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  1. Took me a while to twig that Rockwell was *supposed* to be English in this as his accent was that weird nowhere one that Johnny Depp has these days.
  2. This is like someone writing a parody of the last few years of Who
  3. Watched the final week of eps and with all the returning favourites there was one big notable omission:
  4. Is this not Spinal Tap III? We already had The Return of Spinal Tap
  5. Yeah, the reasons people were actually complaining about the casting were horrible. From a story point of view, one thing always struck me with a black Hermione though. If you then picture book Hermione being black, it makes for quite a different vibe to the already sketchy plotline where everyone keeps telling Hermione to fuck off and stop complaining that slavery is bad.
  6. Now, I love WSS, but with this version the only positives I have are that Anita was great, as was that one shot with the puddle. Otherwise it was kinda flat, Elgort's a rubbish Tony, and it felt like all the key people behind the scenes are the types who clap on 1 and 3.
  7. Bad news that it has a chapter select and you can go back and find costumes and they'll be available in your current save?
  8. I'm going to guess this game isn't canon then
  9. It's a shame we don't have the X-Men in the MCU (yet) as we can't have the Kamala/Wolverine team-up.
  10. Wordle 196 2/6 Got absolutely lucky with my first guess, then completely forgetting far more obvious words it could have been from that, jeez. Starting word was:
  11. I loved Roy Fucking Kent dishing out dating advice.
  12. There was a bit of HZD mixed in with that expansion trailer as well as those transitions and it really stuck out. At least when they normally shove in a mash of AC and For Honor stuff etc. you can see them going "Ah, it's all swordsy stuff. It probably fits together if you don't focus on it" but having robot dinosaurs really didn't fit with their pretend generic fantasy game.
  13. Yes, but this time Batman is absolutely gigantic. It makes hiding his dual identities way more difficult.
  14. So there's a bit with her and a whole thing with AND THEY AREN'T IN ANY WAY CONNECTED?
  15. Brilliant! I was thinking about watching some of this again a couple of days ago and miffed it wasn't on Netflix or Prime any more.
  16. I see Dwight Jr from The Office has turned into Jonathan Davis from Korn
  17. Sure have! Mostly M42 stuff. Can be a bit trickier to get the full Helios swirly effect on a crop sensor but you can still get some nice results I'm a big fan of SMC Takumars — render stuff beautifully, handle silkily and are built like tanks. Have a bunch of Russian stuff (Helios 44-2, Mir 1b, Mir 20M, Jupiter 11A) which all give quite interesting looks. If you can find a 1b cheap then it's a fun one to play around with by reversing the front element. Managed to find a Minolta MD 35-70mm macro a while back for around £15 (It's a Leica design/Minolta build but the Leica-branded version usually goes for £400-600). Fantastic Minolta colours, great bokeh. Not the fastest lens, but it's one of those zooms that's like a pocketful of nice primes.
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