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  1. Turns out Rez and not faffing with setting PSVR up is enough of a draw for me.
  2. That pricing works well, even before you take the EA Play news into account.
  3. Well I’m ridiculously excited. Please let them nail a deliciously meaty single player campaign.
  4. @Ryan ignore the Amazon reviews, the next book is the one that I'm really looking forward to being turned into Season 5.
  5. Looks like a pretty brutal first hour so far. Potential to be a good day of racing.
  6. It introduces a few things that get developed from what I remember. That’s it. I’m going to read the books from start to finish again. Too excited for season 4.
  7. Agreed. I enjoyed book 4, but it doesn’t feel “epic” enough on its own after what built through Season 3 of the show.
  8. Just finished it and I would agree with this. Loved it and really interested to see what comes next.
  9. If you ban him, I'll send you a nice cake.
  10. That's excellent news!
  11. I've jumped ship to join a clan that some friends are in. Feel free to drop me a party invite if you are ever short a body for an activity. Gamertag is: Nick Hogg
  12. I think that it makes sense for us all to be in the one clan. If the Men of Science (always liked that name when I saw you lot on during Destiny days) don't mind opening the clan up, then more than happy to join?
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