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  1. Brilliant! I was thinking about watching some of this again a couple of days ago and miffed it wasn't on Netflix or Prime any more.
  2. I see Dwight Jr from The Office has turned into Jonathan Davis from Korn
  3. Sure have! Mostly M42 stuff. Can be a bit trickier to get the full Helios swirly effect on a crop sensor but you can still get some nice results I'm a big fan of SMC Takumars — render stuff beautifully, handle silkily and are built like tanks. Have a bunch of Russian stuff (Helios 44-2, Mir 1b, Mir 20M, Jupiter 11A) which all give quite interesting looks. If you can find a 1b cheap then it's a fun one to play around with by reversing the front element. Managed to find a Minolta MD 35-70mm macro a while back for around £15 (It's a Leica design/Minolta build but the Leica
  4. Is he doing The People's Elbow?
  5. Is anyone else getting weird behind-the-scenes audio and video on ITV's coverage when it should be showing ads? I've had that today and yesterday but I've only seen 2 others mention it on social media. They just broadcast Roy Keane having his makeup topped up on my stream!
  6. Well, I guess it's good for showing why it should be left to the professionals.
  7. http://www.manutd.com/en/News-And-Features/Football-News/2018/Mar/manchester-united-applies-to-establish-a-professional-womens-team-in-super-league-tier-2.aspx United finally looking to put together a women's team!
  8. I thought they had been! My brain must have just inserted them into the list.
  9. Yeah, I'm looking forward to trying her out. I mostly play Lucio and Orisa, so a support/tank hybrid seems right up my street.
  10. Dunno about the cups, but in the league it was against City.
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