. On the first point, again, why should anybody else give two hoots how somebody completes a game? I don't get it. On the second point, yeah, I'm not calling for (nor expecting) From to go back and revisit the games - I think it is something that needs to be baked-in from the start - but more as a general point I feel any 'it takes away resources' argument is incredibly weak for such a successful series. I get that From have decided they don't want to change things and that is their right; but if they wanted to, they could and nobody would ever sit there and think "Well, this might'v
  10. @Unofficial Who I'm baffled by this statement (as are others in the thread): Having an easy mode wouldn't impact on the 'dev intention difficulty level' at all; how could it? Put special trophies in there to say somebody completed it how the dev intended or something; it wouldn't make that experience any easier, it'll still be something for them to feel good about. I don't think that's any kind of argument against it. With regards to resources: So what? From Software aren't people's friend, do folks get twitchy about how much it costs Rockstar to make something? Of c
  11. This really sounds like trying to find an issue where there isn't one - the game could obviously just kick you back out to the OS. I can't think of any reason how that would 'break the loop', any more than closing your whole machine off if you want to pause (as currently in place). That may well be an artistic reason why they didn't add one, but it is in no way a good reason not to add one now that their fans are requesting it.
  12. Nobody thought UEFA were the good guys though (did they?) They were just, in that scenario, less bad than the 12 clubs.
  13. Yeah, people seemed to think Epic paid piles of money for stuff, but they really, really didn't. It probably also gives a point of reference for how much MS might need to pay for getting games on Game Pass - not a lot, it would suggest.
  14. Whilst I really liked the first John Wick, I found 2 & 3 to be constant, samey gunfights, which were just exhausting and boring, so something in a similar style but not so serious is a bonus. Might treat myself to a cinema visit when it comes out.
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