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  1. BigShimmeryWall

    Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    Sure have! Mostly M42 stuff. Can be a bit trickier to get the full Helios swirly effect on a crop sensor but you can still get some nice results I'm a big fan of SMC Takumars — render stuff beautifully, handle silkily and are built like tanks. Have a bunch of Russian stuff (Helios 44-2, Mir 1b, Mir 20M, Jupiter 11A) which all give quite interesting looks. If you can find a 1b cheap then it's a fun one to play around with by reversing the front element. Managed to find a Minolta MD 35-70mm macro a while back for around £15 (It's a Leica design/Minolta build but the Leica-branded version usually goes for £400-600). Fantastic Minolta colours, great bokeh. Not the fastest lens, but it's one of those zooms that's like a pocketful of nice primes.
  2. BigShimmeryWall

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Is he doing The People's Elbow?
  3. BigShimmeryWall


  4. BigShimmeryWall

    2018 FIFA World Cup

  5. BigShimmeryWall

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Is anyone else getting weird behind-the-scenes audio and video on ITV's coverage when it should be showing ads? I've had that today and yesterday but I've only seen 2 others mention it on social media. They just broadcast Roy Keane having his makeup topped up on my stream!
  6. BigShimmeryWall

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Well, I guess it's good for showing why it should be left to the professionals.
  7. BigShimmeryWall

    The Man Utd Thread

    http://www.manutd.com/en/News-And-Features/Football-News/2018/Mar/manchester-united-applies-to-establish-a-professional-womens-team-in-super-league-tier-2.aspx United finally looking to put together a women's team!
  8. BigShimmeryWall

    Female-fronted alt/indie rock

    I thought they had been! My brain must have just inserted them into the list.
  9. BigShimmeryWall

    Female-fronted alt/indie rock

  10. BigShimmeryWall

    Overwatch - Bob!!!

    Yeah, I'm looking forward to trying her out. I mostly play Lucio and Orisa, so a support/tank hybrid seems right up my street.
  11. BigShimmeryWall

    Overwatch - Bob!!!

  12. BigShimmeryWall

    The Man Utd Thread

    Dunno about the cups, but in the league it was against City.
  13. BigShimmeryWall

    Someone should make a Battle Royale game

    It'd never catch on.
  14. BigShimmeryWall

    Splatoon 2

    What does the Splatoon menu in the online app actually do? That's where you can do any of the party stuff with people on your friends list (it's a bit of a faff, aye). It also has your stats and gives you info on which maps are in the current rotation. There's a SplatNet shop (last icon on the bottom menu) that has clothes, shoes, and hats for sale. They look the same as ones available in normal shops but have different main abilities to what that item usually has. They're only available for 12 hours and new things are added every 2 hours. I think I've found the campaign mode by going down a drain is that right? Yeah, that's the single player. The hoard mode (when it's available in the schedule) is just up the ramp from there in that shop tucked away at the side. What's the best way to play; motion or not, handheld or docked? I've been playing with motion controls in both and when I turned them off I found it more difficult to control with just the right stick, but motion controls are taking some getting used to also. Whichever you find best, really (Not the most helpful answer). I'm a big fan of the motion controls, same as in the first, but yeah, it takes a bit of adapting to. If/when they click they're ace. How do you do the sketches I keep seeing appearing in other players speech bubbles at the lobby/plaza area? There's a little postbox (I think) on the plaza where you can do that. Can you access all the lobbies/modes/shops etc. from the menu or do you need to physically explore and find them? You can access the different shops from the menus but it just has lobby as a single option which takes you to the regular/ranked (unlocked at level 10) lobby screen. It feels strange for a Nintendo game in that it doesn't feel as handholdy as I expected. From the little I've played it feels really nice and I love the feel/aesthetic of the paint. The way you swim is a great mechanic and there's just something really satisfying about the paint itself. How do you get other guns and so on? You unlock them as you level up and you buy them from the gun shop

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