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  1. The 'clear and obvious' only relates to things the ref might have missed, IIRC. All goals and penalties are checked for offside regardless, I believe.
  2. Well that should be the game, clever routine and finish.
  3. A good example of where VAR still doesn't get decisions right.
  4. Good goal from some lax England play. Edit: Uh-oh
  5. Isn't this the ref from the Scotland v Argentina game? I only caught about 5 minutes of that game and she was awful in that one too. Disappointing that Cameroon have allegedly claimed FIFA are being racist towards them, too. Going to be a strange atmosphere this half, I feel.
  6. Gabe

    Xbox Game Pass

    Thanks @5R7, I'll do that. Plus, as others have said, it may mean I'll get Scarlett when it comes out - it's a good way to tie people into the ecosystem.
  7. Gabe

    Xbox Game Pass

    @TehStu Ah, ok. So how would I go about doing this then? My old gold account from the 360 lapsed a long time ago, would I need to buy Gold for that first? How do I then redeem it (i.e. in what order etc). Then I'd need to take the upgrade offer and it'll give me Ultimate access (so I'll have it for PC). Is that right?
  8. Gabe

    Xbox Game Pass

    So I gather I've missed all the various deals on getting Game Pass on the cheap (for PC), right? How much is the monthly sub?
  9. It doesn't, in fact I'd say it gets worse. Everything - from animations to text speed is so very ponderous, the combat is boring, the materia - sorry, orbment mechanic never gets interesting and there's so. much. text. Worse still, the plot doesn't even open up and start going somewhere until very close to the end and there's a really creepy romantic sub-plot to boot. I know the second game is a direct continuation of this one, with the same mechanics, but I don't know if the transition to 3D actually makes the games any good or not.
  10. Gabe

    Xbox Game Pass

    Wow. for the games on there that's great value!
  11. Gabe

    Xbox Game Pass

    How much is just the PC version of game pass?
  12. @Takizawa Really? I'm playing through Technomancer at the moment and finding it a bit of a chore. The combat is incredibly one-note and not much fun, which is a big problem, and the RPG elements all feel very light touch. In many respects it's more refined that Mars Logs, but that also had terrible combat - so it's a bit of a concern that they've never moved that forward.
  13. Why are you bowling if you are captain? Surely you are picking the bowlers?
  14. Gabe

    Epic Games Store

    Of course the developer cut is only helpful for those games selected by Epic's curators as being worthy for the store - there's no immediate benefit for those not on the service. Whether they sell enough games for other places to feel the pinch and feel the pressure to reduce their cut too is a different, and perhaps not so straightforward question to answer. If they do, at that point it becomes a good thing - else all it becomes is a good thing for a select few.
  15. I thought the first third or so was fantastic - it created a really eerie vibe and I was gripped by the premise. Then, as you say, it became a bit of a drag. There was a lot of (slow) back-and-forth and I found that initial excitement of wanting to know what happened drain away slightly and I was disappointed somewhat by the ending. It didn't help that I really didn't like the chatty friend, who just wouldn't shut up. That said, that first bit really was brilliantly done - the signals reminded me of number stations, which I find inherently unsettling - so I'm actually now considering getting After Party (as it's only £6 on the Epic store).
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